World's HEAVIEST HULK FIST Smashes Everything!! (300kg/660lbs SOLID STEEL)

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How Ridiculous

3 bulan yang lalu

Smashing stuff with a Giant Steel Hulk Fist, how good!
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Andrew Palomarez
Andrew Palomarez 3 bulan yang lalu
Hulk fist... gotta be Bruce
Ray Steffen
Ray Steffen 13 hari yang lalu
Gotta be RAY , MY WEIGHT IS 660 LBS
Erik Roberts
Erik Roberts Bulan Yang lalu
At what point are they going to install a giant pressure scale in the drop zone. Just to see the impact pressure.
Roseann Pedi
Roseann Pedi Bulan Yang lalu
@Charley Le pupper j
vishal mishra
vishal mishra Bulan Yang lalu
Hey HR team Please do something more innovative like add stuff like coloured smoke can at the end It really create something awesome effect just try this
Bong Bing
Bong Bing 2 bulan yang lalu
How bout Brutus 😳
GJSelect 8 jam yang lalu
I want to see you guys make a bullet. from the largest cannon in the world. it'll probably be way larger than the fist. If not the largest in the world do the largest the crane can withstand.
Laid back Headbanger dude
Laid back Headbanger dude 3 hari yang lalu
Looking forward to see you guys jumping from the top, onto the Trampoline.
A Mess of Things
A Mess of Things 3 hari yang lalu
How about a stack of different colored plastic chairs.
Michael Appleseed
Michael Appleseed 5 hari yang lalu
Teeth and his Gaunson
IIIIIawesIIIII 6 hari yang lalu
I'd like to see a solid-steel dummy. It could leave people-shaped holes in objects.
DarthJangoPwnz 7 hari yang lalu
Solid steel oversized play button...
Felicia Grimmy
Felicia Grimmy 8 hari yang lalu
See, I'm just glad he let go of Rex in time, that could have been bad.
Steve R
Steve R 8 hari yang lalu
Michelle Davies
Michelle Davies 8 hari yang lalu
Big fat hulk
Tyto Rubio
Tyto Rubio 10 hari yang lalu
What you need is a solid steel naval mine
Eternal Reign
Eternal Reign 10 hari yang lalu
Brilliant recreation of how the dinosaurs actually went extinct.
carlos cjrj Rivera
carlos cjrj Rivera 11 hari yang lalu
You can see it sonic bomb going down. Smash
thomasbeal83 11 hari yang lalu
A giant solid steel golf ball with dimples 1000lb
Angelo Marchese
Angelo Marchese 12 hari yang lalu
Bosco _ FPS
Bosco _ FPS 12 hari yang lalu
I could have made that for you lads. Cool to see us 5 axis programmers getting a shout-out haha
Red Leaf
Red Leaf 13 hari yang lalu
한국인 없나
Firefly7 fire
Firefly7 fire 14 hari yang lalu
We need a bulletprooof car and tey to smash it
nscthomp4 16 hari yang lalu
Make a giant steel rex head teeth and all.
ObbyMasters - Fun Content
ObbyMasters - Fun Content 17 hari yang lalu
Johnathan Heath
Johnathan Heath 19 hari yang lalu
Rexy needs a raise
Randomness Only
Randomness Only 19 hari yang lalu
You should light the hulk fist on fire and drop it on the fire extinguisher
Debaloy Basak
Debaloy Basak 19 hari yang lalu
Solid steel bust of all your heads
Creative Christian
Creative Christian 21 hari yang lalu
Nothing beats the rubber band slowey but that barrel slowey was phenomenal
Hugh Dalton
Hugh Dalton 21 hari yang lalu
U should make a stell rexy
Kraz Domino
Kraz Domino 26 hari yang lalu
You should make merch for hulk fist
oldman gibo
oldman gibo 26 hari yang lalu
Could you guys get hold of an old church bell and drop that or make one.
