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Nothing compares to football. Joy, pain and injustice: It’s one of few sports which makes its fans experience the full range of emotions. There are some football fans who deservedly felt injustice during the 2002 World Cup.
Italians, Spaniards, Turks, Belgians and Americans: they all spoke out against the tournament’s referees. The refereeing was surprisingly average, even bad. The co-hosts South Korea’s run to the semis came out of nowhere. Which led many people to say that the 2002 World Cup was rigged, but is this true?
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KSV 5 jam yang lalu
No, Ecuadorian reff wasn't newbie or inexperienced, he "sold out" to korean association but you analyze it closely match lost was italian fault, claiming faults rather than keep playing football, only the spain - korea game is suspicious of being rigged.
IceSpoon 10 jam yang lalu
Yeah and I’m sure Sepp rigged Ireland world cup qualifying game against France
Sibyll Monroe
Sibyll Monroe 4 hari yang lalu
lmao guys. you really think korea could EVER WIN over EU or LATIN countries?? USE YOUR BRAINS KOREANS. STOP THINKING EVERYTHING BELONGS TO YOU. CHINESE TRADITIONAL CULTURE AND THE MUSIC INDUSTRY WHICH I SWEAR AT THIS POINT IS FROM AMERICAN POP AND FASHION. THE KPOP IS GETTING TO YOUR HEAD. I SWEAR LIKE you guys worry so much about your reputation and hide up all the dark facts about your people. you hide things. be fake. id rather be hated for what i am than be loved for what im NOT. PLEASE STOP doing things solely for reputation. this has been boosted by the kpop industry and the rising korean things that cause koreans to be proud af thus trying to grab the title for everything. This goes the same for korean ESPORTS. do you know that there are a few korean players in chinese teams who are so so freaking happy that they chose to be with china because they receive AMAZING treatment there? in korean esports, they train like crazy and if you speak against your elders, you will SUFFER FROM DEPRESSION because they will give you a piece of their minds because you're not allowed to tell the older gamers to do anything- you have to bring water to them and treat them like kings. it's so freaking strict because they want to dominate the world in everything and cannot stand a single bad word said about koreans. This is why i like japan and china. japan has wonderful things and although the chinese government is bad, the citizens don't try to hide the darkness of their country and pretend everything about themselves is the best and most perfect. You guys may think i'm generalizing korea but this is after 7 years of being a koreaboo and realizing that the citiznes love to bash idols and mukbangers for ANYTHING and everything, from spitting food out off camera to trying to carve everything about idol's personal lives.
Luke Withers
Luke Withers 6 hari yang lalu
I'm sure there was a conspiracy about a deal where if Brazil let france win the world cup final in 1998, brazil will get an easy draw to the final in 2002
Iwan Bottos
Iwan Bottos 11 hari yang lalu
Of course this tournament was rigged . It was a bit too obvious . Hiddink should be ashamed he showed such excitement as his team won . And the FIFA , Joseph Blatter up front , should have been under investigation , the payments for Moreno should have been no problem to prove in court . I really don't understand why Spain and Italy did not take legal action . Moreno was arrested in his own country for receiving amounts of money from suspicious origin . Disgraceful . But Italy should have left the pitch under protest . Now it all stands and will probably never be rectified.
Yakobus Angga
Yakobus Angga 11 hari yang lalu
Wow cant belive the referee not killed by italy mafia, gratz then only go to prison
London ninja
London ninja 11 hari yang lalu
im italian,..
BROCK LESNAR UFCANDWWE 14 hari yang lalu
*0:00** A Man Throws a Money at Slepp Bletter*
A Fera
A Fera 15 hari yang lalu
Forget about which team or country you are loyal to. Anyone who knows soccer in this era, italy's team was STACKED. This team was better than the 2006 world cup team. The talent was high. Biggest soccer scam of all time
Ray Bugz
Ray Bugz 16 hari yang lalu
Qatar has so much money, and politicality powerful as well so expect them to win the WC in their home soil in 2022.
E. I.
E. I. 18 hari yang lalu
I love how so many Koreans were bitching about Japan advancing past the Group Stage in 2018 because of fair play (even bringing up the occupation... pathetic) when their only success in the World Cup was through bribery and corruption. Tch, Tch, Tch. 😂😂😂😂 Disgraceful.
steven Kai
steven Kai 18 hari yang lalu
Yup..They put 2 host in advance 2010 announcement
Jeffrey Wang
Jeffrey Wang 20 hari yang lalu
To be honest, the odds of South Korea making it to the semis for me was 950000 to 1. The chances of this competition being rigged is more likely in my opinion. Honestly, presidents of the organizations such as FIFA are putting money ahead of the game. There destroying this game...
