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Is JR Smith Going To Be A Laker?
I Was Wrong
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The Pat McAfee Show | June 19th, 2020
The MLB Is 100% DEAD
21 hari yang lalu
Alex Hoo
Alex Hoo 2 jam yang lalu
No matter what someone with a vest says it's still the driver's responsibility to drive safely. Driver's responsibility to know the height of the vehicle. If unsure if you will clear or not ALWAYS assume the worst.
Diagnosticdave 2 jam yang lalu
Duh.......who wants that cancerous turd with all his drama
MGM24 2 jam yang lalu
AQ is a unit Pens in 6
Alex Hoo
Alex Hoo 2 jam yang lalu
MORON driver.
MGM24 2 jam yang lalu
AQ is my new favorite NFL guy
Josh 43
Josh 43 2 jam yang lalu
If people find out what AFL is it would be a worldwide sport
Cody West
Cody West 2 jam yang lalu
Lmfao get the car Conner. If you get a cat you're going to spend $600 just for a self cleaning litter box like a certain someone. Ahem MVP lol
Steven DuCharme
Steven DuCharme 2 jam yang lalu
Why am I just hearing about this now. Sounds like must see TV to me
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 2 jam yang lalu
The Pat McAfee Show is the Joe Rogan Experience of sports
hard knocklife
hard knocklife 2 jam yang lalu
Nick Foles will forever be remembered for that superbowl year but I would bet alot of money he will never lead a team through a whole season AND win a superbowl. I think wentz can.
Luke Schrock
Luke Schrock 2 jam yang lalu
Amen Connor!!! Credit cards are fake money!
hard knocklife
hard knocklife 3 jam yang lalu
I'm taking wentz to get me to the playoffs. Foles to win in the playoffs. I just wish we actually had something to base carson Wentz's playoff capabilities on but hes had some really bad luck with that. Hopefully this year he can shun the haters. I dont think the cowboys are anymore a threat than they were last year and the eagles got a little bit better
Nancy Hannan
Nancy Hannan 3 jam yang lalu
I just acquired a large note Book with nothing Ken Griffey Jrs. Baseball cards. I want to sell them. Any pointers on that.
abhi Sh
abhi Sh 3 jam yang lalu
Love watching an NFL show and seeing a AFL footy, love your work and your honest opinions pat! Go Browns!
Leonel Cardenas
Leonel Cardenas 3 jam yang lalu
We called that game in the 3rd minute Johnny Tackle. Don't know where the name came from. But No, I will not call it what Beastmode did.
OrangeAzzClown 3 jam yang lalu
What a great game for social distancing
Horus Whoreus
Horus Whoreus 3 jam yang lalu
Darwin Awards
james carlson
james carlson 3 jam yang lalu
I love Pat Mcafee. Pat McAffee is the best! No one better than Pat McAfee! 6 dollars please
B Lightning
B Lightning 3 jam yang lalu
lol the sabres were robbed 2 years in a row.
William McCollom
William McCollom 3 jam yang lalu
Red wings fans are just pissed cuz they went from one of the greatest teams ever and now they're team is a joke
Jacobi Gilbert
Jacobi Gilbert 3 jam yang lalu
They are talking about chat sports
Carter Lance
Carter Lance 3 jam yang lalu
Little did they know cam newton and the patriots
Swoosh Kid
Swoosh Kid 3 jam yang lalu
calcio storico, its from florence!! big love from italy boys! there are 4 teams they rappresent the 4 named after 4 churches, it started in the 1500s and will be back in 2021 ;) Check out 'Palio di Siena' for some wild horse races ;)
Matthew Webster
Matthew Webster 3 jam yang lalu
As a Wings fan I am sick. Thank God for Stevie Y
Noah Muller
Noah Muller 3 jam yang lalu
It’s an unspoken law down here that you can only switch teams when your daycare, kindergarten but once your past that age your stuck with that team for life.
RuralOntarioDuster 3 jam yang lalu
Tbh it's defs hockey. NFL is defs a close second. You just can't beat game 7 OT and being able to fight
Jackson Ando
Jackson Ando 3 jam yang lalu
Your mom sounds like the cool bad ass mom lol
B M 3 jam yang lalu
The most dangerous sport would be the one with the most deaths per year. Therefore golf is the winner.
