BLACKPINK "How You Like That" (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

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• Artist: BLACKPINK (블랙핑크)
• Song ♫: How You Like That
• Album: ‘How You Like That’ Pre Release Single
• Released: 2020.06.26
• Members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa
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Nazma Akther Mukta
Nazma Akther Mukta 3 menit yang lalu
Jennie: bring out your boss bish. YG: well I’m here guys 😐
AROHA x ARMY 9 menit yang lalu
Some people r also complaining about the choreography but I am actually glad that the choreography is easy cuz I can dance with them if it is easy 😂😂😂😂
Erin So
Erin So 34 menit yang lalu
진짜 하나하나 다 노래를 너무 잘한다 근데 한국인들 너무 없는거 아닌가여 ㅋㅋ 훈민정음이 너무 보고싶은뎅
zodaxx 38 menit yang lalu
Even though I don't like the chorus as much as I wished, Lisa's rap is in my opinon her best after Playing With Fire, her flow is fucking fire on this one.
Rossella Perera
Rossella Perera 42 menit yang lalu
I seriously thought that it was "karma come and get some, don't hajjima!" (like she isn't afraid of the consequences cause she's strong) and "Look up in the sky, it's so bad, it's so plain" (like the heavens aren't full and look dull without them). I feel stupid 🥴
rene aimiq
rene aimiq 44 menit yang lalu
ZoellaPlayzXOXO 49 menit yang lalu
AROHA x ARMY 7 menit yang lalu
I think they just used the line from superman 😅😅😅
Arora Simu
Arora Simu 54 menit yang lalu
I appreciate for Hindi lyrics too.....
X i
X i 59 menit yang lalu
Ok i heard yg postponed the comeback. Tell me this isn’t true...please
Nurul Suhada
Nurul Suhada Jam Yang lalu
Gal XE
Gal XE Jam Yang lalu
Let's see if I can state my opinion without being attacked: This song is painfully average. Don't get me wrong, some of the lyrics are savage, and the music is nice, but you have to admit; How You Like That is nothing special. The only reason it got so popular so quickly was because BlackPink hasn't had a comeback in long time, and the fans were excited to finally see one. How You Like That is just another on one of those songs to flex how famous and how popular they've gotten. And don't you dare tell me that it's YG's fault because he doesn't give BlackPink freedom, because that's just a desperate excuse. The people who say that are acting as if they know everything about YG, and that he's controlling them. Like sorry sweetie, I don't think you live at YG to know everything he's doing. It's just plain facts that most Blinks will not admit. And yes, I'm aware that BlackPink does not write their own songs. But no one is stopping them from doing so. Like, they're all talented. Each girl could pitch in and write a little bit each, and together, they could've written a masterpiece. But no. And you better not tell me that BlackPink couldn't have written their own song, because they are busy and don't have the time. Well, since How You Like that, BlackPink haven't had a comeback in over a year. They had 365 days to write a song. They even could've written it this year because of quarantine! We're living in a time right now when most businesses are closed and most people don't even leave their homes. I'm pretty sure they have a lot of free time on their hands. "Look up in the sky, it's a bird it's a plane." C'mon seriously??
blink once reveluv army so stop the fan wars
blink once reveluv army so stop the fan wars Jam Yang lalu
peoole need to stop being so toxic in the comments of the m/v smh
Yoongi’s Bandana
Yoongi’s Bandana 2 jam yang lalu
it sounds needs seasoning....a lot of seasoning....
Phượng Đặng
Phượng Đặng 2 jam yang lalu
Hong hỉu
Phượng Đặng
Phượng Đặng 2 jam yang lalu
Phượng Đặng
Phượng Đặng 2 jam yang lalu
Shrashti Rajput
Shrashti Rajput 3 jam yang lalu
Well I like this song better than ktl and dddd the music is catchy and it has more potential for get viral and is radio friendly that's why this song is not lengthy in my opinion btw in America people love songs like this I guess. The only problem I have is that why it's feel like all of the members are not getting enough lines there's only chorus and dance breck they only sing two lines than look at you now look at me Lisa rap 3 lines than look at you now look at me. They have more potential than that yg is wasting their talent.
