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Wendy Koopa
Wendy Koopa 21 jam yang lalu
Paris is a survivor and an inspiration.
Coldplay Gal
Coldplay Gal 21 jam yang lalu
Paris is working her entire life and not “living it” because she’s chasing a billion dollar dream.
Luai 1 The Boss لؤي
Luai 1 The Boss لؤي 21 jam yang lalu
Oyop Taki
Oyop Taki 21 jam yang lalu
Who is Paris Hilton n why she looks so famous?
besma gasmi
besma gasmi 21 jam yang lalu
I hate the way nicky is talking with her sister. About life and kids ! She is the bad sister in the whole world shame on her
Francesca Russon
Francesca Russon 21 jam yang lalu
Try reading aytal kursi from the quran before you sleep it will protect you while you sleep. Just try it, what do you have to lose? Xx
Leslie 21 jam yang lalu
Her and her mom look sooo young. I wish I was rich so I could age that well.
E DC 21 jam yang lalu
Love how this changed my perception on Paris. Still don't particularly like the city, but certainly have a lot of appreciation and respect of the person behind the character.
Nazim chaudhry Chaudhry
Nazim chaudhry Chaudhry 21 jam yang lalu
My dream
Chang Kao
Chang Kao 21 jam yang lalu
Actually Paris is quite creativy and talented
Jean C
Jean C 21 jam yang lalu
Damn they didn’t show her trying it at the end?? :/
VIVEK KUMAR RAY 21 jam yang lalu
What is it
Long Life Golden
Long Life Golden 21 jam yang lalu
*Nice and cool 😱*
Catherine 21 jam yang lalu
Wow, so brave telling your real story. I've seen many videos, photos & stories in the media & magazines etc over the years & never knowing the pain & trauma Paris was going through. I really hope she finds real healing, trust & everything else that she needs to find true happiness. This goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover.
maddison durrant
maddison durrant 21 jam yang lalu
your so strong i love you
Luai 1 The Boss لؤي
Luai 1 The Boss لؤي 21 jam yang lalu
❤️miss you alot my love my paris 😍. Am still in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah loanly all the time still nothing new with me myself still stuck in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah remember all I told you and don't give up on me my sweet girl love you too alot my sweet heart ❤️😘📲
Steven Tianias
Steven Tianias 21 jam yang lalu
Ok So now no body cares about her she wants her spotlight back on well Kim Kardashian and siblings are there at the moment with in a year there will be another and Kim won’t be number1
un sub
un sub 21 jam yang lalu
Y has all her other vids flopped but these documentories boomed
Ertugul Ghazi
Ertugul Ghazi 21 jam yang lalu
why are girls emotional fool?
Whitney Rose
Whitney Rose 21 jam yang lalu
I need her sweater 🌈
VICTORIA GASKELL 21 jam yang lalu
Beautiful lady inside and out.. Always judged by those who have never taken the opportunity to get to know her.. Love from the UK xxx❤
miss doudou
miss doudou 21 jam yang lalu
C'est tellement violent ce que ses parents lui on fait vivre la faire quasiment enlever dans son sommeil sans explications c'est un truc de fou
Deb DS
Deb DS 21 jam yang lalu
I’m sooooo sorry Paris you went thru this. Godspeed.
Jose Carlo Masado
Jose Carlo Masado 21 jam yang lalu
We never would’ve thought she could do this for those of us who knew her from the Simple Life lol. So happy to have seen her personal documentary ♥️
Ankur Pandey
Ankur Pandey 21 jam yang lalu
wonder why the like dislike counter isn't showing anything... On another note, maybe the last thing remaining to sell, for ms.hilton..
Jenny Lalrinchhungi
Jenny Lalrinchhungi 21 jam yang lalu
This is so deep, I liked Paris but I thought this would just be some fame game. Now it has reminded me of some bad/abusive things that has happened to me (I think we all have some of those) and to be brave enough to speak out and raise more awareness from it so that it can be stopped.
