5 times Arsenal silenced Spurs
Richard Mcintosh
Richard Mcintosh Jam Yang lalu
Nw they can't beat us 😴
Sushanth Balasubramanian
Sushanth Balasubramanian 2 jam yang lalu
16:00 shows that desire to win against Liverpool every time
Akshat Shah
Akshat Shah 2 jam yang lalu
Ozil masterclass 3:00
Risshen Raj
Risshen Raj 2 jam yang lalu
Lol after losing 5-1? Again
Soothing Relaxing music
Soothing Relaxing music 2 jam yang lalu
Guys relax with some relaxation content, stay safe
Dziya Faaridz
Dziya Faaridz 2 jam yang lalu
Buy him back and put him and Ozil back on the team sheet
Dziya Faaridz
Dziya Faaridz 2 jam yang lalu
Buy Rambo back and put him and Ozil back on the team sheet
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 3 jam yang lalu
So happy for Laca when he scored I felt like I scored aswell ✊🏿❤
akash majji
akash majji 3 jam yang lalu
Once a betrayal is always a betrayal
Arif Bainun
Arif Bainun 3 jam yang lalu
Biarpun kipernya sekelas buffon tak akan berdaya digempur habis habisan
justbusiness14 4 jam yang lalu
games like this are why I truly appreciate Wenger’s time with us
XEbe-_- 4 jam yang lalu
Is he only comes from Nigeria or Ghana too?
XEbe-_- 5 jam yang lalu
Is he only comes from Nigeria or Ghana too?
greasedpretzel 5 jam yang lalu
Can we talk about that Callum Chambers goal
Ariel 86
Ariel 86 5 jam yang lalu
Cuando el Arsenal Jugaba futbol 😟
netweed09 5 jam yang lalu
traida111 6 jam yang lalu
Im happy, had his name on the back of my shirt and im going to enjoy watching more of this guy <3
The Algerian Tank
The Algerian Tank 6 jam yang lalu
He feels like he is more German. This is why he forgot Bosnia.
MrTry 6 jam yang lalu
Mans are bantering Bournemouth about "Full bars at the vitality" 😂😂😂 not 5G, 6G haha
Daniel Mutyabule
Daniel Mutyabule 6 jam yang lalu
What’s one food you absolutely hate... Laca: “Vegetables”
Teamtakage 1
Teamtakage 1 6 jam yang lalu
I’m here after he signed da ting 😍😍
Networth Media
Networth Media 6 jam yang lalu
why cant we sign DAVID SILVA and give him a 1 year contract? if we cant get Partey, that is.
Greg Hoban
Greg Hoban 6 jam yang lalu
Same again against Leicester tomorrow please. Come on arsenal.
Networth Media
Networth Media 6 jam yang lalu
I think if we only add Upamecano and Partey, we are good since Saliba is coming in. Honestly its time to move on Elneny, Chambers, Mkhitaryan, Sokratis. simply because they are not playing. We dont need to sell any of our good players who are playing regularly. You need a big squad to compete, especially in Europa.
huttio srreu
huttio srreu 3 jam yang lalu
Ya Gunners ya❤️🎉
aron uddel
aron uddel 7 jam yang lalu
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mohamed Hamse
mohamed Hamse 7 jam yang lalu
Saka ❤
Daniel Rojas
Daniel Rojas 7 jam yang lalu
La neta se cagaron el wolver si metían ese gol seguro se los cojen pero ni modo, buen juego. congratulation!
Maria M Gomez
Maria M Gomez 7 jam yang lalu
Arsenal is godly
Maria M Gomez
Maria M Gomez 7 jam yang lalu
Arsenal is the best team ever
Maria M Gomez
Maria M Gomez 7 jam yang lalu
Go arsenal
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed 7 jam yang lalu
He's a fantastic player deserves to play for a better team than Arsenal
Daniel Okafor
Daniel Okafor 7 jam yang lalu
What a great player!
Bigolas_65 8 jam yang lalu
The fact that Gabriel almost best Luiz at Brazilian football knowledge despite being like 10 years younger is crazy
Networth Media
Networth Media 8 jam yang lalu
what is Leicester? please lets teach them a footballing lesson at the Emirates!
Networth Media
Networth Media 8 jam yang lalu
we put wolves where they belong, mid table team. Mourinho is a worried man for sure!