Amar Mostefaoui
Amar Mostefaoui 21 hari yang lalu
Italy are relegated now because of VAR 😂 you’re literally the biggest cheats of history, you cheat every cup lol 4 fake world cups
Kartikay Bhardwaj
Kartikay Bhardwaj 23 hari yang lalu
Korea cheated in Asian games as well... The judges were all korean
Ryan Choi
Ryan Choi 23 hari yang lalu
as a korean these koreans don't deserve a world cup exept Park ji sung and Son Heung-min
Julian Park
Julian Park 23 hari yang lalu
dude korea deserved to go semis like they had ji song park and all the great players
Amar Revolver
Amar Revolver 24 hari yang lalu
There was some catastrophic arbitrary mistakes but spain and italy were salty as fck, publicly firing south korean players from their championships, doing mafia shit to everyone involved in the matter and much more.. that makes you really think... Its like this big teams control the world cup business with money and power that they'll make sure no team outside the circle no matter how powerful is to get passed them
Paul Pugh patriot
Paul Pugh patriot 25 hari yang lalu
Sebb blater is a corrupt weasel
Daniel Gjoka
Daniel Gjoka 25 hari yang lalu
Francisco Tatti
home almannai
home almannai 25 hari yang lalu
I'm a fan and I got sad when you said that they shouldn't pick Qatar for the world cup so please all you said about Qatar and those rumors are fake so please I'm from Qatar
bbang gi
bbang gi 25 hari yang lalu
hello Japanese and Chinese guys🖐
Shaneydan1_ 25 hari yang lalu
I am embarrassed to say that Jack Warner is from my country Tbh.
Shaneydan1_ 25 hari yang lalu
My dream rn is for Portugal to embarrass Qatar. 💯
Darryl Darius
Darryl Darius 27 hari yang lalu
Haiti vs mexico, everyone saw what happened. They even conducted a survey and the Mexicans said that the penalty was unfair.
Lil Cranberry
Lil Cranberry 27 hari yang lalu
back to Nature
back to Nature 28 hari yang lalu
Damn that Italian game was a heavy robbery
Kay Football
Kay Football Bulan Yang lalu
Like the video but Japan shouldn’t be treated the same for what Korea did. The Japanese team played fairly
Stewart Okoth
Stewart Okoth Bulan Yang lalu
Gob bless....Germany knocked them out
PixelIzz Bulan Yang lalu
These referees are mls referees aren’t they?
Zahid Hussain Md Jakir Masum
Zahid Hussain Md Jakir Masum Bulan Yang lalu
France won 1998 instead of Brazil...Brazil was promised next WC. but in 2002, Italy & Spain were rigged too...who won next WCs. Spain was well deserving, but I doubt Italy was helped in 2006 WC!!! I personally did not like how these 3 WCs took place.
Skull Skull
Skull Skull 26 hari yang lalu
Two red cards for De Rossi and Materazzi and a dive of Florent Malouda in the final. I do not think they were helped.
OLYX Bulan Yang lalu
I remember Turkey vs Brazil at semifinals and it was soooooo bad
X Mas
X Mas Bulan Yang lalu
There is something called 'inspiration' and 'sincerity' for their nation. France is a sor looser so as Italy. Thank god we live in a world where suspicions cannot constitute a crime
DanielGamerPlayz Bulan Yang lalu
Same with Barcelona-Chelsea
Alan West
Alan West Bulan Yang lalu
3:50 'Jack warner, Sepp Blatter's former number 2'. Yep, he's a number 2 alright
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia Bulan Yang lalu
No shit it was rigged all you have to do is look at the Italy vs Korea game.
john casmartin
john casmartin Bulan Yang lalu
lol at all the racists in this comment section
Francesco Loren
Francesco Loren Bulan Yang lalu
Does anyone really think that a country that eats spiders like we eat Mcdonalds gives a shit what we think about bribery?
Supernova 17
Supernova 17 Bulan Yang lalu
All of the teams that host World Cup always go very far. Sure, this World Cup was very scandalous with terrible referees, but it isn’t just the Koreans that are given this treatment.
