Khabib Nurmagomedov, Justin Gaethje make weight for title fight | UFC 254 Weigh-In Show | ESPN MMA

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On the UFC 254 Weigh-In Show on ESPN+, both Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje hit the scales to make their lightweight title unification bout official on Fight Island.
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francis kennedy
francis kennedy 10 hari yang lalu
Don’t care about his weight he will kill us all well done Khabib ✊✊
Lucky Larry
Lucky Larry 27 hari yang lalu
I just feel like it's tougher for Khabib, you know? This man has been fighting bears all his life for gods sake, so he's just overall more well-toned and ripped then the other dudes. Must be hard to cut off some muscle mass in order to compete in these fights, especially since some fighters have it easier then others when it comes to maintaining their physique. Plus a lOT of fighters (hinted at most) have fought fights below their weigh-ins and have admitted to doing so, so it not tHAT big of a deal. I would also like to remind you guys that this was his last fight, so some people who might have known about this probably wanted him to just have one last fight before retiring (and since Justin looked up to him and insisted on it, he agreed). So try not to be so triggered on this aspect, cause this is normal in most MMA fights.
Ryan Fries
Ryan Fries 28 hari yang lalu
Khabib is supposed to be this all honorable guy but cheats on the weight. I've lost some respect for Khabib and his camp now
Ryan Fries
Ryan Fries 28 hari yang lalu
Khabibs 's camp made a big deal about Conor has to be at 155lbs for his fight to be considered a contender but khabib doesn't have to be at 155lbs. That's hypocrisy
Abheet Singh 009
Abheet Singh 009 28 hari yang lalu
He knew it was his last fight now we know why that face was like that
E.B. 29 hari yang lalu
Khabib Nurmagomedov is the greatest of all time
RobbyRobb12 29 hari yang lalu
Khabib actually missed weight!
Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva 29 hari yang lalu
One less overpaid Russian wandering around in my world. Go home and take Gumby Mcgoober and drop him off in Ireland too.
subhie khabazhe
subhie khabazhe Bulan Yang lalu
wow, very cool !
MacronSonOf Bitch
MacronSonOf Bitch Bulan Yang lalu
I see deep sadness in his eyes. Well done champ.
It’syaboyboly 1
It’syaboyboly 1 Bulan Yang lalu
Welp the fight sucked
xElementZ GAMING
xElementZ GAMING Bulan Yang lalu
Dude didn’t even look at the scale when Kahbib got on lol somethings fishy
User27893 Bulan Yang lalu
Too bad the UFC decided to politicize it's organization. I can't in good conscience buy anymore PPV knowing that they use that money to fund political groups. Oh I'll watch it... but I'm not going to pay anymore. LOL
This The Breaks
This The Breaks Bulan Yang lalu
BREAKING he missed weight. Watch the the scale he slid it back before the bar leveled. 00:30
JOE MAMA Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib missed weight 💯
Plumber Bear
Plumber Bear Bulan Yang lalu
That scale was definitely moving up indicating he was heavy.!
Eric Bulan Yang lalu
Michael Chandler should be substituting Khabib for a vacant title and isn't there irony here with Khabib trashing McGregor for fighting at 170 when he can't even make 155? He first stated whoever beats Porier gets a title shot, then says CM needs to do it at 155 to get a title shot, and then switched and said he won't give a rematch to either fighter no matter the weight... Then he misses weight. Ufc is on Khabib's nuts.
Steven Diaz
Steven Diaz Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib missed weight
If u disagree with me u are stupid
If u disagree with me u are stupid Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib missed weight
Tamir Blackwell
Tamir Blackwell Bulan Yang lalu
wait wait did the scale move up?
Cowardly Lions
Cowardly Lions Bulan Yang lalu
As a Muslim, it's against his religion to stand when drinking or eating......that's why he squatted to take a drink.... mashAllah!
Find Your Ride
Find Your Ride Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib didnt make weight.
ihavetubes Bulan Yang lalu
Guy: He didn't make weight Dana what should we do? Dana: Who cares I gain an extra pound or two when I eat Guy: But the rules? Dana White: I am above the law remember that!
pete6891 Bulan Yang lalu
Its not your weight class, just move up, cmon!
Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind Bulan Yang lalu
You should fight at your natural weight class. He just wrestles with light weights when he’s heavier what a fake champ
Spider Rico
Spider Rico Bulan Yang lalu
It was moving up?
kevin mahon
kevin mahon Bulan Yang lalu
Champion should weighing Last. Also Main Event Last. Why First. Be careful Justin looking to steal it if They have too.
Humberto Alanis
Humberto Alanis Bulan Yang lalu
the scale was going up and the one conducting the weigh-in didn't even give the scale time to stabilize as it was moving up he just said good before it went more up that's bs
Griffin Kelly
Griffin Kelly Bulan Yang lalu
I’m a khabib fan and I can’t wait to see this fight, but that dude did not make weight. Granted, I don’t think a few ounces should cancel a fight anyways.
