Trump holds Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore

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2 bulan yang lalu

President Trump kicks off Independence Day celebrations at Mount Rushmore.
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hungkim minhkhuthu channel
hungkim minhkhuthu channel Hari Yang lalu
ephemeral rift
Missperfectturtle 14 hari yang lalu
Hi I hate trump time to get dislikes :)
Soul Reaper
Soul Reaper 20 hari yang lalu
How is this fascist? Come on man.
marcum exe
marcum exe 20 hari yang lalu
Yeah, for all the LOSERS and SUCKERS, everyone should spit on the ground Trump walks on..
Mary Salmond
Mary Salmond Bulan Yang lalu
Encompassed all heroes - perfect and imperfect! Awesome speech!
bahram sasani
bahram sasani Bulan Yang lalu
Viva Mr. President Trump, you are the very BEST and a Gentleman. 👍 🌹🌹🌹 You are a HERO Mr. President Trump, I hope you win 2020 again. 👍 ❤ 🌷🌷❤️ Down with Hossein Obama and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Co، the big Bandit.👎 Mr. President Trump is the one, the very BEST and a greatest President of all Time. 👍 ❤ 🌷 ❤ 🌷 ❤
M Bulan Yang lalu
After watching a few clips from the recent Democratic convention it is obvious that the Dem's have become the party of the socialists. The communists. The Marxists, and as odd as it sounds, the anarchists. They're also the party of dangerous, un-American organizations like the black lives matter movement. The Dem's pander and bow to all these dysfunctional groups. Willing to do anything to win in November, including voter fraud through mail in voting and no ID at the polling places. I have full confidence that good will prevail November 3rd and Donald Trump will be reelected.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson Bulan Yang lalu
sky chu
sky chu Bulan Yang lalu
Although Trump is not perfect, at least he is now standing on the American side against China.But if Biden is elected, he will certainly sell US out to China for his own and family interests,just like Obama did. You can see that Biden has already announced that he would abolish the trade sanctions against China if he is elected. Biden's son sits on the board of The China Bohai Huamei Foundation, through U.S. policy facilitation,having a huge interest collusion at least millions of dollars with CCP and China every year.
Henry Wardell
Henry Wardell Bulan Yang lalu
Thank you , U.S.A. - LIVE FREE - STAY FREE.
Sonida Svay
Sonida Svay Bulan Yang lalu
😷😷😷😷😷. 🙌🛁. 👈
Deadbeat Donny
Deadbeat Donny Bulan Yang lalu
If Trump gets added to Mt Rushmore it would have to be renamed Mt Russianmore.
Angela Ponce de Untiveros
Angela Ponce de Untiveros Bulan Yang lalu
El presidente esta bien en todo t America estan con el Dios solo sabe lo que nos pone en nustro camino el es el unico que pondra al señor presidente correcto el es un hombre gusto y correcto love presidente Trump
Angela Ponce de Untiveros
Angela Ponce de Untiveros Bulan Yang lalu
Muchas gracias señor presidente por confiar en Mi señor y ser una persona que sabe que yo en todo este tiempo nunca tube problemas con nadie quiero mi vida tranquiela y seguier compartiendo contodos mis artistas es mi vida nadie debe quitarme lo que yo e echo todos estos años gracias deñor
nature trails
nature trails Bulan Yang lalu
A great president & a great governor I look forward to visiting South Dakota!
antal istvan
antal istvan Bulan Yang lalu
let me love you
108 Bulan Yang lalu
kim klement trey smith. GOD in a nut,shell project.
DEPLORABLE 961 2 bulan yang lalu
They know how to treat it, they created it. they are preventing all of us form getting normal meds so they can try to force vaccinations.
Nicki Snyder
Nicki Snyder 2 bulan yang lalu
To hear trump call others facists at Mt Rushmore shows his ignorance once more. This game he does of I'm rubber, you're glue....where he accuses others of exactly what HE is guilty of only works on his low IQ base. For the record: (/ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, as well as strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.
Tom Limburg
Tom Limburg 2 bulan yang lalu
mandala roth
mandala roth 2 bulan yang lalu
It is so simple now, it is no longer left vs right, it now America vs Evil doers.
mandala roth
mandala roth 2 bulan yang lalu
Trump is sticking to his principles and refusing to kneel infront of the left. Never could i see that Trump is the last hope for America.
Edmund Verret
Edmund Verret 2 bulan yang lalu
This president is a blessing. 🇺🇸
DEPLORABLE 961 2 bulan yang lalu
These governors that are allowing these criminals to continue destroying everything in sight, should be removed by force and arrested for dereliction of duty.
Samuel Reed
Samuel Reed 2 bulan yang lalu
Blah blah blahhhhhhh
tony swabbs
tony swabbs 2 bulan yang lalu
Criminal Trump, 2nd president of the Confederacy, reassures the nationalists & supremacists that the statues of the confederate slavers will remain symbols of our white supremacy over people of colour in the name of our white culture and our white heritage.
Matt Detillion
Matt Detillion 2 bulan yang lalu
DEPLORABLE 961 2 bulan yang lalu
I do believe that GOD is the one hardening people's hearts to keep everything shutdown just like HE did to Pharaoh before pulling his people out.
Ion Pribeagu
Ion Pribeagu 2 bulan yang lalu
They after us all, to become another 3rd world class nation, run by modern GLOBAL$$$$=slavery and our president is STOP-ing them, that is why they are MADMEN MOB controlled by smart using idiots aka protestants and well organized aaa-ANTIFA
Yadasampati 2 bulan yang lalu
I am from the Netherlands and used to be on the left side, until i saw the stupidity and danger of left ... thanks to persons like Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro. I am definitely on the right side now, and I think that Donald Trump is absolutely great and magnificent. What a leader! The US deserves this man more than ever before! This guy truly loves his people and is fighting for individual and national liberty and sovereignty. Left is a big threat to all of that!
Alphacannes 21
Alphacannes 21 2 bulan yang lalu
How can you not vote for this man. You have to detest this country to dismiss what he's done and what he believes.
Brandon McPherson
Brandon McPherson 2 bulan yang lalu
17:26 Goofy falls off Mt Rushmore
Katherine Collins
Katherine Collins 2 bulan yang lalu
In god we trust!!
Timothy Shea
Timothy Shea 2 bulan yang lalu
I hope you take a few minutes to listen to one of the best tributes to who & what we, as Americans, truely are and why we are "exceptional".
angelistic 2 bulan yang lalu
trump needs to be in a pine box
angelistic 2 bulan yang lalu
#12 World
#12 World 2 bulan yang lalu
Share this to all your dem friends so they can join the side of freedom if the left wins our country will never be the same
#12 World
#12 World 2 bulan yang lalu
Your president has just told u to stand up and fight for your country if you are an American patriot your country asks u to do what your your father's have done for this country blood may be spilled your country needs u NOW
David Hargreaves
David Hargreaves 2 bulan yang lalu
God Bless the USA from your BRITISH COUSINS Thank You for your sacrifices in two Wars against tyranny....we will NEVER FORGET.
connor griff
connor griff 2 bulan yang lalu
I hate the left but this man has barely kept any of the promises he made.Take a look at how bad cencorship has become your telling me the president of the usa cant do anything about something that is probably one of the most dangerous issues when it comes to freedom
Joy Enjoy Gonzalez
Joy Enjoy Gonzalez 2 bulan yang lalu
CubanAmericans for Trump 2020. U.S.A THE BEST COUNTRY OF THE WORLD.
Joy Enjoy Gonzalez
Joy Enjoy Gonzalez 2 bulan yang lalu