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How high can an airbag launch stuff?
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Phantasm Dusk
Phantasm Dusk Hari Yang lalu
Make a whole pile of Rexies on top of a trampoline and drop things on them. Or, go to the damn where you did the basket ball stuff and drop them each with tiny parachutes.
CenterStarsChannel Hollow Earth
CenterStarsChannel Hollow Earth Hari Yang lalu
Hoofer: Running your shoe off.
RafinatorLp 2 hari yang lalu
2² = 8 😂😂😂 thanks, Gaunsson
Eliyah Gemstone
Eliyah Gemstone 2 hari yang lalu
Hoofer: When someone misunderstands that 2^2, 2x2, and 2+2 all equal the same thing.
hunter Simpson
hunter Simpson 3 hari yang lalu
10.45 seconds
Isaac Greenhalgh
Isaac Greenhalgh 3 hari yang lalu
4.5 seconds
J P 4 hari yang lalu
Hoofer = Big cornfed, fat backed, homely woman. Type to pull your truck out of the mud when ur stuck.
Kristoffer 5 hari yang lalu
Why is there no pinned comment?
Justin Judkins
Justin Judkins 5 hari yang lalu
"Look at all this Shstuf" lol, we know you guys drop some hard words
Kaylie Forkas
Kaylie Forkas 6 hari yang lalu
Hoofer- (Noun) fat
Kaylie Forkas
Kaylie Forkas 6 hari yang lalu
It’s probably so funny to sit on the sidelines an watch you guys make a intro.
Dude Noway
Dude Noway 7 hari yang lalu
You guys should really get with The Slo Mo Guys for some epic super slow mo shots.
dcon 9 hari yang lalu
Demolitia represented well by Derek.
bobstar76 10 hari yang lalu
5 points if any of you catch anvil.
Dustin Dawind
Dustin Dawind 10 hari yang lalu
I'm gonna have to start reporting these videos for Rexy abuse.
John Gadsby
John Gadsby 10 hari yang lalu
John Gadsby
John Gadsby 10 hari yang lalu
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 11 hari yang lalu
Oh that’s too funny I thought 4.8 for the soccer ball as well xDD
Leroy 12 hari yang lalu
I love using airbags for that purpose inside a microwave and a toilet my personal favorites I’ve had.
AD HD 12 hari yang lalu
0:28 "Woow What a beluck" that's how British pronounce black 😂
Phebe Jacobson
Phebe Jacobson 13 hari yang lalu
it went to the clouds
Brian West
Brian West 13 hari yang lalu
at 6:19 there is an electric bolt coming out of the barrel
MrBCFiver 14 hari yang lalu
11:45 - You're Welcome.
OriginalBritishMan 14 hari yang lalu
Adverts are so annoying!!! A bit over kill. What the hell has happened?
Ponyboy Admire
Ponyboy Admire 15 hari yang lalu
They need to do more of this!
Zachariah Davis
Zachariah Davis 16 hari yang lalu
Seth Larson
Seth Larson 17 hari yang lalu
Put the bowling ball on a parashut and watch it safely come to the ground
Mikey Diaz
Mikey Diaz 17 hari yang lalu
Yah should shoot rexy in the air like this but instead put a parachute on him so he falls back safely
Rocco Julian
Rocco Julian 18 hari yang lalu
5:45 How Ridiculous Space Program
InfinityEthan Studios
InfinityEthan Studios 18 hari yang lalu
Michael The Atheist
Michael The Atheist 19 hari yang lalu
Put how ridiculous t-shirts on the ground all around a circle of nothing but rainbow paint. Put a whole bunch of Rexies resting on top of each t-shirt period then drop something and smash all of the paint out all over the T-shirts! Once you remove all of the Rexies there will be a negative imprint of Rexy on each one of the shirts. Then have Rexy Autograph the T-shirts and sell them in your Merch store! -Genius
Hyde Johns
Hyde Johns 19 hari yang lalu
You should do skittles with the air bags
R4G1NG L3M0N 20 hari yang lalu
Did he just say.. 2 squared is 8... 😂
Kobie Chislett
Kobie Chislett 20 hari yang lalu
hoofer means pro dancer
Beached Gaming
Beached Gaming 20 hari yang lalu
So basically a hoofer is a dancer in the 1920's
Benjamin Garrett
Benjamin Garrett 22 hari yang lalu
In a not so distant post-apocalyptic future, Mel Gibson will be using airbag canons to defend the watering hole.
Arron Qureshi
Arron Qureshi 23 hari yang lalu
You should’ve put sandbags around the wooden base to keep it still so every shot goes directly up
David Barnes
David Barnes 25 hari yang lalu
The soccerball I guess 6.2
Alex C:
Alex C: 25 hari yang lalu
Hoofer is a type of tape dance
OldSlowGamer 25 hari yang lalu
You guys should search for "anvil shooting" and it WILL give you ideas.
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