Jett 26 hari yang lalu
The real way dinosaurs turned extinct 3:51
Jimmy LandDownUnder
Jimmy LandDownUnder 27 hari yang lalu
You blokes should get a giant bowling like Bruce and call the ball Glennis
Birds 03
Birds 03 Bulan Yang lalu
Thank you guys for putting in lbs for us in the USA😂
Robert M
Robert M Bulan Yang lalu
Seeing that hulk fist smash the chairs in slow mo made me think of loading up a cup dispenser at a gas station. U have a giant stack and then push them down til they all disappear except for 1. The chairs looked exactly the same, a giant stack turned into only 1 chair sticking outta the ground
Kattah Bulan Yang lalu
Solid steel Kool-Aid Man.
Alicia Hawthorne
Alicia Hawthorne Bulan Yang lalu
Who made the steel fist?
James Burton-Carter
James Burton-Carter Bulan Yang lalu
A giant metal👢 boot would look sick
Christopher Siddle
Christopher Siddle Bulan Yang lalu
They should make a flat hand
Scott Jones
Scott Jones Bulan Yang lalu
Does anyone else think they should have a rexy cam
Joshua Scales
Joshua Scales Bulan Yang lalu
what we need is a steel bell than drop the fist on the bell "hit the bell"
Angel Rodarte
Angel Rodarte Bulan Yang lalu
And the beat goes on 🎶 GTA vice city
Hongod Bulan Yang lalu
imagine getting hit by that
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Bulan Yang lalu
The barrel exploded like an anime character with a nose bleed.
chloe Maral
chloe Maral Bulan Yang lalu
what about a giant bell for scott 🔔GET THE BELL ON🔔
AngryKirC Bulan Yang lalu
I recall this spell was in some old pc game
tj1990 Bulan Yang lalu
this might have surpassed my previous favorite the mega dart. this fist is amazing.
Dallas Dutchyn
Dallas Dutchyn Bulan Yang lalu
Pure Awesome Sauce 🔥 I just jumped over to the official Rexy page on Instagram & apparently had incredible timing 😁 I was lucky enough to become comment number 44 on the most recent Rexy post! "HOW GOOD!" 🙃 #officialRexy44 commentclub 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Kirak Krynn
Kirak Krynn Bulan Yang lalu
You should make a red shell from Mario
Jdude trick shots
Jdude trick shots Bulan Yang lalu
I dare you to run over Rexie with the car going over 100 miles an hour
Glitch Walker
Glitch Walker Bulan Yang lalu
"And if you don't like it, just flick us off" excuse me?...
Peter Bulan Yang lalu
That weight is insane. What's even more insane are the people at WSM who would actually be able to lift that thing. Maybe even two of them at once.
John Burks
John Burks Bulan Yang lalu
Drop the fist on to large bell 😁
Loin gaming
Loin gaming Bulan Yang lalu
I think it’s name should be the peace smasher
Abigail Smith
Abigail Smith Bulan Yang lalu
You should do a solid steel rexy
Declan Gamer
Declan Gamer Bulan Yang lalu
Gotta be Bruce
Lainey Gonzales
Lainey Gonzales Bulan Yang lalu
Geeky Bro’s
Geeky Bro’s Bulan Yang lalu
Me after all these Where is rexy, is rexy alright?
ShadowXII Bulan Yang lalu
Guys, make a 400kg solid steel golf ball - the dimples make it fly straight and true, and reach terminal velocity faster. No more wind worries!
Arya Roy
Arya Roy Bulan Yang lalu
I would like a metal rexy foot
Ben Tate
Ben Tate Bulan Yang lalu
You should smash a bunch of bananas with that hulk fist
TheNukedNacho Bulan Yang lalu
The sound of Bruce and the chairs getting pulled out of the sand reminds me of the Cow Harness being pulled out of the Velociraptor Enclosure in Jurassic Park 1
Tim Stevens the fam
Tim Stevens the fam Bulan Yang lalu
Soild steel banana you guys need to make to drop from the tower
Anthony Morales
Anthony Morales Bulan Yang lalu
I still have Scott for the rock off win
W1TH3R3D B0NN13 Bulan Yang lalu
At 4:24 That’s how dinosaurs are killed/went extinct, being punched by the fire meteor (is it meteor?)