JADWAL BOLA 8 jam yang lalu
Hebat 👍 di isi
Atanas Vasilev
Atanas Vasilev 8 jam yang lalu
5:16 should be a meme
Smilez christopher Kaijuka
Smilez christopher Kaijuka 9 jam yang lalu
Fake arsenal
John Garcia
John Garcia 9 jam yang lalu
My family won't miss another meal again because of this site here, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
majorjuxta 9 jam yang lalu
Bout to cop my sais jersey
William Chima
William Chima 9 jam yang lalu
Our Golden boy .we are proud of you 🤗thanks for signing
R R 10 jam yang lalu
Traore and Lukaku both have the touch of a dump truck. If ya can’t beat Arsenal, you don’t deserve top 4. 🤦🏻‍♂️
YZ FIZZy2 10 jam yang lalu
Nketiah proper looking like Sturridge 😂😂
Jawier Ote
Jawier Ote 10 jam yang lalu
Arsenal yes👍👍👍👍👍
adam nacim
adam nacim 10 jam yang lalu
adam nacim
adam nacim 10 jam yang lalu
0:47 Laca:*whispers* Falcao Guendouzi:Falcao *guendouzi is wrong Laca:hahahhahahah!
Kiran Kamath
Kiran Kamath 10 jam yang lalu
Arsenal should try to buy Neves, he looks good
Jey Punitharajah
Jey Punitharajah 11 jam yang lalu
It’s amazing how Emi and Gabi are speaking two different languages and at times a mixture (portunõl) and still able to build such a great relationship with each other. Also its an added bonus that Arteta is able to speak 6/7 languages so he won’t have issues getting his instructions across to all the players.
SanFrancisco Bay
SanFrancisco Bay 11 jam yang lalu
here after amn pocketed juiced up iwobi
sale sale
sale sale 11 jam yang lalu
I hear crowd, but dont see it
Akashdeep Basraon
Akashdeep Basraon 11 jam yang lalu
Wolves should at least get 1 goal
Baditilo Tilo
Baditilo Tilo 11 jam yang lalu
I love you arsenal
Daniel 11 jam yang lalu
Oh please Arsenal don’t show this, the irony is to hard. You are only making fun of yourself by remembering the 10-2 Bayern Arsenal 😂
Naaassh420 11 jam yang lalu
Adama traore is such a hyped up guy but is so dry
Rakha Fauzi
Rakha Fauzi 11 jam yang lalu
Magisterial Messi
Magisterial Messi 11 jam yang lalu
Oh my God! My MAN DAVID LUIZ would have been a Game changer in this Match, if he would have tried to DEFEND.
sexy bitch
sexy bitch 12 jam yang lalu
Not a bad life
Tia Fantika
Tia Fantika 12 jam yang lalu
Love opa ...thanks opa you are the best . Love you opa wengger 😘
Shofiyul Ichsan
Shofiyul Ichsan 12 jam yang lalu
Tumben menang
Djms&capo DeMorais
Djms&capo DeMorais 12 jam yang lalu
El monstro religioso mexicano was probably slaughtering goats throats for inbred religious purposes back in is subhuman horrendous coutry...tons of rubbish in local seas?
[HUE] Daniel
[HUE] Daniel 12 jam yang lalu
his laugh is kinda annoying
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 12 jam yang lalu
Yes Norwich lost I’m a Ipswich fan
Pänjì Ràjendrà
Pänjì Ràjendrà 12 jam yang lalu
Ya Gunners ya❤️🎉
Lance Roger
Lance Roger 12 jam yang lalu
my kids wont miss another meal ever again because of this method here, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
Ben Hall
Ben Hall 12 jam yang lalu
its funny how aftv has more subscribers than the actual arsenal channel. no hate arsenal are doing amazing atm from an arsenal fan btw
Tia Fantika
Tia Fantika 12 jam yang lalu
Good leno .. im fans you from indonesia .... plisss leno stay in arsenal ! .im like you player .. jadilah the nekt LEHMAN ..
David May
David May 12 jam yang lalu
Yes! And what do sky rave about Manc Greenford! When SAKA is head and shoulders Better!
FLYINJA 12 jam yang lalu
July 2020 anyone??
