Piff The Magic Dragon Returns To SHOCK The Judges With Hilarious Magic - America's Got Talent 2019

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America's Got Talent

Tahun Yang lalu

Piff the Magic Dragon is BACK with funny magic that will blow your socks off!
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In season 14, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, Howie Mandel, and host Terry Crews in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.
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Creator and Executive Producer Simon Cowell returns to the judges' panel along with Howie Mandel. Also joining the panel this year are two fresh faces - award-winning actress, author and producer Gabrielle Union and Emmy Award-winning choreographer, actress, singer and dancer Julianne Hough. Terry Crews, who made a big splash as the host of the inaugural series "America's Got Talent: The Champions" earlier this year, joins as host for "America's Got Talent." With the show open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" continues to celebrate the variety format like no other show on television. Year after year, "America's Got Talent" features a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying to win America's hearts and a $1 million prize.
Piff The Magic Dragon Returns To SHOCK The Judges With Hilarious Magic - America's Got Talent 2019
America's Got Talent
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Adorbs, Totes Adorbs.
Adorbs, Totes Adorbs. 3 hari yang lalu
That cake watch was a replica. You can tell
Jay Styles
Jay Styles 24 hari yang lalu
Has he got a speech impediment now?
Richard Harding
Richard Harding 25 hari yang lalu
piff went from piff, to here's where to see me! LOL. Merica! 3 minutes in, I'm all piffed out. bye.
Michele Speranza
Michele Speranza Bulan Yang lalu
Whoa, Piff, you got bigger, you should quit bananas
Gurn Blanstein
Gurn Blanstein Bulan Yang lalu
That was dumb
macattack3121 Bulan Yang lalu
Piff has been enjoying the American food
BayChevy 510
BayChevy 510 Bulan Yang lalu
Damn that was pretty good
MURDOCKROCK 2 bulan yang lalu
This is terrible... chip chipperson is better
Sean Potter
Sean Potter 2 bulan yang lalu
This whole skit is why we have corona virus.
Sean Potter
Sean Potter 2 bulan yang lalu
Terry was in on it
Jamal Yurner
Jamal Yurner 2 bulan yang lalu
peep and the big wide world
Mouse`s corner NMT
Mouse`s corner NMT 2 bulan yang lalu
I love the carnival assistant girl lololol
The Notorious T D O G
The Notorious T D O G 2 bulan yang lalu
Piff needs to lay off the gold and bananas. He is starting to look more puffy than piffy
Santat Angsupan
Santat Angsupan 3 bulan yang lalu
The only man who ate banana, ham&cheese sandwich, and cake on stage and came back a legend.
Michael Sherrill
Michael Sherrill 3 bulan yang lalu
I kinda liked him more when he had the dull melancholic attitude and would eat something on stage. He was almost cheery.
Judith Aefi
Judith Aefi 3 bulan yang lalu
..if jack black became a british dragon and started doing magic😁😁...
Manuel da Costa
Manuel da Costa 3 bulan yang lalu
Where the other watches?
Dräkkø Fïrê
Dräkkø Fïrê 3 bulan yang lalu
And that’s how you steal a expensive watch😂
m sam
m sam 3 bulan yang lalu
looks like the dragon got fat....
Brandon Almaria
Brandon Almaria 4 bulan yang lalu
I just realized none of these judges were the ones he performed for
Celeste Perez
Celeste Perez 4 bulan yang lalu
kevin rara
kevin rara 4 bulan yang lalu
Didn't know James Corden does magic too
CJ HUGHES & 50 BEAUTIFUL UNITS 4 bulan yang lalu
five watches.
B McK 4 bulan yang lalu
That was really bad. -1
Christian Serna
Christian Serna 4 bulan yang lalu
Someone defame Gabriel Union already!
Adam Stirling
Adam Stirling 4 bulan yang lalu
His accent has become that weird blend of English thst brits get after spending a lot of time there, it sounds English to Americans but theres something off😂😂
bric k
bric k 4 bulan yang lalu
He got a bit chunkier from last time I saw him.
Max McD
Max McD 4 bulan yang lalu
The best part of Piff's first audition is the look of utter disgust on Howard Stern's face when he sees him walk onto the stage. I watch that first audition again and again just for that lol.
GlitchxPeridot / Blaze
GlitchxPeridot / Blaze 20 hari yang lalu
hs game The good kind
hs game
hs game 20 hari yang lalu
@GlitchxPeridot / Blaze unaccaptable,you digust me me. How dare you make a typo. What kind of monster are you?
GlitchxPeridot / Blaze
GlitchxPeridot / Blaze Bulan Yang lalu
yeah that was great, considering he ended up being in the top 5. edit: TOP 10 I MEANT TOP 10
krishna nanda
krishna nanda 5 bulan yang lalu
Wait, did his voice chance?
Professor Control
Professor Control 5 bulan yang lalu
Julianne looks like Amanda Holden.
