BTS Jungkook '10000 Hours (Full Ver.)' Lyrics

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BTS Jungkook '10000 Hours (Full Ver.)' Lyrics
• Artist: Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber
• Song ♫: 10000 Hours (cover by 정국)
• Album: 10000 Hours
• Released:
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jungkook 10000 hours lyrics
jungkook 10000 hours full
jungkook 10000 hours full ver
jungkook 10000 hours full lyrics
jungkook 10000 hours full ver lyrics

jemilyn bayot
jemilyn bayot 10 menit yang lalu
Very nice voice
Astrid Cruz
Astrid Cruz Jam Yang lalu
"What's your favorite song" me: this "does it make you smile?" me: yea :) "do you think of me?" me: *_of course :D_*
Aaliyah Rivas
Aaliyah Rivas 2 jam yang lalu
I love this
Subash 007
Subash 007 2 jam yang lalu
Woww.... 🥰🥰🥰 kookie baby voice very melted voice.... 😍😍😍 kookie angel... 😘😘😘 love you soo much kookie babyy.... 😘😘😘💜💜💜💜💜
bangtan_army BTS
bangtan_army BTS 2 jam yang lalu
Itsyagirl 3 jam yang lalu
This makes me smile, even when I’m crying. Thank you bts, thank you kpop. For making me smile, making me realize I’m worth it, making me think that this world is not that bad
Dian Ariska
Dian Ariska 3 jam yang lalu
I really,really love this song ,to my future husband to be ,10.000 year i'm gonna yours 7 august girl
Roro Aks
Roro Aks 3 jam yang lalu
Omg jk 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Naomi Langat
Naomi Langat 3 jam yang lalu
Wow ❤️😍
Navi Agarwal
Navi Agarwal 4 jam yang lalu
Love love love lots of love 💕
jeon jungkook
jeon jungkook 4 jam yang lalu
Rebah Kahina
Rebah Kahina 4 jam yang lalu
BTS inspired me to write a book, it's available on amazon kindle for purchase, the book is called This Heavy Crown, the author is Rebah Kahina
Adan Gill
Adan Gill 5 jam yang lalu
I am gonna love you ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
D3TS IK 5 jam yang lalu
hadeel 5 jam yang lalu
Me: I love u bae ,my jungkook 😍 Jungkook :me too my love🥰 Me again: I can't breathe........ I died ‼😂🤣
hacker deadsec
hacker deadsec 5 jam yang lalu
The earth won't have another Jungkook I want to meet his parents and thank them for making such a beautiful human being
Alishba Ali
Alishba Ali 5 jam yang lalu
Jungkook's voice is so sweeter than anything
anastacia mendoza
anastacia mendoza 5 jam yang lalu
its so funny how they're English is like- *PERFECT* when they sing cover songs, but when they try to talk normally they say its so hard- 😂
AvenoirxTaegguk 5 jam yang lalu
I think all of jeongguk's covers are for Taekook💜💜
AvenoirxTaegguk 5 jam yang lalu
AvenoirxTaegguk 5 jam yang lalu
And Your Eyes Tell🤝Taekook
• Jeonmilk •
• Jeonmilk • 6 jam yang lalu
*I think* Jungkook's covers are better than original
Janvi Parmar
Janvi Parmar 6 jam yang lalu
Alaina Keenan
Alaina Keenan 6 jam yang lalu
not me crying over him again
Ishfat Nil
Ishfat Nil 6 jam yang lalu
Good song
awkward su
awkward su 6 jam yang lalu
not an army here...but his voice & pronunciation 😍
V-KOOKSHIPPER101 7 jam yang lalu
Haters: They can't even sing in english Jungkook: Hold my banana milk Taehyung
Ayda khamphu
Ayda khamphu 7 jam yang lalu
Crazy ليلي
Crazy ليلي 7 jam yang lalu
i dont like songs talking about love...
Rachna Varshney
Rachna Varshney 7 jam yang lalu
I spend 10000 hours and 10000 more just seeing you smiling in the video of yours
Axîinte Ana
Axîinte Ana 7 jam yang lalu
I'm the only one who wants Jungkook and Justin to have a song collaboration
Nohelia TJ
Nohelia TJ
As a belieber I don’t want it, because some immature armies will drag Justin for no reason.
moo' 7 jam yang lalu
jungkook sang it better than justin ever could hope to
moo' 8 jam yang lalu
Anuska Pandey
Anuska Pandey 8 jam yang lalu
Does it made anyone else cry 😭😭😭 Noone only me okay☹🙁
Amna Zainab
Amna Zainab 7 jam yang lalu
it made me cry too
Sayma Suma
Sayma Suma 8 jam yang lalu
The song is 10000 hour and the comments are also 10000 What a coincidence 😂😂😂
Amber Polangcos
Amber Polangcos 8 jam yang lalu
his voice is so pretty
jonalyn carenan
jonalyn carenan 8 jam yang lalu
I love you jk😘😘😘
Camille Dabalos
Camille Dabalos 8 jam yang lalu
Babyyyyyyy ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Chirapron Bualek
Chirapron Bualek 8 jam yang lalu
You are so perfect Jungkook
ATHRON XYRUS II 8 jam yang lalu
So cute 🖤
REEMAS Luai 83
REEMAS Luai 83 8 jam yang lalu
I love you jungkook 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😿😿❤❤❤❤❤✌
ZarArmy 4 ever
ZarArmy 4 ever 9 jam yang lalu
Show this to a hater and don't tell him/her that this is sang by Jungkook they are gonna surely love this and think that this is sang by an American singer I did same with my brother!!