K C 3 jam yang lalu
its kinda like DDDD and Kill this love style but i like it idk the more you listen to it ,the more you will enjoyyyy it.I like the beat and structure of it,idk its different to me and the song kinda sweeter at first,then it will BOOM ,like you know ,its kinda like Dont know what to do but with swaggy style.Its my opinion.....
Blue Side
Blue Side 3 jam yang lalu
MM Studio
MM Studio 3 jam yang lalu
Mohamad Julian
Mohamad Julian 3 jam yang lalu
Mohamad Julian
Mohamad Julian 3 jam yang lalu
Ngomong ape luu
Puprple Star
Puprple Star 3 jam yang lalu
I like jisoo's voice
Tahsina Manjur
Tahsina Manjur 3 jam yang lalu
Since all blinks blame yg for the bad things,then give support to the good things. If you like this song Then dont say 'Blackpink has amazing song'. Say 'YG made such amazing song'
baba baba
baba baba 3 jam yang lalu
"Look up in the sky, its a bird , its a plane" . I THINK ITS ROSE'S PART
Nurshamia Aleesya
Nurshamia Aleesya 4 jam yang lalu
I think your wrong
Murat Çevirci
Murat Çevirci 4 jam yang lalu
sine ma
sine ma 4 jam yang lalu
arghh that "badabing badaboom" is sooo cringy
【xpeachy_tearsx】 5 jam yang lalu
me being a blink; *the worst song blackbpink had done*
Faiza's Drawing
Faiza's Drawing 2 jam yang lalu
Same to me 😑😑
Joanne Lee & Regina Lee
Joanne Lee & Regina Lee 5 jam yang lalu
I think u put the wrong language is Chinese!
Mons Lisa
Mons Lisa 6 jam yang lalu
Hwasa maria please
OMG WHAT IS THAT 6 jam yang lalu
Jacklyn Gacad
Jacklyn Gacad 6 jam yang lalu
Korean World
Korean World 6 jam yang lalu
*I really love this comeback*
Hazelnutcraze Watcher
Hazelnutcraze Watcher 6 jam yang lalu
Brilliant song I love it man 😍😍😍
Nur Azmina
Nur Azmina 7 jam yang lalu
50% of MV comments 30% scrolling to comments 20% of watching video
Bi Eun
Bi Eun 7 jam yang lalu
Cypher pt 4?
Blue Side
Blue Side 3 jam yang lalu
It sounds the same
다원DaWoN 7 jam yang lalu
누가 리사언니 앞머리 만들었어...
Merish Albeigh
Merish Albeigh 8 jam yang lalu
If YG just let the girls write their OWN lyrics, Black Pink would be bigger. But he is just so ungrateful.
Joey Marcella
Joey Marcella 8 jam yang lalu
I like this. How like that
pavita wongkitiya
pavita wongkitiya 8 jam yang lalu
How you like that
pavita wongkitiya
pavita wongkitiya 8 jam yang lalu
NJ playzz Roblox
NJ playzz Roblox 9 jam yang lalu
Anne 9 jam yang lalu
They cant sell out a fan meeting in KR but they can top the local charts? Definitely something fishy. And the song is like a rip off of their previous songs. It is getting boring girls. Please start moving on.
Yaireth Covilla
Yaireth Covilla 9 jam yang lalu
La traducion en una parte esta mal, la que dice "Bring out your bicht" la canta JENNIE, NO LISA. Y tambien estaba mal escrita bitch porque decia bish en vez de bitch (no estoy segura si se escribe bitch...)
Minh Châu Trần
Minh Châu Trần 9 jam yang lalu
Hey I think "Bring out the boss, bitch" must be Jennie. But you do great job. I very like to watch your video.
Mercy Bunda
Mercy Bunda 10 jam yang lalu
Wow lisa
Jl Jl
Jl Jl 10 jam yang lalu
Unicorn mini movie.
Unicorn mini movie. 10 jam yang lalu
"Bring out boss bish"Was said by Jennie like can't yall even say the difference. 👤
Arturo Stojanoff
Arturo Stojanoff 10 jam yang lalu
0:35 I can't find the meaning of 꼴좋, which is translated as "you still can" or sth like that. Does anyone know what it is? I'm guessing it's regional, or colloquial or non-standard.
