7 National Teams WEAK In One Position

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From Switzerland's lack of a top quality striker up front, to the struggles of Argentina across their backline and particularly at right-back, HITC Sevens takes a look at 7 international teams who are lacking in one position.

Adrian Padua
Adrian Padua 4 bulan yang lalu
I think the Netherlands need a goalkeeper more than a center foward
Kee Sheng Ang
Kee Sheng Ang 5 bulan yang lalu
Marco Asensio?
Ayman Aouraghe
Ayman Aouraghe 6 bulan yang lalu
morocco striker
Antoine Griezmann
Antoine Griezmann 7 bulan yang lalu
Dinell Adiah
Dinell Adiah 7 bulan yang lalu
...and he isn't very good
Royalty God
Royalty God 7 bulan yang lalu
Seferovic is trash
Frederatormusic 7 bulan yang lalu
1. It's not Holland, it's the Netherlands. 2. how can you leave out Donyell Malen!!
Lee McDonald
Lee McDonald 7 bulan yang lalu
What does the US National Soccer Team ( :) ) weak in?
Dani Maheswara
Dani Maheswara 7 bulan yang lalu
Spain wingers: asensio, suso, callejon, oyarzabal, aspas, isco.
Amit Shah
Amit Shah 7 bulan yang lalu
So true... Spain is my favourite team... And yes they are lacking winger position... Need some players like sane, ganabry sanchos
Sumeet Chand
Sumeet Chand 7 bulan yang lalu
Why haven't you included Germany? Aren't there any weaknesses in the current German national team?
Jim Jim
Jim Jim 7 bulan yang lalu
Mexico: the whole squad 😪
Andrew Nortey
Andrew Nortey 7 bulan yang lalu
Next video: Norway squad XI
Andrew Nortey
Andrew Nortey 7 bulan yang lalu
Next video: Norway squad XI
Anish Mitra
Anish Mitra 7 bulan yang lalu
Alfie, was the UBI comment related to the channel I am starting? If so, I am very grateful
Miguel Pereira
Miguel Pereira 8 bulan yang lalu
Portugal - Center Back
Eli Griffen
Eli Griffen 8 bulan yang lalu
Video recomendation: Every world cup topscorer in the past decade where are they now
Eli Griffen
Eli Griffen 8 bulan yang lalu
What about Portugal in defense?
Jefferies 8 bulan yang lalu
Argentina reap what they sow. This is what happens when every child in the country wants to be the number 10
Mrinal Gaurav
Mrinal Gaurav 8 bulan yang lalu
Gonzalo Montiel of River Plate is will be a great RB for Argentina in future.
Connor De winter
Connor De winter 8 bulan yang lalu
Up front for the Netherlands would be Boadu and Malen ahead of the 3 you mentioned
Miguel M
Miguel M 8 bulan yang lalu
Brazil lacks a right back way more than france do.
Nyctopath _
Nyctopath _ 8 bulan yang lalu
Finland, RB: I know the Finns aren't great all over the pitch but we still have to play Nikolai Alho in RB
El ife De Albertite
El ife De Albertite 8 bulan yang lalu
Suso, Adama, Ansu Fati are spanish wingers that anyone wants
El ife De Albertite
El ife De Albertite 8 bulan yang lalu
Pavard best right back on world cup. The video: France weak on right back
JvNLGaming 8 bulan yang lalu
Netherlands has 2 amazing striker prospects in Donyell Malen and Myron Boadu tho.
Bas Hauwert
Bas Hauwert 8 bulan yang lalu
Centre forward? We have Memphis Depay! rather want a better left/rightback
Aruna 8 bulan yang lalu
Belgium: Left back
fanofeverything 8 bulan yang lalu
Eder Balanta is pretty good for Colombian central midfield. Not top level, but still.
The Resistance
The Resistance 8 bulan yang lalu
Adama Traore switched national teams he now plays for Mali
afonso gonzalez
afonso gonzalez 8 bulan yang lalu
Bas dost has retired from international football while he was at sporting, I am a sporting fan and I remember this, that is why he has not been called for ages
Lord Henko
Lord Henko 8 bulan yang lalu
Germany goalkeeper
skincrafter 8 bulan yang lalu
France has parvad as a right back
Steady Struan
Steady Struan 8 bulan yang lalu
This is was a shit video ngl
Happy Rhino
Happy Rhino 8 bulan yang lalu
england lack of a cb
Martim Costa
Martim Costa 8 bulan yang lalu
Seferovic is a beast deal with it
martim costa
martim costa 8 bulan yang lalu
Don't sorry about doubting seferovic, he's shit
Muhammd Khaleel
Muhammd Khaleel 8 bulan yang lalu
7 lesser known footballing nations that are improving rapidly
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 8 bulan yang lalu
How do u forget Marco asensio as a winger
Die Tischlampe
Die Tischlampe 8 bulan yang lalu
I'd also list Goalkeeper for Austria. When you really look at the Austrian squad you have to admit that they currently have pretty decent players at every starter position, playing in international leagues, but the goalkeeper has been a weakness for a long time now.
doppelpack _NK
doppelpack _NK 8 bulan yang lalu
What about Germany - left back ?
