❤️ Thank you, Emi Martinez
Behind Closed Doors with Chunkz
밤부 Jam Yang lalu
HkoVenom Jam Yang lalu
Zakariaou Ibrahimou
Zakariaou Ibrahimou Jam Yang lalu
BREAKING NEWS. Arsenal have confirmed the signing of Myugariro from Rwanda on an undisclosed fee, and is expected to start ahead of David Luiz on Monday.
hecenmo 5
hecenmo 5 Jam Yang lalu
Riad El unico
Riad El unico Jam Yang lalu
Bring Baby Gorilla 'PARTEYza' and 'AOUARo"
Yuva Silvanathan
Yuva Silvanathan Jam Yang lalu
Who’s shocked arsenal dragged the video to 10 minutes.
Andy McBride
Andy McBride Jam Yang lalu
Mamita querida Bellerin ♥__♥
Henry Okorafor
Henry Okorafor Jam Yang lalu
I love you arsenal
Yuva Silvanathan
Yuva Silvanathan Jam Yang lalu
How tf are Rwanda sponsoring us so much?
Fajar Maulana
Fajar Maulana Jam Yang lalu
Good Job Arsenal 👍
Adaś Does Stuff
Adaś Does Stuff Jam Yang lalu
2:08 Just in case you are wondering, Xhaka talking to Eldin Jakupović, a Bosnian-born Swiss goalkeeper. Xhaka scored his first goal in the 4-1 win over Hull City in 2016 with Jakupović in goal.
Trevino Lee Reddy
Trevino Lee Reddy Jam Yang lalu
Wenger is a tale of 2 stories 1-his first 10 years 😎 2-his last 12 years 😪
RD Yunianta Eduka
RD Yunianta Eduka Jam Yang lalu
Amazing match
Haus X
Haus X Jam Yang lalu
Why all know deep inside Auba wanted to name his gorrilla SWEG
hecenmo 5
hecenmo 5 2 jam yang lalu
Love to jill
Swaroop Pavan
Swaroop Pavan 2 jam yang lalu
Auba is the new Thiery Henry
Thunder Viper X
Thunder Viper X 2 jam yang lalu
I bowl at 70 kmph for the age of 12 or 13 I guess that's pretty bad (Im pace)
Satheesh S
Satheesh S 2 jam yang lalu
Fraser Morris
Fraser Morris 2 jam yang lalu
Don’t skip the adds
Ante Rebic
Ante Rebic 2 jam yang lalu
Best match
Brian Egona
Brian Egona 2 jam yang lalu
3 of them aren't English, but all speak better english than kane😂
FOR THE LOVE OF FOOTBALL 2 jam yang lalu
Let’s Be Honest.... Absolutely No one Searched For this!
Асланбек Салатов
Асланбек Салатов 2 jam yang lalu
I really hope we could see him soon at the Emirates.
Bobby Boss
Bobby Boss 2 jam yang lalu
Nice video 💖💖 Auba stp fais ce tatoo de panthère ,ce serait vraiment sympa et montrerait ton amour pour l'équipe nationale bro ☝🏼 we love you 🔥😍💖
Maulana AA
Maulana AA 2 jam yang lalu
We need ozil for more match ❤️😭
Index Techno
Index Techno 2 jam yang lalu
I’m happy to see that arsenal are doing theses kind of things again
I'm proud of this partnership with my country and my club . Rwanda and Gunner forever
Jordyn Nexus
Jordyn Nexus 2 jam yang lalu
Mandatory shot of the sprinklers to stretch the video out a little longer
Giorgio Rosenbloom
Giorgio Rosenbloom 2 jam yang lalu
Berd leno naming the gorilla defender... as a reminder to our defenders to try and protect him
M ZC 2 jam yang lalu
Visit Rwanda is a great sponsor
Eric Kivuku Makau
Eric Kivuku Makau 2 jam yang lalu
Respect to Hector
Stuart Lincoln
Stuart Lincoln 2 jam yang lalu
Laura has a great set of legs 🦵💋
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn 3 jam yang lalu
Great message and great painters
Aj says
Aj says 3 jam yang lalu
I hope you come back after Villa career
Solumto Ezenwa
Solumto Ezenwa 3 jam yang lalu
I miss Martinelli 😔
The technique Bwoy
The technique Bwoy 3 jam yang lalu
This video should be a reminder of us every time we pollute the environment
Medan Adventurer
Medan Adventurer 3 jam yang lalu
Great match 👍👍
Nishil Prasad
Nishil Prasad 3 jam yang lalu
Are u and enzo Ferrari same person😂
Win Win
Win Win 3 jam yang lalu
I love The Gunner
Tanaka Nyahasha
Tanaka Nyahasha 3 jam yang lalu
Ballerin's accent is a mixture of Spanish and British.