amon ra
amon ra Bulan Yang lalu
Boone Bowman
Boone Bowman Bulan Yang lalu
Caution gravity
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Bulan Yang lalu
Steel traffic cone so you can drop it in water and see how high the water goes
Eli M
Eli M Bulan Yang lalu
11:56 these dudes are stoned
Amber Dickman
Amber Dickman Bulan Yang lalu
Now that is a big boom🌋
Wesley Williams
Wesley Williams Bulan Yang lalu
I like big bolts and I cannot lie
AdmBerner Bulan Yang lalu
Thumbs up for Jack
Rebecca Hulme
Rebecca Hulme Bulan Yang lalu
Commtest: Kyle or Kevin And solid steel Rexie
Doggeslife Bulan Yang lalu
I'd love to see a "Making of Hulk's fist" video. Did anyone record the process?
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright Bulan Yang lalu
Solid steel foot and a human body in the swimming pool cannon ball position.
zoey rose
zoey rose Bulan Yang lalu
Fábio Oliveira
Fábio Oliveira Bulan Yang lalu
Have you been
Andrew Freedman
Andrew Freedman Bulan Yang lalu
Hey a solid metal Rexy made
Andrew Freedman
Andrew Freedman Bulan Yang lalu
Call it the rexy 6000
Patrick Nesbit
Patrick Nesbit Bulan Yang lalu
Nice , perfect center shot through the barrel ring.
Patrick Nesbit
Patrick Nesbit Bulan Yang lalu
I know I'm a bit late on this but how about a massive steel replica of a lawn dart?
Laura Haaima
Laura Haaima Bulan Yang lalu
Hope government won't see this, they be like.. they need mandatory helmets to prevent damage from a 660lbs falling fist.
Kally Thibeault
Kally Thibeault Bulan Yang lalu
Hulk fist vs atlas stone
Kally Thibeault
Kally Thibeault Bulan Yang lalu
A rexy solid steel
Lucas Mutch
Lucas Mutch Bulan Yang lalu
You need to make a solid steel rexy
Rex Sexson
Rex Sexson Bulan Yang lalu
Steel Arrow Steel Cube Steel Boot
Gorth335 Bulan Yang lalu
Sponge bob
Nicholas A
Nicholas A Bulan Yang lalu
Did you guys name the Giant Steel Hulk Fist "Fisty" yet? Or is that too PG-13?
the cat trap
the cat trap Bulan Yang lalu
You should drop that thing into a tub of Pops there’s a white bag that you Throw on the ground and they explode those it would be a big explosion
Pogostix Bulan Yang lalu
If you wanna make something out of steel, make a giant 44 and drop it on things
Amanda Cole
Amanda Cole Bulan Yang lalu
How about a metal soda
Len Leger
Len Leger Bulan Yang lalu
Devin Dugan
Devin Dugan Bulan Yang lalu
you guys should do infinity gauntlet with all the infinity stones in it.
Shadow Dragon
Shadow Dragon Bulan Yang lalu
spongbob sqwerpants
Hannah Parks
Hannah Parks Bulan Yang lalu
I'd be okay if Herron never did that ever again
Whitney Thiher
Whitney Thiher Bulan Yang lalu
You should make a steel rubber duck or a steel Rexy
Kodjo Agbovi
Kodjo Agbovi Bulan Yang lalu
Phillicus Fist!!
Chris VW
Chris VW Bulan Yang lalu
Solid steel rexy plz
Adam Smanski
Adam Smanski Bulan Yang lalu
This is the BEST IDshow channel Like if agreed
Creative Bulan Yang lalu
A pyramid with the point facing down
Jeremy Ladue
Jeremy Ladue Bulan Yang lalu
Drop that fist on propane tanks but keep far, far away 😂
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson Bulan Yang lalu
Harryisme14 Bulan Yang lalu
Mollar Chatterjee
Mollar Chatterjee 2 bulan yang lalu
hello this is a video of a 44 year old athelete dropping a steel fist on a stack of chairs with soda while eating a banana a starbust and a cookie but anyway make sure the apple is involed and its perfectly fine
Michael Murray
Michael Murray 2 bulan yang lalu
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