Anna Vi
Anna Vi 11 jam yang lalu
Let's just enjoy this song y'all
Yakjeon 11 jam yang lalu
Hi angels, come and meet my channel, I also do color coded lyrics
ᄋᄆᄋ 11 jam yang lalu
비아이가 해줬으면 더 좋은 노래 나왔을거 가튼데 양현석 진짜...ㅎㅎㅎ
Jeongin is baby_Straykids
Jeongin is baby_Straykids 11 jam yang lalu
*Jennie- bringing out the boss bish* *Me- I KNOW JENNIE DID NOT JUST SAY WHAT I THINK SHE JUST SAID!?* *Me- *rewinds to double check* *Jennie- bringing out the boss bish* *Me- SCREAMS*
sude 11 jam yang lalu
Lyrics⬇️ What? you think I will write lyrics on a lyrics video bruhh?😂
Chimmy Chimmy
Chimmy Chimmy 11 jam yang lalu
I didn't like at first and I love it...thanks tiktok.... HOW YOU LIKE THAT
hen ko
hen ko 11 jam yang lalu
YG: so we want our songs to be different, but theres something that makes them similar BLINKS: so ddu 3.0?
Deemo DEER
Deemo DEER 12 jam yang lalu
Honestly this was kinda a letdown when it comes to talking about comebacks or pre release. The teasers seemed like the song was gonna have some powerful elements, but for me the song just is so stagnant and like stale oatmeal. Even if people say that KTL had was bad it still had some elements that were memorable like Jennie's 'Rum pum pum pum' and the heavy beat but this aint it. The only memorable thing is maybe, MAYBE Lisa's 'Look at you now look at me'. Also I am not blaming the girls, I am blaming YGE and their fragile ego that won't let girls produce or write their songs or invite outside producers to compose stuff. If YGE doesn't take their songwriting or composing seriously, this could be the downfall of Blackpink and I wouldn't like to see that as they did very well before YGE screwed them over. And to people who say 'omG iTS JuSt A Pre RelEAse' well it isn't an excuse as a pre release is supposed to be a taste of what the album will be like, somehow Chung Ha and other kpop idols keep their quality in check even though some of them come from small companies, so there is no defending YGE or Teddy on this.
Maryam Assayed
Maryam Assayed 13 jam yang lalu
I try to love it but I can I don't like anymore what's wrong with me ?
ᴛᴡɪᴄᴇᴘɪɴᴋᴠᴇʟᴠᴇᴛ •
ᴛᴡɪᴄᴇᴘɪɴᴋᴠᴇʟᴠᴇᴛ • 13 jam yang lalu
I feel like rosè is using her lower register more
just a midzy
just a midzy 13 jam yang lalu
People are hating the song and just waist their times by saying nothing special ! This is a pre-release this isn't the official comback or album ! Just sit down and wait for the comback 😏
Jensoo Chaelisa
Jensoo Chaelisa 12 jam yang lalu
So the pre lease isn’t supposed to sound good?
creaciones paulastilos
creaciones paulastilos 13 jam yang lalu
블랙핑크-가사 사랑해요♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
mohamed meftah
mohamed meftah 13 jam yang lalu
F.T 14 jam yang lalu
after waiting for 14 months this song was...... underwhelming to say the least lol, hopefully, the lead single is better. It's catchy af don't get to me wrong, but it's also the same types of songs they've been doing since debut on repeat
Dayan Uchiha
Dayan Uchiha 15 jam yang lalu
Jennie: Saca a tu perra interior Yo: a sus órdenes mi reina (Perreando tan abajo que llegue hasta el infierno)
Léa Vandersteen
Léa Vandersteen 15 jam yang lalu
I love love love blackpink they are amazing hardworking talented beautiful kind and caring people ( I could go on and on about their qualities) I just feel this song is kinda flat ? Like it doesn’t have that thing that makes you wanna dance on it or a special emotion. It happened with ktl too. I remember just being obsessed with their song whistle and other b-sides but rn it’s starting to get so generic and it’s such a shame cause they have sooooo much potential and the vocal variety to do such amazing songs.