S G Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib should fight similar sized opponents and with similar combination of cardio-wrestling-pressure heavy style. A suitable competition is Colby Covington who is actually has less walk around weight than Kabib but have a identical style . If you want to be P4P GOAT then you NEED to find similar sized opponents NOT smaller guys by hard cutting to 155 from 195lbs walking weight.
Chuck Baserap
Chuck Baserap Bulan Yang lalu
No he didn’t make weight you morons! Watch the guy weighing him in!!! He stops the scale while it’s still going up! Notice the difference where he waits for Gaethe scale waits until the scale goes up, and the weigh in guy waits for the scale to settle, but NOT FOR HABIB, where the weigh in guy does NOT WAIT FOR Habib’s scale settle! He stops the scale BEFORE it settles! This is BS!!!
Badz Lebeau
Badz Lebeau Bulan Yang lalu
Body experts, the commission guy did the same for Justin as he did for khabib. The bar was still rising for Justin as well....jus a lil slower
Oh! Mcbngkt
Oh! Mcbngkt Bulan Yang lalu
Good to see that khabib drinking while sitting. That's sunnah and I know he uses some duaas to control his opponent. Hahahaha that supplications are authentic and totally guaranteed.
Pedro Bulan Yang lalu
The bar was still moving. They just let him walk away with the weigh-in. WOW incredible. Khabib got lucky there....
WER Bulan Yang lalu
Fake weigh in.
gooddrills217 Bulan Yang lalu
“Drinking while standing is bad, the water you drink while standing is better off to be vomited” - Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him, Thats why Khabib drank the water while sitting
Аделя Козмарова
Аделя Козмарова Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib champ
Justin Porter
Justin Porter Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib must have took a big weight cut this fight. He was worried but got it done like a champ
Alex ramirez
Alex ramirez Bulan Yang lalu
I don't think khabib looks nervous or something, he looks depleted.. He couldn't even flex his biceps without wanting to pass out. Justin looks like he didn't dehydrate as much, looks fresh.
juspete Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib missed weight. That bar was moving up
Sanket Dongardive
Sanket Dongardive Bulan Yang lalu
Tomorrow gaethje would be like " Tell me who the new champion is and then you have my permission to retire"
CJoPlayz Bulan Yang lalu
Wait, did that guy take his weight correctly? It looked like it was still moving before he slid it back...
Internet Explorer19
Internet Explorer19 Bulan Yang lalu
If Khabib wins on UFC 254, ya'll bout to see all the conspiracy theorists and body language experts come out for why Khabib won lol. If there is a wiegh-in measurement issue it would be the weighing official's fault and not the fighter's fault! Hope the fight will be exciting!
2020 News
2020 News Bulan Yang lalu
y’all notice the guy scaling don’t do it right ?
2020 News
2020 News Bulan Yang lalu
y’all notice the guy scaling
SHI - BOO Bulan Yang lalu
Why does it say 12 fight win streak for Khabib if he is 28-0? I know there's definitely a reason but I just don't know it lol.
Garren Luce
Garren Luce Bulan Yang lalu
Jaime Queroz
Jaime Queroz Bulan Yang lalu
The scale weight isn’t even leveled he slides to the right immediately, he’s not even weighed
Kim0270 Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib didnt even make weight look at the scale it point up
E K Bulan Yang lalu
the beam is not balanced... Khabib missed weight
Todd Schlott
Todd Schlott Bulan Yang lalu
justin looks cut!
Marcus Fredriksson
Marcus Fredriksson Bulan Yang lalu
I wanna weigh in on this matter and say that I am happy they both made it. A very anticipated championship fight is on and I am very much looking forward to see it!
Enterst8 Bulan Yang lalu
Cory Glenn
Cory Glenn Bulan Yang lalu
Why was the scale still moving up... hmmmm
That 1 Guy
That 1 Guy Bulan Yang lalu
No more daddy to hold his little pp. KHABOOB is going to lose!
MÅĐÅN S Bulan Yang lalu
Everyone saying he did make weight is stupid asf clearly a cover up, you know how much money is on the line here for UFC just to headline khabib missed weight think about that.
Thomas Ditchfield
Thomas Ditchfield Bulan Yang lalu
What an absolute fix that was👎
A Five Day Storm
A Five Day Storm Bulan Yang lalu
Chris Galloway
Chris Galloway Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib was over. The beam never balances b4 dude slides the bar to the right.
N S Bulan Yang lalu
Tony made weight again tonight just for fun
Lawson Ransom
Lawson Ransom Bulan Yang lalu
Is anybody noticing Khabib seems to be very solemn...or withdrawn? Is it me he usually this way before a fight? I never paid close attention.
Patrick Pacheco
Patrick Pacheco Bulan Yang lalu
This weigh in was sketchy af. They barley weighed him and the scale was still moving.
edward seaton
edward seaton Bulan Yang lalu
Not sure if you guys know how scales work but that guy did NOT make weight. Watch that beam carefully.
