15 Funny DIY School Pranks! Easy Pranks For Back To School!

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12 Wierd Ways To Sneak Barbie Dolls Into Class / Clever Barbie Hacks And LOL Surprise Hacks: idshow.info/watch/o0_sH2hvh8k/video.html
Do you like to prank your friends, classmates, and even teachers? Cool! Then our new selection of school pranks will surely come in handy for you! Watch, keep in mind, and have fun from the heart even during the lessons!
Supplies and tools:
• Binder clip
• Ziploc bag
• Glitter
• Scissors
• Tissues
• Flour
• Bottle of Sprite
• Awl
• Cornstarch
• Silicone
• Satin ribbon
• Hot glue gun
• Powder box
• Empty nail polish bottle
• Glue
• Food coloring
• Foam rubber
• Rubber paint
• Felt
• Light clay
• Parchment paper
• Vaseline
• Fondant
• Modelling tool
• Egg
• Powdered sugar
• Mixer
• Gelatin
• Tube of toothpaste
• Flat iron
• Box of dry cat food
• Cereal
• Crayons
• Box from blackboard chalks
• Blackboard eraser
• Double-sided tape
• Regular pencils
• Acrylic paint
• Crayola label
• Crayola box
• Watercolor paint
• Clear nail polish
• Foam paper
• Cornflakes
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Suchita Jain
Suchita Jain 6 hari yang lalu
I love dolly she's my favourite
Worst_Kids_Nightmare 11 hari yang lalu
Let me ask this why dont they show their real voices and clearly when the voice says something their mouth doesnt even move and on the pillow prank why would stail cerial make that crunch they added a crunch sound-
Ren Listra
Ren Listra 20 hari yang lalu
Troom trooms name in a nutshell: How to get suspended or expelled and die from laughing 101
Kavitha Dsouza
Kavitha Dsouza 23 hari yang lalu
Akelia Peat
Akelia Peat 27 hari yang lalu
Guys guys I Always watch this
Akelia Peat
Akelia Peat 27 hari yang lalu
I always watch 123 go guys
Sakthi Vel
Sakthi Vel Bulan Yang lalu
Jamie, Stella, Jovan Homeschool Adventures
Jamie, Stella, Jovan Homeschool Adventures Bulan Yang lalu
Amaya Sari
Amaya Sari Bulan Yang lalu
Thangs troom troom select
Ugo Ononogbu
Ugo Ononogbu Bulan Yang lalu
taylor swift me
Abida Naeem
Abida Naeem Bulan Yang lalu
Kids Fun
Kids Fun Bulan Yang lalu
ohh nice
F c
F c 2 bulan yang lalu
You Me
You Me 2 bulan yang lalu
She looks so funny 😂😂
iliza_plays UwU
iliza_plays UwU 3 bulan yang lalu
CoMePewTeR ClAasS
Gabe O
Gabe O 3 bulan yang lalu
Love it
Farid Curesi
Farid Curesi 3 bulan yang lalu
If you love your parents then 1 like and 1 pray for them.
Palm Fan
Palm Fan 3 bulan yang lalu
yeah I know same i had never seen that and I'm a kid I'm 8 not like you guys ok so hmmmmm wooooooohooooooo~~ ok lol
Shreya Upadhyay
Shreya Upadhyay 4 bulan yang lalu
mai itna sara saman school mai lai nahi ja sakte pagal.
