Vittorio Marcelloni
Vittorio Marcelloni Jam Yang lalu
she's such an angel
Chimango Chihana
Chimango Chihana Jam Yang lalu
Ever since I read that Beyonce broke her heel in this song. Iv been replaying it😂it’s even MORE EPIC WOW QUEEN 👑 👸🏾
World Warrior
World Warrior Jam Yang lalu
Beyonce love Simba!
Paula Silva
Paula Silva Jam Yang lalu
Dominique Jam Yang lalu
I loved watching the painted male dance. Held his own, even in the scenes alone with Beyonce! This is a brilliant video.
Dede D
Dede D Jam Yang lalu
Une véritable Queen 🔥❤️❤️😘😘
Angelo Almeida
Angelo Almeida Jam Yang lalu
thank you queen for giving us this masterpiece in such a difficult time that the world faces many thanks ❤️👑
Maicon Marques
Maicon Marques Jam Yang lalu
Jesus disse a quem não ajudar o próximo apartaivos de mim malditos e vai para o inferno reservado para o Diabo e seus anjos.
Ouzi Pistol
Ouzi Pistol Jam Yang lalu
this video only showing one side of Africa we all have different culture and kingdom I don't know which African country this video symbolizes but I'm the biggest Beyonce fan since destiny child she still looks great and makes great music !!
Philip Ackon
Philip Ackon Jam Yang lalu
When you ve got your favourite reppin in there ...i dpubt you can stop watching Pah pah pah to Shatta Wale
Akhona Mncube
Akhona Mncube 2 jam yang lalu
Imagine being able to say "Beyonce is my friend"
B Lane
B Lane 2 jam yang lalu
This gives me FULL BODY CHILLS!!!!
S. Macklin
S. Macklin 2 jam yang lalu
Ok this is my 1000th time watchin this now! 🖤
Wendy B.
Wendy B. 2 jam yang lalu
I-that scale would cost more than my college tuition
Bluez_vibez 2 jam yang lalu
okay so I'm seeing people saying stuff like I'm sure she isn't human SHE IS for one if you go to her concerts you see she is real also yall saying how can she just dance like that STILL saying she isn't real because it looks like she might break her leg or something but she has talent so don't judge she is a real human!
Ali José Silva Bolivar
Ali José Silva Bolivar 2 jam yang lalu
Woww!!!. Amazing!!!!
4Real 2 jam yang lalu
4Real - Close My Eyes (Official Audio) idshow.info/watch/2THouTweBr8/video.html
camis 2 jam yang lalu
Arrasando sempre
Steven Matthew
Steven Matthew 2 jam yang lalu
all deM b2k’s - uh huh
Merveilles Terrific
Merveilles Terrific 2 jam yang lalu
2:22 beyonce a plané sur sa chanson , elle sort sa langue en dansant . signe pour nous les danseurs signifiant que cette chanson nous rend heureux
SMarie 2 jam yang lalu
On repeat? On repeat.
SMarie 2 jam yang lalu
Surendra Shakya
Surendra Shakya 2 jam yang lalu
Queen bee🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jefferson Nicodemos Ramos
Jefferson Nicodemos Ramos 3 jam yang lalu
1:24 Ela jogando o cabelo é tudo pra mim...
Any-FM Radio
Any-FM Radio 3 jam yang lalu
Is it me or Bey is singing in African accent😍. Hail queen Bey hail Shatta!
Steven Matthew
Steven Matthew 3 jam yang lalu
God she WaS Poppin * I . “ DonT Even KnoE “ WhaT skooL she Transferred 2 * My . GoD . WiLL
Mr google The end
Mr google The end 3 jam yang lalu
evitafab 3 jam yang lalu
Tamika Lee
Tamika Lee 3 jam yang lalu
Beyonce is represented Satan 👿 !!!! Who in world wanna make a video like this??? It’s either God or Satan. I worship God Mighty!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 The video doesn’t sit right with my soul. I think she worship Satan!!!!
