Kim Soo-hyun gives Seo Yea-ji a birthday kiss | It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Ep 11 [ENG SUB]

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The Swoon

The Swoon

17 hari yang lalu

No screaming deers, no other humans in sight, and no more denial of feelings-we hope Seo Yea-ji likes her birthday present 😘
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The Swoon
The Swoon 16 hari yang lalu
Best birthday present or what?
sparksfs11 Hari Yang lalu
Upload ep 16 kisssss!
my way
my way 2 hari yang lalu
Android Games
Android Games 2 hari yang lalu
I m so dead after watching their kiss Omg i m blushing like a hell O my kim so hyun I love seo yeo jin and kim so hyun couple in other drama as well o they are firing couple
Wesley Júnior
Wesley Júnior 2 hari yang lalu
Release the behind the scene for this please! 😭🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 We need it
Princess Lopez
Princess Lopez 2 hari yang lalu
Bts please 😭
Leyzell Wu
Leyzell Wu Jam Yang lalu
If they don’t star again in the same drama, i wish they’d pair up in commercials or in movies! I wish they date in real life!
rbll sbn
rbll sbn 3 jam yang lalu
coming back here after watching ep16
Jesus Kiruba
Jesus Kiruba 3 jam yang lalu
박하늘 4 jam yang lalu
Why did they break up thooo 😢😢💖💖
muskaan wadhera
muskaan wadhera 3 jam yang lalu
It is a false rumor..that reporter is known to publish fake rumours for publicity..
Jacel Labiao
Jacel Labiao 5 jam yang lalu
0:59(the kiss sound tho) My fave mukbang lol
Erycka Sugar
Erycka Sugar 5 jam yang lalu
Jissoo podría hacer kdramas
Jessica Jostock
Jessica Jostock 5 jam yang lalu
KSH out here making me think maybe billionaires should have rights
CharmPhilia 7 jam yang lalu
its my first time seeing Seo Ye Ji, i dont know if its just me but she looks like Jisoo
David & Lorenz
David & Lorenz 10 menit yang lalu
too far
Eka Febriyanti
Eka Febriyanti 7 jam yang lalu
What is the title of this song please?
Husna Osman
Husna Osman 9 jam yang lalu
He may have kissed her so gently but i can see that passion and their desires to want more,the stares,the sound she made when KSH lift SYJ up,the way he hold her in his arm,oh god this is extraordinary,I haven’t seen anything like this in other korean drama or movies,I’m mesmerised..😭😭♥️♥️♥️
Mika Kobayashi
Mika Kobayashi 9 jam yang lalu
Juvilyn Santiago Villena
Juvilyn Santiago Villena 9 jam yang lalu
This kdrama taught me that "let's talk" and "I'm sleepy" are big scam! 😂
Camerlie Louis Juste
Camerlie Louis Juste 12 jam yang lalu
Every time I come here , I leave a comment , oh boy this is getting unhealthy. 😭😭😭😭. They’re just so cute
Nini Bear
Nini Bear 13 jam yang lalu
kim so hyun best kisser🙈🙈
Bunga Ayu Amalia
Bunga Ayu Amalia 16 jam yang lalu
Hands down the hottest kiss in k-dramas 🙌🙌
Karla Benavides
Karla Benavides 18 jam yang lalu
Bonita serie me gustó mucho. 🤗
maoi lipong
maoi lipong 18 jam yang lalu
Both ears are red 🙈😘
Thu Thao Nguyen Thi
Thu Thao Nguyen Thi 19 jam yang lalu
Myliah Xiong
Myliah Xiong 20 jam yang lalu
Seo Yea-ji is so pretty😍the had such good chemistry in this drama😍
Kshetri Prem
Kshetri Prem 20 jam yang lalu
Massive shout out to the casting director
Kee Lah Soe
Kee Lah Soe 20 jam yang lalu
Kdrama make me feel 10x more single
Kee Lah Soe
Kee Lah Soe 20 jam yang lalu
Anybody single since birth?
Titi Wahyuni
Titi Wahyuni 21 jam yang lalu
The chemistry .. daebakkkk 🥰
I'm Unknown
I'm Unknown 22 jam yang lalu
Yes! I'm here all over again...
Husna Osman
Husna Osman 22 jam yang lalu
I keep repeating this again and again because i love to see the chemistry of the two,why3,please be couple,we want to see you guys couple and get married and then have kids hahaha,this is my first time watching korean couple so sensationally,the best korean kisser..🥺🥺🥺
hello world
hello world 22 jam yang lalu
And...I’m back after ep 16
Spydie 23 jam yang lalu
1:00 finger in her ear
Tu Nguyen
Tu Nguyen 23 jam yang lalu
Có ai người VN, thì lừm ơn cho mình biết tên phim với.CẢM ƠN ❤️❤️
Trang Trang