ana b
ana b 15 jam yang lalu
How you like that is a good song don’t get me wrong but it’s nothing new. we’ve waited so long for something that could be on the same album as DDDD and Kill this love. I get that Blackpink does girl crush and that this is just their style but look at other groups like Twice they do the cuter concepts but they are all different like TT sounds different then What is love or Signal sounds different than More and More. Or in Seventeen Left and right sounds nothing like Don’t wanna cry. I wish YG would give them a chance to expand and even stray away from the girl crush for a little there’s slot they could do but it’s being wasted and their talent is being sat on.
ana b
ana b 15 jam yang lalu
Also i’m not comparing the groups. I was just saying that YG could help them do more.
D R E A 16 jam yang lalu
Ok but Lisa triggers the lesbian in me to the MAXX *Have a nice day* :)
vape god
vape god 12 jam yang lalu
god same
Vatsala Saxena
Vatsala Saxena 16 jam yang lalu
Hi, blinks! I know it's been a hell of a time waiting for Blackpink to put out their new comeback. Because everyone waited so much, that's why it feels a little underwhelming to some. However, I'd like to talk about something different. The line 'Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane' seems iconic to some but lame to others. When I first heard it, I didn't know it was a superman reference. Honestly, I thought it was something that was said by the girls to distract someone. Where I come from, it's somewhat common for a character to say things like, 'What's that? It's a bird/insert random or rare sight' to distract the person with them (which may be a kid). It's even used in slapstick comedy scenes where they distract someone and get away with swift, underhanded action. Rosé did have a lyric about how somebody who wronged her should've ended her when they had the chance. So maybe the line actually refers to Blackpink's threat to the people who wrong them, that if they look away for even a moment and get distracted, Blackpink will surely get the better of them. That's just my two cents. If people want to know more about my interpretation of the song, I'll gladly offer my views :)
Jindora the explorer
Jindora the explorer 16 jam yang lalu
A lot of ppl don’t like this song and expected more, but I think differently, I mean it’s not their best song and it could be better but I love rosé’s verse and it’s pretty catchy
Blink 16 jam yang lalu
🚨BLINKS🚨 only a few hours left to vote for blackpink on mwave they are currently second and losing to a boy group vote now and give them a win
Rakuden 16 jam yang lalu
30% of the comments are correcting the *'bring out your boss bish'* line saying that it's jennies and not lisas. OKAY YEAH WE KNOW STOP THERE ARE PLENTY OF THOSE COMMENTS HERE SO HAJIMA
grayjoycon 16 jam yang lalu
Why are people using the "it's just a pre-release" card. that doesn't justify that blackpink's potential is being wasted on the same formula. Don't get me wrong, I love blackpink. I'm just slightly annoyed it's the same formula.
Andrea MacDonald
Andrea MacDonald 16 jam yang lalu
Omg I got an ad which was how you like that the full version and I’m dead 💀
theqzens 17 jam yang lalu
yall are like: we need more chorus lyrics and that reminds me of like rbb and dun dun. in my opinion, i wish yg would show more sides of blackpink but yg sucks and i hate that blackpink has to suffer because of him
isha dutta
isha dutta 17 jam yang lalu
‘ Plane Jane get hijacked?’ Whatt? ‘It’s a bird it’s a plane’ WHATTT-? It makes no sense!?!
Huggies4hobi :D
Huggies4hobi :D 3 jam yang lalu
The ,”Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane.” Line is talking about their arrival. It’s almost like a moment of shock. “Wait! Is it real?? It’s BLACKPINK?!” In that type of way. The lyrics are very meaningful. All you need to do it read ;)
Maira Zaidi
Maira Zaidi 17 jam yang lalu
Let's all look fierce and not tell jisoo Cuz jisoo looks breathtaking
evelyn newyenn
evelyn newyenn 17 jam yang lalu
i liked this song for a little while but i realized it was so bland, it felt like a remix of ktl and dddd and i was expecting more after a whole year
Boston Dababa
Boston Dababa 18 jam yang lalu
So cool and fun
Nazzia Bi
Nazzia Bi 18 jam yang lalu
I love rose's voice❤❤❤
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