3 x 20ft Shipping Containers Turn Into Amazing Compact Home

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Living Big In A Tiny House

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I’m always amazed at how people can turn shipping containers, hard, cold metal boxes, into some of the most beautiful, warm and welcoming homes. That’s exactly what this young couple from Victoria have done, transforming 3 20ft shipping containers into a wonderful, functional house.
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Everywhere you look, Richard and Amy have packed their container home with great small space design ideas, ensuring that within the small footprint of the shipping containers, there is a tremendous amount of home and living space. Just as much thought has been put into the build of the home, with some great choices in materials and construction techniques making this a high performing and well insulating container home.
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This home utilises a grid tied solar system, taking advantage of the extreme Australian sun. It also collects all it’s own water. With another family member on the way, this is sure to be a wonderful home for this young family. I hope you enjoy this video tour!
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Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langston
Camera: Bryce Langston & Rasa Pescud
Editing: Rasa Pescud
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DeGold Meas
DeGold Meas 10 jam yang lalu
swati sawant
swati sawant 20 jam yang lalu
Bryce has such a pleasing demeanour & a great host. Really love watching all these tiny houses. and every episodes in general.
Ess Ji
Ess Ji 3 hari yang lalu
Perfect size for a single person or couple but definitely not to raise kids in 😳😳😳
Jane Marsee
Jane Marsee 4 hari yang lalu
Why a BLACK exterior? Australia is very HOT and black INCREASES the heat. Why, why, why didn't they paint the exterior WHITE!?
Kris B
Kris B 6 hari yang lalu
They wanted something "timeless" & not trendy, but still went with the ultra-modern super trendy design? 🤔 Umm...okay 🤨🤷‍♀️
Boots Galang
Boots Galang 6 hari yang lalu
I love it
audio solace
audio solace 6 hari yang lalu
really don’t see how this adds up to that price tag but that’s probably just me. Nice place tho, Wish it was mine
Kris H
Kris H 7 hari yang lalu
What I want to know is how these people find such gorgeous pieces of property. Sure the home may be relatively inexpensive but where I live I believe an acre of land can cost something like $300,00.00.
with love, neha
with love, neha 7 hari yang lalu
With containers this big, I can totally see myself living in a similar home with a friend! The middle container could be the common place with the kitchen and the bathroom and we could choose a container each as our bedroom / lounge area. With the laundry tucked away in the bathroom, maybe we could keep both the storage spaces in the hallways as our wardrobes! Definitely would make us happy to live together but would also provide with our own personal space! totally in love with this home :)
Being Driven
Being Driven 7 hari yang lalu
Still bigger than a 1 BHK house in Mumbai
Maria J W
Maria J W 7 hari yang lalu
Sims 4
Pam Gonzalez
Pam Gonzalez 8 hari yang lalu
I like the house but I still don't understand where they will put the baby. My son stayed in his bassinet about one week (if that). Then straight to the crib (in his own room).
Victoria Lynn
Victoria Lynn 8 hari yang lalu
Talk about thinking outside of the box! Love your home!
Victoria Presser
Victoria Presser 8 hari yang lalu
Beautiful house and I love the pale timber internally, but whilst I love the greenery, I'd love to see some artwork around the place. P.S. guys, why do the women always demonstrate their great food prep skills, while you open doors and light fires, just asking?
TheMudonja 8 hari yang lalu
Everything is beautiful. Only men don’t get the word out. Who wears pants? Poor banjo geek man 😄😄😄😄
sarah chickie
sarah chickie 9 hari yang lalu
i love the attention to air quality because it's so important. also beautiful ceramics!!
Arun Sarathy
Arun Sarathy 9 hari yang lalu
Extremely well laid out container house. Very nice. Looks gorgeous.
Olga Zhestovskaia
Olga Zhestovskaia 9 hari yang lalu
Молодцы,так держать!
Riya Singh
Riya Singh 9 hari yang lalu
I'm addicted with these houses 🥺
Buck loves the World
Buck loves the World 9 hari yang lalu
This is my favorite Tiny Home here in this channel
RoulinBrooks 10 hari yang lalu
Great house, but cleaning those tiles in the bathroom . . . . (shudder)
Lucy Sophia Fernandes
Lucy Sophia Fernandes 10 hari yang lalu
This can be my dream container home with some changes especially in the bedroom. They can definitely remodel it to add extra containers on top for their kids.
Vedant Mundada
Vedant Mundada 10 hari yang lalu
9:42 Book - 'Cabin Porn' - Nice!!
Tony Anderson
Tony Anderson 11 hari yang lalu
This is so nice and interesting
Esther Liwanga Nasilele
Esther Liwanga Nasilele 11 hari yang lalu
Gambitsfox 42
Gambitsfox 42 12 hari yang lalu
So when the kids come along....add another container?
Aloe Vera D.S.
Aloe Vera D.S. 12 hari yang lalu
i don"t like it..sorry...
Shobhana Patel
Shobhana Patel 13 hari yang lalu
This is great you can add it on top as a second-floor same as main floor
nelida cruz
nelida cruz 13 hari yang lalu
Dorry Villapando
Dorry Villapando 13 hari yang lalu
Wow nice tiny 🏡
Irene Vranr
Irene Vranr 14 hari yang lalu
I absolutely love this tiny home, great taste, great space heavenly. Wish Dad would smile more, obviously has alot to be grateful for.
Duffnermania 14 hari yang lalu
beautiful wow
Emilia Serrano
Emilia Serrano 15 hari yang lalu
that is not a tiny house!.... specially for two people...... is very nice house
andrew griffith
andrew griffith 15 hari yang lalu
This home still cost 100k.
LordDante 15 hari yang lalu
We have a baby on the way. ...New storage container delivered. Debt free, new project, easy bedroom. Done
Homestead to Table
Homestead to Table 16 hari yang lalu
I very much like the kitchen style and layout, and I have been coveting a SMEG for years, but there are two things that I would insist on doing something about (obviously the homeowner can and is allowed have their own preferences, and be happy with them), but there is the fridge that opens towards the wall, making it awkward to reach in and pick stuff out, since there's no counter adjacent to the opening, and as a mother of 3 small kids and another on the way, that echo in the space would get really old really fast. Children, even well-mannered ones, are loud. Floor rugs or some acoustic panels could help fix that right up.
Tynaya M
Tynaya M 16 hari yang lalu
Love this
Deluna Chan
Deluna Chan 17 hari yang lalu
Every thing is so perfect about the house except the bed. I think they should lower the bed. This is the kind of tiny house I would love to have. 😍😍😍
r3horst 17 hari yang lalu
What's the framework of the roof made of?
very nice design