Elva Elva
Elva Elva 21 jam yang lalu
Paris, your fashion style is so out of date now. You just wear lots of clothes, but you don’t have a style. This is why people forgot about you. More than 10 business? 😐 I wonder about it, I never seen that around
merci Beaucoup
merci Beaucoup 21 jam yang lalu
tbh an argument before performing and to force yourself as if nothing happened is the hardest
Haiyō 21 jam yang lalu
She looks like Addie Andrews
Rahman Qureshi
Rahman Qureshi 21 jam yang lalu
Jordinho Charles
Jordinho Charles 22 jam yang lalu
Now we have to check on London Tipton
#s Goyal
#s Goyal 22 jam yang lalu
Katelyn lewis
Katelyn lewis 22 jam yang lalu
paris you deserve the actual world. people don’t see how you really feel and who you really are. you deserve a person who understands you in every way possible. your a very intelligent gorgeous woman and i HATE how people treat you. YOU TRULY DONT DESERVE THE TRAUMA EVERYONE GIVES YOU. you need to be happy paris. you deserve the world just know that.
LADYFLUX 22 jam yang lalu
Trauma can hide within for lifetimes- it haunts us like a faint memory we can’t quite shake but don’t necessarily understand or want to revisit. I grew up blocking out my trauma until I was 36... and one day it came crashing down like a tidal wave. I am 39 now and I’ve learned to forgive myself and my aggressors so that I could find peace within. It hasn’t been easy letting go of the pain. Sometimes it feels like an indexical print engraved into my most vulnerable parts. What you did was brave. What you gave yourself was important in terms of healing the past. I think one day you will recognize your are much more than your brand. You are you and that is enough. The brand can shift and develop just as you are doing so yourself. I commend you for your bravery and I support you through this change. We love you Paris. Get some sleep! I should do the same!
Lee Harris
Lee Harris 22 jam yang lalu
she exposes her own character and she is constantly depressed about being a millionaire, touring the world and WORST OF ALL.. having ... wait for it.. Insomnia! you poor woman! pathetic,
Katelyn lewis
Katelyn lewis 22 jam yang lalu
wow. paris is the real carmen.
Jado Yershat
Jado Yershat 22 jam yang lalu
you should not have kids.
Kennedy Rain
Kennedy Rain 22 jam yang lalu
Wow I feel like I can relate to her
MoroseLoki C.A.
MoroseLoki C.A. 22 jam yang lalu
Bruh I clicked skip
Harry Sampley
Harry Sampley 22 jam yang lalu
Cute girl
Patrick Nakaula
Patrick Nakaula 22 jam yang lalu
Watch the documentary. Definitely recommended. More power to you Paris Hilton..I've been a fan for a very long time... and I truly hope you will be able to translate the real you through your profession. I have no doubt that you will continue to succeed
Elizabeth Bednar
Elizabeth Bednar 22 jam yang lalu
You have got to give the girl credit for actually doing something. Life is hard weather we have money or not. You know what they say...more money more problems. I just hope she never has a break down like brittney or lindsey! No one deserves that.
Shayma 22 jam yang lalu
Ew why would she date this embarrassing peace of sh!t?
vmwindustries 22 jam yang lalu
Don't wake refreshed when you drink 3 bottles of what your supposed to drink only 1 of! LMFAO!
Valentine Siobhan
Valentine Siobhan 22 jam yang lalu
i keep forgetting she’s a dj. it’s so interesting
Tonima Mastura
Tonima Mastura 22 jam yang lalu
You can tell her mother and sister have narcissistic personality disorder. You can clearly see how they have always undermined and invalidated Paris' feelings.
Shayma 22 jam yang lalu
I don’t like her manager
Youtube Viewer
Youtube Viewer 22 jam yang lalu
That school abuse DEFINITELY needs to stop.
Wood Chisel
Wood Chisel 22 jam yang lalu
lol what a joke
Sean Rosendorf
Sean Rosendorf 22 jam yang lalu
I made it to 14:46 peace out ✌
JP 22 jam yang lalu
“Shopping is my cardio, not swimming.”
Patrick Nakaula
Patrick Nakaula 22 jam yang lalu
Very intimate documentary of Paris Hilton, and a documentary that does not disappoint. Paris is a very strong women, and it's obvious that her past affected her personal life. I don't feel her last boyfriend was a problem, and she knows that he wasn't which is why she clearly stated that she is not ready for a relationship. Because his intention was to have more personal time together, which makes things very complicated, because it conflicts her own personal interest.
