[SOMI - What You Waiting For] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 200723 EP.675

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- KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.675
- SOMI - What You Waiting For
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sandhya debbarma
sandhya debbarma 3 jam yang lalu
Little teddy slapped by little cute,hot Somi
Arul Moly
Arul Moly 4 jam yang lalu
체육관 음악 [Gym Music]
체육관 음악 [Gym Music] 4 jam yang lalu
Any Blink here to supports Somi ??
wisnu dewanto
wisnu dewanto 6 jam yang lalu
so many toxic comment, because she very pretty :D
Lexy Cruz
Lexy Cruz 6 jam yang lalu
Her in that red dress, I'm like: step on me please
ToonYong Zi
ToonYong Zi 6 jam yang lalu
She’s truly beautiful 😻 Love her! Keep going girl!
itsana vasquez
itsana vasquez 9 jam yang lalu
winwinwin282828 10 jam yang lalu
Somi should be more popular than Jennie from BP. Somi is more beautiful, has a great body, speaks multiple languages and most importantly, she is damn hard working, not just relying on her pretty face to do all the work for her.
cutieyuffie 11 jam yang lalu
Somi the bear did nothing to you. How dare you hurt the teddy bear >.>
Hayzieee 7 jam yang lalu
I‘m a BLINK und LUCA Fan
I‘m a BLINK und LUCA Fan 14 jam yang lalu
The red dress suits her so well
ria rio
ria rio 20 jam yang lalu
She's look like Adelia Pasha, sooo beautiful 😊
Shan Yusarin
Shan Yusarin 21 jam yang lalu
Some of the comments are quite toxic. Y'all really be talking big like you guys are in Somi's position. I'm no fan of Somi. Just check out her new song but those comments are unbelievable. She work hard for this song and yet people still want to find fault. Once they find a fault which is not a big deal to began with, they forgot how much effort she put when performing this. Get a life man.
Filha de Yoongi And Jennie
Filha de Yoongi And Jennie 21 jam yang lalu
0:19 Me: I wanted to get slapped by Jeon Somi, Lucky Bear.
/ L \
/ L \ Hari Yang lalu
WOOOOW idshow.info/watch/qjidAA3TeIU/video.html
LLee lee
LLee lee Hari Yang lalu
립싱크 티 너무나...
Dian Nurlizta Aryani
Dian Nurlizta Aryani Hari Yang lalu
this outfit is better than birthday era. her dancers' outfit are not overshadowing her in this comeback stage.
kambing kambing
kambing kambing Hari Yang lalu
Hayzieee Hari Yang lalu
Almost 7M yes gùrl🔥
fairiekaci Hari Yang lalu
some of yall might say that dress is ugly but its pretty fucking cute
Judy Lam
Judy Lam Hari Yang lalu
Idk bout y’all but I think the choreo is perfect, I can’t wait for more from Somi!
amber Hari Yang lalu
Probably the most pretty kpop stage background
Cyra Mae Maliwat
Cyra Mae Maliwat Hari Yang lalu
Is she a half american and half korean? Btw she's pretty..
민짐 Hari Yang lalu
Somi is half korean,dutch and Canadian and she's born in 2001
글쟁이쑤니 Hari Yang lalu
뭔가 빌보드 차트에서 볼 것 같은 느낌적인 느낌이랄까????
Krokie Oshi
Krokie Oshi Hari Yang lalu
Im a fan now😁😁😍😍 from ph🇵🇭
민짐 Hari Yang lalu
echi echi
echi echi Hari Yang lalu
Real life barbie = Somi.... I mean Barbie should look like Somi...she's soo pretty
Novitasari Haryanto
Novitasari Haryanto Hari Yang lalu
Woow.. who realize that the choreographer (Lee Jung Lee) become her backdancer??
Hayzieee Hari Yang lalu
Yea.and shes a close friend of somi
Cassandra Trocio
Cassandra Trocio 2 hari yang lalu
She looks like Suho's sister from True Beauty HUHUHHU
Flower Power
Flower Power 2 hari yang lalu
She deserve to be an international singer like agnez mo, flying flying so high
abdul jakul salsal
abdul jakul salsal 5 jam yang lalu
Agnez mo? Hahahahahah
Ilahun Nongkynrih
Ilahun Nongkynrih 2 hari yang lalu
I love this song ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
shahia w
shahia w 2 hari yang lalu
비midnight 2 hari yang lalu
All of a sudden, almost everyone in the comment section is a professional dancer *AND* singer, jesus... how are you guys not big yet if you know so much??
