Why is Robin van Persie so hated by Arsenal fans? - Oh My Goal

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Robin van Persie is one of the most prolific strikers of his generation, and his time at Arsenal was full of incredible goals. For years, he was the Gunners’ poster boy.
But these days, RvP is absolutely despised by Arsenal fans! In this video, discover what caused an entire fanbase to turn on their former captain so quickly, and so violently.
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Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal
Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal Tahun Yang lalu
Arsenal fans... will you ever forgive him? 😬
Phoenix Football Compilations
Phoenix Football Compilations 5 hari yang lalu
Radical Youngster
Radical Youngster 8 hari yang lalu
Oh my goal what the hell happend to romero argentina goalkeeper
Vegan Forever
Vegan Forever 15 hari yang lalu
@Schoolyard skipper who cares about that , van persie was the most frustrating striker ever he refused to get in the box for most his arsenal career and took almost 70 minutes on average to do so that is not a striker you can build a team round
Vegan Forever
Vegan Forever 15 hari yang lalu
@Schoolyard skipper I hated him before he left he was the most frustrating arsenal sticker of all time he simply refused to get in the box most of his career and couldn't pass
Ann Folan
Ann Folan 23 hari yang lalu
Fuck him
LoserJ7 4 hari yang lalu
This has to be my favorite video from Oh My Goal. All the butthurt from Arsenal fans 🤣
sCope Yui
sCope Yui 7 hari yang lalu
I feels for Gunner fan imagine Ronaldo want to go for Liverpool
JY Jan
JY Jan 11 hari yang lalu
Well it was the management of Arsenal that sent him to other club, why anyone blame him?
صaleh ص _
صaleh ص _ 11 hari yang lalu
He shouldn’t be hated what he said was true and played a huge role for the club even though his injuries
Elias Jimma
Elias Jimma 14 hari yang lalu
Never forgive him
Mario Alberto Ornelas
Mario Alberto Ornelas 14 hari yang lalu
He’s right
Peter Zain
Peter Zain 18 hari yang lalu
He wanted to win trophy
Shirish Baral
Shirish Baral 21 hari yang lalu
He was never offered a new contract by Arsenal
siyad mohamed Noor
siyad mohamed Noor 23 hari yang lalu
I agree with his decison. As arsenal fan that hatred is deserved by the Club owner Korenke and Not player like RVP, CESC, NASRI, A.COLE among others coz The clubs they moved were better and winning trophies as opposed to Arsenal. If the owner and the board tried to change the team to make it move forward who is to blame the players or the top management and the Owner?
Abdu Ahmed
Abdu Ahmed 23 hari yang lalu
Real fucker
peter kangethe
peter kangethe 25 hari yang lalu
Robin van persie was my guy, i am a Man United fan and i believe he was justified to leave.
Odwa Mkancu
Odwa Mkancu Bulan Yang lalu
I think he should have left earlier, and would have won more trophies. True Legend. Players like RVP come once in a while. Ask Man. U
Salman Kamal
Salman Kamal Bulan Yang lalu
Never trust an injury prone shit hole...
SAS112 Bulan Yang lalu
Rember him as striker who love to score more posts&cross-bars than goals xD
eriya mubiru
eriya mubiru Bulan Yang lalu
I have always stood with him. And I'm an arsenal fan
Evans Odhiambo
Evans Odhiambo Bulan Yang lalu
Let's not be critical,he had a life, let's appreciate it
Sj Nge
Sj Nge Bulan Yang lalu
He win trophy at mu.. then?? Even many player get trophy with only sub.. nothing to praise more.. henry go to barca left his legacy tht mean his name always to remember by arsenal fan..
Computers Viva
Computers Viva Bulan Yang lalu
But he never won Champions League trophy
Computers Viva
Computers Viva 14 hari yang lalu
@AMHD he still never got it when he left
AMHD 14 hari yang lalu
How can he win the champions league with arsenal
Andrew Kuntambila
Andrew Kuntambila Bulan Yang lalu
Idk man... I'm an Arsenal fan and I rate the guy. I've never really heard that the guy is hated by gooners...
liam 11
liam 11 Bulan Yang lalu
Arsenal fans still think they are a big club. So when someone leaves to better themselves they get mad
White Nigga Lee
White Nigga Lee Bulan Yang lalu
I think next will be Kane
Imran L Azahari
Imran L Azahari Bulan Yang lalu
Usually when a player leaves arsenal i really dont care. But for persie, it pissed me off cos wenger stuck by him for so many of those injured years. Never once did wenger thought of selling him. Then he just had one or two good seasons under him, then decided to leave. Yes as a professional i can understand he wants to win trophies, but it could’ve been to juve at that time, not a domestic rival.
Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar Bulan Yang lalu
See his first 6 season as a arsenal forward it is a serious joke and he wanted to win trophies son of a bitch
Divyanshu Sharma
Divyanshu Sharma Bulan Yang lalu
He moved to a bigger club😂
Wicked Jungle is massive
Wicked Jungle is massive Bulan Yang lalu
He was right
benji moore
benji moore Bulan Yang lalu
Pls for the last time I wanna see a video about player who ruined in their talents
fela_soprano Bulan Yang lalu
That little boy speech.
Thomas Ma
Thomas Ma Bulan Yang lalu
Still a great striker, not defined by trophies but his skills. He proven to be top class with his final season at Arsenal and debut season with Man Utd. 👍❤️
Angela Nobert
Angela Nobert Bulan Yang lalu
Not all arsenal fans yoo
Shifera Yedenekal
Shifera Yedenekal Bulan Yang lalu
if i were him, i would not have accepted the offer from Manur'
Tebogo Mohanoe
Tebogo Mohanoe Bulan Yang lalu
He made the right decision moving to United the was no future there at Arsenal
abiy shewasged
abiy shewasged Bulan Yang lalu
Now he don’t belong anywhere 🤣🤣🤣
Imran Bin Mohamed Noor
Imran Bin Mohamed Noor Bulan Yang lalu
We can't hate RVP for leaving Arsenal. He had stated his intentions and ambitions. He leaving Arsenal is not the same as Sol Campbell leaving Spurs. Campbell pledged his allegiance to Spurs and left shortly thereafter to a bitter rival.
Imran Bin Mohamed Noor
Imran Bin Mohamed Noor Bulan Yang lalu
Just like Teves. Most Man Utd fans don't hate him for leaving. They hate him for the RIP Fergie stunt...
Josh Kyle
Josh Kyle Bulan Yang lalu
Why do spurs fans hate Sol Campbell so much. Video idea
Gangsta Chicken
Gangsta Chicken Bulan Yang lalu
He is a backstabbing traitor piece of shit! I will never forgive him He should never have left he is selfish trophy hunter
Brian Egona
Brian Egona Bulan Yang lalu
Who is here after Aubameyang's contract extension? Similar story except Aubameyang chose what is right, to stay at arsenal and have a legacy. Van persie left when we needed him most and now we should pretend like nothing happened🤦🏾‍♂️Now van persie cant be called a legend of either arsenal or man utd. Alexis made the same mistake 😂😂 Aubameyang🔴⚪⚡
Vincent Tayag
Vincent Tayag Bulan Yang lalu
RVP leaving pissed me off since I was like 7 when he left but if I wouldn't blame him for wanting trophies. I'll blame that he moved to a direct rival. If he did what Eriksen did leaving Spurs for Inter or if PEA moved to Barca, I actually would understand.
Dishan Singh Mehta
Dishan Singh Mehta Bulan Yang lalu
Mate RVP gave everything to arsenal and when he said about changes he was shrugged off, it's not like he left after 3 or 4 years, plus arsenal thought building stadium was more important than improving team, so he did what any player would do go to a team who would give him back for what he can give to the team.
Ricky Ramliana
Ricky Ramliana Bulan Yang lalu
im an arsenal fan.. but from RVP point of view he know hes getting old.. and he know that he wont be top of his game for long.. so its best to leave and win as many as possible.. because arsenal at that time were far behind being a champion
Blue Sky
Blue Sky Bulan Yang lalu
Just 2 full season without injuries, then he was just kicked out by man utd. He could end his career as a legend, but unfortunately nobody even remember what was his last match
M.Z Pratama
M.Z Pratama Bulan Yang lalu
I mean, say what you want about the guy, but I'm sure he's doing a pretty great job if Arsenal's fans, or at least the worst section of it, hate him. Honestly, the fact that he immediately won a league title the moment he left the sinking ship says it all. If anyone were to blame in this case, then blame the board. Just look it up from the interviews around the time and wenger's testimony. Hell, they're still mismanaging the club to this day, so you may not even need to do that much research on the topic.