Jesse George
Jesse George 3 jam yang lalu
Detroit won enough cups! They can suck for a while. Hahahah it’s gunna happen to the Pens soon anyway so we all have to go through it.
Adam Hill
Adam Hill 3 jam yang lalu
Eventually we are gonna see one of these stacked teams play this different. Teams with this much talent simply can't pay everyone elite money. But if I was a top player on a team like the Chiefs...even Mahomes. I would gather all my guys and be like listen...we all know we can get "insert $" but in order to get that...some of us are gonna end up on crap teams with no talent cuz they are the only ones that can afford us. So all that does is makes the Chiefs mediocre and a few bad teams...slightly less bad. BUT...if we all figure this out and are willing for each of us to take a little less money so more of us can stay....guess what, we keep winning divisions and hopefully super bowls. If we can negotiate heavy performance bonuses for winning and big stats, and we are an elite team for the next 5+ years...we will make just as much if not more money in the long run due to bonuses, play off wins, and endorsements than if we break up the band for single contract payouts and struggle to win divisions and playoff games ...or even break .500 for some of us that leave.
Chad Bailey
Chad Bailey 3 jam yang lalu
So DC considers Brock a legit champ while he was on roids but then discredits Jones bc of dick pills🤔 DC never deserved the Light heavyweight belt 💯
Richard Henry
Richard Henry 3 jam yang lalu
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 3 jam yang lalu
Where can I get one of those shirts
Richard Henry
Richard Henry 3 jam yang lalu
Jah feel me? Respect.
Richard Henry
Richard Henry 3 jam yang lalu
I'm just kidding, I'm just here helping out the comments quota for the boys. For the brand, baybeeee.
Richard Henry
Richard Henry 3 jam yang lalu
I'm just here so I wont get fined. Better aks somebod.
HeyNowLookHere 3 jam yang lalu
KC got lucky once, that's enough for them. NEXT!!!!
Richard Henry
Richard Henry 4 jam yang lalu
This was nice, thank you.
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 4 jam yang lalu
"now I'm very worried" 😭
rob rob
rob rob 4 jam yang lalu
Anyone else getting sick of pats racial slurs by using the phrase "old whites" or is that acceptable and we shouldn't talk about that..?.... Or is it okay because he's being racist towards his own ethnicity.?✊✊
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 4 jam yang lalu
"he is a stooge" 😂
Andrew Hesser
Andrew Hesser 4 jam yang lalu
Lol chiefs better pay them refs too😂
Ada 1812
Ada 1812 4 jam yang lalu
Nascar just died with bubba smollet
Josh McLean
Josh McLean 4 jam yang lalu
He visited the injured Jeremy Howe, he is a good guy
RedAlertSteve _
RedAlertSteve _ 4 jam yang lalu
Funny enough, Denver Colorado can get tornadoes.
Carl Alford
Carl Alford 4 jam yang lalu
We need full video version of the pod
BroadswordMedia 4 jam yang lalu
This is why money does bring the worst out of people.
Brandon S.
Brandon S. 4 jam yang lalu
I think we can all agree that the POD needs to be uploaded in full on the channel!!!
Ryan McCarthy
Ryan McCarthy 4 jam yang lalu
Cale makar was 4th overall to the avs steal
Lucky Lefty
Lucky Lefty 4 jam yang lalu
So Ty really stood that whole time huh hahahahaha
SoBanked- 4 jam yang lalu
Been saying this lol Chiefs fans scared because we really gonna find out what Mahomes really bout when cuts start happening
Suq Madiq
Suq Madiq 4 jam yang lalu
The tightness of those shorts are "Capperesque"....
sean cosgrove
sean cosgrove 4 jam yang lalu
Wings were 50/50 for a top 3 pick, and they lost. How can you pissed at a coin toss?
vizo 4 jam yang lalu
it should probably be a guaranteed top 3
Giovanny Ramos
Giovanny Ramos 4 jam yang lalu
Cause there isn’t gonna be football 😂
Jacob Allen
Jacob Allen 4 jam yang lalu
My problem isn’t with the pick not going to Detroit. My problem is that there are 7 teams sitting at home I would’ve been fine with. It’s a bad look to give a team like Pittsburgh or Toronto or Edmonton to get the pick should they lose. I don’t think using the excuse of “well this was a weird season” is acceptable. The lottery could have been between the teams not participating.
