5 times Arsenal goalkeepers made incredible saves

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Bulan Yang lalu

Re-live some of the most memorable saves from our keepers.
The 5 are:
• Lukasz Fabianski, Arsenal v Wigan, November 11, 2008
• Jens Lehmann, Manchester United v Arsenal, September 17, 2006
• Wojciech Szczesny, Liverpool v Arsenal, March 3, 2012
• Bernd Leno, Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal, March 2, 2019
• David Seaman, Sheffield United v Arsenal, April 13, 2003
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Dreonix Bulan Yang lalu
Leno is genuienly the most underrated keeper in the world rn. He's statistically and just purely from watching can easily rival the likes of allison, ederson, ter stegan, sczeney, etc... Top 3 keepers in the world rn imo
Anant Madhok
Anant Madhok Bulan Yang lalu
Arsenal have always had Amazing keepers, Czech lost his from in his last season otherwise we had amazing keepers
Freddie Flintoff
Freddie Flintoff Bulan Yang lalu
Leno is simply one of the best, keeping the fans alive through these difficult times. Amazing reflexes and an incredible wife I mean umm.. jump height. This keeper will forever be known as an arsenal legend. Get well soon m8:)
Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall Bulan Yang lalu
Not 1 Cech?
ruy lopez
ruy lopez Bulan Yang lalu
That first clip highlights the reason Arsenal are in shambles and have been for decades.
Sudipta Sarkar
Sudipta Sarkar Bulan Yang lalu
'' He can not even stop david luiz'' Morinho
Ahm Gaming
Ahm Gaming Bulan Yang lalu
Hey arsenal can u sign me I’m a 500 pound Bengal tiger in sundarband and I’m really athletic I might accidentally kill someone but that doesn’t matter so yea can I sign
Devin Pranata
Devin Pranata Bulan Yang lalu
Jens Lehmann was arsenal best ever goalkeeper. Still dunno why arsenal leave fabianski.
Suddy Empire
Suddy Empire Bulan Yang lalu
More like a million times. Get well soon Leno
Alzacc Bulan Yang lalu
This video just shows how bad arsenals defence has been throught the past 20 years😖
Jamzor - Bristolian Arsenolian
Jamzor - Bristolian Arsenolian Bulan Yang lalu
we love you Leno we do Wishing you a speedy recovery to get back on the pitch!
Fahmi Baihaqi
Fahmi Baihaqi Bulan Yang lalu
2 game we lose😌😌😌😌
Aluko Abiodun
Aluko Abiodun Bulan Yang lalu
That Seaman save 😲😲😲😲😲
Arjun Kumar
Arjun Kumar Bulan Yang lalu
Lehmans save from raul vs real Madrid at Highbury 2006
kevin084life Bulan Yang lalu
I might be alone on this but I actually think Szczesny was a good goalkeeper for us. People forget he won the Golden Glove for us in 2013-14. He had a better season than De Gea that year.
gdgdg gdgd
gdgdg gdgd Bulan Yang lalu
Arsenal- always let fans down, shame on you
FREEZONE! TECH Bulan Yang lalu
@Arsenal we have become people who are recognising saves from games we have perfomed poorly,but what can we do,now we are fighting for a spot in Europa league
rasien driya
rasien driya Bulan Yang lalu
from chelsea fan, those was incredibles
si kancil
si kancil Bulan Yang lalu
Arsenal always give us entertaining videos when we lose. Try making videos "5 times we made a mistake"
AaronPlayz Bulan Yang lalu
Please sell the oldest people we need lots of young players don’t sell the good players that are good ok?
Trippyplayz 451
Trippyplayz 451 Bulan Yang lalu
This club is under arteta he needs to make a big difference
Eugene Jnr
Eugene Jnr Bulan Yang lalu
nick m
nick m Bulan Yang lalu
Can anyone figure pout what freddie says to seaman at 2:58?
the Irfan S
the Irfan S Bulan Yang lalu
next season leno deserves a better defender
Mickel okeke
Mickel okeke Bulan Yang lalu
hit me up if you need a new keeper
Henry Allsebrook
Henry Allsebrook Bulan Yang lalu
Problem is even if Leno does get better, he won't be as quick to get off his line- which is often why he makes so many saves
Andrew Selfridge
Andrew Selfridge Bulan Yang lalu
Close your club down you bunch of embarrassing fools! Not even I would join your team even if I got paid 300k a week because I'd have to get 300k a weeks worth of counselling.
Franz Cardoz
Franz Cardoz Bulan Yang lalu
2019-20 arsenal season has been Leno saving arsenal
Md Saif
Md Saif Bulan Yang lalu
THAT Seaman save defied the laws of Physics and Gravity!