C Jay
C Jay Bulan Yang lalu
Knew this video would irritate me when I saw the word 'soccer' instead of football 🤣😂🙄
AFC Number 1
AFC Number 1 Bulan Yang lalu
Shit fans
Muhammad Hairi Hashim
Muhammad Hairi Hashim Bulan Yang lalu
Van der sar
Muhammad Hairi Hashim
Muhammad Hairi Hashim Bulan Yang lalu
Van der sar
Saiber Raj
Saiber Raj Bulan Yang lalu
If Kane leaves spurs ,this RVP case will happen to Kane.Spurs fan will hate Kane for sure
EAGLE EYe Bulan Yang lalu
Most toxic channel
Sachin Bangaru
Sachin Bangaru Bulan Yang lalu
He did us so dirty
ShaolinMeditator101 Bulan Yang lalu
Good on him. He got what he wanted. Premier league title.
Slaze Bulan Yang lalu
His situation sounds very similar to Messi's. Robin Van Persie wanted to finish his career spectacularly. Messi obviously will only be playing for a few more years before he retires, and if you look at it from his point of view, he does not want to spend those last years playing for a club that will not be able to accomplish the goals he desires to accomplish
Riki Jola
Riki Jola Bulan Yang lalu
He did the right thing for himself
Tomas Lambert
Tomas Lambert Bulan Yang lalu
Arsenal sucks.
Math_Boi _42
Math_Boi _42 Bulan Yang lalu
Yes of course he should have left, Arsenal are just living of the past and the fact they are a Top 6 club.
Shiro Rathi
Shiro Rathi Bulan Yang lalu
It was better he left honestly Arsenal needed money and he needed silverware!!
vaibhav negi
vaibhav negi Bulan Yang lalu
I am an Arsenal Die hard fan I love Van Persie but thing is Arsenal should've sacked Wenger Many years ago & why this happen because Arsenal board members were dumbs they don't know how to do it . Look at Barcelona they were in the same position as Arsenal when they beat us in UCL & Now they've 5 UCL , BEST quality players, richest club in the world & more .That's the difference Arsenal is only who sells their best players other clubs keeps their best what ever it takes
Chinonso Ihunayachi
Chinonso Ihunayachi Bulan Yang lalu
At the time, I think it was justified....
Tom Bulan Yang lalu
How can you blame him leaving a shit club for something better 😂
Kshatriya Yuvraj Singh Pathania
Kshatriya Yuvraj Singh Pathania Bulan Yang lalu
How can he turn on his club? Easy : arsenal was not doing good, rvp gave everything to the club still the club had little to no intentions on winning the trophies. The fa cups don't matter that much. And they had an out of touch coach. Rvp did what he needed to do and made a good choice, as arsenal is just a glorified everton. It was not 04 season and a player needs to win some trophies as at the end of the day thats what counts. And he had like just 4-5 years on his watch. Glad he got a pl medal.
Sebastien BOHAN
Sebastien BOHAN 14 hari yang lalu
@Kshatriya Yuvraj Singh Pathania. Shut up the fa cup is one of the most important domestic trophies.
Jyzex Bulan Yang lalu
Anyone gonna talk about the video lenght being 420?
M gooner
M gooner Bulan Yang lalu
He is simply snake 🐍 hate to see him we been very loyal with him judas
Muhammad Muhammad
Muhammad Muhammad Bulan Yang lalu
He is a traitor, a judas, look at where he ends up though he wins a premiere with man utd he went to zero after that just like all the Arsenals players who left Arsenal for trophies and money. One season winning a trophy next season they are zero
Shiswamy Bulan Yang lalu
He has all the rights to leave any club same with everyone else
soumyadeep biswas
soumyadeep biswas Bulan Yang lalu
MITTZZ 2002 Bulan Yang lalu
He left arsenal that's why they hate him
Aidan Jane McIntosh
Aidan Jane McIntosh Bulan Yang lalu
As a Chelsea fan, I do *hate* Arsenal, though a lot of my friends are Arsenal fans (some also hate Chelsea to the bone), but none of them hated RVP more than they should. They were gutted when he left, but that was that.
Darth Veda
Darth Veda Bulan Yang lalu
He is still my all time favourite.... We don't hate him... we hate our American owners who sold him to our biggest rivals just for a profit. He missed so many games because we kept rushing him back too soon because the club didn't spend to create squad depth.
jeffrey lee
jeffrey lee Bulan Yang lalu
Can't blame players if they ambitious...imagine a company you work for doesn't gives what you want...mind and soul may speak differently...my two cents from a gooner
Uncle Joe NDOORE
Uncle Joe NDOORE Bulan Yang lalu
Fuck RVP
Mahatho Salat
Mahatho Salat Bulan Yang lalu
Alloase Mkonen
Alloase Mkonen Bulan Yang lalu
He could stay at ARSENAL
Chin Chang
Chin Chang Bulan Yang lalu
When Van Persie left Arsenal for Man Utd or Ashley Cole went to Chelsea, we fans feel angry as we see it a betrayal. But then look at Arsenal selling Emi for 20 million!! I think Arsenal just lost its right to expect loyalty from its players.
