World's Largest Jello Pool- Can you swim in Jello?

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Mark Rober

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I've wanted to make this video waaay before I ever knew how to make videos. Go to and use code MARKROBER to get 75% off a 3 year plan and an extra month for free.
Thanks to Devin Super Tramp for filming all the coolest parts of this video. Go subscribe to his channel and tell him I sent you!

High Speed camera courtesy of They rent high speed cameras at killer prices. Hit them up.
0:03 - Arrow - Andrew Applepie
0:31 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday
2:14 - Run (Part 2) - Andrew Applepie
3:58 - Arrow - Andrew Applepie
4:39 - Sappheiros - Falling (ft eSoreni)
5:22 - Pokemon in NYC ft Missy - Andrew Applepie
7:24 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday
8:02 - Inspiring Cinematic Trailer in
8:21 - Arrow - Andrew Applepie
8:36 - Pata Pata - Matt Chene-
10:08 - Q - Blue Wednesday
11:09 - Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak

Summary: Since I was a little kid I always wondered what it would be like to swim in a pool of Jello. Turns out it is really difficult. We heated up the Gelatin in 55 gallon drums and then used gravity to put that jello into the pool.

They are soft-

I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last:
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Tinf0il 40 menit yang lalu
i wish i had the money to spend on cool stuff like this 🤑
Alshimaa Nada
Alshimaa Nada Jam Yang lalu
Mark: “it kinda feels like swimming in snot.” Me: *How would anyone know how that feels-*
Deanna Phipps
Deanna Phipps 2 jam yang lalu
you should dive in it
Amira doodle
Amira doodle 3 jam yang lalu
Amira doodle
Amira doodle 3 jam yang lalu
i -i cant believe it?! is this TRUE?!
فرح محمد
فرح محمد 3 jam yang lalu
Hannah Aderholt
Hannah Aderholt 3 jam yang lalu
So...what happened when the pool completely melted, did you guys dump sugar in and get some straws??
Master Farr
Master Farr 3 jam yang lalu
Courtney from Total Drama disliked this
Emma Blackburn
Emma Blackburn 4 jam yang lalu
You’re just belly flopping in Jell-O I just pretend it’s a pool of Chocolate milk that is Gooby
Charlie Kim
Charlie Kim 6 jam yang lalu
Emma Blackburn
Emma Blackburn 4 jam yang lalu
Josh Levine
Josh Levine 6 jam yang lalu
Wow that’s amazing!!
NotiamDaria 6 jam yang lalu
eew u actually ate that! LOL
Ryan Collins
Ryan Collins 8 jam yang lalu
What if you tried oobleck too
Chindong favour
Chindong favour 9 jam yang lalu
In6 years bruh
Hello There
Hello There 10 jam yang lalu
69 million views
jillbo baggins
jillbo baggins 14 jam yang lalu
Hang on is there an slip and slide video now?
STA Roblox
STA Roblox 16 jam yang lalu
Prakhar Singh
Prakhar Singh 17 jam yang lalu
Very nice video, but armstrong never went to the moon.😂
T4S1N Official
T4S1N Official 19 jam yang lalu
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande 19 jam yang lalu
At first glance I thought it was lava
Geraldine Palermo
Geraldine Palermo 20 jam yang lalu
Charlotte Petersen
Charlotte Petersen 20 jam yang lalu
Soo cool
Stuff___ Idontknow
Stuff___ Idontknow 20 jam yang lalu
69 million views 😏👌
Simplistic Tyler
Simplistic Tyler Hari Yang lalu
When he messed up on the pool Mark: dang it have to do it again for a year
MrDark121 Hari Yang lalu
Richard Lawson