Silvestar Badak
Silvestar Badak 8 bulan yang lalu
very nice research on Croatia until Barisic, we didn't know who was worse Strinic or Pivaric... Pivaric is somewhat better in offense, meanwhile Strinic was better in defense. But they even sucked at their primary job, so...
Gigel Troaca
Gigel Troaca 8 bulan yang lalu
Germany-Left Back!!
T.H.E 8 bulan yang lalu
Is good and goddy
T.H.E 8 bulan yang lalu
Filippo Pambianchi
Filippo Pambianchi 8 bulan yang lalu
Argentina coud call players like Palomino from Atalanta who is a very good player
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes 8 bulan yang lalu
Why is three Argentinian players 🇦🇷 on the thumbnail damn
mr goodbytes
mr goodbytes 8 bulan yang lalu
Argentina’s defense in general is pretty horrible including goalie
Mendel Bismuth
Mendel Bismuth 8 bulan yang lalu
Netherlands have kasper dolberg !
Lehlohonolo Khoza
Lehlohonolo Khoza 8 bulan yang lalu
The guy is from Denmark not the Netherlands
DutchThunder 8 bulan yang lalu
Netherlands lacks full backs
Antonio Vinícius
Antonio Vinícius 8 bulan yang lalu
Brazil--Right Back Danilo is awful, Fagner(who played last WC) is far from being good and calls Hazard as daddy until nowadays Rafinha(ex-bayern) is good, but old and wont play the next wc Daniel Alves keeps being called by Tite, he's 37 and does not even play as right back in Brazil and Fabinho who could play there is Casemiro's bench There are some young players such as Bernardo from Brighton(he plays RB too) and Uilliam from Wolfsburg who played the Olympics games, but both are far from the national team's level
psychospin1 8 bulan yang lalu
Benfica supporter here: we completely back you up on your opinion on Seferovic
michael reader
michael reader 8 bulan yang lalu
I honestly think position by position, England have the most depth. However, I think overall quality easily goes to France.
Ayo zuokumor
Ayo zuokumor 8 bulan yang lalu
France and Spain should def not b on this list there is a plethora of good wingers and left backs you didn’t name Mukiele and Simakan are good enough to play at the international level as a back up to pavard also Dagba, Valery, rosier, alakouch, Amian and almamy toure are all good prospects. Also Asensio, Ferran Torres and Oyarzabal, Iñaki Williams, Adama Traore are all very very good wife players and would complement amazingly w the rest of the squad and many of them are operating at a ucl level. Also just because nations don’t call up the right players doesn’t mean it’s a weakness like Senegal and left backs is a weakness or Nigeria and center backs like those are obvious weaknesses. Big european teams normally don’t have that
Lou Lenehan
Lou Lenehan 8 bulan yang lalu
Pavard is Bayern's first choice RB....not too shabby.
Joep VV
Joep VV 8 bulan yang lalu
The Netherlands also has Donyell Malen as a striker
Veljko Loncar
Veljko Loncar 8 bulan yang lalu
6 lord
6 lord 8 bulan yang lalu
ur actually dumb depay as dutch cf
jayden woode
jayden woode 8 bulan yang lalu
france rb? pavard and lala are mad?
JoãoTS 25
JoãoTS 25 8 bulan yang lalu
Portugal ST
banner 503
banner 503 8 bulan yang lalu
Norway=no good leftbacks
Joe Higgins
Joe Higgins 8 bulan yang lalu
Kenny lala for France
The Shaolin Six
The Shaolin Six 8 bulan yang lalu
Kim K s weak at her knees
Flummi von Kugelmeister
Flummi von Kugelmeister 8 bulan yang lalu
Embolo is back look at Gladbach he's doing well
Frank P
Frank P 8 bulan yang lalu
For croatia: Just use a 3-4-3, no left or right backs, and enough midfielders
Herman Liahagen
Herman Liahagen 8 bulan yang lalu
5:00 ahahaha omg
AstraX 8 bulan yang lalu
Poland: Left Back Attackers: Lewandowski, Milik, Piatek Midfielders: Zieliński, Krychowiak, Błaszczykowski Defenders: Glik, Piszczek, Bednarek Goalkeepers: Szczesny, Fabianski Best LB is either Rybus of Lokomotiv (Russian champions and in UCL) or Reca (loaned from Atalanta) You can include it in Part 2
Benjamín Jara Ulloa
Benjamín Jara Ulloa 8 bulan yang lalu
Chile needs a 9 😢😢😢
Νικος Κονταξης
Νικος Κονταξης 8 bulan yang lalu
And there is my national team greece🇬🇷 who lacking at every position!!
