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The "Denali" by Timbercraft Tiny Homes in Alabama is one of those setups where you just sit back and think "wow" because of the extreme attention to detail in every inch throughout the home both inside and outside. I love the work Doug (the owner of Timbercraft) does with each of his tiny homes because you can immediately look at one of his builds and know who built it, yet each one is very unique. The Denali is no exception. Thanks for the tour Doug and thank you for watching.
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Chloe 17 jam yang lalu
Around how much did u pay for this
Carmen Langland
Carmen Langland 2 hari yang lalu
I love this tiny home the closet is better is not too big,how much for this tiny home?wear you located?
Helen Boula
Helen Boula 9 hari yang lalu
I'm sorry but I'm really not that impressed with this particular kind of home I have seen a lot better have a great day
Cecily Clark
Cecily Clark 11 hari yang lalu
Raji Nevin
Raji Nevin 12 hari yang lalu
You couldn't stop that horrible noise in the background before you did the video??? That was really annoying and I almost didn't wait to see the inside because of that.
Terri Wright
Terri Wright 15 hari yang lalu
Darlene Farley
Darlene Farley 16 hari yang lalu
1,3 % increase in ss wont cover my rent increase. you people are so stupid, i wish you had to live on 1426 a month, how do you think people are suppose to survive, we paid your wages for years and this is the way you treat us, i cant wait to vote all of you out of office
Melissa Meyer
Melissa Meyer 19 hari yang lalu
And a tub🤣
Melissa Meyer
Melissa Meyer 19 hari yang lalu
This is stunning.
Barbara Bryant
Barbara Bryant 20 hari yang lalu
Absolutely love this.💖
Роман Алло
Роман Алло 22 hari yang lalu
Крута хата!
Angel Shining DJL
Angel Shining DJL 23 hari yang lalu
Like a 5th wheel tiny home
Keshava Keshava
Keshava Keshava 25 hari yang lalu
Very very brilliant👍😎
Janai Navarro
Janai Navarro 25 hari yang lalu
this is my ideal format for a tiny house, i love it
Katya 25 hari yang lalu
This house is a real beauty !
AYDA RIVERA 27 hari yang lalu
Es una mini casa hermosa Felicidades Un saludo desde Colombia
Dira Diana
Dira Diana 27 hari yang lalu
Love this layout , one of the best I've seen so far
sheila q italien
sheila q italien Bulan Yang lalu
Nice i love this tiny house
Yuri Travels
Yuri Travels Bulan Yang lalu
I love all your home builds mate, here in Phillipines I hope some I can get one like it.
Angie Shell
Angie Shell Bulan Yang lalu
This one is the best one yet
Kat the Foxtaur
Kat the Foxtaur Bulan Yang lalu
Wow, this is definitely one of the best tiny homes I've ever seen! And honestly I was expecting him to say it starts a LOT more than $77k... Where I'm from, a small condo costs $350k...
zaid vohra
zaid vohra Bulan Yang lalu
I was thinking it will be upcoming technology portable houses on my channel look like similar video
Zahira Cortes
Zahira Cortes Bulan Yang lalu
Beautiful. 💖
Excuse Me
Excuse Me Bulan Yang lalu
Would like to see a venthood above the cooktop.
babygirl Street
babygirl Street Bulan Yang lalu
I want one ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Patti Stevens
Patti Stevens Bulan Yang lalu
Gooseneck gives the possibility of walk up master for aging adults who wont be climbing ladders.loving the Denali model out of Alabama.
KailaniBpoBpo Bulan Yang lalu
I am making this on the sims 4
Jennifer Bringman
Jennifer Bringman Bulan Yang lalu
Beautiful! A lot for the price!
C H Bulan Yang lalu
How much for this ?
Sige Lang
Sige Lang Bulan Yang lalu
Sobrang ganda ng design
Bungee Gum
Bungee Gum 2 bulan yang lalu
A lot of people wants big Houses fast cars and stuff like that, but a tiny House like this is all i want in life
Truth Inspector
Truth Inspector 2 bulan yang lalu
It's such a failed to put the toilet next to the tub that such a man design and very badd I wouldn't buy it just for that
Brenda Bethany
Brenda Bethany 2 bulan yang lalu
How much did it see for???
Emmy's Creative Corner
Emmy's Creative Corner 2 bulan yang lalu
My husband and I plan to retire and travel the country in a trailer, and what I want to know is: can these trailers travel like an RV trailer? We would like our trailer to look and feel like a home and not like a camper.
Ioana Haitchi
Ioana Haitchi 2 bulan yang lalu
Very nice!