DonnRonn Bagger
DonnRonn Bagger 4 jam yang lalu
As a football player growing up my whole life until about a 20 or so, and a lifetime football fan, there's just no possible way I can contain my feelings when I'm breaking around the outside and all I see is the endzone, or my team makes a big play and my guy is running down the field, celebrations are completely inevitable. Growing up as a kid you couldn't celebrate, not even in highschool, you could scream and yell but if you come together as a team, the flag came out. And that's just a flag that's coming out everytime, bc you can't stop someones excitement of a big play and celebrating is gonna happen. It's the old farts that never played the sport that don't understand the feelings of making a big play.
CH99 4 jam yang lalu
Let’s. Go.
UC32 UC32
UC32 UC32 4 jam yang lalu
oh yeah pat rocking with uc 💯
Jacob Allen
Jacob Allen 4 jam yang lalu
Wings got screwed. I’ve said this a million times you CAN have the best of both worlds. #1 overall goes to the worst team guaranteed, run the lottery for the next few picks up until like 10 and then base the rest of the draft off of records.
KingKlutch13 5 jam yang lalu
Never forget when they went total WWE on the promotion after DC went double champ😂
David Eicks
David Eicks 5 jam yang lalu
Fun fact, no other team in the current system has dropped more spots than the Wings. They should switch back to the lottery system where a team can’t jump more than 5 spots.
Norm Jacques
Norm Jacques 5 jam yang lalu
I've been a Pats fan since the Boston Patriots played at Fenway Park!! Letting Brady walk was a monumental blunder and Cam Newton is a talented head case/Belichick reclamation project. Historically, the majority of those projects have failed miserably, as will this one.......and I am now a Tampa Bay Bucs fan! Robert & Jonathan Kraft are totally gutless and, with the money they've made on the team, probably couldn't care less at this point. It wouldn't even surprise me to hear that the team is for sale. Dynasty over! Take the money and run!!
Lord Satan
Lord Satan 5 jam yang lalu
In Yzerman we trust
Zilch 5 jam yang lalu
Deborah Farooq
Deborah Farooq 5 jam yang lalu
We all should just go buy lots of rebel flags and stuff . To crap with the north always hating the south , keep ur north butt out out the south if you dont like the south stay in the north .
Mina #9
Mina #9 5 jam yang lalu
That was wild how Bennett jumped right into the Nick Foles thing when Long was talking about Carson and his response to Police Brutality. It wasn't appropriate. But with that said, I think that Foles is better too. And it's pretty revealing that Long said that he straddles the line like a F****** champ. So he himself couldn't say Carson is better. He's an honest man. They should have kept Foles, but damn Bennett leave that for another conversation, or after you're done talking about such a sensitive matter. You'd think he'd know better sense he considers himself an activist.
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia 5 jam yang lalu
You gotta get this kid a job. He’d fit in and he’s going places!!!
Sir SS
Sir SS 5 jam yang lalu
It’s nothing like AFL , rugby more like it. ffs stop it. Where’s Pat ?
born free
born free 5 jam yang lalu
The messages are not important. The actions are. I dont care what people say but how they act. You talk about how it wasnt disrespectful but he worn pigs are cops socks. Also, you are speaking sole from one side.
Patrick Martin
Patrick Martin 5 jam yang lalu
Jesus one game hasn't been played 1 game and there talking about a downfall.Yes people will come and go. For a out the next decade or so I think the cheifs will be fine.
Deborah Farooq
Deborah Farooq 5 jam yang lalu
Boycott nascar. Do not watch , do not go to.there races. If they can start taking down.all of history , in this country , then its know that history repeats itself . Were will you or what will you remove next that dam offends you, when u start taking down one thing they will start to.take down other things as well .. it will never stop if you take down every dam thing that offend you .
