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More crazy challenges from Luzzone Dam, Switzerland! Fore!
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A huge thank you to Ticino Tourism for helping to make this happen! You've gotta go and see this place for yourself, it's amazing! For more info check out
What's the 44 Club you may ask? Well it all started in the outro of this video where we wondered if anyone was still watching the video at that point, and to comment 44 (Scott's fave number) if they were. Brett then said 44 Club get on board and the rest is history. The 44Club is the official How Ridiculous fan club made up of people who love our videos and watch them right to the very end. We've even got 44 Club merch now! So yeh, that's the story. Pretty random but good fun at the same time.
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Nate The Ninja
Nate The Ninja 17 jam yang lalu
65 metres
Xx NXT LEGO xX Hari Yang lalu
Shadow Doty
Shadow Doty Hari Yang lalu
black veil brides
Dylan Keightley
Dylan Keightley 2 hari yang lalu
I go with 87 meters I think
Avery Dobbins
Avery Dobbins 4 hari yang lalu
455 meters
Ellis Osman
Ellis Osman 3 hari yang lalu
my bad two years
Ellis Osman
Ellis Osman 3 hari yang lalu
just a year to late
Erin Skeete
Erin Skeete 5 hari yang lalu
#commtest 168 meteres
Samuel Engle 2028
Samuel Engle 2028 5 hari yang lalu
Todd Weller
Todd Weller 5 hari yang lalu
What are the four worst words in golf? . . . . . . . It's still your turn!
YooZherName 7 hari yang lalu
I love that Brett asked for 44k likes and we’ve almost tripled it.
Nathan Hanel
Nathan Hanel 8 hari yang lalu
Derek Leedberg
Derek Leedberg 8 hari yang lalu
C Platt
C Platt 9 hari yang lalu
@howridiculous how far actually was it since no one got it
Penny Power
Penny Power 10 hari yang lalu
veronica wang
Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor 10 hari yang lalu
Who is Stanford??!!!
2teej 11 hari yang lalu
Help this Driver someone please! First shot off the shaft 🤣🤣 it ain't easy boys
Wiktor Rechnio
Wiktor Rechnio 11 hari yang lalu
115 metres
Ethan Mcdaniel
Ethan Mcdaniel 11 hari yang lalu
Wayne Lacey
Wayne Lacey 13 hari yang lalu
324.56 meters to the pin
Kris Adams TV
Kris Adams TV 15 hari yang lalu
118K likes, and you guys are asking for 44K... I will like it anyway 😂
wheat noodles
wheat noodles 17 hari yang lalu
Terrible. I could’ve made those shots easily
Crazy Cruz
Crazy Cruz 17 hari yang lalu
Where’s that Dam
Erin Skeete
Erin Skeete 17 hari yang lalu
#commtest I'm shockingly bad at measurements but since the first one was 89 and the patch is slightly in front I'm going around 79 meters from the pin
Corey Richards
Corey Richards 18 hari yang lalu
just a tad late, but I think the distance to the pin is roughly 180-200m
Motor City Fats
Motor City Fats 18 hari yang lalu
wouldn't want to be down there and the siren go off
CuRse Jackson
CuRse Jackson 19 hari yang lalu
268 meters
Boo 2318
Boo 2318 19 hari yang lalu
102.73 meters
Michelle Roberts
Michelle Roberts 20 hari yang lalu
10,000 subscribers with no videos Challenge
10,000 subscribers with no videos Challenge 21 hari yang lalu
I’m guessing 128.63
10,000 subscribers with no videos Challenge
10,000 subscribers with no videos Challenge 21 hari yang lalu
Meters on the pin
Iggy T
Iggy T 21 hari yang lalu
74m to the pin
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan 23 hari yang lalu
So beautiful Where is that?
Brock Upton
Brock Upton 24 hari yang lalu
I59 meters
Carson Jeffords
Carson Jeffords 24 hari yang lalu
Alex Jenkins
Alex Jenkins 25 hari yang lalu
Thinking it's 160 meters to the pin
Tyler Forrest
Tyler Forrest 26 hari yang lalu
It’s all fun and games till the dam breaks
Buddy Kajee
Buddy Kajee 26 hari yang lalu
Carben 35
Carben 35 26 hari yang lalu
145.5 meters
Aubrey Kidd
Aubrey Kidd 26 hari yang lalu
NicoEch1 29 hari yang lalu
135m to the pin
Harvey Sinclair
Harvey Sinclair 29 hari yang lalu
Rex Rid
Rex Rid 29 hari yang lalu
Jakeyy T
Jakeyy T Bulan Yang lalu
Hey I have those Callaway wedges!
Ryan Bentz
Ryan Bentz Bulan Yang lalu
When you got absolutely nothing to do
Ryan Bentz
Ryan Bentz Bulan Yang lalu
When you got absolutely nothing to do
Roboman Robo
Roboman Robo Bulan Yang lalu
That cliff is so dangerous you wouldn't be able to get near that in the US without guard rails so you don't fall off
Matt Hibbard
Matt Hibbard Bulan Yang lalu
Like for being the only people ive ever seen play rock paper scissors correctly
Myles Playz Gamez
Myles Playz Gamez Bulan Yang lalu
113 meters
Alan Connors
Alan Connors Bulan Yang lalu
Haha, a "freshy." I hate when that happens
Alan Connors
Alan Connors Bulan Yang lalu
I enjoy and suck at golf. You guys make me feel better about my game. 😁
Buttered Bread
Buttered Bread Bulan Yang lalu
2:13 just pure brilliant Italian mate 😂😂
Ryland Taylor
Ryland Taylor Bulan Yang lalu
lol fulll berries
Punkaroo_RL Bulan Yang lalu
6:25 through 6:46 I dont see how you guys have the guts to stand on the side of the hill.