Walkertongdee 2 bulan yang lalu
new category giant tiny home
D. Anderson
D. Anderson 2 bulan yang lalu
Ahstedically one of the most appealing tiny homes you'll find , past or present.
robert yerger
robert yerger 2 bulan yang lalu
What is the noise????
Linda Thomas
Linda Thomas 2 bulan yang lalu
Blondie The Builder
Blondie The Builder 2 bulan yang lalu
Love the drop down window area in and outside idea ... We just got a 50 foot flat deck delivered and I am going to build a home on it also but ours isn't moving 😊
Steven Labry
Steven Labry 2 bulan yang lalu
not to be a prick but how much?
Psycho Space
Psycho Space 2 bulan yang lalu
Would of been really sick if you made the bed a wall bed that folded down so you could put away the bed and boom you have another room that could be a separate office
Mia Miller
Mia Miller 2 bulan yang lalu
Living room is to small and you need a screen put in that kitchen window.
Jennifer Wyrick
Jennifer Wyrick 2 bulan yang lalu
Its just perfect
Luke Szczepanik
Luke Szczepanik 2 bulan yang lalu
Soon I guess there's no towing regulations in US.
Danka Hartmannová
Danka Hartmannová 2 bulan yang lalu
Paci sa mi domcek na kolesach ,brala by som ako reprezentacny na pozemku Slovensko - okres Presov ,dedina Radatice ,napis
Sissy Brooks
Sissy Brooks 2 bulan yang lalu
This is the best one I've seen so far.
Indrani Chakraborty
Indrani Chakraborty 2 bulan yang lalu
This is just a beauty
Haydee Torres
Haydee Torres 2 bulan yang lalu
I love that model!
Smile 2 bulan yang lalu
What is the noise coming from? Beautiful house!
Deanna Barnes
Deanna Barnes 2 bulan yang lalu
Thanks, Doug!
sharon russomanno
sharon russomanno 2 bulan yang lalu
I love this home! Usually I think there's not enough room. I'm sentimental and save probably more than I need. I don't think I'd have to give up much for this home !!! Beautiful
Alicja Steczkowska
Alicja Steczkowska 2 bulan yang lalu
Cudowne ale zostanie tyko marzeniem
Rocky Alvarez
Rocky Alvarez 2 bulan yang lalu
It seems to look bigger on the outside than it really is on the inside I was actually disappointed oh when I saw the inside it doesn't look anywhere near as big as I thought it was . Also at 13 1/2 feet tall it seems a little high to be fitting up under some of the bridges and interstates I think he will have problems in Florida
PwP 2 bulan yang lalu
just a recommendation: get a tutorial on how to do a video outdoors from IDshow . The sound was horrible, and annoying.
Samual Whittemore
Samual Whittemore 2 bulan yang lalu
Tip to videographer: 1) kill all generators before filming .....that's all.
deemail100 2 bulan yang lalu
loved everything except the end door...You have a great door in the middle ... why waste valuable real estate on that second door. If you eliminated that, you could have turned the couch across the end and actually had some living room floor space...Everything else was so well thought out...
Mtg Bambi
Mtg Bambi 2 bulan yang lalu
Its the best so far!!!
al meggs
al meggs 2 bulan yang lalu
Very nice thanks!
LEO LEO 3 bulan yang lalu
Why spend so mucn money on a mobile home that will be parked? You could buy a regular mobile home, have regular sized furniture and room size. etc. And it still can be moved if you need to relocate. Many new mobile homes are being built green now. Most can be modified for solar and stinky compost toilets. You could have 900sq ft. for the same price. Check into it.
LEO LEO 3 bulan yang lalu
That mini split is unreasonably loud. How could sit outside and enjoy nature with that loud thing running.
Brigette Z
Brigette Z 3 bulan yang lalu
Beautiful! Saving this video and hoping to have a tiny home like this one day
Issie vdh
Issie vdh 3 bulan yang lalu
Hadassah-lynn Pretorius
Hadassah-lynn Pretorius 3 bulan yang lalu
Super beautiful!!
Debra F Shoemaker
Debra F Shoemaker 3 bulan yang lalu
If I ever decide to get a tiny house, I want to look here first.
A P 3 bulan yang lalu
That outside split system seemed awfully noisy. Maybe it was just the mic being too close, but I'd want to find something quieter if it is as noisy at it seemed. Otherwise, beautiful !
Joe Morrow
Joe Morrow 3 bulan yang lalu
Nice unit,,,👍👍🇺🇸
T S 3 bulan yang lalu
Not so tiny
Cheryl Johnson
Cheryl Johnson 3 bulan yang lalu
This is the most perfect tiny house I’ve seen 💜
glockumollie 3 bulan yang lalu
I wanted to see that kitchen sink. From the little view I got of it it looked like it could have been the largest sink in any house of this type ever and I've looked at a ton of them.
