Don't @ Me with Nia Sioux | MTV
Jose garcia
Jose garcia 10 jam yang lalu
I love snookies!
Brianna Gonzalez
Brianna Gonzalez 10 jam yang lalu
#4 is the MOST wholesome and adult conversation between two people in this series 😂
1 J.E. L.1
1 J.E. L.1 10 jam yang lalu
One is very beautiful and the other is very sexy! 0:28 that is a black girl move that only sista's can master!
alleyiana 10 jam yang lalu
lmaoooooo did anyone come here from her twitter confession of her making this song ab cheating on her bf LOL
cielo ceras
cielo ceras 10 jam yang lalu
bts es otro level
kayla odonnell
kayla odonnell 10 jam yang lalu
listen I feel so bad for him because everyone is acting as if she is the victim but they are both just so fake to each other and are not best friends maybe not even friends at all
Carlos Reyes
Carlos Reyes 10 jam yang lalu
Trust me: I ain't ever even been impressed like this 😍
Katrina Winters
Katrina Winters 11 jam yang lalu
I love her laugh 😆 😍
Fernanda Rojas
Fernanda Rojas 11 jam yang lalu
I am in love with this performance! I love you BTS <3 It is impossible for me not to smile every time I listen to Dynamite
Letizia Moon
Letizia Moon 11 jam yang lalu
How can they sing with the mask, i can't even breathe while walking 😂 amazing both of 'em and the dancers too 👏👏👏 now this is something we need to see, nothing can stop them. And for the ones that say they're not singing live i mean.. can't you hear them breathing hard uder those masks? And sorry but you're dumb for not understanding when someone is singing live, you can totally hear it.
Mari Ribeiro
Mari Ribeiro 11 jam yang lalu
In Love new Miley
Mollanguinho ofc
Mollanguinho ofc 11 jam yang lalu
O playback foi de mais😢 Porém,performance lindaah😍
Mollanguinho ofc
Mollanguinho ofc 11 jam yang lalu
Ed Suiter
Ed Suiter 11 jam yang lalu
She is a legend
Nevaeh Brooks
Nevaeh Brooks 11 jam yang lalu
Joel tho with the vocal richard with the voice Erick with the cuteness and zabdeil with the flames
Оливия и Ботан
Оливия и Ботан 11 jam yang lalu
I have no regret joining this fandom
Christaux 11 jam yang lalu
iconic performance of paparazzi ? And meat dress ?
John Austin
John Austin 11 jam yang lalu
Why dose gaga remind me of qupid from pixels
Pam C M
Pam C M 11 jam yang lalu Epiphany makes me an Army
Jordan Palacios
Jordan Palacios 11 jam yang lalu
ryan Vq
ryan Vq 11 jam yang lalu
segun el minuto 2:28 y al iniciar la cancion puedo decir k maluma hizo playback en toda momento.
자두가족TV 11 jam yang lalu
아니 외국인 왜이렇게 많은데에..
히사 11 jam yang lalu
음향이 왜이리 그지같어
Tayde Vargas
Tayde Vargas 11 jam yang lalu
Sientes que vuelas juntate🌝🌞⭐️
Sigit Kg
Sigit Kg 11 jam yang lalu
Mirely Giovannia
Mirely Giovannia 11 jam yang lalu
Lyric Parish
Lyric Parish 11 jam yang lalu
Idc BTS was The Best One 💯 leave me alone 😂😂 lady Gaga was just 😬 she needs to go 🙄
MzVirgo 11 jam yang lalu
Is Dallas the guy on "Are You The One?"
jackson chen
jackson chen 11 jam yang lalu
I just cant get over their bell bottom dress pants
Cheyenne Congleton
Cheyenne Congleton 11 jam yang lalu
I like Tana and I’ve went back rewatching all these videos and I definitely understand family problems , but it’s always an excuse for her and it makes me sad that she’s hurting the people around her and making them feel bad for it . But then again this could all be fake and scripted so idk
Tyrese Ben
Tyrese Ben 11 jam yang lalu
Juega Frei
Juega Frei 11 jam yang lalu
Tomorrow 911
Thony 1
Thony 1 11 jam yang lalu
911 billboard #1
Horacio Gonzalez
Horacio Gonzalez 11 jam yang lalu
Nicole Velasquez
Nicole Velasquez 11 jam yang lalu
Yen Nguyen
Yen Nguyen 11 jam yang lalu
I’m here while waiting for 911 MV... 17h left 🔥🔥🔥
Margarete Ford
Margarete Ford 11 jam yang lalu
I've heard of them, but I've never watched or listened to them. This video has now been on repeat lol. What amazing stage presence they have!