MemberOfTheLambily 2 jam yang lalu
Stupid comment
Senxaur Aximili
Senxaur Aximili 3 jam yang lalu
Tamika Lee this isnt voodoo or witchcraft if that’s what your wondering (two things that have been demonized in western society unfortunately). If you had any sense of culture you would know that is a celebration of all African cultures in the diaspora. I suggest you do a little research or take a trip to Africa before you start accusing people of Satanic evil doings.
patricia obasanjo
patricia obasanjo 3 jam yang lalu
@ jessica leday it said in the article that they use a skin lightening /bleaching lotion for melasma but thats nonsense they dont even look like black women any more they looked like mixed race.I think they are just denying they are bleaching this is the lotion matsuiskinlightening.com/products/1-best-seller-extra-strength-orange-peeling-lotion-100-ml they look wayy lighter from using this lotion like i said they dont look completely black any more.Melasma is a medical condition which i think they just use as a excuse to hide the fact that they lightening their skin.
Queen Spookie
Queen Spookie 3 jam yang lalu
at 3:20 you can see her broken heel, incredible she danced on it!
Steven Matthew
Steven Matthew 3 jam yang lalu
I’m going Tah Ramsey * Stop 🛑 Stalking m3 .......... A NeW World 🌎 - OuTside .. infestations 🦟
Katiba 3 jam yang lalu
You inspire me as an artist. Thank You.
Lucas Ataide Silva
Lucas Ataide Silva 3 jam yang lalu
Love this song and this video so much
Belinda McPherson
Belinda McPherson 3 jam yang lalu
U & JayZ, arent 👿worshippers? Plz tell me youre not. Youre so pretty Beyonce. Plz dont do the Hollywood 👿thing 😭
alex _
alex _ Jam Yang lalu
Bey Queen will do, god bless u as well
Bey Queen
Bey Queen 2 jam yang lalu
@alex _ watch the link😊 have a nice day god bless you❤
alex _
alex _ 2 jam yang lalu
Bey Queen idkkk😳 she wore the boy lover symbol on an ig post👀
Bey Queen
Bey Queen 2 jam yang lalu
@alex _ I've watched that too! But it was explained that Beyoncè is NOT on the list!
alex _
alex _ 2 jam yang lalu
Bey Queen oh omg im not saying that cus of the video, thats obv tradition. im just talking about beyonce in general lol. ykk with the whole pizzagate situation
Serenity Bound
Serenity Bound 4 jam yang lalu
The men in the purple suits looked like royalty, Kings they looked like...if only in reality all could feel that royalty, how precious and strong they are and can overcome all the tribulations and test and be more.... Nice Jamaican vibe and video.
India Alpha
India Alpha 4 jam yang lalu
This is what happens when an artist is set free. She made her money and jumped through the hoops. Now she does not need to dance to the corporate rhythm. This is what the artists want to do out the gate, but sell their souls to get to a place where they can make their true art.
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 4 jam yang lalu
The Truth Hurts
The Truth Hurts 4 jam yang lalu
Wow, Avatar 2 looks great!
Igor Perluchoo
Igor Perluchoo 4 jam yang lalu
Long Live To The Queen
Igor Perluchoo
Igor Perluchoo 4 jam yang lalu
Beyonce owns the masterpiece of the year
Igor Perluchoo
Igor Perluchoo 4 jam yang lalu
Everybody should watch BLACK IS KING 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 4 jam yang lalu
What those man in the purple suits and dreads represent
Igor Perluchoo
Igor Perluchoo 4 jam yang lalu
Igor Perluchoo
Igor Perluchoo 4 jam yang lalu
lauren jauregui is perfect
lauren jauregui is perfect 4 jam yang lalu
my god, this is amazing.
Igor Perluchoo
Igor Perluchoo 4 jam yang lalu
Stephane Oliveira
Stephane Oliveira 4 jam yang lalu
Igor Perluchoo
Igor Perluchoo 4 jam yang lalu
Queen already
Igor Perluchoo
Igor Perluchoo 4 jam yang lalu
I'm Addiceted to this album
hassan qazi
hassan qazi 4 jam yang lalu
This was truly epic
BLOSSOMT&T 4 jam yang lalu
It's so sad that people watching this and saying it is demonic. Colonialism demonised African culture and made us except Jesus Christ as Lord....This was never our culture....They used religion to control the slaves.
alex _
alex _ 3 jam yang lalu
not this video. its her.