Mohammed Nayeem
Mohammed Nayeem 4 bulan yang lalu
how cool it is and funny
Elly Bryant
Elly Bryant 4 bulan yang lalu
elvis presley can't help falling in love
ItsCutiePlayz 4 bulan yang lalu
3:36 did anyone see the moving bug on her thumb
mary sang
mary sang 4 bulan yang lalu
I like your pranks
Rishaagrawal10 5 bulan yang lalu
Haha haha
Amena Anika
Amena Anika 5 bulan yang lalu
Omg ,,so funny 😅
Tasneem Moulvi
Tasneem Moulvi 5 bulan yang lalu
I have always wanted to know your addres I have always wanted to meat you in real life
Aiko Unicorn Channel
Aiko Unicorn Channel 6 bulan yang lalu
Annisa Deswita
Annisa Deswita 6 bulan yang lalu
We only online School now 😅
Capturethebestmoments Film
Capturethebestmoments Film 6 bulan yang lalu
i tried this on my friend it worked
Abdul Hadie
Abdul Hadie 6 bulan yang lalu
All these hacks are really amazing i can't stop seeing them
TubeSoxx 6 bulan yang lalu
Troom trooms real name in a nutshell: How to get suspended 101
Ren Listra
Ren Listra 20 hari yang lalu
jasmine roehr
jasmine roehr 6 bulan yang lalu
i miss school ;-;
Sathiyarajan krishpallia
Sathiyarajan krishpallia 6 bulan yang lalu
I watch your channel I did on my brother and my name is akkanna
Juan Magallon
Juan Magallon 6 bulan yang lalu
JALAYA BROWN 6 bulan yang lalu
they are stupid
Sanad Asad
Sanad Asad 6 bulan yang lalu
Lucille Chagaresango
Lucille Chagaresango 6 bulan yang lalu
It's been a long time since I have been trying to reach you 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵💋💋🥵🥵🥵🥵 Did you now I like your ideas 😉😉😁😊👩‍🎤
Suchita Tambwekar
Suchita Tambwekar 6 bulan yang lalu
Monica Lloyd
Monica Lloyd 6 bulan yang lalu
Dinakar Yerraguntla
Dinakar Yerraguntla 6 bulan yang lalu
We saw the 2nd trick many times 👍🆗
Youtube Account
Youtube Account 7 bulan yang lalu
Aniya G
Aniya G 7 bulan yang lalu
Ohhhhhhhhh Nananananana
Rhiannan Murray
Rhiannan Murray 7 bulan yang lalu
Your stupid people
Steve Pratummas
Steve Pratummas 7 bulan yang lalu
Because when you watch it and your gonna get entertained
Linda tapulao
Linda tapulao 7 bulan yang lalu
Its so cool and funny
Ahamed Rafeeq
Ahamed Rafeeq 7 bulan yang lalu
Today I will do like theese pranks 😋
Moonlight io
Moonlight io 7 bulan yang lalu
how though. the pandemic? every school is closed
Wonka Bar
Wonka Bar 7 bulan yang lalu
AdamBoss2007 7 bulan yang lalu
3:00yea I do love to eat some lovely salmonella 😋
the gaming Lama
the gaming Lama 7 bulan yang lalu
Everybody disrespectful you Me am I a joke to you
mohammad taheri
mohammad taheri 8 bulan yang lalu
However it was so funny but it is really mean to prank your teacher
Zeenat Ally
Zeenat Ally 8 bulan yang lalu
Hi there just wanted to check in and see if you can get a better idea of how much you love me and I love you too baby girl
Sandra Mondesir
Sandra Mondesir 8 bulan yang lalu
Khadija Fatima mirza
Khadija Fatima mirza 8 bulan yang lalu
i am DUmB
i am DUmB 8 bulan yang lalu
Wow awesome pranks.
Irene Parra
Irene Parra 8 bulan yang lalu
0:35 or just buy a whoopie cushion
Kelsie Woolley
Kelsie Woolley 8 bulan yang lalu
Rajib Biswas
Rajib Biswas 8 bulan yang lalu
'this is the perfect time to prank him Is dolly a boy😂😄
Abdul Hadie
Abdul Hadie 6 bulan yang lalu
Actually dolly is a girl
jessica scott
jessica scott 8 bulan yang lalu
Hi omg
Ava! Unicorn
Ava! Unicorn 8 bulan yang lalu
They said red paint not tan paint like if you saw this
Jessa Cabatin
Jessa Cabatin 8 bulan yang lalu
Hmm maybe
Ava! Unicorn
Ava! Unicorn 8 bulan yang lalu
They added 2 drops but they said 1drop
morgan quick
morgan quick 8 bulan yang lalu
ok so... wHo ElSe sAw tHaT ZIT on the girl with bangs ear! like grows
iiRainbowKitty 27
iiRainbowKitty 27 8 bulan yang lalu
Who else is strolling through the comments while watching the video? Like if you are.
