Tucker: America was a very different country 7 months ago

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U.S. leaders taking cues from communist China. #FoxNews #Tucker
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Leland Perry
Leland Perry Hari Yang lalu
1:40 dog: help my please
朱Paul 4 hari yang lalu
Winter is coming.
9 hari yang lalu
Martha McCallum is a socialist feminist democrat who should be kicked off of FOXNEWS. BOYCOTT HER SHOW.
bosco fernandes
bosco fernandes 9 hari yang lalu
The leftist are a curse to America.
bosco fernandes
bosco fernandes 9 hari yang lalu
Vote for Trump and save America. Vote republicans too to the senate and see the difference. I am from India and feel Trump is the best thing that happened to America.
Tom Tindall
Tom Tindall 13 hari yang lalu
They delete d Laura Eisenhower aaa Anthony fauci interview
Tom Tindall
Tom Tindall 13 hari yang lalu
They took off Laura eize hour video dark to light on my channel
Tom Tindall
Tom Tindall 13 hari yang lalu
Tucker synogog of Satan has taken over America we are pliadians arcturians aamichael
Shaun Victor
Shaun Victor 14 hari yang lalu
Again,these people you see right here are kneeling to a false god, and this SHOULD scare the hell out of you.
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 17 hari yang lalu
People go to school to fool the one that do not want to go to school. These rich, corrupted politicians are doing this for centuries and they are here to stay. There is nothing or nobody who will stop them. They are hungry piranhas, like hyenas ready to attack any decent person who disagree with their ideas. They are protected by the Elite, Illuminati. They have license to corruption without no consequences. SAD! FTW.
Lenz 18 hari yang lalu
6:05 I Totally agree Tucker, you've described the Trump administration perfectly here: completely authoritarian. Lets not have 4 more years of this garbage people, listen to Tucker.
Jose M. Feliciano
Jose M. Feliciano 18 hari yang lalu
Doing magic with words when is has been impossible to do it. People still want to be out there with no safety measures. Faucci was right.
Arlene J Nordrum
Arlene J Nordrum 19 hari yang lalu
We are a free country not China
Overlord is Google
Overlord is Google 21 hari yang lalu
Keep buying rifles and ammo, because it's only getting worse from here.
Kevin Mirati
Kevin Mirati 21 hari yang lalu
At 5:16 "We will hunt down that last 0.1%...", not 1%. That is one in one thousand. I am currently watching the old 'Person of Interest' series on Netflix. Can that level of personal surveillance be far off? Is it already here? It has been in China for some time now, and we helped to build it.
Kevin Rong
Kevin Rong 23 hari yang lalu
America was a very different country 12 years ago. Since Obama, America talks about colors everyday. Ironically that white-hater Obama family lives in a rich white community themselves.
Emily Games
Emily Games 23 hari yang lalu
Divide and conquer this is what they do to America
slewofdamascus 27 hari yang lalu
What's "Democracy"? It's two wolves and a sheep voting on 'what's for dinner?' If you haven't studied De Tocqueville on democracy you've done yourself an extreme disservice. Our founders included the democratic process (in a limited fashion) with great concern and a lot of disdain because they understood how democracy can be used/manipulated, etc... and they viewed it as the kindling that would eventually be used to bring a great conflagration to its great work in codifying liberty.
slewofdamascus 27 hari yang lalu
Doesn't Posse Comitatus prevent the President (or anyone) from calling out the military, precisely, to police within US borders? The National Guard is a completely different story, but that's a state's authority not a federal authority. So I'm not sure what the President can do?
Create Mymy
Create Mymy 28 hari yang lalu
Corona and strict rules are here to stay still November 4. Go figure.
Style White
Style White 29 hari yang lalu
The viris goes round the world then goes back to its source mutates with wat it has picked up and then the next wave goes back round the world...
Adam Williams
Adam Williams 29 hari yang lalu
I like Tucker but I think he’s missing the point of these measures
Snob Jockey
Snob Jockey Bulan Yang lalu
You just wait for the introduction of social credit scores keeping everyone in line.
Snob Jockey
Snob Jockey Bulan Yang lalu
We're on the verge of voting in Communism and that is terrifying. Get out there and vote whilst you still can.
Kendall Martin
Kendall Martin Bulan Yang lalu
The insanity we face today was not created overnight. It has been growing for the past 60 years. The more you do for some people, the less you get from some people.
jubeifyGuy guy
jubeifyGuy guy Bulan Yang lalu
Bunch of china bots in the comments... typical
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Bulan Yang lalu
As a 16 year old I feel like the dems are ruining my last years of high school. I can’t even attend school and see my friends.
cerliezio Bulan Yang lalu
Why do people continue to refer to covid 19? Do they know that it is not a desease? COVID is an acronym for Certificate ov Vaccination ID 19 is the year of implementation
Oh Dahng boi
Oh Dahng boi Bulan Yang lalu
Communism is a threat to humanity
Mac Jerome
Mac Jerome Bulan Yang lalu
This are the cold hard facts. Tucker is plainly speaking the truth of these corrupt actions. Taking away out freedoms
heima053 Bulan Yang lalu
What's wrong with Luxembourg? It's great here! Look it up
Bali Premium Properties
Bali Premium Properties Bulan Yang lalu
Funny how people from countries with no 2nd amendment think they know everything about the US.
Billy Batson
Billy Batson Bulan Yang lalu
"Protesting" in large groups is legal, but attending church or having a family gathering is not. WTH is going on???
J G Bulan Yang lalu
Tucker is an amazing light in this Marxist culture we have allowed to take hold. Thank you for the courage in telling the truth as you do.
Mgoblagulkablong Bulan Yang lalu
The word "conspiracy theorist" in reality is neuro lingual programming used by communists to slander the opposition. Look up "KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America (1984)", watch the video and share it, everyone needs to see it. He warned us a long time ago, but we didn't listen. Now is our last chance.
Elizabeth Cimino
Elizabeth Cimino Bulan Yang lalu
Did this moron crawl out of DJT's morbidly obese a**????????
Veronica Westlake
Veronica Westlake Bulan Yang lalu
NOthings changed still Trump running this mess
Victor Valdez
Victor Valdez Bulan Yang lalu
Respect to him for calling it Wuhan Coronavirus
C H Bulan Yang lalu
Is the choice using the inflections in your voice to tell half news? Bc you gotta work on that. But who would know? Someone that had to listen to this clip many times to laugh at the unnecessary inflections.
David Cohen
David Cohen Bulan Yang lalu
More selfless, caring, loving, God fearing mothers and fathers raising their children so they can carry on legacy of raising their own children. It’s all about the children. Adults need to act like adults and grow up. No more playing victim or fighting among each other but setting the example and resolving all issues like selfless, caring, loving, God fearing “parents”. God bless all and much love to all!❤️