Architect and Designer Couple Create Spectacular Tiny House In The Bush

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Living Big In A Tiny House

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When a designer and architect couple team up to create their own tiny home, amazing things happen! Thanks Skillshare for sponsoring this video. For a free two month trial, click here:
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Nestled in the bush with landscaped grounds, this tiny house on wheels looks perfectly at home amongst the beautiful native trees. Although the house was originally designed for just the couple, with a baby on the way they have modified the home to make it perfectly suited for family life and have even managed to include a wonderful tiny nursery.
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Cleverly, the couple have also created a wonderful outdoor space to extend the living area of the home. Ultimately, this is an architecturally well designed and beautifully built tiny home on wheels. I hope you enjoy the full video tour!
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Cassandra Scott
Cassandra Scott Hari Yang lalu
Such a beautiful home in a gorgeous setting... May Kate, Willem and their addition ('to be' I was going to say... but this vid was uploaded over a year ago!!) be very happy here...
Captain Jax
Captain Jax 4 hari yang lalu
90k is bit steep :(!
Pedro de Carvalho
Pedro de Carvalho 19 hari yang lalu
yo I think this is my favorite tiny house out of all the houses featured in this channel that I've seen, at least. amazing
M Honey
M Honey 20 hari yang lalu
This is beyond beautiful! I just cannot get over it. Truly amazing property and lovely home. THIS inspires me greatly! Would love to have these people as friends-they are so great! Cheers
M Honey
M Honey 20 hari yang lalu
Gorgeous property!! The land itself makes this beyond incredible
Mahina R.
Mahina R. 27 hari yang lalu
The setting is particularly beautiful! Lovely home but the loft shud have been extended to add the nursery next to mom & dad's room i reckon....the space is there! :)
Greg Pendrey
Greg Pendrey 29 hari yang lalu
Fix that step before someone falls. Stairs need to be uniform. It would look cool if it didn't look like a hazard to me. Love you two. Nice place. G.
home and electronics stop
home and electronics stop Bulan Yang lalu
a very good video and excellent ideas
Winni Elias
Winni Elias Bulan Yang lalu
The young you are doing an excellent owning your own tiny house. Don’t be prisoners of the real estate and ripping off banks.
Sammies mom Sammie
Sammies mom Sammie Bulan Yang lalu
Beautiful house you guys!!! Love what you've done.
Alicia Sophia
Alicia Sophia Bulan Yang lalu
Lovely home & lovely couple! I am moving into a tiny home next year, I would LOVE to be on this channel 😛
Mpendulo Mkhize
Mpendulo Mkhize Bulan Yang lalu
I'm in love with the family. 😀 The landscape is amazing.
Mountain Girl
Mountain Girl Bulan Yang lalu
So nice!
thetravelinglight Bulan Yang lalu
i love this show, i love this tiny house ( especially the outside) and of course, i love how Bryce is always just so nice!!!
Shweta Banerjee
Shweta Banerjee Bulan Yang lalu
Best best best.... Oooh... Loved it
SpaceCadet Bulan Yang lalu
I think this is possibly my favourite tiny house on this channel!
MC Bulan Yang lalu
Anyone who gave this video a thumbs down doesn't deserve to have watched this brilliant episode
Dinesh Kukreti
Dinesh Kukreti Bulan Yang lalu
80 K with land or without, and how much Land they Own
Tony M Leitao
Tony M Leitao Bulan Yang lalu
Such a beautiful paradise!!!
Mona Liz
Mona Liz Bulan Yang lalu
Beautiful home! Beautiful Family😍 Blessings to You always and forever.🐞🦋🎈🍀❤💥
marcjtdc Bulan Yang lalu
Philip Steeves
Philip Steeves Bulan Yang lalu
Another winner Bryce! I love your channel
Suvenny Yonathan
Suvenny Yonathan Bulan Yang lalu
no body
no body 2 bulan yang lalu
Julian West
Julian West 2 bulan yang lalu
the deck is bigger than a house, how stupid is that?
Dastrio 2 bulan yang lalu
3:19 "A big dick"
munyaradzi sibanda
munyaradzi sibanda 2 bulan yang lalu
Bryce is doing wonders on Tiny houses
Living In A Tiny House
Living In A Tiny House 2 bulan yang lalu
A beautiful home and location.
Martina Gunnarsson
Martina Gunnarsson 3 bulan yang lalu
What a dream. Just loved Waiheke Island!
Brent Dewhurst
Brent Dewhurst 3 bulan yang lalu
Goes to show that the land plays such an important part to achieving a beautiful home. Love this one!
Παναγιώτα Καραχριστόφα
Παναγιώτα Καραχριστόφα 3 bulan yang lalu
Καλημέρα σας. Σάς παρακαλώ πολύ ή σκάλα να είναι σταθερή και συγουρι Καλά να είστε να σάς ζήσει το μορακι.
Marites Ota
Marites Ota 3 bulan yang lalu
Amazing and inspirational design and very natural type and very very clean Color combination good job two of you couple 👍 god blessed your family with God company 🙏 spread the love and being positive person ...