Adil Adil
Adil Adil 4 jam yang lalu
Vive Maroc et Morocco 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦👍🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦
Sam Afzel
Sam Afzel 4 jam yang lalu
First Name
First Name 4 jam yang lalu
#BlackLivesMatter #BlackIsKing
First Name
First Name 4 jam yang lalu
#BlackLivesMatter #BlackIsKing
Sherri Lynne Vonch
Sherri Lynne Vonch 4 jam yang lalu
I loved this. It was amazingly energizing. Raw power is what I saw and it was glorious.
Dianelaine929 truthbetold
Dianelaine929 truthbetold 4 jam yang lalu
Dondada 1000
Dondada 1000 4 jam yang lalu
I wonder where you could find a full movie
Sebastian P S
Sebastian P S 4 jam yang lalu
This is art.
Raina Raindrop
Raina Raindrop 5 jam yang lalu
I love this song and I'm only 9
Highly Blessed
Highly Blessed 5 jam yang lalu
What those man in the purple suits and dreads represent
Isaac Duah
Isaac Duah 3 jam yang lalu
It's a Kanye Massai tribe warriors dance
Âzìz Àzzoùg
Âzìz Àzzoùg 5 jam yang lalu
Love this
Sherie Wilson
Sherie Wilson 5 jam yang lalu
Motherland Drip On Me🔥🔥❤️❤️🔥 This our ANTHEM y’all!!!
Adalía González
Adalía González 5 jam yang lalu
Can't stop dancing this, a beautiful anthem for a beautiful race <3
Jennifer Rivera
Jennifer Rivera 5 jam yang lalu
People forget that this whole visual album is ONE woman's vision of Africa. She clearly said this was a 'love letter to Africa', meaning that this is what she loves about the continent, and she showed it in the representation of its various cultures through hairstyles, wardrobe, dance styles, music, visual styles and lyrical message. She's not trying to appropriate anything, or claim ownership of anything. This woman is only showing all the beautiful things she loves about Africa. If you don't like it, then don't see it. Those that love it and understand her intention with this, don't care about your "constructive criticism".
arawa kingsley
arawa kingsley 5 jam yang lalu
Shatta to the world♥️💕
Kimora Moody
Kimora Moody 5 jam yang lalu
Love ❤️
Nayara Marques
Nayara Marques 5 jam yang lalu
te amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Intuitive_mindset Lala
Intuitive_mindset Lala 5 jam yang lalu
I love how Beyoncé is connecting more and more to her roots as years pass! She has always been my favorite love everything about her and her music! Jay-Z and destinies child as well as dmx cd were my first cds as a kid.
Heather Branch
Heather Branch 5 jam yang lalu
When Bae licks her tongue out that did it for me lol
Edward Elizondo
Edward Elizondo 5 jam yang lalu
The Queen
ChrissyCheri 6 jam yang lalu
If anyone can identify the specific locations (city, neighborhoods, parks, buildings, regions, etc.) of any of the scenes in this video I would greatly appreciate!! Please and thank you 😊
Bob Yankey
Bob Yankey 4 jam yang lalu
New York,Accra Ghana, Johannesburg South Africa, Grand Canyon USA.
Home Do Beauty
Home Do Beauty 6 jam yang lalu
Okay..so I come from a place where Beyonce's black us king film was literally played exclusively on a channel half of black people cannot afford to pay...so here I am excited as hell seeing the "watch black is king"via Disney link and I press it and nothing am still hurt by the fact that I couldn't watch black is king because the damn channel they played it on...is not part of the subscription that we have on tv😭
Magentakisses38 6 jam yang lalu
Mr. Schumer from glee is in the audience!
Unique Beats Production
Unique Beats Production 6 jam yang lalu
Congratulation Queen B. Cheers!!!!
Steven Matthew
Steven Matthew 6 jam yang lalu
God she WaS Poppin * I . DonT Even KnoE WhaT skooL she Transferred 2 * My . GoD .
Juston Jenkins
Juston Jenkins 6 jam yang lalu
Good job lining your pockets
Improvisos da alma
Improvisos da alma 6 jam yang lalu
Who are complaning about the video, then study about Single History. Chimamanda Adichie talk about it.
kay kay
kay kay 6 jam yang lalu
SHES BACK. god damn I can't stop listening!