Richard Lawson Hari Yang lalu
you're a sick man
Billy Brooks smith
Billy Brooks smith Hari Yang lalu
its jelly
infinite beats
infinite beats Hari Yang lalu
2 words for mark rober(dedication and perserverance)
Dusty AndTheBigWideWord
Dusty AndTheBigWideWord Hari Yang lalu
Nobody: What teachers think were doing when assigned a project:
Mark Jordan
Mark Jordan Hari Yang lalu
Best uncle ever
Tyrant Goliath
Tyrant Goliath Hari Yang lalu
This video would of been great, but I came here looking to find adults having fun in a jelly pool, pretty disappointed that the kids I was unaware of being in the video got all the spotlight and fun... Let us adults have the fun for once 😵
Alice Shafer
Alice Shafer Hari Yang lalu
Does it taste good?
poluefemus Hari Yang lalu
Wonder what it is like to have mark rober as a neighbor
X80 ZETROX Hari Yang lalu
Who's here on 69 Million views????🙃🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Natalie Alper
Natalie Alper Hari Yang lalu
No accidents in the pool guys we want to swim and eat it.
BluBerryPie Hari Yang lalu
Oh god can you think that its deep and your going to deep and deep- you cant move you cant breath- the only chance to survive is 👇 EATING LIKE A BEAR 👇
Willard DeBlanc
Willard DeBlanc Hari Yang lalu
prem ahuja videos
prem ahuja videos Hari Yang lalu
Clancy Benedict
Clancy Benedict Hari Yang lalu
9:58 oh my god XD
Saisarbesh Kanagasabai
Saisarbesh Kanagasabai Hari Yang lalu
These are basically just MrBeast type videos.
Ushuf Bohara
Ushuf Bohara Hari Yang lalu
Hmmm *69M views* Nice
Noel Alonso
Noel Alonso Hari Yang lalu
This is so cool
DontPressOnMyProfilePic Hari Yang lalu
MrBeast: I filled a IDshowr's jelly pool with gold and destroyed it, then bought him an ocean of jelly
Anne Beciera
Anne Beciera Hari Yang lalu
I'm jealous
akshay patil
akshay patil Hari Yang lalu
All i can think of is wastage of resources.
Arielle Hopkinson
Arielle Hopkinson Hari Yang lalu
That looks so cool and so fun!
Cloud Paradise
Cloud Paradise Hari Yang lalu
6:30 Looks like a big version of a can of smashed tomatoes right now...... Lol
Irish Domingo
Irish Domingo Hari Yang lalu
6:01 umm no thanks hehe
Krish Dantisoa
Krish Dantisoa Hari Yang lalu
Now Matt Stonie’s gonna eat the whole pool..
Radom Girl
Radom Girl Hari Yang lalu
The Dino in the video rlly clacked me up
DR. wild
DR. wild Hari Yang lalu
Me : bored mark rober came me: YAY
Koala Griffin
Koala Griffin Hari Yang lalu
Ethan Onorato
Ethan Onorato Hari Yang lalu
I think you beat Mr.beast
KWAYFurios edits
KWAYFurios edits 2 hari yang lalu
فاطمه ال غلاب
فاطمه ال غلاب 2 hari yang lalu
Gabriel Valero
Gabriel Valero 2 hari yang lalu
This is my dream
Ch Tec
Ch Tec 2 hari yang lalu
TheGreatPapyrus 2 hari yang lalu
69mil views
Fouad Sendas
Fouad Sendas 2 hari yang lalu
Oh yes
Turner Gretz
Turner Gretz 2 hari yang lalu
Turner Gretz
Turner Gretz 2 hari yang lalu
I am going to track the weather so I can do that
EZY CL4PZ 2 hari yang lalu
I’m going to get mad if this video gets 70 mil views. Keep it at 69 mil
David McNeilly
David McNeilly 2 hari yang lalu
I could be having this fun but in a water pool but my dum ears say no
aseel BIS
aseel BIS 2 hari yang lalu
aseel BIS
aseel BIS 2 hari yang lalu
Salman Sadiq
Salman Sadiq 2 hari yang lalu
Shatavia Sanford
Shatavia Sanford 2 hari yang lalu
Loudly Rami Rami
Loudly Rami Rami 2 hari yang lalu
Since it makes u float walk on it :/