Lominto Wilson
Lominto Wilson Bulan Yang lalu
He was right
Siraji Mudebo
Siraji Mudebo Bulan Yang lalu
Nothing for nothing he needed to move on
Sempa David
Sempa David Bulan Yang lalu
Fuck van pussy Judas
Ebube Dike
Ebube Dike Bulan Yang lalu
Jane Lamba
Jane Lamba Bulan Yang lalu
We love you van #Man utd fans love u all to that hope u coach us one day😀
Dickson Agabi
Dickson Agabi Bulan Yang lalu
Judas 👎👿
Good Fella
Good Fella Bulan Yang lalu
🐍 snake
Hazim Z
Hazim Z Bulan Yang lalu
Every arsenal players who leave the club, win silverware
Terence Chia
Terence Chia Bulan Yang lalu
becos he moved to Man United AND won Premier league title ! HAHAHAHA
Projato Chakrabarti
Projato Chakrabarti Bulan Yang lalu
Even if anyone says, no Arsenal can never win the Premier League, we will show them that we can win the Champions League. We wake up every day stronger, and it may take some time, but we will sow them, and I think this time will come very soon. Arsenal Fans, do you agree?
Abhishek Karthik J
Abhishek Karthik J Bulan Yang lalu
Yes I will forgive him because I am not a arsenal fan
SAMMY OMARI Bulan Yang lalu
Rvp was right to leave
Petr Per
Petr Per Bulan Yang lalu
He is not a legend at Arsenal nor United. Arsenal put up with his injuries for 6 years. 7th year he had a cracking season with no injuries and he left to a rival straight after!
Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer
Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer Bulan Yang lalu
He became one season wonder in United and then he sold to a Turkish club. I remember that he was injured a lot and when he comes back, we all back him. He is also one season wonder at Arsenal when finally he was injury free at 2nd year he forced a move to United.
Punnag Bose
Punnag Bose Bulan Yang lalu
He was right.
Salvation army UGANDA
Salvation army UGANDA Bulan Yang lalu
He was good but just as Sanchez Judas iscariot
Salvation army UGANDA
Salvation army UGANDA Bulan Yang lalu
He was good but just as Sanchez Judas iscariot
Sam Chau
Sam Chau Bulan Yang lalu
Back then I thought him to be a traitor just like fabregas. it just seemed shitty that he had to move to man united. I thought him to be better than that. Well now not anymore, I can understand his perspective - arsenal is slowly getting its fire back. It's gonna take a while though before we see them in the top3 or in ucl again.
amon Asha
amon Asha Bulan Yang lalu
He should have stayed
Alexandru Ciobanu
Alexandru Ciobanu Bulan Yang lalu
Wen you love football, you just love it. Van Persie was a king in this beautiful game called football. You don't support Arsenal or Man U..when you are that good, you want to win trophies, and Man U could accomplish his desire. So that's that. Me, as a United fanatic, I surely love van Persie, but one thing is for sure: the King love's football. No team is good enough for him to love them back😊
Weezy official tz
Weezy official tz Bulan Yang lalu
What he didi was right as player cuz you need trophies
Harold Bulan Yang lalu
“Why do Arsenal fans hate Van Persie” Same reason Spurs fans hate Sol Campbell.
Thomas Barnes
Thomas Barnes Bulan Yang lalu
Every single club have a player the hate or minimum dislike. Anyone who says otherwise is talking bollox.
Alexander Zukic
Alexander Zukic Bulan Yang lalu
If Arsenal listening to Robin now they could have won the prem but some people are just more interested in money revenue than success
YT playZ
YT playZ Bulan Yang lalu
999 k views 🧐
Pan Flanel
Pan Flanel Bulan Yang lalu
Why they hate him:He betrayed them and he left to Manchester United..💎
Allan Israel
Allan Israel Bulan Yang lalu
The look of Arsen Wenger😂😂
Mogau Mashego
Mogau Mashego 2 bulan yang lalu
There was no hope for arsenal
Thomas Barnes
Thomas Barnes 2 bulan yang lalu
Compare this wrongun to say Alan Shearer, that's true loyalty..
Thomas Barnes
Thomas Barnes 2 bulan yang lalu
Biggest Judas as voted by true Arsenal fans...
Sagrr Grng
Sagrr Grng 2 bulan yang lalu
Come its always frustrating for a world class player to only win FA cups .. Arsenals ambitions seems to be always winning FA cup only and guess what they won it this year also 👏
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