Shel R
Shel R 3 jam yang lalu
Beautiful. Please raise awareness for our Rhino's in South Africa too 💙
KayAgent 3 jam yang lalu
Naming gorillas 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jet Crossley
Jet Crossley 3 jam yang lalu
This is great would love to see more conservation efforts like this @arsenal
Daniel Alveo
Daniel Alveo 3 jam yang lalu
Willock will score 10 goals this season.
Gee Henry
Gee Henry 3 jam yang lalu
Tears 😭
Daniel Alveo
Daniel Alveo 3 jam yang lalu
Winning away consistently is the first step. Also playing at close doors is helping them achieve cohesion without having the fans being hysterical at every move.
Dilip Samal
Dilip Samal 3 jam yang lalu
This is how many goals leno will concede. 👇🏽
capybara tranquil
capybara tranquil 3 jam yang lalu
Eddie, good job :)
Abd. Haris
Abd. Haris 3 jam yang lalu
Gorilla - Giroud , Oziel, Cazorla
Santi Cozorla
Santi Cozorla 3 jam yang lalu
shaafici cabdullaahi
shaafici cabdullaahi 3 jam yang lalu
Thanks for the Gorilla story but it's time sign Aouar and Partey.
خالد الغاربي
خالد الغاربي 3 jam yang lalu
عربي ترجمه
خالد الغاربي
خالد الغاربي 3 jam yang lalu
عربي ترجمه
خالد الغاربي
خالد الغاربي 4 jam yang lalu
عربي ترجمه
خالد الغاربي
خالد الغاربي 4 jam yang lalu
عربي ترجمه
fedy fred fedzo
fedy fred fedzo 4 jam yang lalu
I'm Rwandan by nationality Arsenal is my happiness no matter what.
Bathabile Nare
Bathabile Nare 4 jam yang lalu
IDshow brought this to me 5 years after😶😶
Kirkland Davis
Kirkland Davis 4 jam yang lalu
EVERY. SINGLE. TIME Eddie complains if he doesn't get the ball. Aubameyang basically never complains about an expected pass. It is not just hunger for goals etc. it's poor attitude. No one is entitled to always get the ball
Dinesh Verma
Dinesh Verma 4 jam yang lalu
Lol in that 2nd goal, what was gk doing?
Omar Velázquez
Omar Velázquez 4 jam yang lalu
@4:15 did my guy say Houston!? 🤣
Prabin kumar Thapa
Prabin kumar Thapa 4 jam yang lalu
I feel like this is the closest we have ever been...the fans and the players❤️
Wenger Ball
Wenger Ball 4 jam yang lalu
Hector, the Spanish cockney! ❤️
Anonymous !!
Anonymous !! 4 jam yang lalu
golfinguna 4 jam yang lalu
jishnu v
jishnu v 4 jam yang lalu
Thomas Aouar should be the name
David James
David James 4 jam yang lalu
We need to ensure that our beautiful club has absolutely nothing to do with the human genocide happening in China, The Uyghur people of Xinjiang are being tortured by the millions and held in concentration camps and prisons and forced labour. Unfortunately Adidas is at question of benefitting from this forced slave labour in factories
Honour Manyangadze
Honour Manyangadze 4 jam yang lalu
Arsenal media just hits all the right spots
Muganga TV
Muganga TV 4 jam yang lalu
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#JL 4 jam yang lalu
Arsenal called the right person for biodiversity and conservation of species. Bellerin .