Amna Zainab
Amna Zainab 7 jam yang lalu
ohhh wow i will do it with my brother too
Sharanjeet Kour
Sharanjeet Kour 9 jam yang lalu
His voice is magical like him💜💜💜
Yadhistarama Ram
Yadhistarama Ram 9 jam yang lalu
This is Justin bieber's song right. Jungkook you took it to the next level.
zeynep ozlu
zeynep ozlu 9 jam yang lalu
marry me jkkk
Kimti Sherpa
Kimti Sherpa 10 jam yang lalu
I'd never heard this song before. My dumbass thought this was his original.😳
yeasminara khatun
yeasminara khatun 10 jam yang lalu
Such a angelic voice I had an argument and immediarely listened to this.... this made my mind calm and happy
btschimchim 24
btschimchim 24 10 jam yang lalu
Barry Short
Barry Short 10 jam yang lalu
Best song
allouache Lila Aya
allouache Lila Aya 11 jam yang lalu
Ahh this song is so good. Luv u jk
Shahnaz Parvin
Shahnaz Parvin 11 jam yang lalu
The song is completed with his angelic voice
Yussof BNL
Yussof BNL 11 jam yang lalu
jungkook: i'd send 10000 hours and 10000 more........ me: I'd SPenD TEn ThOusAnd HOurs.......... *my brother* : yup this is my crazy sister
Army forever
Army forever 11 jam yang lalu
That’s what we all want 💜
Taekook forever
Taekook forever 11 jam yang lalu
Golden voice of Kpop 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
SecretCrush0902 11 jam yang lalu
Tbh, this is better than the original :)
Rain Espinas
Rain Espinas 11 jam yang lalu
jungkook is getting better at english
Kookie_sweet Bubble_gum
Kookie_sweet Bubble_gum 11 jam yang lalu
Jk:when u close ur eyes tell me wut u dreamin My brain:jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook urghhhhhhhh!!!!!
fatos fatos
fatos fatos 11 jam yang lalu
Jungkook ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Vanessa Anne
Vanessa Anne 11 jam yang lalu
Jungkook: 'when you close your eyes, tell me what you dreamin'? Me: it's you jungkook
Cathleen Santiago
Cathleen Santiago 12 jam yang lalu
O my I really shock when I saw this jungkooks voice is so damn beautiful and I know that he will be successful in the future and now let's support BTS I wish they will have concert in 2022 let's pray for that haha
od21 12 jam yang lalu
Wait where did he release this??
MuSiC xxx
MuSiC xxx 7 jam yang lalu
Soundcloud. Bts release lots of original and cover songs on sound cloud . Checkout his original song still with you in sound cloud
Luzane Gomez
Luzane Gomez 12 jam yang lalu
jungkook voice is so good
Anshita Pal
Anshita Pal 13 jam yang lalu
This cover is more sweeter than the original 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ziauddin Ahmed
Ziauddin Ahmed 13 jam yang lalu
Jungkook's English is so cute.Also angelic.
inbox modular cabinet making
inbox modular cabinet making 13 jam yang lalu
wow po
inbox modular cabinet making
inbox modular cabinet making 13 jam yang lalu
hi po bye
inbox modular cabinet making
inbox modular cabinet making 13 jam yang lalu
Lalbiaktluangi Matluangi
Lalbiaktluangi Matluangi 13 jam yang lalu
This song is very nice
Sarabjeet Kour
Sarabjeet Kour 13 jam yang lalu
On junkook when i close my eyes i saw bts there
Angelie Camilo
Angelie Camilo 13 jam yang lalu
He sounds like JB especially on the first part!!!💜💜💜
Stéphanie _
Stéphanie _ 13 jam yang lalu
i smiled like he was singing to me,, i’m not an army but, all his fans, you are lucky :)
I hate Snakeu
I hate Snakeu 12 jam yang lalu
Awww you can join us lol👀👄👀
은비민 13 jam yang lalu
my mom who’s non army loves this AaaAaA! 😭🥰
kamaleshwar balasubramanian
kamaleshwar balasubramanian 14 jam yang lalu
Marianne's Slime
Marianne's Slime 14 jam yang lalu
I think jk sing this for v💜💜💜
Janna Ore
Janna Ore 12 jam yang lalu
No. For army
Sasmita 14 jam yang lalu
Who dislike our Jungkook 😠😠😠😠😠😣
Krishna Kim
Krishna Kim 14 jam yang lalu
"BTS has only fans in earth like if you're one of us"
jeon kook
jeon kook 14 jam yang lalu
Jungkook should do a Collab with Justin they will end everyone's career
Nohelia TJ
Nohelia TJ 2 menit yang lalu
fari x ?
fari x
fari x 5 jam yang lalu
Please don't support justin. He's a mess. Let's respect jungkook's love for him but otherwise,,, yk??