Dennis Wilson
Dennis Wilson Bulan Yang lalu
watch the scale guys please..its already set to 155 if he is 155 or below it..the scale will balance or go down. When he unlocks the scale it automatically goes to the top..slight bounce and stays up..which shows Khabib didnt make 155lbs and that guy doing the scales need to be talked to..its clear..he never even gave it time to settle. So UFC gonna start sliding on weight it needs to be for all
Nicholas Frank
Nicholas Frank Bulan Yang lalu
Scale never balanced tipped means he was over 155
Nicholas Frank
Nicholas Frank Bulan Yang lalu
He did not make weight.
Cody Dudley
Cody Dudley Bulan Yang lalu
Justin wins the end
zeico palataka
zeico palataka Bulan Yang lalu
My goodness look at that belly
Dennis Wilson
Dennis Wilson Bulan Yang lalu
So i found this..Khabib didnt make weight for this fight..go watch the wieghin live..the scale is at the top and bounces and goes right back up and stays..that shows he wasnt at the 155lb limit he was above it. How is Dana not watching for this..shame shame
Greg Garvin
Greg Garvin Bulan Yang lalu
I'm not sure Kabib is gonna be the same after his father died.... Just like Mike Tyson was never as disciplined after Cus died...
oldeenglish64 Bulan Yang lalu
dude. the guy balancing the scale literally did NOT balance it out.. within 2seconds he just slide it to zero.. seems shady as f-ck..
Bishnu Sharma
Bishnu Sharma Bulan Yang lalu
So why not fight GSP at 170!!
Carl Andersson
Carl Andersson Bulan Yang lalu
He is above 155. Obvious
Arum Ratnasari
Arum Ratnasari Bulan Yang lalu
The first Khabib debute without his father,
Marcos V. Silveira
Marcos V. Silveira Bulan Yang lalu
The weight on the scale ddnt even stop moving before the guy cleared it lol
Wild Milkman
Wild Milkman Bulan Yang lalu
The scale never went level. Fast weight in.
Ramon Gaeta
Ramon Gaeta Bulan Yang lalu
That weigh in looked suspect
Drew Owings
Drew Owings Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib didn’t make weight.
Fermin Vallejos
Fermin Vallejos Bulan Yang lalu
I can't wait to see Michael Chandler get knocked out "AKA" Ben Askrened
Don Mean
Don Mean Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib just about gets away with those tiramisus again
Skeptic Fucker
Skeptic Fucker Bulan Yang lalu
He didn't make weight, we are sharing the video that shows he doesn't make weight and that the guy working the scale tried to cover it up. He didn't make weight.
bob dole
bob dole Bulan Yang lalu
Someone correct me if I’m wrong here, but doesn’t a guy who has a hard time making weight as opposed to someone who doesn’t, mean that they’ll be naturally bigger than their opponent come fight night
Tyler Gee
Tyler Gee Bulan Yang lalu
Hahahahaha haha that guy totally reset it. He didn’t make weight the scale was still moving!!
Worlds_Greatest_Detective Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib cheated his weight, i hope Justin knocks him out cold.
Lil Senshi
Lil Senshi Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib's haters turning into weighing scale experts..
CoCo DawgZ
CoCo DawgZ Bulan Yang lalu
Rasty Krasty
Rasty Krasty Bulan Yang lalu
When they start?
Argsnokt Slef
Argsnokt Slef Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib did obviously not make weight. Anyone who knows how to use a scale can see that. Hey, UFC how about stepping in the 21. century and use a digital scale, or would that make this type of weight adjusting more difficult for you
Patrick Monaghan
Patrick Monaghan Bulan Yang lalu
Daddy Dana securing his assets. Khabib didn't make weight.
MrMoss786 Bulan Yang lalu
Ariel is annoying
Street Heat
Street Heat Bulan Yang lalu
That scale was moved over very quickly, no time for it to settle
C-holmes 2000
C-holmes 2000 Bulan Yang lalu
just watched chaels video, it was suspect asf
SavedBy GodsGrace
SavedBy GodsGrace Bulan Yang lalu
That was a fair “Weigh In!?” Why not just put a harness on with strings attached!?
George strait69
George strait69 Bulan Yang lalu
Didn't make weight
Dylan160w Bulan Yang lalu
Even if you're a khabib fanboy you have to realize that this was completely a botched weight in. You have to wait for the bar to settle to get an accurate read on the weight... it never did lol fastest weight check ever maybe he made weight maybe not we'll never know
Matthew Totten
Matthew Totten Bulan Yang lalu
When that scale dropped he thought he didn't make weight, his mental seems to be off but he is great so he'll do good
Le LD Nguyen
Le LD Nguyen Bulan Yang lalu
shameful how dana/ufc protect their most valuable fighters. justin's already won. khabib should not have fought in this weigh class anyway. almost dies during each weigh cut.
Robert Kanyingi
Robert Kanyingi Bulan Yang lalu
Wolf tickets khabib didn't make weight 🇰🇪🇰🇪
Richard Rogers
Richard Rogers Bulan Yang lalu
Khabib didn't make weight. Very fishy
Rodrigo Luiz
Rodrigo Luiz Bulan Yang lalu
khabib didn't make weight, look the scale!!!
FistoftheNorthStar6 Bulan Yang lalu
What did Khabib drink after the weigh in? The blood of his enemies?
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