BTS - “Dynamite” (Live) | Press Play

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On Aug. 21, record-breaking K-pop superstars BTS achieved a new first, when they dropped their first English-language song, "Dynamite." For the latest episode of's Press Play series, the talented septet deliver a lively live performance of the sunny, disco-tinged single, complete with '70s flared pants.
"It all began from this: even in the midst of hardships, we must focus on what we can do. As for us, we found freedom and happiness in singing and dancing. This song goes to the ones who need encouragement. We hope people feel energized when listening to the song," BTS explained in a recent interview.
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María Fernanda Córdoba Ubillus
María Fernanda Córdoba Ubillus 24 menit yang lalu
Armyss explícame lo de recaudar fondos?
Martha Bennett
Martha Bennett Jam Yang lalu
Great live performance - cannot keep your eyes off Taehyung, even without the green suit.
Star Lights Echo
Star Lights Echo 2 jam yang lalu
aseel asha
aseel asha 8 jam yang lalu
Let them in grammy award please give them awards
meryouma Army DZ
meryouma Army DZ 9 jam yang lalu
تذكرت لما خرجت صور الاعضاء بهذه الملابس قبل صدور داينمايت و بقينا نتكلم هلى ستايلاتهم
*. BŢŚ Ļøvĕŕ .*
*. BŢŚ Ļøvĕŕ .* 9 jam yang lalu
فديت ملوك 7 BTS
Jungkook_BTS bts
Jungkook_BTS bts 10 jam yang lalu
Andrea Paola
Andrea Paola 11 jam yang lalu
Dari 11 jam yang lalu
Que ven mis ojos? Ropa peruana?👀
Star Lights Echo
Star Lights Echo 12 jam yang lalu
몰라 13 jam yang lalu
정국이 넘잘하죠
Star Lights Echo
Star Lights Echo 13 jam yang lalu
magali cuanas
magali cuanas 14 jam yang lalu
Ya denles un grammy neta se lo merecen, mas bien deles unos 5
Ananya Verma
Ananya Verma 15 jam yang lalu
This song is really good
Selena Beanie
Selena Beanie 15 jam yang lalu
Aug 21 isn’t birthday but it passed already but that’s so cool
my moon is KIM SEOK JINNIE
my moon is KIM SEOK JINNIE 15 jam yang lalu
I guess this is the only video of theirs with millions of views lol oy because of bts
Dew Mountain
Dew Mountain 15 jam yang lalu
Jungkook’s live vocals are out of this world!!!
Bunga Fadillah
Bunga Fadillah 17 jam yang lalu
Okay but JUNGKOOK? The man you are today..
Bunga Fadillah
Bunga Fadillah 17 jam yang lalu
Jungkook killed all of his part. His vocals stable till the end, main vocalist behaviour me think
Bunga Fadillah
Bunga Fadillah 17 jam yang lalu
Can't believe jungkook gets prettier everyday
Bunga Fadillah
Bunga Fadillah 17 jam yang lalu
Jungkook wore green cardigan here and green balenciaga in other interviews. Jungkook owns the green color.
Bunga Fadillah
Bunga Fadillah 17 jam yang lalu
Jungkook?? His raw vocals? His perfect dance? His amazing performance? I swear this man give his best on everything
Pooja Rai
Pooja Rai 17 jam yang lalu
Mr. Kim Taehyung... you are so fine. God blessed our eyes 😁
Beyza 18 jam yang lalu
벌랄라벌랄라 라지벌랄라
벌랄라벌랄라 라지벌랄라 20 jam yang lalu
아니 방탄 한국 그룹인데 왜 한국댓글이 없냐고오오오ㅗ오오
Lucy Ahn
Lucy Ahn 21 jam yang lalu
Jimin’s voice sounded clearer and better than my chance to confess my feeling to my crush.
Star Lights Echo
Star Lights Echo 23 jam yang lalu
Syeda Buraira
Syeda Buraira 23 jam yang lalu
The performance is so smooth. I enjoyed it a lot.
Çhl.Meghàñ• 32M views•5 min ago
Çhl.Meghàñ• 32M views•5 min ago 23 jam yang lalu
Cat sings BTS dynamite 😂😂🤣🤣 Watch it😂😂
another brick in the wall
another brick in the wall 23 jam yang lalu
bts said , MICS ON !
Angi Angi
Angi Angi 23 jam yang lalu
dynamite grammy comingggg soon
Jessica Lima
Jessica Lima Hari Yang lalu
São os patrões da indústria do kpop
opwave79 Hari Yang lalu
Love this version because everyone sung and danced awesomely!
Angelic Chorus
Angelic Chorus Hari Yang lalu
Such a fun and casual performance! They were all amazing and I love the song. :)
nicolle juliany
nicolle juliany Hari Yang lalu
Trust me like a Condom
Trust me like a Condom Hari Yang lalu
Im addicted to J hope's line DisCO Overloooadddd!^~^
Andrea Paola
Andrea Paola Hari Yang lalu
winstar sky
winstar sky Hari Yang lalu
방탄 사랑해. 착한 사람들^^
Star Lights Echo
Star Lights Echo Hari Yang lalu
BTS Dynamite
Algerian Army
Algerian Army Hari Yang lalu
i watched the interview today