Cecily Aguilar Court Update : Back in Court, A Surprise Visitor, Plan to Flee & More

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Cecily Aguilar Update : Back in Court, A Surprise Visitor & More
In this video, Cecily Aguilar in the Vanessa Guillen case. Cecily was in court on Tuesday July 14th. There was a press conference afterwards where the Guillen family's attorney, Natalie Khawam spoke out. There was some interesting pieces of information in the press conference.
Change.org - www.change.org/p/hold-the-us-army-military-in-ft-hood-accountable-find-vanessa-guillen
GoFundMe - gf.me/u/x3kmyt
Congress Letter: RepSpeier/status/1278769574486446080/photo/1
Vanessa Guillen Playlist - idshow.info/goPL7L8IvosaWoI0O66AV5C1oy3OfzryYDJ_.html

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Maria Guerrero
Maria Guerrero Hari Yang lalu
i tink they was used there are more true coming out🤔😯
Maria Guerrero
Maria Guerrero Hari Yang lalu
I dont bolive the astori how Vanessa was kill 😯🤔
Amanda Grajeda
Amanda Grajeda 2 hari yang lalu
I'm glad she is in prison for murder Vanessa
Doris Castillo
Doris Castillo 3 hari yang lalu
The government s tehould be responsible she was killed in federal territory and should be treated a federal crime! take to court the people who was around her and know about the killing! the people who know what was in the bing !
H T 5 hari yang lalu
Killeen the 2nd worst place on earth
Jess C
Jess C 11 hari yang lalu
Feminism hit cecily Hard ,she looks horrible now
candicebadger26 14 hari yang lalu
My name is Candice Badger my sister die d in 2003 do you think you could try and reach her for me please I just wanna say bye
It's A Crime
It's A Crime 13 hari yang lalu
Hi Candice, I’m really sorry to hear about your sister. I’m not a psychic or medium. There are other channels/people who could help. There is a channel named Reverend Donna Seraphina that I know of. I am spiritual, and do believe you can talk to your loved ones and they hear you 🙏🏼 💕 Thank you for your message.
Shontelle Vigil
Shontelle Vigil 17 hari yang lalu
There was a 20/20 special on #VanessaGuillen last night💔 It was heartbreaking 💔 I feel so sad for the family, she was such a beautiful soul and she helped bring so much to light!! She is a hero!! The army failed her in so many ways!! #IAmVanessaGuillen #JusticeForVanessa I pray her family finds peace🙏🏽❤️
Sandra Hernandez-Torres
Sandra Hernandez-Torres 19 hari yang lalu
They should do to her what she did to VANESSA and see how she feels
Sandra Hernandez-Torres
Sandra Hernandez-Torres 19 hari yang lalu
I cannot believe that she gets justice after all she did and cut up VANESSA in pieces and she was involved and had an affair with the cowardly Aaron I support VANESSA‘s family and I hope to get justice and everyone that was involved Everybody talks about other racism well what about this Mexican and Latino Americans let’s support and stay strong and let’s fight for our rights
Rosamaria Jimenez
Rosamaria Jimenez 21 hari yang lalu
shame on Forthood
Rosamaria Jimenez
Rosamaria Jimenez 21 hari yang lalu
And that girl what she did to Vanessa 😥
Carlos Oliva
Carlos Oliva 25 hari yang lalu
20 years she needs life or death penalty
Cristina Largaespada
Cristina Largaespada 26 hari yang lalu
Cecily what she did is a terrorist staff but Scott orden to Aaron take her and do that bef I re that Aaron give to her alucinadordroge what she did I believe Cecily was a normal person but crazy help a men do that but Cecily believe about fort hood going cover all but that really fort hood not going put hand or covert for nobody after some come out fort hood not help no solder after happen some like that no matter if the boss from fort hood orden the only person cannot be touchable is maj gen is cover for law that why Scott was orden kill them everybody know that but we cannot spoke that that's why Scott and more on top was responsible for all killer happen in in in in in in in inside base the boss from Scott know too they covery one and other
Diana Manriquez
Diana Manriquez 27 hari yang lalu
20 years is not enough for this sicko
house music
house music Bulan Yang lalu
I hope she goes to prison for the rest of her life for what she's done, and I hope they catch the murderers from our other soldiers that mysteriously disappeared or died
Colleen the CatLady
Colleen the CatLady Bulan Yang lalu
If cecily is innocent, WHY does she want to flee the country???
Dana Meyer
Dana Meyer Bulan Yang lalu
I truly like how you are talking more slowly. I wish you would do that in more of your videos.