BluntHunter 5 bulan yang lalu
He’s seems a lot happier now
KINGZ 5 bulan yang lalu
Simon just wanted to pat mr piffles
Benjamin Mountford
Benjamin Mountford 5 bulan yang lalu
1:39 look at the audience member infront of the guy who gets the cake, he’s wearing a special earpiece
Memes For Everyone
Memes For Everyone 5 bulan yang lalu
Did he just steal and replace Terry Cruise’s watch?
Pedro garcia
Pedro garcia 6 bulan yang lalu
Piff miss Heidi...
Rebecca Adams
Rebecca Adams 6 bulan yang lalu
Piff always makes me smile!!💙💙
Der Kiesel
Der Kiesel 6 bulan yang lalu
That dragon ate a lot of gold.
XxAqua Fresh
XxAqua Fresh 7 bulan yang lalu
Matt Thoink
Matt Thoink 7 bulan yang lalu
He does the same tricks everytime. Boring
RO DP 7 bulan yang lalu
0.50 wym Simon didn’t judge you once?
BVE4GLE 7 bulan yang lalu
Bruh he never got the other watches
Shay Vidas
Shay Vidas 7 bulan yang lalu
I dont really care if terry is in on this. And he gave him a fake watch at the start Its still really funny
MR M 7 bulan yang lalu
The guy he almost gave the cake to in the crowd I’m guessing is one of Simons bodyguard given that he is wearing an earpiece
The Bone Witch
The Bone Witch 7 bulan yang lalu
It's real cute how sweet Simon is with the pup
ajmittendorf 7 bulan yang lalu
Someone's putting on weight!
Kurt Sudheim
Kurt Sudheim 7 bulan yang lalu
Okay how do we know the watch wasn't in the cake the whole time... not great
Mister Privacy
Mister Privacy 8 bulan yang lalu
He's definately got a good stage presentation but his magic act sux. Still... better than i can do
halfniak 8 bulan yang lalu
I'm here for Piff's assistant..
Streams4Charities 8 bulan yang lalu
This guy is still a thing? He is an idiot
Gröt Grusson
Gröt Grusson 8 bulan yang lalu
Would have loved to see the face of the cake change from Simon to a picture of Terry, and the text _I am sorry Terry_ =)
Xing Ge
Xing Ge 8 bulan yang lalu
Wait, he took 4 watches and gave back only one?
Gaming In Seconds
Gaming In Seconds 8 bulan yang lalu
Terry ahould get his watch checked if its still real.
DeadHead Gaming
DeadHead Gaming 8 bulan yang lalu
Come to find out, Piff watched earlier episodes of AGT and took pictures of Terry's watch. He bought a knock-off, put it in a bag, put it in the cake, and then successfully stole Terry's very expensive watch, switching it out for a knock-off.
Faezma Faez
Faezma Faez 8 bulan yang lalu
Demm, you got chubby pifff..did you not followed dragon's diet routine.
The Amazin Mohawk
The Amazin Mohawk 8 bulan yang lalu
I still remember when he said “Do you want a little cuddle” opens arms*
KingOfBlades27 8 bulan yang lalu
So he has a duplicate watch? Because that is the only way I see how this is done 🤔
Mis-ter Solitude
Mis-ter Solitude 6 bulan yang lalu
@ENDSEEKER how he put it in the pouch
ENDSEEKER 6 bulan yang lalu
@Mis-ter Solitude Piff is almost on the same level as Teller with slight of hand, the watch never left him, and at 05:00 he instructed the stage crew in the dry run to use only that camera angle as the watch went into the cake from the bottom of the box.
Mis-ter Solitude
Mis-ter Solitude 6 bulan yang lalu
@ENDSEEKER explain it then
ENDSEEKER 8 bulan yang lalu
No it is not the only way, and no that is not a duplicate watch. That is the beautiful thing about magic. It looks like there is no way he could have done it without a fake watch, and that amazes you. But once you know how it was done, it is almost a lame trick, impressive patter, and amazing magic principles, but it will leave you feeling like it was a bit stupid.
mysterious shadow
mysterious shadow 9 bulan yang lalu
Every body know that simon only did not buzz cause he was bribed by the dog
Faseegh Marcus
Faseegh Marcus 9 bulan yang lalu
He has a good routine.
Michael Gross
Michael Gross 9 bulan yang lalu
...I think piff just stole his real watch, and gave him a new one 1...
Juyx 9 bulan yang lalu
So... what happened to the other watches ?
VboomzyX 9 bulan yang lalu
What if he just did a lot of research and like found out what type of watches that Terry wears and then just baked it in the cake
Onip Dhakal
Onip Dhakal 9 bulan yang lalu
King's landing part 1:28
Joshua Aleman
Joshua Aleman 9 bulan yang lalu
Ok I get he doesn’t know a lot of tricks but how many times is going to the same bit
Elara Nova
Elara Nova 9 bulan yang lalu
I was so happy when he came back. He is great
O M 9 bulan yang lalu
Such a slow act. Boring...