Yashwanth Rao
Yashwanth Rao Bulan Yang lalu
who wants to punch that refree
Aridj laouar
Aridj laouar 2 bulan yang lalu
In the 1982 world cup Austria and west Germany cheated and sepp blatter is not telling the truth that the 2 teams cheated
A A 2 bulan yang lalu
Japan is also one of victim by Skorea, once Japan certified to held Wcup, korean sneak up to Japan, turn out most of expense was paid by Japan, and they totally ruined it, and now it’s recognized as the worst Wcup ever in the history.
J-Rod YT
J-Rod YT 2 bulan yang lalu
Even though I am Korean, I could feel the extreme frustration on the italian’s faces. The ref was definitely on Korea’s side
Lucas_ Puncas
Lucas_ Puncas 2 bulan yang lalu
heres a small QandA Q: was the 2002 world cup rigged? A: *yes* This comment was sponsered by Italy and Spain
the Sun and the Earth
the Sun and the Earth 2 bulan yang lalu
To be fair, all refs are shit.
Flick Dem ENT
Flick Dem ENT 2 bulan yang lalu
Every nation needs a try of the big matches
Saacid Omar
Saacid Omar 2 bulan yang lalu
Some are saying The Warld Cup in Qatar would be the same Nope those Guys Qataris have no intention to Compete and to get out of the group stage being hosted In Warld Cup is enough for them 😆 they're not like koreans naturally
이브라히모비치즐라탄 2 bulan yang lalu
Kareefa Dumbuya
Kareefa Dumbuya 2 bulan yang lalu
I hate those 2 referees
Antonio Mattera
Antonio Mattera 2 bulan yang lalu
I’m Italian but I don’t care because even when they cheated they couldn’t win😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌
Vlmsa Msvla
Vlmsa Msvla 2 bulan yang lalu
So what karma strike_korean never made high level now,_not even close..from Asia
IB &IS 2 bulan yang lalu
There is no excuse for losing. What about the goals south korean players scored(were they rigged) If an Asian or african countries defeat teams from other continents they say it is rigged hhhhkkkkk
Dario Da Costa Mendes
Dario Da Costa Mendes 2 bulan yang lalu
oh boi your saying spain could've got a 2nd world cup na man i'm so done with the refereeing
Swastik Mahapatra
Swastik Mahapatra 2 bulan yang lalu
Now what that old fart sepp blaster got
ᅲᅲKimmy 2 bulan yang lalu
Before the penalty rule was not a thing USE UR BRAINSSSS
Chosen Wisely
Chosen Wisely 2 bulan yang lalu
Sorry to disappoint you, but contrary to what almost everyone is saying, Totti's send-off WAS INDEED a dive. Was there contact? Yes. Did Totti start falling way before the contact was made? Yes. Did Totti fall with his, allegedly, blocked leg first? Yes. Does the previous fact prove that even while there was contact, Totti tried to take advantage of it and earn a PK? HELL YES. Correct call by the referee.
Naam 2 bulan yang lalu
2002 was fixed. Turkey vs Brazil 2002 just watch the game
Nothing's Virgin Here
Nothing's Virgin Here 2 bulan yang lalu
I am not saying the allegations are wrong. But once a while a team can have much better morale then others. Its really bad that when top teams lose to small they just start putting allegations on smaller teams . Leicester won the premier league. Atalanta today is one of the best top scoring teams. Some times player clicks. Ajax previous year were so good. Its not necessary it will happen always but sometimes things just click
Kray(1) 2 bulan yang lalu
Qatar 2022 here we go!
Ariel Solis
Ariel Solis 2 bulan yang lalu
World Cup after 2002: Italy:1 Spain:1 Argentina:0 France:1. Now tell me why in tf was Argentina robbed in the final vs Germany
Charcha SethOp
Charcha SethOp 2 bulan yang lalu
I edited
Zulharriansyah Syamsul
Zulharriansyah Syamsul 2 bulan yang lalu
I was during My Junior year during colage, at that time when WC 2002 held during summer break, and it made me remeder so much abou the world cup 2002, the Italian macth and spanis spark lot of controversy, but with France and Argentina they just play bad, especialy france they not score a single goal and argentina the bielsa strategy not so suit for international tournament, i know they lost to japan in last 16 but they play bad, ande of course england they just lost because of Ronaldinho spectaculer Free Kick although Brazil down of 10 men
Fantastic boy
Fantastic boy 3 bulan yang lalu
Hhhhhhh yeah u r right but only u saw one angle u see one it happen to European teams. How many games African teams lost with unfair matches from 86, 94.....
Diwakar Lama
Diwakar Lama 3 bulan yang lalu
That is why I support VAR to be fair.
