Amy Barrett
Amy Barrett 4 jam yang lalu
ßłđ фЭ
ßłđ фЭ 5 jam yang lalu
Big like from lfc fan
Nicolás Cerrato
Nicolás Cerrato 5 jam yang lalu
I think captain Ayling will score against Fulham.
Rusydi Bourlyn
Rusydi Bourlyn 5 jam yang lalu
Excuse me and good morning boss I want to just ask if that allows me If not, no problem Oh yeah boss when I watch football TV shows Is it true that this Leeds United club has secured its services The player from the French league It's with the Parisiens To get a draxler When you get and Draxler's security In the transfer market this season Club Leeds united Should be able to get Cavani there So that this club can be the most competitive in the championship
Luciano Martín Tilatti
Luciano Martín Tilatti 6 jam yang lalu
Nothing happen! El objetivo principal es la Premier. Que miedo tiene el traductor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Esta aterrado pobre tipo.
Ninguno Ninguno
Ninguno Ninguno 6 jam yang lalu
Aguante marcelo!! Aguante leeds!!
Nicholas Hrisafinas
Nicholas Hrisafinas 6 jam yang lalu
great to see forshaw there, his premier league experience will be important for our squad.
dumaramutsi 7 jam yang lalu
My boys <3
Sanjin Dedic
Sanjin Dedic 7 jam yang lalu
I could watch these all day, Koch looks like a baller . . . . also where is Rodrigo?
Jacob Requejo S.
Jacob Requejo S. 7 jam yang lalu
y los goles de liverpool donde estan que no los veo
o711Oscar G
o711Oscar G 7 jam yang lalu
Kalvin slapping Bamfords ass 😂
Panther Black
Panther Black 7 jam yang lalu
Yes very poor showing I’d have like to see them have a run in this cup but it’s clear this season is about saving players and surviving relegation
analog dellopera
analog dellopera 8 jam yang lalu
Draxler has More construcción
J P 8 jam yang lalu
I feel sorry for the translator, bielsa talks so strange
245 Park
245 Park 8 jam yang lalu
한국 사람 중에 리즈 응원 하는 사람 많습니다.올해 프리미어 리그에서 살아남고 이후에 좋은 성적 기대해봅니다
Gökmen Cuci
Gökmen Cuci 8 jam yang lalu
How can you lose from hull city and win from fulham?
Gökmen Cuci
Gökmen Cuci 8 jam yang lalu
@a I understand but there are thousands of people betting alot of money on you because they think you will win. You cant just give a game for fun 😪
a 8 jam yang lalu
We gave the Champions a game.
a 8 jam yang lalu
We don't care about a worthless cup. We want to do well in the league.
Aziz Azhar
Aziz Azhar 9 jam yang lalu
Carabao cup is not important. The prize money for this tournament is very little. Not worth it
Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury 10 jam yang lalu
We need to smash Fulham and start are season off . Perfect game 👌
Arthur Brian
Arthur Brian 10 jam yang lalu
Finish above United and don't fcing bottle it Leeds.
Syarip Hidayatullah
Syarip Hidayatullah 10 jam yang lalu
We all hate Leeds scum welcome back to English Premier league
Marcos Sneider
Marcos Sneider 10 jam yang lalu
Excelente !!! Vamos Leeds !!!!!!!
just peace
just peace 10 jam yang lalu
Chris Sheldon
Chris Sheldon 10 jam yang lalu
Great to see Forshaw back in training!
Oktawian Bik
Oktawian Bik 11 jam yang lalu
Mateusz Klich the best LU player
Racid Blade
Racid Blade 11 jam yang lalu
Here we LEEDS
Ignacio Azpiazu
Ignacio Azpiazu 11 jam yang lalu
“What is ‘Take Us Home’?”
Samuel Restrepo Vides
Samuel Restrepo Vides 12 jam yang lalu
i have the cumbia leeds
zero cool
zero cool 12 jam yang lalu
Pablo our next manager
Karl FoxYT
Karl FoxYT 12 jam yang lalu
Come on lads 3 points this weekend
Amat Doucoure
Amat Doucoure 12 jam yang lalu
Other teams: Leeds United: man bun United.