Cheese Sandwich
Cheese Sandwich 3 bulan yang lalu
Love this!
Jonathan Reyes
Jonathan Reyes 3 bulan yang lalu
Mimic the years of research ... blood ... sweat ... and tears I put into this program waste thousands of dollars in costly mistakes ... and maybe you end up with your own Tiny House.
Barbara Desrosiers
Barbara Desrosiers Bulan Yang lalu
Beautiful tiny house,you thought of everything. Closet, drawers in the stairs. Made use of every nook & crazy! Even have bathroom with tub and washer! Amazing!!
Bonnie Bester
Bonnie Bester 3 bulan yang lalu
I love it!
Excuse Me
Excuse Me 3 bulan yang lalu vent hood above the stove 😔
Chris Regman
Chris Regman 3 bulan yang lalu
That's no longer TINY, more like huge heavy house. Mine is a 300 kg teardrop custom made to be LIGHT so it can be towed by any car.
Elena S
Elena S 3 bulan yang lalu
One of the best I’ve seen! I wish you made things here in my country.
Nadine C
Nadine C 3 bulan yang lalu
I love this one because my husband is 6'6"
home and electronics stop
home and electronics stop 3 bulan yang lalu
very efficient home plus storage
Raydiance Lister
Raydiance Lister 3 bulan yang lalu
That is so so so so so so pretty ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hubert Tubbs
Hubert Tubbs 3 bulan yang lalu
Probably the only thing I would have done different was not paint the interior shiplap wood siding I would have stained it a light pecan and then you could paint it at a later date any color you want
Justin Hammer
Justin Hammer 3 bulan yang lalu
Literally the best tiny house I’ve ever seen.
Laura Kelly
Laura Kelly 3 bulan yang lalu
what is that horrible noise!
Romina Mulberry Inostroza
Romina Mulberry Inostroza 4 bulan yang lalu
On the outside it looked huge..once you come inside it looks so tiny and need for so many walls in would have been a lot more spacious with an open layout...and top it all up, a regular flashing toilet...huge footprint
John Clayton
John Clayton 4 bulan yang lalu
I think this is perfect ... just needs to be 11 ft in width instead of 8
Margaret McGinnis
Margaret McGinnis 4 bulan yang lalu
How do you deal with grey and black water? Is it plumbed with just one 3”drop to hook up to sewer lines?
Kathie Johns
Kathie Johns 4 bulan yang lalu
I'm disappointed!Only one bedroom?That big & only one bedroom?
I see Jewelz
I see Jewelz 4 bulan yang lalu
Uuuhhhmmm ...... u don't think you could turn off whatever is making noice ???!
Flora D
Flora D 4 bulan yang lalu
If tiny home means a constant sound of generator for electricity all the time, then surely its a very big price
Flora D
Flora D 4 bulan yang lalu
Its so perfect. The only thing which I dont like or seems missing is the bedroom door. Also I have noticed that Tiny Homes are good but only applicable to live if you are living alone or 2 as a couple. Rest the finishings in this one are impressive.
michelle viner
michelle viner 4 bulan yang lalu
RobinChristoper 4 bulan yang lalu
Madonna Coughlin
Madonna Coughlin 4 bulan yang lalu
77000 is absolutely positively ridiculous for this. My wife found nearly the same home with much better upgrade for half the price
Kimberly Anne
Kimberly Anne 4 bulan yang lalu
Love your homes, I’d put that home near a ski resort and continue my retirement . I’d put a outside locker on wall flush for my ski’s.
Shamba Mutumbulwa
Shamba Mutumbulwa 4 bulan yang lalu
This tiny home is fantastic👌👌👌
Flor lsela Fonseca
Flor lsela Fonseca 4 bulan yang lalu
K. Bonita. Me. Gustaria. Para. Para. Yo. Vivir
Priscilla’s Galaxy and universe
Priscilla’s Galaxy and universe 5 bulan yang lalu
That closet wow ! If it had another sleeping loft that would be the best ever !
Cherie moonquaker
Cherie moonquaker 5 bulan yang lalu
i hate the noise!
DaybyDay 4 bulan yang lalu
its a portable generator to power the unit for the video. normally you'd be plugged in to the local 'on-grid' system or have solar panels for off grid.
Stacie Shaw
Stacie Shaw 5 bulan yang lalu
Beautiful tiny home but it’s probably $150,000! ...
DaybyDay 4 bulan yang lalu
nope. $77,000. He mentions the price at the end.
Richard Lloyd
Richard Lloyd 5 bulan yang lalu
Love it!
Yaddy Pereira Flórez
Yaddy Pereira Flórez 5 bulan yang lalu
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