ᏴᎪᎡᏴᏆᏃᎾN ᏙᏆᎡᎾᏞ ᏙᏆᎡᎾᏞ 6 jam yang lalu
This is the best way to represent African Americans
Bahati Furaha
Bahati Furaha Jam Yang lalu
Afro-americans are busy calling themselves Israelites
Thulani Kalado
Thulani Kalado 6 jam yang lalu
Dimension Omega
Dimension Omega 7 jam yang lalu
Yo, Beyonce in that blue paint design is the definition of SEXY!
Heejin Jin
Heejin Jin 7 jam yang lalu
Sem defeitos, pqp que mulher. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 porra acaba com meu psicológico q nem tenho mais depois disso. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 tudo para mim 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Insa f
Insa f 7 jam yang lalu
4:41 morocco's flag 😭 any black moroccans hear
Bahati Furaha
Bahati Furaha Jam Yang lalu
Then you now end up calling yourselves black right? You're not black most of you North Africans are racist so we don't need to mix our race with you. But if you need to appreciate our black race then there is no problem.
Lauryn Robertson
Lauryn Robertson 7 jam yang lalu
This is my new favorite song 😌
estranho da bt
estranho da bt 7 jam yang lalu
Lucky Gaza Chipakatira
Lucky Gaza Chipakatira 7 jam yang lalu
Shatta wale why are you mixing with this people lyk beonce...U are not our brother now..this people they are not good
estranho da bt
estranho da bt 7 jam yang lalu
Algum brasileiro? ??
T Love
T Love 7 jam yang lalu
The Gift Album is #1 in the world! I over this album since it came out last year. M glad others are getting to finally appreciate it! This is a great song but the entire album is fire! 🔥
Serena Cain
Serena Cain 7 jam yang lalu
I love this damn song😪😪😪
emmanuel francisco
emmanuel francisco 7 jam yang lalu
equívoco extremo
yeng boss
yeng boss 7 jam yang lalu
kmgood 7 jam yang lalu
I love all my black people wherever you are. We're hated by everyone else it's time we love each other, no matter the same of land space. ✊🏼 Mi LUV unuh BADDDDDDD ✊🏼✊🏻✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 I LOVE YOU IN ALL THE SHADES WE COME IN.
Elle Marie
Elle Marie Jam Yang lalu
@Bahati Furaha I've heard Rastas call black people "chosen people" but most African Americans are not of the Rastafari movement so i still dont know who is saying this. Im sure there are people who believe in conspiracy theories just like there are people who think the earth is flat. These opinions dont make up for the majority, however. I've personally never met someone dumb enough to believe the earth is flat so they are obviously the minority. I also haven't met an African American who believes their ancestors *didn't* come from Africa. Just a small minority of people who live with their heads in the clouds. So please dont spread this idea that all African Americans believe in conspiracy theories because i personally have not met one who believes this. Its just as ignorant to generalize a whole group of people based on a few people who you've met who believe in weird conspiracies.
Elle Marie
Elle Marie Jam Yang lalu
@Bahati Furaha many of who? I've never heard anyone refer to African Americans as "Israelites"
Bahati Furaha
Bahati Furaha Jam Yang lalu
@Elle Marie Many of you are ignorant trying to call yourselves chosen people just because the Bible calls Israelites as chosen now you deny and reject your lineage away from you, but when you to the DNA text you'll find yourselves exactly somewhere in Central and West african countries.
Elle Marie
Elle Marie Jam Yang lalu
@Bahati Furaha who? I've never heard of that before
Bahati Furaha
Bahati Furaha Jam Yang lalu
Afro-americans are busy calling themselves Israelites
Victoria Phillips
Victoria Phillips 7 jam yang lalu
This art is so beautiful makes me CRY every single time I hear it. Black people making white people BOW DOWN IN RESPECT 🖤
Rohfer Afro
Rohfer Afro 7 jam yang lalu
Stereophonk 7 jam yang lalu
africa is the future !!!!!! <3
Book Worm
Book Worm 7 jam yang lalu
Who is the guy on the left of the screen at 6:15? Justin Timberlake??
Steven Matthew
Steven Matthew 7 jam yang lalu
AbuSed . Battered . ConTrolled WoMeN * MiSS m3 WiT iT ..... - 0ff : OuT I goT ahh Thang 4 NiCe guyS * Tear 😭
ikelenafly 7 jam yang lalu
Who directed this video?
d l
d l 7 jam yang lalu
Her ig verzuz gone be Insane my nigga