Kim Soo-hyun, Seo Yea-ji, and Oh Jung-se play Jenga [ENG SUB]

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The Swoon

The Swoon

19 hari yang lalu

The stars of IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY naturally take on their new roles in a laughter-filled game of Jenga: Kim Soo-hyun the mission decider, Seo Yea-ji the eye-smile fairy, and Oh Jung-se the mission board holder. 🤣
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The Swoon
The Swoon 19 hari yang lalu
Find out how to win Seo Yea-ji’s signed drawing of Kim Soo-hyun and Oh Jung-se on our community tab here idshow.infoUgxx9cllMpFvbAULilJ4AaABCQ! 🎁
lily Ben said
lily Ben said Hari Yang lalu
I love them... Such a nice funny series.
hotsauce 5 hari yang lalu
can we get a couch talk??? 🥺
Ivy mae Baluyut
Ivy mae Baluyut 6 hari yang lalu
M A 9 hari yang lalu
Can we have ASMR of Seo Ye-ji and Kim Soo-Hyun? 🙏🦋🙏🦋🙏🦋🙏🦋🙏🦋🙏
Sunflowers And Roses
Sunflowers And Roses 4 menit yang lalu
Her body is literally ⏳😳
Shanen Fae Turco
Shanen Fae Turco 52 menit yang lalu
4:24 💓
Ajae TV 아재 TV
Ajae TV 아재 TV Jam Yang lalu
Aren't you curious about 'It's okay to not be okay' characters past appearance? :) 👉
Brisa Rodríguez
Brisa Rodríguez Jam Yang lalu
Que hermosa que es ella😭😍
요알아뭐해 2 jam yang lalu
Rin jii
Rin jii 2 jam yang lalu
It's just so cute that Ye Ji lets Kim Soo Hyun decide on what sticker should be picked 👉👈😫
Rumi Shakya
Rumi Shakya 2 jam yang lalu
Loved how Oh Jung-se played the character of Sang tae, one of the best acting I have seen till date.
vannie thakur
vannie thakur 4 jam yang lalu
Blink Once
Blink Once 4 jam yang lalu
The emoji SYJ picked matches her so well cause she has an eye smile just like the emoji😊
Ana Belén C.A
Ana Belén C.A 6 jam yang lalu
Guys share this drama with EVERYBODY because all of us need this drama
valuu_vall 123
valuu_vall 123 6 jam yang lalu
En la serie el ni habla y en la vida real no para jsjs
N N 7 jam yang lalu
In real life KSH is such a bright, humorous and extra person while in dramas, movies he's The King of tears. How talented he is!!!
chip park
chip park 7 jam yang lalu
Less than 3 weeks and we are approaching 3M views😳😂 PBIO nation, we are not near moving on anytime soon❤
Roro Rowoonie
Roro Rowoonie 8 jam yang lalu
Kim Soo Hyun is so cute😘
Phoenix 199x
Phoenix 199x 9 jam yang lalu
Did you know that Oh Jung Se has prosopagnosia? It means he has inability to recognize familiar faces even he's own face. But that does not make him less of an actor. Just like his character Moon Sang Tae, even though having ASD he does not limit himself from doing good on what he wants and excel on it despite his disability.
Ary Ibarra
Ary Ibarra 9 jam yang lalu
Aless Aguiba
Aless Aguiba 11 jam yang lalu
my dumbass just realized the numbers soo hyun chose for yea ji was his birthday LMAO
Tsuli Janger
Tsuli Janger 11 jam yang lalu
I miss them.
Chelcea Angelica Stephani
Chelcea Angelica Stephani 12 jam yang lalu
Damn they're cute
Hee 12 jam yang lalu
말이 왜케 많아 김수현ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
KaInspirit LOvelyz
KaInspirit LOvelyz 13 jam yang lalu
This may sound crazy but I think Kim Soohyun and Yeji are dating
Sonador Nounou
Sonador Nounou Jam Yang lalu
I feel something between them and he is so touchy with her I mean he is supposed to be shy?! I don't know if he is like that with other actresses or just her so let's wait and see 🤔😉😳
KaInspirit LOvelyz
KaInspirit LOvelyz 6 jam yang lalu
Fiona Ye lol no worries xD
Fiona Ye
Fiona Ye 6 jam yang lalu
@KaInspirit LOvelyz sorry idk how i completely passed that part hahha
KaInspirit LOvelyz
KaInspirit LOvelyz 6 jam yang lalu
Fiona Ye uh, it’s not spreading rumors. If you can read I legitimately said “I THINK”.
Fiona Ye
Fiona Ye 7 jam yang lalu
stoooppp spreading rumors!!! FAKE!!!
KaInspirit LOvelyz
KaInspirit LOvelyz 13 jam yang lalu
Even I knew the staff meant literal Netflix & Chill but Kim Soohyun decides to go and overreact on his own lmao xD
lily Ben said
lily Ben said 15 jam yang lalu
I already miss the series 😔 i miss all the characters... I miss their funny scenes and dialogues. Their acting too.. Well they were so genuine I almost believed that they were all real.. Hat off guys
nfk 16 jam yang lalu