Christhorpe Junction
Christhorpe Junction 12 jam yang lalu
Pablo is looking keen, hungry and suspiciously young!
JordanJLUFC 12 jam yang lalu
Where was Rodrigo
S T 12 jam yang lalu
My g Cooper back 👌
simon e68
simon e68 12 jam yang lalu
nailed on relegation fodder...!
Gustavo Rodríguez
Gustavo Rodríguez 12 jam yang lalu
Liam Hainsworth
Liam Hainsworth 13 jam yang lalu
Thought I seen forshaw then for a minute 🤦🏼‍♂️😂
Kimsamjack 13 jam yang lalu
My birthday is on match day so I'm having a party with my friends watching the game! MOT!!!
Riki Rikin kanayin
Riki Rikin kanayin 5 jam yang lalu
would that be a covid party...
Gary Fryer
Gary Fryer 11 jam yang lalu
No more than 6 i hope...HaHaHa
Harry McDermott
Harry McDermott 12 jam yang lalu
Kimsamjack hb
Frankiez220 13 jam yang lalu
Adam fucking Forshaw kicking a ball!
LAGU 2020
LAGU 2020 13 jam yang lalu
Great team spirit going on there let's hope we can pick up 3 points on Saturday and get this season off and running...Marching on Together
izzy B
izzy B 12 jam yang lalu
pepe pepini peposo
pepe pepini peposo 13 jam yang lalu
Bielsa vende humo
Thomas Stace
Thomas Stace 13 jam yang lalu
Leeds have a good first team but this signals problems if they get a few injuries
mygg 22
mygg 22 14 jam yang lalu
OK lads, squad should be warming up now,, let's have a 3 pointer
F.C. Bournemouth till I die
F.C. Bournemouth till I die 14 jam yang lalu
Your bubble has burst. You can't even beat Hull... Next August Bielsa will have moved on, and you'll be back in the championship where you belong..
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody 8 jam yang lalu
I was back in Bournemouth a few months ago funnily enough. It's a lovely place, but it looked a lot bigger as a 17 year old in 1990. Were you out that weekend we came down and got promoted? You'd have loved it by the sound of it? MOT
Airaction2257 12 jam yang lalu
Your Bubble has already burst and all your players and manager has gone Crybaby
japantuning88 13 jam yang lalu
Salty are we?
John Smith
John Smith 14 jam yang lalu
Says that world famous Bournemouth team fan
joey blaq
joey blaq 14 jam yang lalu
First win coming up 🔥🔥💪👍
Brandan Chisholm
Brandan Chisholm 14 jam yang lalu
Coops is back & looks sharp 🤙
Jack White
Jack White 14 jam yang lalu
Glad to see copper back up and running let's hope we beat Fulham come on the whites MOT 💙💛💙💛💙
Brian Kin
Brian Kin 14 jam yang lalu
Unfortunately, it is just a flash in the pan.They lost to Hull.
Northern dancer
Northern dancer 14 jam yang lalu
The number ten 10 at Leeds United needs replacing with Rodrigo de Paul . He can make 5 yard pass , he can use skill . He can score sublime goals . He can play many different positions . He’s strong and aggressive on and off the ball. It’s a number that needs to be taken up by a real star 🌟 .
Jon Bailey
Jon Bailey 13 jam yang lalu
Arnold Crentist I heard we can’t agree on price and are looking to loan him can’t see it happening if that’s the case but hope we get it sorted he’s an ideal fit
Arnold Crentist
Arnold Crentist 14 jam yang lalu
@Jon Bailey he wants to come, personal terms agreed and hes turned down Zenit. Udinese just need to stop overvaluing
Jon Bailey
Jon Bailey 14 jam yang lalu
Can’t see us getting him now but fingers crossed 🤞
Carlx 14 jam yang lalu
Forshaaaaaaaaaw. What a player.