Bills 22 jam yang lalu
It’s crazy to me that we’ve seen clips of kids getting dragged out of their home to go to some “scared straight school” and never really seen it for the traumatic experience it actually is.
Manasar Silaen
Manasar Silaen 22 jam yang lalu
love you Paris
PandaEats 22 jam yang lalu
If Paris Hilton is concerned about needing to make a billion dollars to feel secure, the rest of us are doomed XD
아라리가 22 jam yang lalu
Wickin STI
Wickin STI 22 jam yang lalu
Depressing music. Depressing show. Do we feel sorry for a rich girl?
Jasmine Johnson
Jasmine Johnson 22 jam yang lalu
When she said my grandmother marilyn 👀pointing to the pics was she referring to marilyn monroe👀 if so shes even more iconic
Larissa Kurator
Larissa Kurator 22 jam yang lalu
#JusticeForParisHilton #WeAreWithYouParis #ParisIsAWarrior
Ana Mau
Ana Mau 22 jam yang lalu
Love you beautiful Queen
Eric Schlier
Eric Schlier 22 jam yang lalu
Is Paris the old Lele pons of annoying
SplitBean 22 jam yang lalu
See guys money doesn't buy you happiness
Jodi Simpson
Jodi Simpson 22 jam yang lalu
so much respect for you paris ❤︎
Keyana Tinae
Keyana Tinae 22 jam yang lalu
This. This documentary. Paris, you are beautiful, intelligent, sweet, caring and an icon. Pleaseeeee, find true happiness ❤️
Youtube Viewer
Youtube Viewer 22 jam yang lalu
1:05:55 Hope you lost that boyfriend. Phew! He does not respect you! What a twerp!! You handled him like a boss.
Milk Shake
Milk Shake 22 jam yang lalu
There should be keeping up with Paris Hilton and not kardashians. Period.
Jason P
Jason P 22 jam yang lalu
Christ’s Queen Paris my love 😍 7777
Marz 22 jam yang lalu
Introspective! Recall "handwritten signs (in pink) of a lost puppy - posted around dntown BevHills! A hoax? ..then heard of Paris. An easy going attitude, lovely, & keeps going w/a smile! Trusting can be tough sometimes.
Maybe Anarchy
Maybe Anarchy 22 jam yang lalu
Is it’s just me or that part her sister says “you know she very normal” after describing her chilling at home eat leftovers felt so off. Like the cold stare she gave didn’t make me feel like she was normal
victoria Spears
victoria Spears 22 jam yang lalu
0:23 nice skull shoes tana lol (I know they're figures on the table)
Britty Bidari
Britty Bidari 22 jam yang lalu
Kardashians so copied her :P
Angela Pennington
Angela Pennington 22 jam yang lalu
This is an amazing documentary, very empowering. Thank you to Paris and friends who very courageously stepped forward. These types of schools need to be cleaned up and this is bringing much needed awareness. Sending all of you ladies love and prayers.
twinrcr 22 jam yang lalu
After seeing this, Paris is the most understood person. I feel such sadness for the loss of who she used to be. I pray she can continue to tap into her deep roots and become her old self more snd more.
Touchdown Bundy
Touchdown Bundy 22 jam yang lalu
This is the dumbest sh!t i've ever watched.
May Shan Fang
May Shan Fang 22 jam yang lalu
This is like Edie Sedgwick’s story. So much trauma for one person to go through..
Ferney Diaz
Ferney Diaz 22 jam yang lalu
Wow nice for you, you have faced this and you'll be stronger thanks for That
Dulcelina Cabral
Dulcelina Cabral 22 jam yang lalu
Love you ❤❤❤ #ParisHilton
Bluebird 22 jam yang lalu
She obviously has no fkng idea what she's doing 😂 she looked in that cutlery drawer like something was going to jump out and bite her.
Renata 22 jam yang lalu
:( sad ending
Abrär Dűké
Abrär Dűké 23 jam yang lalu
Hi everyone i m singal and i m looking a girl for love...