Tina bintbina
Tina bintbina 3 bulan yang lalu
This house looks so tiny from outside but when you go inside it looks spacious and offers a lot of room for everyone. A lovely home. Living on such a forest like ground makes it quite perfect.
edrianne maestrado
edrianne maestrado 3 bulan yang lalu
I dream of having my own tiny house in the future. but I'm also thinking if this is even be possible here in Southern Asia. rains very often here.
CarrieDanK 3 bulan yang lalu
There must not be any mosquitoes or biting flies in NZ or AU, because all these cool homes have open doors and windows with no screens. Would get eaten alive in Minnesota.
NCT •••
NCT ••• 3 bulan yang lalu
Man I feel bad for myself for living in india because you can't have a tiny house like these on this channel with hopes of freedom or living alone, it is not safe here. We won't have such beautiful landscapes. But I hope the younger generation would step towards the tiny house movement and I hope to see houses like that here as well. But I feel like it's impossible 🤷 Feels just hopeless but I really want to build a house like that for myself!!!!!!
mooneka75 3 bulan yang lalu
I love the steps leading to the house
Felicitas G. Blesa
Felicitas G. Blesa 3 bulan yang lalu
Meh 3 bulan yang lalu
such a beautiful piece of land!
Jonathon Ward
Jonathon Ward 3 bulan yang lalu
That's lovely! I really like it!
Sonya Jordan
Sonya Jordan 3 bulan yang lalu
LOVE LOVE LOVE This House. I say this about every new video, but this is probably my favourite one yet. The aesthetic, layout, landscape everything!!!
Jason Wu
Jason Wu 3 bulan yang lalu
I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove that color of the wall in the nursery.
Leslie_fedy 3 bulan yang lalu
Alex Williams
Alex Williams 3 bulan yang lalu
You're funny...Bryce is a gem.
cheri sapp
cheri sapp 3 bulan yang lalu
Beautiful tiny home! 😊
Karen Hall
Karen Hall 3 bulan yang lalu
suitable house for this lovely couple.
LOVE, Lyzza
LOVE, Lyzza 4 bulan yang lalu
Wow!! That tab outside! 😍
Real Deal
Real Deal 4 bulan yang lalu
Cute nursery and lovely kitchen and shower, love the outdoor design bench is meh..
Maggie Rodriguez
Maggie Rodriguez 4 bulan yang lalu
I. Like it it's all. I need
Jessica Kelly
Jessica Kelly 4 bulan yang lalu
I just love you show. I sit in my chair by the window and watch a couple of episodes each day. Your presentation of the homes and people is very calming and the opening melody pleasantly sticks in your head throughout the day.
Cliff Marshall
Cliff Marshall 4 bulan yang lalu
He has a motivators voice, he should be out there given motivation speachses on building tiny homes, because he's one of the reasons I'm hooked on his videos, Lol he should be making motivation speachses on some kind of business or something But that being said it nice to know that someone think he's a good interviewer.
Gladys Cuaresma
Gladys Cuaresma 4 bulan yang lalu
Beautiful home. ❤❤❤
Macabre Dance Party
Macabre Dance Party 4 bulan yang lalu
By far one of my favorites.
Tracey Sait
Tracey Sait 4 bulan yang lalu
A location that looked like that would be my dream no matter what the tiny house looked like 🥰
Sudan Boy
Sudan Boy 4 bulan yang lalu
@6:30 Made in India clothes. who else spotted that?
Jennifer Holden
Jennifer Holden 4 bulan yang lalu
Another one of my favourites in a perfect place.
Tanya Hanna
Tanya Hanna 4 bulan yang lalu
Tiny house in the bush...the brothers Grimm🧙.. prescription..🧛...
Shannon-Louise 4 bulan yang lalu
I love this home and the little nursery!
Lydia Sedler
Lydia Sedler 4 bulan yang lalu
I love it👍🤗
Health Glows
Health Glows 5 bulan yang lalu
This home is stunning.
Elizabeth Baker
Elizabeth Baker 5 bulan yang lalu
Alot if people are trying to escape the rent trap. Why is this happening to so many people. Houses are too expensive to buy, then you end up making other people rich by renting. Tiny houses are the solution. But what if you have children and need more space. Love these videos they're a blessing. What I've learnt from these videos, is people just want to be free from the bills bills bills. Rent and the busy life styles...
patricia henry
patricia henry 5 bulan yang lalu
Willem, he sounds South African, so Willem is actually pronounced as Villem even though its spelt with a W. That's if hes is from SA.
The Indian Vlog
The Indian Vlog 5 bulan yang lalu
I won't even get 3 likes
Bella Pallon
Bella Pallon 5 bulan yang lalu
They can’t afford a normal house?isn’t a normal house?this is a home for me 👌❤️
Sharon Cochran
Sharon Cochran 5 bulan yang lalu
Beautiful home! Lovely family!