Jessa Cabatin
Jessa Cabatin 8 bulan yang lalu
Chelsea ME987
Chelsea ME987 8 bulan yang lalu
wouldent our teachers get soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad like if you agery
sky is the limit
sky is the limit 8 bulan yang lalu
hhmmm the toothpaste need to be green not white
N X 8 bulan yang lalu
Ms,Smith is a great teacher
Juana Francisco
Juana Francisco 8 bulan yang lalu
I love you
Joseline Concepcion
Joseline Concepcion 8 bulan yang lalu
Funny like to cats
Debbie Howard
Debbie Howard 8 bulan yang lalu
Aljoori Alkhoori
Aljoori Alkhoori 8 bulan yang lalu
Evelyn Brown
Evelyn Brown 9 bulan yang lalu
12:29 “Mrs Smith is calculating the distance of her and brad pit 😆 😂”
ionut todos
ionut todos 9 bulan yang lalu
the flower in the tissue is bad because it can get in ur eye and if u try to was it with water it will turn into batter
ashley carman
ashley carman 9 bulan yang lalu
From you soon thank God 🙏
mehjaben Laiba with fans
mehjaben Laiba with fans 9 bulan yang lalu
It is very good pranks I like it it is good paying videos I like this period next videos of best of luck for the next
Mia Gonzalez
Mia Gonzalez 9 bulan yang lalu
Can you teach us to sneak a stuff you to school
Leah Pasague
Leah Pasague 9 bulan yang lalu
Hey stop pranking to your freaking teacher
Victor Xaveri
Victor Xaveri 9 bulan yang lalu
Breanna Coleman
Breanna Coleman 9 bulan yang lalu
Liv Paxson
Liv Paxson 9 bulan yang lalu
l love my fans
kqyo 9 bulan yang lalu
Yeah the cornflakes should’ve been a dog toy or two. Then she would’ve squeaked loudly.
Kascha Flynn
Kascha Flynn 9 bulan yang lalu
Did anyone else see that BIGG pimpil in dollys ear?
DE LEGENDARY POTATO 9 bulan yang lalu
You said stress reliving toast but it's a paint pallet
Dalene Mccombe
Dalene Mccombe 9 bulan yang lalu
i hate troomtroom
Key Ford
Key Ford 9 bulan yang lalu
she said 1 drop and then she adds 2 just made lief harder
Kassidy Hatton
Kassidy Hatton 10 bulan yang lalu
But cool
Kassidy Hatton
Kassidy Hatton 10 bulan yang lalu
That's gross
Mike Jeffers
Mike Jeffers 10 bulan yang lalu
I look over it
Ramisa Renegade
Ramisa Renegade 10 bulan yang lalu
0:44 You Could Just Have Bought A Whoopie Cushion --------------- >No Work Needed, Super Easy
Sherine Dennaoui
Sherine Dennaoui 10 bulan yang lalu
It was so impossible
Diana Sanchis
Diana Sanchis 10 bulan yang lalu
2:47 This made Stephanie suffer Me : Just a drop fell , just one
Mohamad Firdaus
Mohamad Firdaus 10 bulan yang lalu
Its destiny
Its destiny 10 bulan yang lalu
I hate troom troom
Antanas Mo
Antanas Mo 10 bulan yang lalu
Cool prank
mE, mYseLf & i
mE, mYseLf & i 11 bulan yang lalu
mE, mYseLf & i
mE, mYseLf & i 11 bulan yang lalu
there are so many things wrong with this video
April Oldfield
April Oldfield 11 bulan yang lalu
Yamam zouzou
Yamam zouzou 11 bulan yang lalu
mis mis is chiedeng 😠! !
Mohamed Hamada
Mohamed Hamada 11 bulan yang lalu
Omg oh my God crazy
chantal d
chantal d 11 bulan yang lalu
Lilly Bell
Lilly Bell 11 bulan yang lalu
Lilly Bell
Lilly Bell 11 bulan yang lalu
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