Pedro Albuquerque
Pedro Albuquerque 2 jam yang lalu
00:39 yeah, that door opening felt pretty natural with the cameraman appearing first
Liza Choradia
Liza Choradia 2 jam yang lalu
I can imagine marshmello laughing behind his mello head 😂
quratulain Any
quratulain Any 3 jam yang lalu
Here we go again with ur way of gaining views
Brenda Pueblas
Brenda Pueblas 3 jam yang lalu
Era muy pequeño pobrecito
Jada Hattley
Jada Hattley 3 jam yang lalu
At this point Bebe Rexha has blown my mind she is so talented!!!!!
It Takes Courage
It Takes Courage 3 jam yang lalu
Rose are red. Violets are blue. You're all here for 04:22
Elisabeth Grace
Elisabeth Grace 3 jam yang lalu
I need to know their outfit cost
Jaishree Waghmare
Jaishree Waghmare 3 jam yang lalu
1:50 looks at suga 😂😂
TAPARATI BANERJEE 3 jam yang lalu
BTS is and always will be loved
Ale 1111
Ale 1111 3 jam yang lalu
Lauren ❤😍😍
Tae Jk
Tae Jk 3 jam yang lalu
Actually AUTOTUNE makes singers lazy they should not use autotune at least in live BRUNO doesn't use it
hyung line got me whipped
hyung line got me whipped 3 jam yang lalu
0:34 3:08 wtf is up with yoonmin licking their lips looking at eachother 😭
BE COMING NOVEMBER 20 2PM KST 3 jam yang lalu
I already know this but I still watch it cuz it satisfies me and boosts my pride and ego.
hyung line got me whipped
hyung line got me whipped 3 jam yang lalu
1:30 jin: talking jimin: intense staring at yoongi
hyung line got me whipped
hyung line got me whipped 3 jam yang lalu
0:26 yoonmin: lost in eachother namjoon: being the smart leader he is j-hope: just happy tae and jin: trying to kill the interviewer with their visuals jungkook: whipped for namjoon
Atanaz Tavassoli
Atanaz Tavassoli 3 jam yang lalu
Positions 😍😍😍😍
Shagun Dassi
Shagun Dassi 3 jam yang lalu
Ari rocks 🔥✌️ Stream Positions #arianators
Badeth Montenegro
Badeth Montenegro 4 jam yang lalu
Those dimples is melting me😍😍😍😍
come play with lia
come play with lia 4 jam yang lalu
Lisa dance really good lisa is the best
audrey gillispie
audrey gillispie 4 jam yang lalu
she deserves this
GD Mutum
GD Mutum 4 jam yang lalu
BTS wannabe.
Picho B
Picho B 4 jam yang lalu
Faltó Kenia os
Rajshree Lalka
Rajshree Lalka 4 jam yang lalu
Childhood photo nice
Matthew Whalen
Matthew Whalen 4 jam yang lalu
Holy crap. Her vocal is pure, yet with a layer of rawness that CUTS!
AD MA 4 jam yang lalu
My beautiful wife, Lauren Mayberry
Bun Tong
Bun Tong 4 jam yang lalu
I’m here for bts news 😂💜
Sebin's World
Sebin's World 4 jam yang lalu
Anyone watching this in 2020?????? 👇
Chris Hardy
Chris Hardy 4 jam yang lalu
Bro he is hit as hell I would say his music is emotional as can it tells a story
SACHLEEN ARMY 4 jam yang lalu
Yeaaa I am so happy and proud of them and they hard work bts and army forever
K A 4 jam yang lalu
Not Lewis Vutton
Beast Music
Beast Music 4 jam yang lalu
anto ruiz
anto ruiz 5 jam yang lalu
Cazzu la jefa 🇦🇷🔥
Marcela Baltodano
Marcela Baltodano 5 jam yang lalu
Becky soo cute
Hugo Canales
Hugo Canales 5 jam yang lalu
Nataaaaaaaa Eeeeeaaaaaa
Sadia Narmin
Sadia Narmin 5 jam yang lalu
woohoo bts!
