Amazing 20ft Shipping Container Home - The Pod-Tainer

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Living Big In A Tiny House

4 tahun yang lalu

Made from a 20ft Shipping Container, this tiny home is packed with brilliant design features. Special pods have been attached to the sides of the container to increase the available living space. If you're thinking of building a container home, this is one you've got to see! Read more:
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Aulia Iskandar
Aulia Iskandar 11 hari yang lalu
Guess that new zealand have so much container house
Mia Theodoratus
Mia Theodoratus 18 hari yang lalu
These are a bit funny to a New Yorker. I’ve been living and working in 500-600 sq ft for years.....and I store my instruments as well
Efrain Mcshell
Efrain Mcshell 27 hari yang lalu
I wish I have that house with the piece of land. Ah... peace of mind..... of course for my mother and my aunt and me.... so another bed would be great.....
charlotte fox
charlotte fox Bulan Yang lalu
I loved hearing this wonderful man speak. The great host let him! You Both won me over. At 50 I did something as well in the Swiss Alps, Love to share...
Sandra Nakao
Sandra Nakao Bulan Yang lalu
Rana Soni
Rana Soni Bulan Yang lalu
I m a bigggg fan of your
Ann MacLeod
Ann MacLeod Bulan Yang lalu
R. Manolo
R. Manolo Bulan Yang lalu
When you watch this on 2020 and he says my wife is from china
da vinci
da vinci Bulan Yang lalu
I loved this one the design and colors my taste love it ❤️ to me I can easily live there and be happy 🌷
garud kc
garud kc Bulan Yang lalu
How much sir? could u supply yr email address for more details.
Nette Leverett
Nette Leverett 2 bulan yang lalu
Really like this! Not fancy smancy... just extremely neat and accommodating!❤️
Homebery 2 bulan yang lalu
Agree! 👍
B3 Miriam M. Ayelén Cáceres
B3 Miriam M. Ayelén Cáceres 2 bulan yang lalu
I like his accent
Homebery 2 bulan yang lalu
It's so lovely, right?
margaret little
margaret little 2 bulan yang lalu
I wanted it to go on and on
galukya1 galukya1
galukya1 galukya1 2 bulan yang lalu
Absolutely lovely🙏🏽💞
Aeon Daniel
Aeon Daniel 2 bulan yang lalu
Wow....sounds like the answer to our homeless population here.
Sami Jaye
Sami Jaye 2 bulan yang lalu
Bryce is very personable. Really enjoy his videos. Great job Bryce!!!
cheri sapp
cheri sapp 2 bulan yang lalu
Beautiful container guest home 😊❤️
databunbunny 2 bulan yang lalu
hi I've a small educational channel and It will be awesome if you would join my channel 👶🏼
houchi69 2 bulan yang lalu
Except his Chinese in-laws will only be complaining in Chinese: "他們讓我們睡在一個鐵皮屋裡啊! 怎麼搞的?"
Engin Korkmaz
Engin Korkmaz 3 bulan yang lalu
He has the kiwiest accent ever!
Esther Moni
Esther Moni 3 bulan yang lalu
i like it
Bhavesh Singh
Bhavesh Singh 3 bulan yang lalu
I was confused as to what a beardroom was at first 😂
Franklin Loo
Franklin Loo 4 bulan yang lalu
I love this small cubicle container house. I can live here.
Ahsani R
Ahsani R 4 bulan yang lalu
Then finnaly I found a person that a little bit taller than Bryce in one in the million inspiring videos I watched in this channel 😂 Btw thank you for the videos, Bryce & Team. I love the perspective of tiny house idea, the arts and also the lovely people who build their home with love 🙌🏼 thank you for sharing those to me 😸❤️
Barb Iv
Barb Iv 4 bulan yang lalu
God his accent is killing me
Jesse Tan
Jesse Tan 4 bulan yang lalu
You looks much cooler in shirts
Leyla Forever
Leyla Forever 5 bulan yang lalu
Maybe one day I will make this type of thing on my plot and keep it as a guest room in future when i build a new house
Lesmana 5 bulan yang lalu
Like it
sinan 5 bulan yang lalu
Small but practical xD
Mrbigolnuts 5 bulan yang lalu
Great container build, but whats more interesting is his speech patterns, at the end of each sentence he puts a huge stress on the last word and extends the sound so to exaggerate it "simple vanish ceeelllllliiiiinnnng"
Cihan Karaca
Cihan Karaca 5 bulan yang lalu
Bu reklamlara uyuz oluyorum tuvalete sıçarken bile reklam çıkıyor lanet olsun uyuz reklamlar
Architect Awais
Architect Awais 5 bulan yang lalu
Excellent review and really helpful listening to what the owner said 👌
Black-Zombie13 5 bulan yang lalu
Beautiful home
Lindsey Davis-Jordan
Lindsey Davis-Jordan 5 bulan yang lalu
If the container were to ever move, do the glass windows get any reinforcement to prevent shatter?
RaymondKym Suttle
RaymondKym Suttle 5 bulan yang lalu
This guy’s accent is hysterical. He sounds like someone doing a bad impersonation of an Ozzie accent. He seems very pleasant but I would struggle to spend more than a few minutes talking to him...
Frank Giachin
Frank Giachin 6 bulan yang lalu
Have you ever considered sub-titles?
Jagadish Pemme
Jagadish Pemme 6 bulan yang lalu
Dont they have any storms in NZ?...and what about security?
Shine YrLight
Shine YrLight 6 bulan yang lalu
I love how cozy the feel is, clean and very nicely done. Congratulation! Beautiful I love the colors of inside and outside.
Power Energetics Maui
Power Energetics Maui 6 bulan yang lalu
I love this build. It truly beautiful! 🏡
Rogelio's Show
Rogelio's Show 6 bulan yang lalu
Great container but they need some storage.
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