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Karim Benzema and Franck Ribéry are legends of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, and among the best players in the world.
But, they weren't called up to the national squad for the 2016 Euro, and the 2018 World Cup.
What caused the French team to overlook two of their best players?
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TebogoSugar Molobedi
TebogoSugar Molobedi 6 hari yang lalu
Best players???😂😂😂
Neil Samson
Neil Samson 18 hari yang lalu
why doesn't mario gotze play for Germany anymore?????
Nadya Karpova edits
Nadya Karpova edits 18 hari yang lalu
They didn’t stop. They can’t play for the National team and they will never anymore and it’s probably best so
Dr. PES 18 hari yang lalu
Benzema Read more... Read more... Is out because of... **x tape
Khalim Bokiev
Khalim Bokiev 19 hari yang lalu
Sometimes I forget Ribery played for France not Germany
Marko Garcia
Marko Garcia 19 hari yang lalu
LMFAO he wasn’t called up because of racism? *half the team is black* 😂😂 He would pass for a leftist here in America
Gamer 2.0
Gamer 2.0 2 hari yang lalu
French are the most islamophobic nation in Europe, they have anti Muslim policies one forbidding hesdscarfs which is important in Islam because we believe that a women’s beauty shouldn’t be shown to the world, but rather should be saved for her husband, her partner In life who would do anything for her
Gamer 2.0
Gamer 2.0 2 hari yang lalu
No, because both are Muslim
Mohib M
Mohib M 19 hari yang lalu
Saddd 🥲😭😭
Musa Jan
Musa Jan 20 hari yang lalu
just why french pic sheet country
Musa Jan
Musa Jan 20 hari yang lalu
because the are Muslim
Mats Goalkeeping
Mats Goalkeeping 20 hari yang lalu
Benzema was left out of the FIFA World Cup because of strategic reasons.
Joe D.
Joe D. 20 hari yang lalu
Aren't they muslims?
Benny Backx
Benny Backx 20 hari yang lalu
Benzema victim
Qwerty Plays
Qwerty Plays 21 hari yang lalu
The new narrator so bad I had to stop the video in the middle
fmiftah 21 hari yang lalu
With ribery & benzema, only brazil 1970 can hold a candle against them
Mustafa Islam
Mustafa Islam 21 hari yang lalu
Benzema would have ruined the world cup for France
Maruf Javed
Maruf Javed 21 hari yang lalu
Benzema deserved it
fitofito1001 21 hari yang lalu
French team is apparently better off without the two
RudolfMaster 22 hari yang lalu
another revolution?
Iam The truth
Iam The truth 22 hari yang lalu
If benzema had played for france the world cup 2018, france would have never won the world cup. So a BIG BRAVO TO DESCHAMPS 🙂
Billy Bitch
Billy Bitch 26 hari yang lalu
you never change a winning team
Ezmir Kahar
Ezmir Kahar 26 hari yang lalu
Deschamps is the reason... He stupid enough to make france worst
chopsticks and knives
chopsticks and knives 26 hari yang lalu
Without them France still good
lim eddie
lim eddie 27 hari yang lalu
Life is such, with Ribery n Benzema France May not have won anything...
ALL IN ONE 28 hari yang lalu
Ribery loved 🇩🇪❤
Rayan At
Rayan At Bulan Yang lalu
France is always like this with players who have arab origins or muslims
Maruf Javed
Maruf Javed 21 hari yang lalu
Benzema deserved it.He didn't need to blackmail valbuena
Juan Medrano
Juan Medrano Bulan Yang lalu
Way more into Benzema's story. . His big MOUTH got him into lots of troubles as well. Cant keep his mouth shut.
Radio Active
Radio Active Bulan Yang lalu
France is world champion coz benzema didn't played world cup.
el che
el che Bulan Yang lalu
Maverick Bulan Yang lalu
Because they can win the world cup without them
Veasna Meng
Veasna Meng Bulan Yang lalu
The title should be: What the hell happened to the (another one) narrator?
Meer Bulan Yang lalu
to be honest i sense an angle of Islamophobic racism as both Benzema and Ribery are Muslims. As we knw same ws case with Ozil in Germany.
Caroline Cooper
Caroline Cooper Bulan Yang lalu
Eric Lee
Eric Lee Bulan Yang lalu
France has two golden generation squads at the same time
General Strength
General Strength Bulan Yang lalu
Media in France SUCK´S BIG TIME... Not the first player they did fuck up...
Jacob Tsang
Jacob Tsang Bulan Yang lalu
Idea: Why did oh my goal get a new narrator?
Aravind Ananth
Aravind Ananth Bulan Yang lalu
Because they are the only two White players in France.
Mitchell Igbafa
Mitchell Igbafa Bulan Yang lalu
🤦‍♀️... I couldn't understand anything with that voice, it was nauseating
Auriël Bulan Yang lalu
Deschamps supported Benzema for years even when he was utterly bad and never scored. Then the French Federation suspended Benzema due to his implication in the Valbuena's scandal. So Deschamps cannot take him. After that Benzema made that statement, suggesting Deschamps was racist, the family of Deschamps was threatened to death by Benzema's fans, his house was attacked. Deschamps never forgotten and never forgiven. So Benzema shoot himself in the foot, two times, by blackmailing Valbuena and putting Deschamps family's in danger with his comments. For Ribery's it's another story, the man was adored in France since 2006, but in 2010 during the world cup in South Africa he was the leader of a strike to protest against the Exclusion of Anelka. He behave like a complete asshole and never recovered, he was also involved in the Bullying of another promising young player, Christian Gourcuff, plus he was involved in a scandal with prostitutes. So it was enough for the French public who doesn't want him to ruin the team like he did in 2010. Both players are blacklisted not because they lack talent, but because they behaved like pure assholes with their partners and coach. It's the same reason why Cantona was blacklisted back in 1998 and was not part of the team who win the World Cup. Many country have players like that, Ozil in Germany, Ngolan in Belgium, Icardi. If you want to play for a national team, you must respect your partners and your coach.
Krac2A Bulan Yang lalu
This is quite partial, almost no word on the 2010 WC and even more important for Ribery case, the Zahia affair. Anyway the French Team is also doing fine without them and have less drama since they are not in the picture
Mustapha Binboulaid
Mustapha Binboulaid Bulan Yang lalu
Benzema was the top scorer of France in world cup2014 Rebery played the final of the world cup2006 The same thing happened to ozil at Germany It's *RACISM*