은 한국에 있어Amine
은 한국에 있어Amine 2 hari yang lalu
I comeback to this everyday! Her best performance for sure!!! After all she been trough, happy to see her with another BANGER.
ღ깡그ღ 2 hari yang lalu
축하드려요, 당신은 한국인댓을 찾았습니다.
love소미공주 2 hari yang lalu
WWF 컴백 무대가 어제일 같은데 금방 막방이 끝나버렸어. 어쩜 시간이 이렇게 빠른지....
Ulieng corn
Ulieng corn 2 hari yang lalu
Binge listening to this song for days now. Can't stop listening. Im stuck 😬
Arfan Ali TV
Arfan Ali TV 2 hari yang lalu
At the moment, it looks so beautiful
my diểm trần
my diểm trần 3 hari yang lalu
Vietnames 🇻🇳🖑🖑
leon vy
leon vy 3 hari yang lalu
YV 3 hari yang lalu
You know it's a good song when Teddy's in it. 😃
mirlove 3 hari yang lalu
how you guys can listen tu her chipmunk voice ? not a hater.but i cant understand.
TrxVv 2 hari yang lalu
same people who complains but spend most of their time watching! thanks for the views!!
Devine rose Ordialez
Devine rose Ordialez 3 hari yang lalu
Sanya lopes
TrxVv 2 hari yang lalu
Devine rose Ordialez
Devine rose Ordialez 3 hari yang lalu
Sanya lopes
Doodles By Eri
Doodles By Eri 3 hari yang lalu
Omg i love this! it sounds so summer bop-like 😍❤️
Sam 3 hari yang lalu
Cant wait for EDM remixes for this
Jisoo EuE
Jisoo EuE 3 hari yang lalu
Tan bella mi Somi :'3
love소미공주 3 hari yang lalu
엠카운트다운 1위 축하해. 3주 활동 마무리라고 들었는데 아쉽다. 그동안 정말 고생 많았고 모든 무대들에서 항상 빛나더라.
cotton 3 hari yang lalu
와씨 중독성 개오져.. 한번듣고 생각나서 왔다...
Mary Mwangi
Mary Mwangi 4 hari yang lalu
People who say Somi's choreo is easy clearly haven't tried the part in the chorus where they fling their hands around. Do you know how painful that is after you do it a few times? The beat is pretty fast at that place and she has to go with the flow. This could also result in some serious damage if done too much. If you think it's easy, *you don't know what easy is.*
TrxVv 2 hari yang lalu
But I noticed people were only talking about it on the first day but later realized that the choreo is actually fun and suit the song well!
EJC _2003
EJC _2003 3 hari yang lalu
She’s also singing the whole time unlike if she was in a group so the choreo can’t be super complex
Lana Corbae
Lana Corbae 3 hari yang lalu
Anyone who says the Choreo is easy isn’t a dancer 💀💀
aml. rzz
aml. rzz 4 hari yang lalu
She look beautiful
Ayush Abhishek
Ayush Abhishek 4 hari yang lalu
Across all her performances on this song till now.... This one's certainly way better than all
Sama Rono
Sama Rono 2 hari yang lalu
Agreed omg i love this stage performance of somi sooo much than her other stage. This one is the besttttt she looks perfect & everything just soo amazing bout this stage
Chaelalili 4 hari yang lalu
She is very beautiful 👸👸
ItsYourArmyEdellize IvyCaile
ItsYourArmyEdellize IvyCaile 4 hari yang lalu
She's so beautiful 😍😻🤩😍😍😍
no bae bae
no bae bae 4 hari yang lalu
absolutely everything in this performance is great
levi grey
levi grey 4 hari yang lalu
I think she shines solo
_ r6
_ r6 4 hari yang lalu
노래는 약간 taylor swift의 22 같아서 좋고 가사는 볼빨간사춘기 같아서 좋다
NOTO rious
NOTO rious 4 hari yang lalu
This could be song of the year (kpop)
الینا مددی
الینا مددی 4 hari yang lalu
Khalista 4 hari yang lalu
this is barbie looks like if she is a human.
Sky High
Sky High 4 hari yang lalu
외국인 댓글들은 온통.. 왜케 춤을 어렵게 만들었냐고.. 요즘 한국 케이팝들은 무슨 어려운춤 만들기에 중독되어있는거 같다고 그러네용 ..
BB 20 jam yang lalu
그 반대같은데
[insert good username here]
[insert good username here] 3 hari yang lalu
? 맥락파악 잘못하신것같은데..