Lahari BTS
Lahari BTS 5 jam yang lalu
I disagree😓
Fauziani Solehah
Fauziani Solehah 6 jam yang lalu
@Marinta Nur lol
Marinta Nur
Marinta Nur 7 jam yang lalu
Do you mean Justin seagul?
seema Fatima
seema Fatima 15 jam yang lalu
Such a angle voice our oppa has army we love you BTS 😊💜how sweet song become with jk voice it touched my heart 💜
Miguel Esther
Miguel Esther 15 jam yang lalu
Hi jankouk
Miguel Esther
Miguel Esther 15 jam yang lalu
It is kushali
Yovela Cristalee
Yovela Cristalee 16 jam yang lalu
Wait, is this real? 😂
Yovela Cristalee
Yovela Cristalee 15 jam yang lalu
@Inviernoicecokay, thanks
Inviernoicec 15 jam yang lalu
yes! he posted this full version on BTS' Soundcloud account after posting a shorter version on Twitter.
วิลาสินี กรุณา
วิลาสินี กรุณา 16 jam yang lalu
Mg Kgျမန္မာေအာကားမ်ား
Mg Kgျမန္မာေအာကားမ်ား 16 jam yang lalu
I love u jk He is so so so cute
null 98
null 98 16 jam yang lalu
jungkook this song is really nice like your voice and i like jk but i am not crazy for him and army dont forgot its not big hit or any thing related to bts if you have a questan go and comment in big hit ok i hope you can understand me
12 13
12 13 10 jam yang lalu
If big hit have anything then say it to my face
Kosomak Seng
Kosomak Seng 16 jam yang lalu
This is the cleanest version of all the Cover
Feds rivera Canete
Feds rivera Canete 16 jam yang lalu
Good that was my favorite song but i dont know the singer is jungkook
Simp Teehee
Simp Teehee 16 jam yang lalu
Omg I really need to get back into kpop I love bts so much
AIRENE BURLAT 16 jam yang lalu
Dhruv Kapoor
Dhruv Kapoor 16 jam yang lalu
0:51 just a frndly correction, instead of road its route. :)
AIRENE BURLAT 16 jam yang lalu
bts jungkook1000000000
Nanjiba Shaima
Nanjiba Shaima 16 jam yang lalu
Jungkook: * breathes * Me: *faints*
leydi the ninja girl
leydi the ninja girl 17 jam yang lalu
With i didn't know jungkook made this song :0💜
leydi the ninja girl
leydi the ninja girl 15 jam yang lalu
Ohhhhhhh okay thanks 💜😂✌
NUR AIN DANIEL 15 jam yang lalu
actually no, he just cover this song😊🙌🏻
Samaher Ail
Samaher Ail 17 jam yang lalu
حقيقي صوت كوكي يداخل القلب تحسي أنك في عالم ثاني من الحسيس الي وصله بصوته
Kanishka Maravi
Kanishka Maravi 17 jam yang lalu
Binod 💜
peachyrii 17 jam yang lalu
Jungkook voice is so SOFT
DEBOMOULI SARKAR 17 jam yang lalu
It all started with Jungkook getting drunk himself...🤣
Jovelyn Asuncion
Jovelyn Asuncion 17 jam yang lalu
I’ve been looking for this omg!!!! Thank you!!!!
Vicki Palacios
Vicki Palacios 17 jam yang lalu
Junkook is really good and cute.👍👍💜💜💜
Geraldine David
Geraldine David 17 jam yang lalu
Angelie Camilo
Angelie Camilo 18 jam yang lalu
JK: Do you think of me? My soul screams fckn yesss!!!!
김태희 18 jam yang lalu
목소리봐ㅠ역시 메인보컬8~8
Tasha Sampaguita 전 수치
Tasha Sampaguita 전 수치 18 jam yang lalu
I know this song before but didn't rlly know all of the lyrics but when Jungkook made this cover, I just sang it like I know all the lyrics (._.)
Tasha Sampaguita 전 수치
Tasha Sampaguita 전 수치 6 jam yang lalu
@12 13 Yes, yes I know ᵔᴥᵔ💜
12 13
12 13 10 jam yang lalu
That's what makes it special
11-Darshita Singh -8D
11-Darshita Singh -8D 18 jam yang lalu
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