New content coming soon so don’t unsubscribe-
New content coming soon so don’t unsubscribe- 2 hari yang lalu
This makes me jelly..
Santiandblue 2 hari yang lalu
I’m glad mark does this he is changing the world by teaching us what to do or just showing us what he is capable of so thank you
Ken Nguyen
Ken Nguyen 2 hari yang lalu
The dino at the end killed me. LOL
The Devils Son
The Devils Son 2 hari yang lalu
Nobody: Still nobody: My brain: don’t go in you can’t pee and make it yellow
Technical player
Technical player 2 hari yang lalu
Really very veryyyyy struggle
Adelle Stapleton
Adelle Stapleton 2 hari yang lalu
Imagine getting that in your hair...
E XII Raj Rajeshwari 38
E XII Raj Rajeshwari 38 2 hari yang lalu
5:02 belly flop in case you are in hurry
Jennifer Stötzel
Jennifer Stötzel 2 hari yang lalu
imagine how many pigs bones had to be cooked out to extract this amount of gelatine..... eww
Leen Family
Leen Family 2 hari yang lalu
baaaaaaaad ideas 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼🤞🏽🤞🏽
Leen Family
Leen Family Hari Yang lalu
@RandomAnimations i know but i Just Saw it now 😒😒😒
RandomAnimations Hari Yang lalu
It's too late to say that now
Reverse Thinking
Reverse Thinking 2 hari yang lalu
Who learned more from youtube thanschool
Âlpha Ghøst
Âlpha Ghøst 2 hari yang lalu
More like blood
Joshua Sandig
Joshua Sandig 2 hari yang lalu
The first kid when he gets old The kid :and thats how i i was the first kid to do a belly flop in a jellow pool
Christian Villa
Christian Villa 2 hari yang lalu
Well we’ll well let’s find out
REDWULF109 2 hari yang lalu
That looks fun
ARTOPOLIS 2 hari yang lalu
It would be so cool to have an uncle like Mark
Moreno Alexis
Moreno Alexis 2 hari yang lalu
deardrareeves 3 hari yang lalu
Rajni Gautam
Rajni Gautam 3 hari yang lalu
That is the wired experience
Arib Khanotia
Arib Khanotia 3 hari yang lalu
who else is watching this at 69 million veiws
Mike Conover
Mike Conover 3 hari yang lalu
This is simultaneously so playful and yet completely off-putting when you remember that gelatin is literally boiled cow and pig parts. I cant help but think of this as I'm watching these kids laughing and playing in it. Its such an odd contrast between the joy and whimsy of seeing a childhood dream fulfilled and the gross reality of it.
Mosa Ali
Mosa Ali 3 hari yang lalu
Tobi 3 hari yang lalu
Mark Rober is the most INSANE science on IDshow
Abrie Gamble
Abrie Gamble 3 hari yang lalu
that’s pretty cool
Alex Juarez Bruno
Alex Juarez Bruno 3 hari yang lalu
That dinosaur got me going BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Salva Mercadé
Salva Mercadé 3 hari yang lalu
6:37 pokemon? I'm talking about the song by the way ;)
tasnim ahmad
tasnim ahmad 3 hari yang lalu
That is the best thing I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hero 1
Hero 1 3 hari yang lalu
WORRIOR 2020 3 hari yang lalu
He deserves more
sun-sun1125 3 hari yang lalu
The kids are having the time of their lives!! Your work is so beautiful:)
aziz games
aziz games 3 hari yang lalu
5.40 kid olmost drawnd bruh i wikll never tell kids go there
Ashton Ogwoka
Ashton Ogwoka 3 hari yang lalu
Yixuan Ethan Xu
Yixuan Ethan Xu 3 hari yang lalu
JELLY green
JELLY green 3 hari yang lalu
That is the dino from mr beast
Bosco THAUNG 3 hari yang lalu
Doveranalyst 3 hari yang lalu
Wth was that dinosaur
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