Heylee Rabelo
Heylee Rabelo 12 jam yang lalu
No one : Me at 3 am : I was born to love I don’t need to be loved
Azra D
Azra D 12 jam yang lalu
love selfie
love selfie 12 jam yang lalu
I never seen them as little baby's 💙
Jai 12 jam yang lalu
I love Jungkook's intro. It's calming at first, but then he hits you with those heavenly vocals, cute perm and lovely smile, and you can't tear your eyes away. He's mesmerising and his voice is so beautiful. Joon's energy and deep, comforting voice makes me smile every time. Everything about him makes me smile. His positive energy is like a warm hug. Jin shows time and time again why he's called WWH, but his live vocals are always on point, and he delivers them easily with that playful and charming smile of his. Hobi's forehead, face, moves and everything have blown me away this era. He's always been super talented, but he's shining brighter than ever before. It would be a crime for him to cover his forehead ever again. Jimin is heartbreakingly handsome and charismatic. His smile, smouldering eyes and angelic vocals brings me to my knees every single time. Taehyung looks so grown-up, elegant and sophisticated, and his vocals are smooth and sexy. His passion for music shines through. It feels good to see him smiling and having fun. Yoongi is effortlessly cool and stylish. He single-handedly saved 2020 with D-2, and I love that he's getting more into singing this year. I'd kill to see BTS perform a stripped back, acoustic performance of Dynamite with Yoongi playing the guitar.
mixio hili
mixio hili 12 jam yang lalu
in what they are doing🤗🤗
Eve 12 jam yang lalu
Black eyed peas are like some middle aged creepy uncles who've lost all ability to keep a tune or a beat going
Anthony DA COSTA
Anthony DA COSTA 12 jam yang lalu
#freebritney show her some respect ✊
samiii 12 jam yang lalu
I feel like I’ve watched her grow up. She’s changed so much yet she’s still the same in her philosophy.
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 12 jam yang lalu
Sounds uptown funk Bruno Mars 🤔
Nathan Johnson
Nathan Johnson 12 jam yang lalu
3 Weeks ago: wow this band bts released a new song. Never heard them before. Now: HES MY HOPE, IM HIS HOPE. HE’S J-HOPE
mixio hili
mixio hili 12 jam yang lalu
0:34 hobi got them vocals
Franco Amado
Franco Amado 12 jam yang lalu
Name of this song plssss! 0:45
medicenrey 12 jam yang lalu
Chromatica ii and 911
Paola Zuñiga
Paola Zuñiga 12 jam yang lalu
Explosión de talento
leticia cataluña
leticia cataluña 12 jam yang lalu
Uidudydudydyddieifhcowiuffiidusixbpsjdndkkdkj skdn of dodjdp osonfjdjdp ksdjf
Elkihaé Ewerton
Elkihaé Ewerton 12 jam yang lalu
Minha performance favorita desses dois 😍
casperfromthemoon 12 jam yang lalu
Srta. Park
Srta. Park 12 jam yang lalu
MOARMY cLoWnS cUz txt and bts the whole circus
MOARMY cLoWnS cUz txt and bts the whole circus 12 jam yang lalu
Stefanny aracely Neira aranda
Stefanny aracely Neira aranda 12 jam yang lalu
Ivy Fields
Ivy Fields 12 jam yang lalu
yellow snake gamer
yellow snake gamer 12 jam yang lalu
All those people in wild out was so salty
Sad Alone
Sad Alone 12 jam yang lalu
Mi mejor música, mi mejor canción, mi mejor momento de escuchar este tema q me hace soñar de lo mejor ..😊✌️🎶el mejor tema de mis tiempos ...🎶😜🎵🎤🚬
Everton Alves
Everton Alves 12 jam yang lalu
With steps by michael Jackson is easy
Sabrina Felix
Sabrina Felix 12 jam yang lalu
São maravilhosos demais
Ivonne Umaña Montero
Ivonne Umaña Montero 12 jam yang lalu
Where’s caleb (Lucas) and millie (eleven)?
Fishbone 12 jam yang lalu
The song, beat and dance style are from Bruno mars
Caramell Dansen
Caramell Dansen 12 jam yang lalu
Woman: “WHAT ABOUT RAMONE!?!?” 😂😂😂
Mars Swep
Mars Swep 12 jam yang lalu
Amazing. He is terribly missed already SIP
Everton Alves
Everton Alves 12 jam yang lalu
Com passos do lendário michael Jackson fica facil
nathanraze 12 jam yang lalu
Who is here after Gaga announced the short film for 911? MY BIGGEST ENEMY IS ME🚨🚨
r0bz 12 jam yang lalu
@Amirul Khan I guess we will see 😁
Amirul Khan
Amirul Khan 12 jam yang lalu
@r0bz dear, maybe it has storyline. They said, 911 short film length is 4:43. Chromatica II is 42 seconds and 911 itself is 2:52, which is 3:34 combined.
r0bz 12 jam yang lalu
@nathanraze you actually think stupid love is a good video? Are you serious? You can't be
nathanraze 12 jam yang lalu
@r0bz I think it will have a storyline, and her last 2 music videos are literally two of the best music videos this year STREAM CHROMATIGOD
r0bz 12 jam yang lalu
I wonder if it will be cheap with no storyline like her last 2 crappy videos
SuperMunkeh 12 jam yang lalu
Please more, seems you are purging Wild n Out....please don’t do that!
Júnior Santos
Júnior Santos 12 jam yang lalu
"Tá gritando pq?!" Ksskskskaksksk
Sakura Ramune
Sakura Ramune 12 jam yang lalu
I came here bc of tiktok who else? “Tampons on my eyebrow”
Anthony Mateos
Anthony Mateos 12 jam yang lalu
This is obviously a remix
Jose Guayllasaca
Jose Guayllasaca 13 jam yang lalu
Que asco
Lindsey Carribean
Lindsey Carribean 13 jam yang lalu
A legend ! She deserves this success. Congrats queen !
Jose Guayllasaca
Jose Guayllasaca 13 jam yang lalu
Que geo
hanny Castillo
hanny Castillo 13 jam yang lalu
Un orgasmo musical. Lo máximo. La mejor canción del 2020.