Kanchan Prabha
Kanchan Prabha 13 jam yang lalu
Don't know why Xhaka doesn't shoot nowadays.
justice4ozil 13 jam yang lalu
Pepe giving birth to a baby + Arsenal win. What a great day
Hg Hg
Hg Hg 13 jam yang lalu
Chelsea supp here in peace. So Arteta finally understood that D. Luiz is a beast {with some mistakes always there haha} in 3 men defense and total liability with 4 at the back?Better late than never eh.
Emma Watson
Emma Watson 13 jam yang lalu
we won't skip another meal again thanks to this web-site here, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
Ruhatul Islam
Ruhatul Islam 13 jam yang lalu
Bamy is close
Ruhatul Islam
Ruhatul Islam 13 jam yang lalu
Bless lacazette nd saka for that😌😌
Isaias Royal
Isaias Royal 13 jam yang lalu
RiddleF7 13 jam yang lalu
Great to see our youth shining but the media only seem to talk about maddison and grealish.... Hmm this. Wouldnt be a race thing now would it 👀
Juan Pablo Valencia
Juan Pablo Valencia 13 jam yang lalu
Grande Lucas!!! Vamos a pelear por ese lugar en la titular para demostrar la fuerza Suramericana!!!!
Julia Geweiler
Julia Geweiler 13 jam yang lalu
Who else was saying Fabio Carnavaro to Mohamed
bilisha coli
bilisha coli 13 jam yang lalu
The fruit of academy who else see it ? Wilock + saka + Nketiah plus arteta is tactics ♥️
Oum Wail
Oum Wail 13 jam yang lalu
hlumzaemagodla 14 jam yang lalu
LMAO its just so hilarious how the commentators are unambiguously favoring Arsenal, the loudness is complete comedy
Imperial Surveys
Imperial Surveys 14 jam yang lalu
Cool win gunners. Though Arsenal should learn to shoot and score high balls into the net too. This breeds fear into opponents.
GOONER GAMER TV 14 jam yang lalu
Arteta is making big waves with Arsenal!! What a great performance from Arsenal. Can i just say 'Traore who?' I am so impressed with the progress that we are making!!
jeruto caroline
jeruto caroline 14 jam yang lalu
Did Xhaka just say Morocco 😂😂😂😂
Mø Ali saad
Mø Ali saad 14 jam yang lalu
دا فريق الضحك عملها 💔😂😂
Mø Ali saad
Mø Ali saad 13 jam yang lalu
@bilisha coli R U from London?
Mø Ali saad
Mø Ali saad 13 jam yang lalu
@bilisha coli I'm Trolling by Arabic 😂😂. Do u 🔽stand me??! 💔😂
bilisha coli
bilisha coli 13 jam yang lalu
I like this perform.. good job
Wonderful Flowers
Wonderful Flowers 14 jam yang lalu
just got my dream sports car all because of this site here, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
JoshCarter 14 jam yang lalu
I was there, the hardcore stand ( where AFTV usually are )...I’m from liverpool but I support arsenal cause my mum and her family are from london. Anyway I was there with my dad and we were losing and I wanted to leave, and then out of the blue alexis scores. So I decided that I’d give this game a shot, I’d already bunked off school to be there but anyway after 2 minutes xhaka scores and it’s game on. Finally after another 2 minutes, ozil scores and I’m not joking I could feel the stadium shake. Obviously it ended up being a draw but it was still one of the best nights of my life. The drive home was cool cause I stumbled across some liverpool fans and we both talked about how amazing and fair both sides played. Trust me, this game was more than what you think. Probably one of Arsenal’s best games in recent years, you’d have to be there to believe it.
Julia Geweiler
Julia Geweiler 14 jam yang lalu
nobody said Bosnia Herzagovina
Michael Andreou
Michael Andreou 14 jam yang lalu
Im a United fan but he is quality 👌. England are looking set for the next decade, we have some real Gems. Greenwood, Saka, Sancho, Trent, Grealish, Rashford, and if that Jude Bellingham kid comes good we are looking 🔥.
octo rangga
octo rangga 14 jam yang lalu
I think ozil and guendozi is the real problem
Dino Player175
Dino Player175 14 jam yang lalu
Glenn- Gooner miller
Glenn- Gooner miller 14 jam yang lalu
Yes brov nice one ☝️
GrompGod Gaming & Music
GrompGod Gaming & Music 14 jam yang lalu
Fantastic goal from Lacazette <3