ΝουΜουΨουλης FanClub
ΝουΜουΨουλης FanClub 3 bulan yang lalu
Imagine if the world cup in 2032 happens in San Marino and out of the blue they cancel var😂😂😂
The Booty Flew Away
The Booty Flew Away 3 bulan yang lalu
5:07 5:11 i see the look of a fearful thief
david dobrik edits
david dobrik edits 3 bulan yang lalu wow
Damir Sabovic
Damir Sabovic 3 bulan yang lalu
630 dislikes all coming from South Korea
Ashmit Bastola
Ashmit Bastola 3 bulan yang lalu
I don't agree so much now because we have VAR and Goal line techonology.
Kunal 3 bulan yang lalu
South korea should be banned from hosting the wc. I hope that what happened in 2002 wc is not repeated ever in the future.
Rohan Bungaroo
Rohan Bungaroo 3 bulan yang lalu
I guess they took shaolin soccer to seriously...
Sanket Sutradhar
Sanket Sutradhar 3 bulan yang lalu
Italy won the wc in 2006 Spain won the wc in 2010 Chelsea won the UCL in 2012 and eliminated Barca in the process Barcelona were eliminated by Juve in 2017 after they cheated to win against PSG Rmcf are yet to win a UCL in the VAR era , after they cheated Bayern out of 2 UCLs These incidents have restored my faith in humanity and I started to believe that God exists
The Best AIM
The Best AIM 3 bulan yang lalu
Funny that South Koreans glorify about their journey in that world cup
treck beck
treck beck 3 bulan yang lalu
Jack Warner...enough said
Gabriel Pacayuma
Gabriel Pacayuma 3 bulan yang lalu
Did the reff in The thumbnail look like Maradona?
James Moon
James Moon 3 bulan yang lalu
What is the point of this video?
Natan 3 bulan yang lalu
is the old American tactic, when they can't be the best they say it was corruption. NSA and CIA Again.
ABDOULLAH Diallo 3 bulan yang lalu
They got their revenge because Germany beat south Korea
Luke Lee
Luke Lee 4 bulan yang lalu
Oh my goal is so racist to South Korea. Literally every time the hosts make it far. Russia, Brazil, Ghana, Germany
Sunny Song
Sunny Song 4 bulan yang lalu
I’m Korean and remember cheering my butt off during 2002 as a young lad. But in the world cups that followed, we never even made it to sweet 16. I thought this was strange so I looked at the games in 2002 again. They were obviously fixed and I suspect that the players were given stamina enhancing substances to get them unnaturally stronger and aggressive. It was very strange that the 2002 games were the only time Korean players never seemed to tire. After researching the political and economic circumstances in Korea that led to 2002, I am now certain that Korea’s success was mandated in order to distract the Korean people from the crimes that took place since the country’s bankruptcy via the International Monetary Fund. Sports is a powerful drug. It was used against Koreans in 2002. And it’s being used against people in almost every country to this day.
ADITYA Ghimire
ADITYA Ghimire Hari Yang lalu
i am not korean neither japanese but they didnt cheat
Pedro Guedes
Pedro Guedes 4 hari yang lalu
I just don’t know how people think it was rigged in favor of Brazil, Ronaldo and Rivaldo dominated, no way Brazil would’ve lost that World Cup.
Özge Gümüşay
Özge Gümüşay 17 hari yang lalu
You are not Korean lol speak Korean i know some Korean
Kibeom Kim
Kibeom Kim Bulan Yang lalu
Deepak Sharma
Deepak Sharma 4 bulan yang lalu
You know why they favored Brazil? Because they had fixed the whole 2002 World Cup the day before the 1998 World Cup final Yes, there are rumors that Brazil gave away the final of 98 for 14 million euros, an easy group in 2002 and also involved the referee in this
italian communist
italian communist 3 bulan yang lalu
No, there wasnt, and if there was stepp blatter would of been inevstigated long before, because if someoen wants to fix a wc game it would of been years in advamce
_Leon_ 4 bulan yang lalu
Blatter needs to go to jail for the rest of his life, he has distroyed the WC of 2002, 2018 and 2022. the hole FIFA is corrupt still in 2020... its very sad
Disketo Love PiZzA
Disketo Love PiZzA 4 bulan yang lalu
2006 italy won 4 WC
ผม โอ๊ต 'เด็กเหมืองใหม่'
ผม โอ๊ต 'เด็กเหมืองใหม่' 4 bulan yang lalu
🇰🇷=shame 🇰🇷=💩💩💩💩💩💩
Archerman 2204
Archerman 2204 4 bulan yang lalu
Everyone knows that this was the worst world cup
ashiq acharya
ashiq acharya 4 bulan yang lalu
maximilien Robespierre
maximilien Robespierre 4 bulan yang lalu
Well, at least the other co-host didn't use the referee's help to win. Japanese always valued honor and respect, like the samurai.