Gabrileito Vega
Gabrileito Vega 8 bulan yang lalu
Netherlands depay? I know he injured
For3ign _A11
For3ign _A11 8 bulan yang lalu
I still don’t understand what happened to pavard
Danny Matuid
Danny Matuid 8 bulan yang lalu
England left back
Abdullah Ossaili
Abdullah Ossaili 8 bulan yang lalu
What about Donyell Mallen he is very good
Jose Oquendo
Jose Oquendo 8 bulan yang lalu
Tagliafico is really good
LettucePlate 8 bulan yang lalu
The USA hasn't had a good Left Back for like 7+ years. Demarcus Beasley has been our starting left back for most of his career and he is 37 and was still starting games for us on occasion before the last World Cup cycle. Antonee Robinson and George Bello are good prospects but theyre both still too young to be complete players so we still have a pretty big absence at that position. For natural left backs anyway. Sergino Dest will probably end up there but he's definitely a natural right back.
Vesp 8 bulan yang lalu
Gareth Southgate: i could play trent arnold or wan bissaka or kyke walker Alright tripper get ready
ratedpending (please don't sue me)
ratedpending (please don't sue me) 8 bulan yang lalu
Top 7 Oceanian players (from outside AUS/NZ)
ratedpending (please don't sue me)
ratedpending (please don't sue me) 8 bulan yang lalu
Wookieboi05 _
Wookieboi05 _ 8 bulan yang lalu
Traoré changed nationality to Mali
Gate 4 Brothers
Gate 4 Brothers 8 bulan yang lalu
Greece in right backs and strikers.
francis dp
francis dp 8 bulan yang lalu
mexican football league rivalries and how they started
Jude Cruz
Jude Cruz 8 bulan yang lalu
Here's a nice topic idea, since you already made best players from each national team A-Z. Why not talk about each of there top scorers?
Bob 8 bulan yang lalu
Akanji, elvedi, schar, zakaria? All center backs for Switzerland and all rising stars bar schar you’ve got this one wrong man
mabdi Mohammed
mabdi Mohammed 8 bulan yang lalu
Can you make a full team of players that have got Coronavirus 🤗🤗
Kamil 8 bulan yang lalu
I think you can make a good case for belgium’s left wing back position. Martinez shoe-horned Chadli into that position in the 2018 World Cup
ThePolaBarret_Mack 8 bulan yang lalu
I'm sorry to correct you HITC,but the picture in 9' 35" (moreoless) is from an argentinian defensive midfielder caller Leonardo PONZIO,not Right back Leonardo Godoy from Talleres🤪. Loved the vid tho
Conall Henderson
Conall Henderson 8 bulan yang lalu
You forgot Scotland just a defence
Omid Moayeri
Omid Moayeri 8 bulan yang lalu
For Argentina you forgot Fabricio Bustos and Gonzalo Montiel. They will have that position sorted in the next two years if the coach isn't a moron!
Danuta Tkaczyk
Danuta Tkaczyk 8 bulan yang lalu
Im a benfica fan seferovic is absolute ass
ViralFootballTransfers HD
ViralFootballTransfers HD 8 bulan yang lalu
What about asensio for Spain?
frank unodostres
frank unodostres 8 bulan yang lalu
a few thoughts: - jefferson lerma is really good - switzerland have no aspirations. they overachieve in every single tournament where they get out of the group stage - you don't need a classic striker when you play with a false 9 like depay. look at spain 2010 - argentina's entire team is average except for 4-5 players who never play at the same time anyway
Kevin Moreno
Kevin Moreno 8 bulan yang lalu
@Ville Schmidli Switzerland is shite, their best player is Xhaka, let that sink in
Ville Schmidli
Ville Schmidli 8 bulan yang lalu
frank unodostres nah u kinda underrate the Swiss team my man
ravindra dhuri
ravindra dhuri 8 bulan yang lalu
NED l.de.jong and m.depay
ravindra dhuri
ravindra dhuri 8 bulan yang lalu
Swiss shaquire
Alex Andrei
Alex Andrei 8 bulan yang lalu
bro pavard is a right back and he is a crucial player for bayern lol
Saftbockwurst 8 bulan yang lalu
Germany - the Coach
Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman 8 bulan yang lalu
Netherlands have malen and boadu coming through now🔥
Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman 8 bulan yang lalu
Potato ori
Potato 8 bulan yang lalu
And they’re both shit lol
GokuSSJ3 8 bulan yang lalu
Top 7 clubs lacking in one position. For example Barcelona a reliable CB, Madrid a Striker, United a CF, etc. yes I realize Madrid and United had a similar problem, yes Madrid have Benzema but he doesn’t always perform his best all the time and that costs them points in league, they need someone in the bench as well they can rely on to score those goals, Jovic hasn’t been reliable either
bigT 8 bulan yang lalu
Hasn’t been a proper Dutch gunman up front since RVP
darkness2121 8 bulan yang lalu
7:19 he look like a rugby player....
Dipanshu Paul
Dipanshu Paul 8 bulan yang lalu
France have pavarad in right back position
Milner Eliott
Milner Eliott 8 bulan yang lalu
How about making one for the club that have this crises
sk8alien 8 bulan yang lalu
wilmar barrios was probably columbia's best player last copa america just watch the game against argentina
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