Trang Trang 18 jam yang lalu
Tên phim trên cap kìa
Anh Nguyen
Anh Nguyen 19 jam yang lalu
Phim “đien thi co sao”.
eml Hari Yang lalu
i want to see them react to this IT WILL BE ICONIC FOR SURE
Dar Gican Tulang
Dar Gican Tulang Hari Yang lalu
How do I open Netflix not watching you. Missing you both. Sigh...
TheTwistedPotato Hari Yang lalu
This kiss is fucking legit I have it tattooed in my heart lmfao
Musfira Khalid
Musfira Khalid Hari Yang lalu
This kiss was so mind blowing i meannnn wow It portrayed so many emotions, how he desperately wanted her but couldnt be with her. He said three like he just thought FUCK IT and went all innn. Best kiss scene seriously !!
Its A r i a d n n e
Its A r i a d n n e Hari Yang lalu
Anika Rahman
Anika Rahman Hari Yang lalu
Trust me, It's not our first time here😂
CharmPhilia Hari Yang lalu
I can't get over this drama, it really brought out emotional problems I didn't know were there and gave me a way to heal myself.
kimmiekimchi Hari Yang lalu
I haven't even watched this drama yet and here I am, I do not regret it one bit
Isidora Fuentes
Isidora Fuentes 15 jam yang lalu
You have to watch it!!!!
Sushiiiee Hari Yang lalu
Kang-tae: Let's talk Moon-young: I'm sleepy
Blackpink's lightstick is the best ever!
Blackpink's lightstick is the best ever! Hari Yang lalu
This drama is so good
Blackpink's lightstick is the best ever!
Blackpink's lightstick is the best ever! Hari Yang lalu
Best kdrama kiss i have ever seen
Shelvi B
Shelvi B Hari Yang lalu
I just realize KSH kiss so hard, but SYJ really know how to start a kiss.. looks like KSH can't wait to kiss SYJ so deep.. this scene should be end up like open your dress and so on.. hahahah.. strong kiss oppa
Mar Nel
Mar Nel Hari Yang lalu
I miss them so much
muhamad bayu prakoso
muhamad bayu prakoso Hari Yang lalu
This drama is makes me feel crazy HAHA cause it makes me remember moon embracing the sun the best sageuk drama for me, fyi i want to forget it wkwk cause i keep remembering it until now but i cant cause i keep watching this drama HAHAHA
sparksfs11 Hari Yang lalu
If anyone think this is their top chu in the drama... Try Again, with episode sexteen👀💥🥂
rizky ridho
rizky ridho Hari Yang lalu
Dottie Azura
Dottie Azura Hari Yang lalu
I really need to know that song
مریم ناز
مریم ناز Hari Yang lalu
من عاشق این سریالممم خیلی با هم خوب مچ شدن
Zharicksa Rodríguez Castañeda
Zharicksa Rodríguez Castañeda Hari Yang lalu
name dorama??
KàáH Hari Yang lalu
It's okay to not be okay
sha vlog
sha vlog Hari Yang lalu
SEO YEA JI and KIM SOO HYUN'S chemistry and acting skills is the best! 🥰🥰🥰 i need to rewatching this KDRAMA for me to move forward...thank you for the good story ang good actors😊😊 you guys makes my heart happy 🥰🥰🥰😘😘
pa cha
pa cha Hari Yang lalu
MusicGirl20 20
MusicGirl20 20 Hari Yang lalu
Think I broke the replay button😂😂😍
Namjoon's Airpod
Namjoon's Airpod Hari Yang lalu
2020 biggest scam. Kim Soo Hyun : let's talk Seo Ye Ji : im sleepy
Khalid Rizki
Khalid Rizki Hari Yang lalu
I want too
ninsus Peninsula
ninsus Peninsula Hari Yang lalu
What is the song played? 😊
Princess Lopez
Princess Lopez Hari Yang lalu
Lee Su hyun in your time
ateez's contact lens
ateez's contact lens Hari Yang lalu
he : when you cant control yourself , count to three . me that already know whats gonna happens when that girl counted to three : hana , dul , set . NOTHING HAPPENS BIACH . I DONT FEEL ANYONE KISS ME
Alexa Ly
Alexa Ly Hari Yang lalu
Next=Jong-suk oppa & Ji-eun (IU), yes, yaaaaassss!!!~ 💖💖💖
HIRAI MOMO Hari Yang lalu
back here after the drama ended and realized that mun yeong also hurt her hand and have a bandage in here, it’s their thing for every kiss huh ㅋㅋ
My Mind
My Mind Hari Yang lalu
How many time did you re-play😁😂
shei haha
shei haha Hari Yang lalu
100000 times 🤣
Asdf Fdsa
Asdf Fdsa 2 hari yang lalu
I wanna talk to kim soo hyun too
Anotida Jaji
Anotida Jaji 2 hari yang lalu
After this it's hard to consider lips accidentally coming in contact as kissing No lie Okay let's just say Kisses differ