Cory Peak Fit
Cory Peak Fit 14 jam yang lalu
Niceee, good to see the guys training hard. Love Harrison he's awesome very inspiring his commitment to fitness and working hard is top notch 💪🔝 MOT
Vladimir_Vasquez 14 jam yang lalu
F Leeds 😢
وثائقي كرة القدم
وثائقي كرة القدم 14 jam yang lalu
Vous êtes les meilleurs joueurs du monde ♥️♥️♥️♥️
William Lauer
William Lauer 15 jam yang lalu
alessio agnesi
alessio agnesi 15 jam yang lalu
Oscar 15 jam yang lalu
Koch's got some great ball control
MrRichyboy24 12 jam yang lalu
He’s great in the box as well
Frankiez220 13 jam yang lalu
Oscar and some great hand control too
Huz Ib.
Huz Ib. 15 jam yang lalu
Leeds fans complained lfc won by penalty. Now another lost due penalties. What say you now.
Nabhan 15 jam yang lalu
Iam liverpool fan but leeds was amazing in this game 👏👏
Hamam Ahmed
Hamam Ahmed 15 jam yang lalu
I‘lol not to miss a single game of this club , what a way to introduce themselves in the first game
riberadelplata 15 jam yang lalu
que le pasa a -bielsa? Esta castigado? lo pusieron en penitencia?
Deborah Stokes
Deborah Stokes 15 jam yang lalu
30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️
VÍDEOS DE TRENES Y SERIES 15 jam yang lalu
Audy W
Audy W 15 jam yang lalu
cmon koch, horrible debut sure. but we go again son. MOT
japantuning88 13 jam yang lalu
@Owen Hargrave Calling that first game really good debut is over the top, he was ok at best but that's natural 'cause it was his first game. We go again on Saturday.
Owen Hargrave
Owen Hargrave 13 jam yang lalu
If you look at stats he had a really good debut hand ball he couldn’t do anything and he got blocked off if he goes straight through mane to get to van Dijk he gives away another penalty mate why you so harsh in stats he had a really really good debut
Gilbert Walker
Gilbert Walker 14 jam yang lalu
He had a decent debut, playing in a CB partnership that had never played together before. His CB partner being a 21 year old with only 5 appearances and 215 minutes last season, playing mainly as a CDM. Koch had been training with the club for 4 days and his debut was against the best front 3 in Europe. What did you expect? His passing was superb and he put in a few good challenges. That pen, was incredibly harsh. MOT
Carlx 14 jam yang lalu
Why so harsh?
Abeet Sekhar.V
Abeet Sekhar.V 15 jam yang lalu
I just saw a single match and I have subscribed to Leeds... good things coming ahead definitely...
NowisEvollovetion 15 jam yang lalu
It looks like good fun earning £50,000 a week. lol
Lewis John-Frederick
Lewis John-Frederick 14 jam yang lalu
They all overpaid to fuck every footballer is. But fair play to them they worked hard to get where they are. Football players who are to down to earth I respect. How many are I don't know
No Name
No Name 15 jam yang lalu
It probably is.
M Irwin
M Irwin 15 jam yang lalu
wheres rodrigo ?
M Irwin
M Irwin 15 jam yang lalu
@LUFC Fan Thanks for info
M Irwin
M Irwin 15 jam yang lalu
@Lufc for life #MOT Ok thanks
LUFC Fan 15 jam yang lalu
Everyone who was in the game yesterday would have just been doing recovery today
Lufc for life #MOT
Lufc for life #MOT 15 jam yang lalu
M Irwin played last night so I guess it would have been more recovery for him today
Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell 15 jam yang lalu
Good to see Cooper and Foreshaw out there. AF was playing really well before that injury last year 👍
Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell 13 jam yang lalu
@Carlx Agreed. Those first 6 or 7 games at the start of last season he was very good, in fact iirc his injury was pre season in Italy wasn't it? Brings control to the centre of the park 👍
Carlx 14 jam yang lalu
If he didn't get injured, I think he would have been one of Bielsa's pivotal players.