Shorter Oyster
Shorter Oyster 9 bulan yang lalu
Its also possible that pifd bought the same watch and already put it in the cake
ENDSEEKER 8 bulan yang lalu
Not how it was doen, and no, you cant just buy the watch that Terry has, I cant recall the exact amount, but I think Piff mentioned that Terry's watch was in the region of $30k. The watch in the cake is the watch Terry had on.
Selish 9 bulan yang lalu
i don't know if he just shaved his beard or he just got chubbier
Anthony Obiedo
Anthony Obiedo 9 bulan yang lalu
Who else misses "Hi hi, it's Ty Ty!"? Yeah, me either.
AnimalzyNL 10 bulan yang lalu
Damn, hes been eating a lot of ham cheese sandwiches huh? Love this dude tho
george medeiros
george medeiros 10 bulan yang lalu
Why not hawaii
Gianmarco Bruse
Gianmarco Bruse 10 bulan yang lalu
Here it is....YOUR WATCH
spykeso9 10 bulan yang lalu
All that dragon fame is making gain a few pounds
Gongoozler I am
Gongoozler I am 10 bulan yang lalu
"don't eat it, or we will taze you in the face!" lol!
TheMeTree 9 bulan yang lalu
That's how Tazerface was born
Gordo916 11 bulan yang lalu
Plot twist :piff took the real one and gave him a fake replica with fake diamonds
Rzk Zkr
Rzk Zkr 11 bulan yang lalu
Piff??? More like poff.
Brian Llavan
Brian Llavan 11 bulan yang lalu
I actually liked the fact that Terry licked 'dem diamonds
D. K.
D. K. 11 bulan yang lalu
I like how simon is more interested in Mr. Piffles than the magic trick xD
Mohamad Ahmad
Mohamad Ahmad 11 bulan yang lalu
thank you you for watch ing
ImLee 11 bulan yang lalu
did piff put some weight on?
Edwin Lu
Edwin Lu 11 bulan yang lalu
Is it just me or did piff get a little chuncky. ( no offense piff still love you)
Youbetter Backoff
Youbetter Backoff 11 bulan yang lalu
who thinks terry has this channel?
Shyni k Pradeep Pradeep
Shyni k Pradeep Pradeep 11 bulan yang lalu
First of all I gotta say that I am big fan of piff and I watched all his performances about 10 times each but it could be seen in this trick that when he takes out the watch out of the cake it is in a plastic cover not a sock in which he put.
Shyni k Pradeep Pradeep
Shyni k Pradeep Pradeep Bulan Yang lalu
@DrPepper22222 he may have noted down what watch terry may have been putting...and got the exact replica and put it in the cake
DrPepper22222 Bulan Yang lalu
right, so the question is how did he get it there
KierMac 11 bulan yang lalu
Piff wasn’t as sarcastic and it wasn’t as funny sadly
Kugrox 11 bulan yang lalu
Yeah, he's a success now, so he no longer has the cynical attitude. He's genuinely happy and it comes off through his act.
Bjarne Otto
Bjarne Otto 11 bulan yang lalu
Legend says, Terry Crews is still cuffed to Piff to this day.
MADW Productions
MADW Productions 11 bulan yang lalu
it looks like he turned in to piff the fat magic dragon.... dude looks like he is eating well.
Mark Parent
Mark Parent Tahun Yang lalu
Who else thought handcuffs on Terry was racist?
lucaath Tahun Yang lalu
His accent has gone. I'm dissatisfied.
Mr. Universe Turtle
Mr. Universe Turtle Tahun Yang lalu
His accent has changed.
Yasmin Carey
Yasmin Carey Tahun Yang lalu
I just want to cry! How the heck did he do that???!!!! Uggghhh!!! Magic!!!...
hiimred _
hiimred _ Tahun Yang lalu
Simon has so much botox in his face
Brad DuBois
Brad DuBois Tahun Yang lalu
Terry was not particularly happy about any of that until he saw his watch again
#BLDM Tahun Yang lalu
What happened to the other watches?
Ed SkyNight
Ed SkyNight Tahun Yang lalu
How...in...the...hell...did...he...DO THAT?!?!
Alexander D
Alexander D Tahun Yang lalu
It took me 3 min to realise those two aren't Mel & Heidi ....
CodNation Tahun Yang lalu
Am I the only 1 who noticed the lizzard running on stage at 00:35
Drew S.
Drew S. Tahun Yang lalu
Simons Bodyguard @ 1:38, you can tell by the ear piece and his massive size lol
SushiJaguar Tahun Yang lalu
I kinda miss his more sardonic humour.
Zachary Joy
Zachary Joy Tahun Yang lalu
Shawn Rohrer
Shawn Rohrer Tahun Yang lalu
I thought crews was about to kill him lol.
LargerOyster !
LargerOyster ! Tahun Yang lalu
I want a show where piff doesn’t do any Magic but makes people do the weirdest thing with no pay off
Alex R.
Alex R. 3 bulan yang lalu
@The Deadpool Who Chuckles. lol but mood :/ xD
The Deadpool Who Chuckles.
The Deadpool Who Chuckles. 6 bulan yang lalu
DJ MBOI Tahun Yang lalu
So this is what Lars Ulrich is doing these days.
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