Krillen121 Bulan Yang lalu
2:43 I loved how the fans were so happy but their faces changed the moment they realized it wasn’t in
Kellie McNulty
Kellie McNulty Bulan Yang lalu
I love arsenal ❤️❤️
jan bárta
jan bárta Bulan Yang lalu
Where is leno save against de bruyne at home match vs city this season?
Nikhil KT
Nikhil KT Bulan Yang lalu
Didn't ospina make triple saves? Or was it against argentine?
Gooner Hajo
Gooner Hajo Bulan Yang lalu
The Future after Neuer and our Number ONE. Get well soon Bernd
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Bulan Yang lalu
Hows 10th 😂😂😂
Daniel Aguilar
Daniel Aguilar Bulan Yang lalu
sucks hes out for the season but next season he'll be better speedy recovery leno and maupy missed a pen LOL
Daniel Aguilar
Daniel Aguilar Bulan Yang lalu
sucks hes out for the season but next season he'll be better speedy recovery leno and maupy missed a pen LOL
Go Go Power Gamers Harvey
Go Go Power Gamers Harvey Bulan Yang lalu
Go Go Power Gamers Harvey
Go Go Power Gamers Harvey Bulan Yang lalu
Go Go Power Gamers Harvey
Go Go Power Gamers Harvey Bulan Yang lalu
Go Go Power Gamers Harvey
Go Go Power Gamers Harvey Bulan Yang lalu
Keith Boswell
Keith Boswell Bulan Yang lalu
Show any game from this awful season and Leno has made five good Saves.
True Gooner
True Gooner Bulan Yang lalu
Seaman was clearly the best keeper this club has seen... easily. Lehman, the more I think about it, the more I watch, was quite overrated, solid, but he wasn't amazing and was quite a lot of times bailed out by our prolific attack. Szczesny clearly had the most potential, size, agility... but while at Arsenal he never grew up. After that, we had a lot of mediocre to poor keepers in my time, but Leno was clearly more than solid, amazing shot stopping and agility. What a shame to lose him for such a pathetic season.
Fabien Marquer
Fabien Marquer Bulan Yang lalu
Leno our best player this season, world class goalkeeper. come back stronger
Nursakhawi Bulan Yang lalu
Until maupay see him
Rohit Sabu
Rohit Sabu Bulan Yang lalu
No disrespect to the goalkeepers but only Arsenal can manage to make Wigan look like prime Barca
Teh Attachai
Teh Attachai Bulan Yang lalu
SeaMan👏and Leno🤟
Xavier Akaffou Agnimel
Xavier Akaffou Agnimel Bulan Yang lalu
A like for Leno🔴⚪
Lekurishkun Bulan Yang lalu
F***in clickbait, the title should've said EVERYTIME!
Saed Smokey
Saed Smokey Bulan Yang lalu
The only player playing for the badge L E N O get well soon.
erik norell
erik norell Bulan Yang lalu
The sad truth is that we fans have to lower our expectations. We are at the moment a mid-table club with 2 top class players. Sadly one of them got injured. Our only hope for the future is player development. Because god knows our owners don’t care enough to help the club. At this rate we are going the route of Newcastle or even worse.
Despierta America
Despierta America Bulan Yang lalu
David O Dea
David O Dea Bulan Yang lalu
I never forget that seaman save.
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Bulan Yang lalu
How can guendouzi do this, unnacceptable
Likhit T
Likhit T Bulan Yang lalu
Thank you for amazing moment that's a big things for our team. p.s. hope your come back soon, Mr.Leno.
KabzHD Bulan Yang lalu
I really think arsenal should try to resign Fabiankski until Leno recovers
My name is Jeff
My name is Jeff Bulan Yang lalu
Leno: nobody can beat me Luiz & maupay: are we a joke to you?!!!
Wilson Knut
Wilson Knut Bulan Yang lalu
Javier Landaverde kinda is tho
Javier Landaverde
Javier Landaverde Bulan Yang lalu
That's not funny mate
Chris Mwaura
Chris Mwaura Bulan Yang lalu
glory glory man utd
Chris Mwaura
Chris Mwaura Bulan Yang lalu
I’m A bot
I’m A bot Bulan Yang lalu
Real title: A million times Leno carried arsenal
Tyus 26
Tyus 26 Bulan Yang lalu
HGRV Gaming he’s good but he makes camera saves cuz he is short , it causes him to punch the ball a lot rather than catch it and be safe, he is good but those are my only problems with him
I’m A bot
I’m A bot Bulan Yang lalu
Jack O look at Leno’s highlights this season and maybe you will change your mind
Jack O
Jack O Bulan Yang lalu
HGRV Gaming not really mate