Jack Ramsden
Jack Ramsden 15 jam yang lalu
Coops back?
LUFC Jxck 14 jam yang lalu
@Jack Ramsden yep
Jack Ramsden
Jack Ramsden 14 jam yang lalu
@LUFC Jxck I was hoping so
LUFC Jxck 14 jam yang lalu
Think so he was in the vid training so he must be
Karezza Kundalini Kenosis
Karezza Kundalini Kenosis 15 jam yang lalu
Relegation battle.
John Smith
John Smith 14 jam yang lalu
KKK we all know what you stand for
Dale Steel
Dale Steel 14 jam yang lalu
Everyday a battle for you pal yeah?
No Name
No Name 15 jam yang lalu
Karezza Kundalini Kenosis
Karezza Kundalini Kenosis 15 jam yang lalu
@M Irwin No matter where you go, there you are.
M Irwin
M Irwin 15 jam yang lalu
Why are you here ? Although Glad to see you follow Leeds United with so much interest
Lewis15 15 jam yang lalu
Come on lads must win on sat 💙💛
Jon Bailey
Jon Bailey 14 jam yang lalu
Henry Bushell still need the 3 points from Fulham though
Henry Bushell
Henry Bushell 15 jam yang lalu
Karezza Kundalini Kenosis mate it’s the second game of the season
Karezza Kundalini Kenosis
Karezza Kundalini Kenosis 15 jam yang lalu
Win or bust.
DanielGreat Gamer
DanielGreat Gamer 15 jam yang lalu
Let’s go
1.2 mill subs with no Vids
1.2 mill subs with no Vids 15 jam yang lalu
Karezza Kundalini Kenosis wtf r u talking about we will probably finish 8th or 9th
Karezza Kundalini Kenosis
Karezza Kundalini Kenosis 15 jam yang lalu
Let's go down?
Ollie Herrick
Ollie Herrick 15 jam yang lalu
Poor Ben. Brighton have kidnapped him
tony hirst
tony hirst 16 jam yang lalu
The carabao cup is an insult to British culture never mind football,meaningless!
drybones 16 jam yang lalu
Want to sign a midfielder from leeds for my fantasy premier league team. Who should I go for? Klich, Harrison, Costa or Phillips? Can't afford Hernandez....Any suggestions?
Tyson Britt
Tyson Britt 17 jam yang lalu
Wow very very good un maestro de fútbol EL LOCO
Tyler Wessels
Tyler Wessels 17 jam yang lalu
Am I the only one who thought the commentator was a Leeds United Fan?? LOL😂
Vikram Bhat
Vikram Bhat 17 jam yang lalu
cool that he has T800 as his translator.
Javier Gentile
Javier Gentile 17 jam yang lalu
defienden muy mal..y no atacan...a que juegan?? smoke seller ??
Narayan Shrestha
Narayan Shrestha 17 jam yang lalu
This shows, how weak is Liverpool team lmao
drybones 6 jam yang lalu
@Taylor Cuthbo What's wrong with you guys?? I'm saying liverpool are NOT a weak team! They won the league by 18 points last term. So they are NOT weak!
Taylor Cuthbo
Taylor Cuthbo 13 jam yang lalu
@drybones Liverpool arent weak they just had a shit game. may have scored 4 goals against us and won but our defence was also shot
drybones 15 jam yang lalu
@Liam Hainsworth I'm saying liverpool won the league by a margin of 18 points last season. Hence they aren't exactly 'weak'....Problems with comprehension bro?😆
Liam Hainsworth
Liam Hainsworth 15 jam yang lalu
drybones so because they only just beat Leeds 4-3 means this current Liverpool team is weak? Do you even have a fuckin brain bro
Liam Hainsworth
Liam Hainsworth 15 jam yang lalu
Taylor Cuthbo intended
Random Guy
Random Guy 17 jam yang lalu
Love from Kerala 💙💛💙💛
OrangeVevo bwuuh
OrangeVevo bwuuh 18 jam yang lalu
Bielsa has never done good on the carabao cup he doesn't care about it