Clay McClanahan
Clay McClanahan 5 jam yang lalu
The sport with the goat is buzkashi. It is played in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
James Laverty
James Laverty 5 jam yang lalu
Mitt is getting tested by conner, but he's firing back with heat. Love the show. Keep it up.
Tomos Walker
Tomos Walker 5 jam yang lalu
Question - when you kick the ball towards the posts and it bounces, it's 1 between little post and big post. When is it 1 between the 2 big posts??
12AUNTIE LOVER34 5 jam yang lalu
Thanks for going to mma pat gas hearing you two talk
Ro 5 jam yang lalu
Pat does not seem to know the meaning of “optics” 🤣
Hamdy Mali
Hamdy Mali 5 jam yang lalu
social media really hurt WWE instead of helping it. Social media took away the mystique vibes from the WWE and everything is so predictable.
C.S. Bailey
C.S. Bailey 5 jam yang lalu
Terry Brunk
Terry Brunk 5 jam yang lalu
The NFL'S proposals for the 2020 season could be the downfall to the League. Pat you dont know crap,stick to punting.
Ryan Maness
Ryan Maness 5 jam yang lalu
Zach Brown
Zach Brown 5 jam yang lalu
To all you light mma fans this is no big news to the real mma fans. It’s like asking if a prime rib would beat up a round steak
Jeff Cavanaugh
Jeff Cavanaugh 6 jam yang lalu
I would legitimately pay for a subscription service for this show. I wouldn’t mind the amount either, bring on commercials and everything. This show deserves so much more spotlight.
Mina #9
Mina #9 6 jam yang lalu
Pat McAfee is adorable!! Come to Momma!!
steve vincelette
steve vincelette 6 jam yang lalu
F Nascar. Their not changing me and we're not watching anymore. All lives matter!!
Ol' sinbad
Ol' sinbad 6 jam yang lalu
im a Hawthorn Hawks fan but I love ST. Kilda and they are definitely on the up, probably finish top 6
Sebastian Gilson
Sebastian Gilson 6 jam yang lalu
Gotta switch to the bombers Pat!!
UncleRicoThaCheatCode 6 jam yang lalu
Make it happen then big shot he wld beat your ass
marc potts
marc potts 6 jam yang lalu
Seems like, seems like seems lile seems like
BradD 2400
BradD 2400 6 jam yang lalu
When did they start doing the weekend show?
Trollerskater 6 jam yang lalu
Do not lease a car. That's far more stupid than getting a credit card.
brettf45 6 jam yang lalu
Mad at drew brees cause he had a different opinion get over it, he gonna smoke defenses this year anyways with thomas and alvin
Ian Rider
Ian Rider 6 jam yang lalu
Mahomes is willing to take less money, he's said that plenty of times
John Smither
John Smither 6 jam yang lalu
It all depends on his body health, if he can still run and truck people like he used to then the Pats got something here. He'll never win many games with just his arm. It's all about keeping the defense off balance wondering if he'll run or pass. When he's one dimensional he's extremely average at QB. Time will tell!
Kyle Spade
Kyle Spade 6 jam yang lalu
They have Godwin, Evans, a potential Edelman (miller) and now they have Gronk. No need to bring in that cancer.
Cody Thrive
Cody Thrive 6 jam yang lalu
Pay Mahomes under the table. Like how Kraft paid Brady.
Michael Darby
Michael Darby 6 jam yang lalu
No one: .... McAfee: WUT
Jovante Music
Jovante Music 6 jam yang lalu
Saltiren 6 jam yang lalu
Lmao wtf, this guy is hilarious. Joe Smith? Lmaooo moved it closer to the grill 😂😂
Chris Garcia
Chris Garcia 6 jam yang lalu
"This is a dude that is a dude". Wise words from Pat McAfee
Fluffy Bunny
Fluffy Bunny 6 jam yang lalu
I feel like the more Pat tries to explain this play the further and further he digs a hole.
JeffW. 7 jam yang lalu
Tony Dungy so much more than a coach. Would love to have a convo with him.