Sean 5 bulan yang lalu
3:19 lol
Catherine Joy Hudtohan
Catherine Joy Hudtohan 5 bulan yang lalu
thumbs up for you guys
Jackie 5 bulan yang lalu
Beautiful tiny house, lovely couple. Best wishes on your growing family.
TheBeautyLightroom tarte
TheBeautyLightroom tarte 5 bulan yang lalu
So this channel is my new obsession. Thinking of buying a small piece of land and building my own ecologist tiny house for vacationing👍
Milon Mirsab
Milon Mirsab 5 bulan yang lalu
Such a beautiful home and nature ❤
Neni Sri Nuraeni
Neni Sri Nuraeni 5 bulan yang lalu
Jor Bazignan
Jor Bazignan 5 bulan yang lalu
One of the Best Youtbe chanels. In Hard times of quarentena and uncertainty, this is truly inspiring. Thinking Big About Tiny Houses. Gracias, from Argentina 🙏✌️
Pete Mavus
Pete Mavus 5 bulan yang lalu
You had to do this!!! Sheesh !!! I thought I made my final decision, but noooo LOL I'm so picky about the open plan but not seeing too much kitchen from anywhere since I need it roomy to cook. Well here's another totally sleek but casual seamless look that's well tailored with lots of storage in all areas. Another great TH, Couple & Presentation. Thanks Bryce...All...Stay Well !!!
putri mantili
putri mantili 5 bulan yang lalu
i ❤️ this channel.. ❤️❤️❤️
Rusty 2k
Rusty 2k 5 bulan yang lalu
Nicely done.. Her hubby is gentalmen...
Hermione Weasley
Hermione Weasley 5 bulan yang lalu
I am 16 yrs old I watch your videos and I am really inspired to become an architect I also want to build a tiny house on wheels
MrGadiriz 5 bulan yang lalu
Beautiful tiny house ever..
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar 5 bulan yang lalu
Syifrah Arifah
Syifrah Arifah 5 bulan yang lalu
lovely couple, beautiful house
Muhammed Shahul
Muhammed Shahul 6 bulan yang lalu
Its awsom
Andres Bayona
Andres Bayona 6 bulan yang lalu
I hate people that no use the SI 🙃
Pamela Ann
Pamela Ann 6 bulan yang lalu
One of the nicest homes and locations on this channel. Amazing job inside and out! Such a chill couple. Great hosts. Bryce, thanks again!
jonelle mejasco
jonelle mejasco 6 bulan yang lalu
i wanna build a house like it
Morteza Barin
Morteza Barin 6 bulan yang lalu
Great I love it.full of happiness and hope. I wish I had one of these tiny houses. Good luck and enjoy your nice time
প্রবাস জীবন
প্রবাস জীবন 6 bulan yang lalu
প্রবাস জীবন
প্রবাস জীবন 6 bulan yang lalu
Atiq Polo
Atiq Polo 6 bulan yang lalu
Beautiful house
Rathernot Disclose
Rathernot Disclose 6 bulan yang lalu
Wait 1:01 An ARCHITECT can't afford a normal house?
Rathernot Disclose
Rathernot Disclose 6 bulan yang lalu
These tiny homes are almost always beautiful, but I can't help but wonder how much adding just 2-4 extra feet of width would cost.
deepak kumar
deepak kumar 6 bulan yang lalu
I am addicted to this channel
Lakshmi Bala
Lakshmi Bala 6 bulan yang lalu
Hi i am very impressed with the work doing such a beautiful tiny houses the way u re showing them to world love it ❤
Philip Joyce
Philip Joyce 6 bulan yang lalu
Lovely wee house. But I'm jealous they get to live on Waiheke Island; one of the most beautiful places I've been. The architecture is so varied and the island is stunning.
Rachel Eng
Rachel Eng 6 bulan yang lalu
I’m in love with the reading nook 🥰
Birulangit11 _
Birulangit11 _ 6 bulan yang lalu
Kate Lane
Kate Lane 6 bulan yang lalu
Lindo design.
Shiney Ninan
Shiney Ninan 6 bulan yang lalu
Amazing home, I really wish to possess a house like yours. The background is wonderful.
Alexis Blaise
Alexis Blaise 6 bulan yang lalu
Its idina menzel frozen 2 as elsa
Alexis Blaise
Alexis Blaise 6 bulan yang lalu
Frozen 2
Carolina Trummer
Carolina Trummer 6 bulan yang lalu
The owners of this house should close off the loft when their child grows older so that whole section becomes the child's space. If they section off the loft from the living room, and open up part of the roof of the kids' bedroom with an escalator through the opening of the loft which will then become a sleeping loft and downstairs area could be closet space plus office/kids area. A beautiful home!
Amit Daswani
Amit Daswani 6 bulan yang lalu
The landscape is excellent, however if their son becomes a toddler leaving him alone at top loft could be fatal as there are no mesh wires to prevent him from falling down.....
Iken 61
Iken 61 6 bulan yang lalu
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