Angus Scott
Angus Scott Bulan Yang lalu
To many metres
Mike Argentiero
Mike Argentiero Bulan Yang lalu
I thought you guys were going to try and shoot it in one shot from the top! That would have been way more impressive and it’s definitely possible. Great content boys. I see Herron has been practicing his swing since the last video. #pulltheblacktooth
Nathan m
Nathan m Bulan Yang lalu
Since I don't see a pink I will say 135 meters
bmx Bulan Yang lalu
67.8 meters
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander Bulan Yang lalu
335 meters.
Reptilewizz Bulan Yang lalu
what happens when you chip the dam?
Dave Bulan Yang lalu
Oi mate
panel qwopsad
panel qwopsad Bulan Yang lalu
Hmmmmmmmmm... The next time they come here, if they go there, they NEED parachutes. They could trip!
Zypper Bulan Yang lalu
95 meters.
Subscribe to me if you play Minecraft
Subscribe to me if you play Minecraft Bulan Yang lalu
160 meters
Gillysaurxx Bulan Yang lalu
Its all fun and games until that dam breaks
VChill_Dc Bulan Yang lalu
4:19 Me when the pill didn’t dissolve al the way
The_Russian _Warlord
The_Russian _Warlord Bulan Yang lalu
I miss the dam and other wacky stuff they did
John YTH
John YTH Bulan Yang lalu
it’s all fun and games until it cracks
Dillon Couch
Dillon Couch Bulan Yang lalu
10:30 for actual video title
Mike Ryan
Mike Ryan Bulan Yang lalu
300 M
every thing duude
every thing duude Bulan Yang lalu
tiger woods watching this video: Perfectly good waste of golf balls!!!
Jake Heaser
Jake Heaser Bulan Yang lalu
you guys are trash at golf 😂
Caleb Archer
Caleb Archer Bulan Yang lalu
I say, though very late, it's 100 meters.
Austino Willis
Austino Willis Bulan Yang lalu
Austino Willis
Austino Willis Bulan Yang lalu
Bryce Britton
Bryce Britton Bulan Yang lalu
479 meters
Joey Haublein
Joey Haublein Bulan Yang lalu
Does anyone notice that Herron sounds like JoshDub?
Shannon Gibson
Shannon Gibson Bulan Yang lalu
170 mtrs
Lyrical SZN
Lyrical SZN Bulan Yang lalu
Why does every uk person look like I’ve seen them before
Olympia.WA Bulan Yang lalu
I don't see anyone pinned yet. 155 meters.
Owen Oliver
Owen Oliver Bulan Yang lalu
459 meters
Dan Phillips
Dan Phillips Bulan Yang lalu
Girlfriend: you need to stop watching politics online. Me: okay then *Swaps to HR* Girlfriend: Why do you watch this stuff?
Jayden Ripic
Jayden Ripic Bulan Yang lalu
417.5 m
Unreal tournament kid
Unreal tournament kid 2 bulan yang lalu
Check out lo golf
ItsYaBoySpooks 2 bulan yang lalu
113.74 meters
Liam Campbell
Liam Campbell 2 bulan yang lalu
512 metera
Celine Poirier
Celine Poirier 2 bulan yang lalu
Hello I can see your friends
Delta Gaming
Delta Gaming 2 bulan yang lalu
245 meter
Matthew Makarenko
Matthew Makarenko 2 bulan yang lalu
My guess would be ~155m.
lilaj34siren 2 bulan yang lalu
How ridiculous. Scott...Derek...Brett. How ridiculous 🤣
William Don
William Don 2 bulan yang lalu
Bro in the grey hoodie deserves his green jacket
Adam Landström
Adam Landström 2 bulan yang lalu
Dam, that’s crazy
TheDitz42 2 bulan yang lalu
I really should stop watching these dam vids, I getting second hand anxiety with them being up high.
Amyjo White-Detwiler
Amyjo White-Detwiler 2 bulan yang lalu
Tim Annett
Tim Annett 2 bulan yang lalu
Hopnatro Hoopes
Hopnatro Hoopes 2 bulan yang lalu
David Beasley
David Beasley 2 bulan yang lalu
I love that the authorities didn't give them S__t about hitting golf balls off the face of the dam. If it were America... they'd say NO.
Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller 2 bulan yang lalu
The only page that I like the video before even watching it , i know I'll love it 😂
RaGe_phantom 2 bulan yang lalu
Acsent is great 👍🏼
Alex Williams
Alex Williams 2 bulan yang lalu
600 meters
Tvcfc21 21
Tvcfc21 21 2 bulan yang lalu
Who else is watching this during quarantine? 👇
TheGreg6466 2 bulan yang lalu
i say Geoffrey, have you seen the off spring of the convicts we sent to the other side of the planet? they're actually playing golf! the funny thing is though they've got the rules wrong and they're hitting the balls against a wall into a paddling pool, How Ridiculous! trol ol lol lol. I miss these old videos that involve the Dam, they were great. peace.
DelfinoSquare 2 bulan yang lalu
I’m immensely late, but here’s my guess considering no one got it correct. 123.75 meters
Josh Somers
Josh Somers 2 bulan yang lalu
Me and my buddy want to challenge you guys to a "best golf trick shot", do you guys accept?? I'll post our tricks to my page tomorrow and let's see who has the best!
SOCCER GOLF from 165m DAM!
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