Lorie Northey
Lorie Northey Bulan Yang lalu
Omg karmas a bitch
Lorie Northey
Lorie Northey Bulan Yang lalu
I knowe awugliar trash name
Lorie Northey
Lorie Northey Bulan Yang lalu
Nasty trash bitch
carla Webb
carla Webb Bulan Yang lalu
Wow! Make up does miracles!!!
Kathryn Drury
Kathryn Drury Bulan Yang lalu
This ‘bill’ will go nowhere! Oh, it’s Myra....the vulgar, classless sister! She’s had her five mins of fame!
Blue Red
Blue Red Bulan Yang lalu
Murder is not ok.
Estella Reveles
Estella Reveles Bulan Yang lalu
Shut down forthood no more sexal harassment no more wars for that military we can’t trust the sergeants , there’s so much lies FBI needs to go inside forthood and find evidence inside there has to be more killers inside and there’s soldiers that know something but there afraid to get killed this has to be immediately before there’s more funerals enough is enough.☝️☝️☝️✊✊✊we want justice. We want justice. Justice no peace we won’t stop ✋ 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣
Tanika Nakeya Lewis
Tanika Nakeya Lewis Bulan Yang lalu
United States' Military Branches' Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS) do not Extract, and Store Semen, or Blood Samples. How are Rapists, and Murderers identified, especially, if They are not covertly, and coercively compulsed [that means assisted] to commit Their Crimes?
MomMeMacario Bulan Yang lalu
FTP- Aguilar!!!! "This hoe cant hurt a fly"... 5:22... #JusticiaPorVanessa!!! #Justice4Vanessa!!!
Man of Action
Man of Action Bulan Yang lalu
This is a little late to include, but there's another soldier missing at Ft Hood... www.military.com/daily-news/2020/08/24/soldier-missing-fort-hood-reported-sexual-abuse-army-official-says.html?ocid=uxbndlbing
James Pope
James Pope Bulan Yang lalu
Maybe her husband thinks she is not guilty! You people must have been at the murder cause you've got it all figured out! If she's guilty she deserves to be punished but don't we need to have a trial first? Or at the very least an admittance to guilt. Innocent till proven guilty has to mean something!
James Pope
James Pope Bulan Yang lalu
What evidence do you have that this young lady is guilty? You seem to have already made up your mind.
matilde melendez
matilde melendez Bulan Yang lalu
Esa vieja esta ogete solo al puerco que se suicido le encantaba pero dios la castigo por su maldad
flashylitez Bulan Yang lalu
I love that attorney she not letting off they lies
Cynthia Murillo
Cynthia Murillo Bulan Yang lalu
Kay Elizabeth
Kay Elizabeth Bulan Yang lalu
I am not condoning her actions, but they need to be correct with their allegations. She didn't kill ANYONE. She assisted in HIDING AND DISMEMBERING AN ALREADY dead human. She did commit the act itself. & her sentence should be in regards to her participation and not the ACT itself. Because she was not there when she died and was put into a container. She was there AFTER the fact. They are just putting all the pain on her because home boy offed himself...... smh
None Yabiz
None Yabiz Bulan Yang lalu
Her name is pronounced Sicily!! Get it right!!
Bulan Yang lalu
I watched the interview with this soldiers family, counsel & POTUS. It tore me up to hear her family speak about their loss and what they would like toward her bill. POTUS was so receptive.
Kain Thomos
Kain Thomos Bulan Yang lalu
Great video ty
Mr Westeno ALWAYS FILM THE POLICE. Bulan Yang lalu
Why Vanessa Guillen video i posted keep getting flaged? Please share idshow.info/watch/OqBaT5t9Bsk/video.html
Mr Westeno ALWAYS FILM THE POLICE. Bulan Yang lalu
@It's A Crime all for real okay I will fix it thank you very much thank you
It's A Crime
It's A Crime Bulan Yang lalu
it's getting flagged because you can't use copyrighted music.
Rampant_1 Bulan Yang lalu
Low self-esteem with a narcissist personality. Seeks approval by pleasing others, whether by sex or other compliant behaviors. She will tell you anything to fit her narrative. She will attempt to deceive you until you doubt yourself. She will deny, deny, deny, because she believes she is right and could never do wrong. She generates her own justification that supports her actions. It will be interesting to see what a court-ordered psych eval will reveal about Cecily.
Edelmira Ojeda
Edelmira Ojeda Bulan Yang lalu
Cecili guilty dead penalty JUSTICE For The SOLDIER VANESSA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Lisa J
Lisa J Bulan Yang lalu
May this ugly fat piece of shit rot in hell...........