I love how sang tae pull out his character. He seriously deserve award for that.
xTenshiAi 16 jam yang lalu
kim soo hyun is so energetic and cute haha and seo yeji is so beautiful. she is literally the emoji she picked haha
boutheynah 16 jam yang lalu
I love this trio so much!
Priyanka Kathayat
Priyanka Kathayat 16 jam yang lalu
yosh 17 jam yang lalu
감자별 임팩트가 너무 컸어서,, ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 적응이 안돼넼ㅋㅋㅋ
i a
i a 18 jam yang lalu
i didnt expect this personality of ksh hhahahaha he is sooOo funny and talkative. he must fun to be with keke
sparksfs11 19 jam yang lalu
Oh that’s so cute! She asks for his help every time here. ☺️And the best trio🤩
Arwin C
Arwin C 19 jam yang lalu
So cute three of them
Tiffany Schutt
Tiffany Schutt 19 jam yang lalu
I loved this drama AND can we get a special round of applause for oh jung se? He did a fantastic job with his character 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
이예쁨 19 jam yang lalu
游TU 19 jam yang lalu
so cute~~
blue watermelon
blue watermelon 20 jam yang lalu
Everyone be talking bout Yea-ji and Soohyun so imma talk about how good of an actor Jung-se is, like playing the part of a kiddish adult ain't easy although he made it look easy so can we take a moment to appreciate his amazingggg acting skills
blue watermelon
blue watermelon 20 jam yang lalu
Yall have no idea how happy I am cause of Soohyun being so cheerful and energetic cause in most of his kdramas he's cold
Gabriella Jackson
Gabriella Jackson 20 jam yang lalu
I love her outfit, it’s so cuteeeee
NHI YẾN 20 jam yang lalu
4:11 YeJi "There is a sticker" awwwww so cute
Beaudee Pink
Beaudee Pink 20 jam yang lalu
Am i the only one who couldn't finish reading the subtitles and captions so i decreased the speed😂
maggui E
maggui E 20 jam yang lalu
I loved this dorama!!
Marie Rivers
Marie Rivers 21 jam yang lalu
Lets be honest, this is not the first time we watched this. Hello Swoon??? Are you still there?? WE NEED MORE OF THIS!
anna kim
anna kim 21 jam yang lalu
swoon we are still hoping for the compliment me and the couch talk :((( pls
Mahya 21 jam yang lalu
5:37 The way Seo Yeji asking Soohyun to what sticker she should choose :)))))
Madhu sri
Madhu sri 22 jam yang lalu
I loved the acting of oh Jung se. He really steal the show.. wat an actinh
Dinni Munggaran
Dinni Munggaran Hari Yang lalu
Kim Soo Hyun is so funny actually. I'm waiting for him to play a comedy romance drama.
Adinda Chiara
Adinda Chiara Hari Yang lalu
I love seo yeji's personality🥺
yoitskoko Hari Yang lalu
I really pray and wish Oh Jung Sae gets the recognition he deserves with this role. He portrayed it so well and effortlessly every scenes are just heartwarming to watch. He delivered the emotions so well and so with the whole cast. I'm so glad I watched this cos it really healed me in some way. 🙏🏼❤️
라이라 Hari Yang lalu
배우들 존멋 존예에요8ㅁ8 이걸 이제 보다니 난 바보야
Grace Michelle
Grace Michelle Hari Yang lalu
we need more than just them playing jenga :(
Monisha Nandagopal
Monisha Nandagopal Hari Yang lalu
Point 1. He's too talkative. Point 2. She was soo quite. Point 3. They look so alike. (oppa yeodeongseng) 💁🏻‍♀️
Monisha Nandagopal
Monisha Nandagopal 9 jam yang lalu
@beom beom 🙄beom beom?? What
Monisha Nandagopal
Monisha Nandagopal 9 jam yang lalu
@sparksfs11 No, They have similar facial characters
sparksfs11 19 jam yang lalu
Uhm no they don’t look like siblings !
beom beom
beom beom 19 jam yang lalu
@Monisha Nandagopal.
Monisha Nandagopal
Monisha Nandagopal 19 jam yang lalu
@beom beom huh?? What??
Hae In
Hae In Hari Yang lalu
Yes, I want to save Kim Soo Hyun picture. ☺️
Redy Pajero
Redy Pajero Hari Yang lalu
*Gang-tae, Moon-young, Sang-tae* *_Who's here after watching the finale chapter of "It's Okay To Not Be Okay"?_* Gonna miss this trio and k-drama so very damn much, the best one I've ever watched so far.
Yanet Cruz
Yanet Cruz Hari Yang lalu
Muy bueno el drama me gustó mucho la actuación de los tres son excelentes
Dora ji
Dora ji Hari Yang lalu
we want S2 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Sina Kim-
Sina Kim- Hari Yang lalu
Yea Ji 😙
Midori Hari Yang lalu
Kim So-hyun @ 6:31😍😍😍😍
ca enjie
ca enjie Hari Yang lalu
ca enjie
ca enjie Hari Yang lalu
BTS_연인 Hari Yang lalu
Why was this under the #DUMDI_DUMDI ?