Jordi Adoutan
Jordi Adoutan 5 jam yang lalu
I’m impressed the interviewer managed to regain his composure and to not fumble too much
l disgustaed I
l disgustaed I 5 jam yang lalu
*BTS' new album BE's title track "life goes on" will drop on 20th of November*
Laura E. villalbalauraelizabeth
Laura E. villalbalauraelizabeth 5 jam yang lalu
alwaysdriven911 5 jam yang lalu
The choir was week
Dasha Burgandy
Dasha Burgandy 5 jam yang lalu
JB looked like he was gonna whooppppppppp Bambams ass at the end hahahaah
illi rosalyn
illi rosalyn 5 jam yang lalu
This is so cute🤣
Khushi Kumari
Khushi Kumari 5 jam yang lalu
Armys always love people who love BTS💜
Gauri Tripathi
Gauri Tripathi 5 jam yang lalu
How many times bambam said like | | | V
Sara Schwarz
Sara Schwarz 5 jam yang lalu
She seems so pure when she gets emotional. Like it’s so genuine and sincere. Bebe I send you love from Australia 🇦🇺💓
Usha Pradhan
Usha Pradhan 5 jam yang lalu
My favourite blackpink is Lisa beacuse she is so cute
Love Yourself
Love Yourself 5 jam yang lalu
We are always with BTS
Sandra Elizabeth Venegas Pérez
Sandra Elizabeth Venegas Pérez 6 jam yang lalu
BTS 😍 es el mejor grupo musical del mundo 😍🇨🇱💪💜🤟
Andre Flavell
Andre Flavell 6 jam yang lalu
Paula has always been beautiful and natural. Amazing talent and would soooo like to know her
Critico de Olaf
Critico de Olaf 6 jam yang lalu
Gosh! You are sooooo beautiful!!😍
LDT3 6 jam yang lalu
A Goddess in Human Form 😵😵😵😵
Yongsuk Kwak
Yongsuk Kwak 6 jam yang lalu
BTS X Halsey......❤️❤️🧡🧡
RockStar 999
RockStar 999 6 jam yang lalu
I wish ariana Grande and usher Collaborate it other.
Fahmida FaiZa
Fahmida FaiZa 6 jam yang lalu
Army mark your calendar Nov 20 Be is coming. ......Title track #LifegoesOn
Golden Bravos
Golden Bravos 6 jam yang lalu
So before I learned about Ozuna, Michael Jackson was my favorite singer, then I started listening to Spanish music so when he said “Michael Jackson” I was like omg YES!
Camila M
Camila M 6 jam yang lalu
Queen <333
Angel Hajarie
Angel Hajarie 6 jam yang lalu
Amanda015 6 jam yang lalu
Muy valiosa esta entrevista, me hubiera gustado que Rosalía pudiera expresarse en español durante toda la entrevista. Y que Pharrell aprenda vocabulario en español...
Pata tas
Pata tas 6 jam yang lalu
1:22 pink guy trying to scape from jojis body
Your lord and savior, Shrek
Your lord and savior, Shrek 6 jam yang lalu
The gayest legend and the legendest gay
I'm stuck in the Neo C T
I'm stuck in the Neo C T 6 jam yang lalu
Taeyong already improve his English and I love his accent u did great my boi
Henrique Wakimoto
Henrique Wakimoto 6 jam yang lalu
Quem é o rapaz tocando?
Cris Ariza
Cris Ariza 6 jam yang lalu
Billie Eyelash
keiko karin aira official
keiko karin aira official 7 jam yang lalu
Siapa yang akan menghabiskan uang paling banyak untuk berbelanja
Kookie & Ari
Kookie & Ari 7 jam yang lalu
Her talking voice is so smooth and silky😭❤
Zachary Griffin
Zachary Griffin 7 jam yang lalu
Love you Boy George ❤ you've still got it!!
PeiLing 7 jam yang lalu
So proud of our boys!
Bts World Domination
Bts World Domination 7 jam yang lalu
So proud of bts and halsey
Letícia Botelho Pinheiro
Letícia Botelho Pinheiro 7 jam yang lalu
1:11 Jaemin being jaemin
Orbot 7 jam yang lalu
This is what a simple head tilt can do.
Marcus De Villiers
Marcus De Villiers 7 jam yang lalu
She looks so sweet and natural
Eduarda Leondrino da cruz
Eduarda Leondrino da cruz 7 jam yang lalu
Perdi a conta de quantas vezes eles falaram Brazilian e Brazil na entrevista 🇧🇷.
AAlejo 7 jam yang lalu
me sigue o no me sigue todavia?
Jac Jacob Israel
Jac Jacob Israel 7 jam yang lalu
Wait R Kelly is still a thing? Well I don't care I came here for BTS and Halsey
Farjana Bantanized
Farjana Bantanized 7 jam yang lalu
King Seokjin
koyukiny 7 jam yang lalu
Congrats BTSx ARMY for 1B views!!!!💜
whojang2000 7 jam yang lalu
Love Halsey
Farjana Bantanized
Farjana Bantanized 7 jam yang lalu
Yoongi wants top 10 Hot billboard BTS got #1 top 1
Farjana Bantanized
Farjana Bantanized 7 jam yang lalu
Sneezes worldwide handsome.
franyissell 8 jam yang lalu
Green Acres Tractor Projects
Green Acres Tractor Projects 8 jam yang lalu
I love this guy. Billie is a genius.