Amida Simth
Amida Simth 4 bulan yang lalu
Italy and Spain got beaten by Korea, and got beaten again by Covid 19 from china. So sad
Skull Skull
Skull Skull Bulan Yang lalu
@Amida Simth Argumentations are not one of your strengths I see. So you should better go to school again, and stay there for ever.
Amida Simth
Amida Simth Bulan Yang lalu
@Skull Skull you stupid. Go home kid
Skull Skull
Skull Skull Bulan Yang lalu
@Amida Simth *An idiot. You should learn some English before commenting rubbish here on IDshow. Your jealousy towards Italy and Spain is just priceless.
Amida Simth
Amida Simth Bulan Yang lalu
@Skull Skull sorry my friend but you are idiot
Skull Skull
Skull Skull Bulan Yang lalu
@Amida Simth Jealousy at its best
Villains Never die
Villains Never die 4 bulan yang lalu
Once upon a time when football was part of our life, but now it’s part of business
Dumitru Stefan
Dumitru Stefan 4 bulan yang lalu
Italy and Spain were robbed in 2002. They won the next 2 World Cups. Chelsea was robbed against Barca in 2009, who then won the UCL. They knocked them out in 2012 and also won the UCL. These teams got what they deserved after these disgraceful matches.
Sovv Suh
Sovv Suh 4 bulan yang lalu
i want italy to dethrone brazil real bad. but blaming this world cup on korea is just nonsense. it is the mindset of a sore loser.
Sovv Suh
Sovv Suh 4 bulan yang lalu
for some people calling south korea a disgrace: other teams played, and still to this day, really aggressively like south korea did and the reason why this world cup is a scandal is the referees, not south korea. this world cup was more of an anomaly for other countries as well, which didnt perform as well as their previous world cups (also the referees' faults for making bad judgements). south korea was probably really motivated since this is their home world cup, which made them fight really hard, hence, making them aggressive. SOUTH KOREA IS NOT A DISGRACE TO THE SPORT. UNDERSTOOD?
ゆーゆ 4 bulan yang lalu
Who said it was korean’s home WC. Final wasn’t even there. Korea was just providing stadiums to japan, just like they were providing prostitutes before. Shame yourself. Our forever slave✌🏻
haider elwasetti
haider elwasetti 4 bulan yang lalu
Corrupt just like the world health organisation, i lost two of my uncle's because of coronavirus pandemic.
italian communist
italian communist 3 bulan yang lalu
Didnt need to know your life story but ok
Christy Dunn
Christy Dunn 4 bulan yang lalu
Totti dived and Italians were going down way too easy especially for that era of football, I agree that a good few fowls were not punished but if a team is diving and has a reputation for diving and the ref had that in mind, he has a right to go the other way when he is on the fence.....
ryan y?
ryan y? 5 bulan yang lalu
i've seen the whole game; the italian soccer team plainly sucked. they missed passes, shoots, and they fouled a lot too.
Zeiad Games
Zeiad Games 5 bulan yang lalu
South korea u cheaters fu** u i hate ur country ur country is rubbish
Leonardo Molte
Leonardo Molte 5 bulan yang lalu
5:08 One of the journalists looks like Max Allegri.
Koragh 5 bulan yang lalu
France won 2000 and 2020 They drugged ronaldo in 2000 They favoritise france 80% on the belgium match Figure it out
italian communist
italian communist 3 bulan yang lalu
Not really, france and italy have the same amount of wc
Sea of Japan
Sea of Japan 5 bulan yang lalu
korea bribed for the match against Portugal and Spain as well. Not only for Italy. Disgrace small korea!!!
Sea of Japan
Sea of Japan 5 bulan yang lalu
Shame of Asia,shame of the world,shame of the space. small korea.
Sea of Japan
Sea of Japan 4 bulan yang lalu
@Sovv Suh Asian countries? PUHAHAHA only small korea.😂😂😂
Sovv Suh
Sovv Suh 4 bulan yang lalu
youre probably brainwashed. that flag in your profile pic is basically the nazi swastika to many asian countries. japan is a shame to the world in history.
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