s k
s k 6 jam yang lalu
I am from India is there any chance to release vagabond session 2 .
Sindhuja Sai
Sindhuja Sai 6 jam yang lalu
I watched it for seo ye ji, ended up loving oh jung se's (moon sang tae) acting.
Hema P Turnip
Hema P Turnip 6 jam yang lalu
Actually I'm not a Korean drama enthusiast anymore after watched one of them that made me feel sad and disappointed about the plot and ending of the drama, but this one... I'M ABSOLUTELY CURIOUS ABOUT THIS RIGHT NOW! I THINK I SHOULD WATCH THIS!
Pearlie Grace
Pearlie Grace 6 jam yang lalu
acting is all about chemistry, whether if the actora are a year apart or 8 years apart, as long as they have chemistry, the drama will flow naturally. in this case, go ara really does have chemistry with jae wook
wendy pan
wendy pan 6 jam yang lalu
There should be no argument. The age gap is NOT AN ISSUE. End of story. Lol.
peter parker
peter parker 6 jam yang lalu
this is the purest scene I ever watch, it’s just so cute!!!
•Glossy•Demon• 6 jam yang lalu
Imagine the minister looking through the door 👁👄👁
Carmelita Guray
Carmelita Guray 6 jam yang lalu
I'm so disappointed in Jeongha. While Sa Jun is fighting for their relationship here she is breaking up with him.
Michelle 6 jam yang lalu
Dhiba Riyanthie
Dhiba Riyanthie 6 jam yang lalu
Their sweet Couple of the year! Ra Ra - Jun 💞💞💞💖✨
MI RA 6 jam yang lalu
Jaewook (≧▽≦)
Lcvely Taee
Lcvely Taee 6 jam yang lalu
LoL Gu rara and Gu Ara are Samee Cute And Funnyy:)) *her cuteness overload*
Shi Ho
Shi Ho 6 jam yang lalu
This made me uwuuu so many timess
RRTV Entertainment PH
RRTV Entertainment PH 6 jam yang lalu
Likhitha 6 jam yang lalu
Why is the age gap such a huge issue? He is not a minor, he is legally an adult in the drama. He is 19. The equation between the leads matters, not the age gap.
patricia vinipatika
patricia vinipatika 6 jam yang lalu
Mars Ailee
Mars Ailee 6 jam yang lalu
This is Why Fans should support their Idols , Bias no matter what... Our Idols are Human too. Sooner or later they will look for their better half..
Savage Jisoo
Savage Jisoo 6 jam yang lalu
Jisoo ' ready for love high note 😻
govind pawar
govind pawar 6 jam yang lalu
this is how you get heart attack in both of your keydneys..
Swati Thakur
Swati Thakur 6 jam yang lalu
She's his first love 😘
Jane Silva
Jane Silva 7 jam yang lalu
LJW: *preparing to sing* GAR: *sleeps* Lol she sleeps pretty fast 😂
Sumedha Samaddar
Sumedha Samaddar 7 jam yang lalu
It really disgusts me he doesnt get enough attention he is yg's secret treasure literally most of yg hits like bigbang 2ne1 bp treasure etc 's most hits are written or composed by him stan teddy park
shrav _lub_for_7mem
shrav _lub_for_7mem 7 jam yang lalu
The ending is perfect yaa😄 Sarangamnidha💜
Suha Perera
Suha Perera 7 jam yang lalu
That's literally me watching Wookie in Tale of nine tailed nowadays
Joycee Longleng
Joycee Longleng 7 jam yang lalu
Everybody in the comment section is talking about Jisoo. Literally. Stop! My fingers are tired of liking them all.
Claire Danes Palileo
Claire Danes Palileo 7 jam yang lalu
I thought its Love Alarm..
Swati Thakur
Swati Thakur 7 jam yang lalu
Age gap is just perfect to make my heart flutter like crazy 😵🔥😍 Makes this drama more sexy that way
lust4ksh 7 jam yang lalu
i didn’t expect that plot twist in ep.5 at allllll i’m rlly excited to see how this drama will play out
Blueberry ShookiE
Blueberry ShookiE 7 jam yang lalu
Ew cringee
Maycats18 7 jam yang lalu
They're so cute 😍
blas blis
blas blis 7 jam yang lalu
Tamieka Andrewz
Tamieka Andrewz 7 jam yang lalu
I didn't want to watch this bc GO ARA was a main character I adored in HWARANG. Nd The boii (forgot his name) was that JERK in EXTRAORDINARY YOU. I know it was just for the series but I was very KOO-KOO. I have no regrets watching this Hope they will be together soon!♡♡
falyaumi Azzahra
falyaumi Azzahra 7 jam yang lalu
Faith Gabriel
Faith Gabriel 7 jam yang lalu
No one: Absolutely no one: Jun: No. (does it anyway)
MelMel 7 jam yang lalu
6:41 sunbaenim this isn't a video xD
Mariana gloria Meza
Mariana gloria Meza 7 jam yang lalu
Hlengiwe Tracy Ncube
Hlengiwe Tracy Ncube 7 jam yang lalu
As Season 3 approaches, let us not forget Season's 2 top anime betrayals 1. Lee Kwang Soo 2. Lee Seung Gi 3. Kim Min Jae
luiza ferreira
luiza ferreira 7 jam yang lalu
Estou amando eles ❤️❤️
Kpophalmoni _
Kpophalmoni _ 7 jam yang lalu
andie 7 jam yang lalu
i love how calm and soothing their auras are.... like i could listen to them talk all day and i wouldn’t get tired. hae in’s so soft-spoken waaaa i love him
Kay Zin
Kay Zin 7 jam yang lalu
I've never seen such a cute couple in K drama before. Very pure & innocent lover who are meant for each other.🥰😇😇
Carolina Volkova
Carolina Volkova 7 jam yang lalu
People are complaining about the age gap but didn't say anything when Goblin came out....
A P 6 jam yang lalu
@Alex Hedda bold of you to assume everyone watched it lmfaooo
Kay Zin
Kay Zin 7 jam yang lalu
Finally , somebody well said
VRATIKA THAKUR 7 jam yang lalu
@yoonsuwu I know right!! I was always a little uncomfortable. plus she acted like a kid so it didn't help. Here I wouldn't have guessed that his age was 18. I don't mind their relationship at all. 18 and 24 isn't that huge of a gap
yoonsuwu 7 jam yang lalu
the age gap in goblin was way too weird she deadass was still in sch 💀
Yoon Ji Hoo
Yoon Ji Hoo 7 jam yang lalu
they just complain about their age in drama.. but in real life ara is more years older than him.. about 8 years gap 😂 for me i think it's nice and rare for drama who already young, but no need to act mores older like same older with heroine..and i love it.. u see rara even more older than him, but she cute and naive.. opposite like jun who more younger but he mature 😆😆 this what we call CUTE!! haha but make sure this two end up together and get married and get children's 😂😂 because at netlix the thumbnail is rara and dr. cha.. it's make me angry.. sorry dr. cha, I'm your fans but here i root jun junrara 😂 and i want to see reaction of hayong 😂 but luckily her real age really more younger from jaewook
Mariana gloria Meza
Mariana gloria Meza 7 jam yang lalu
Como se llama la serie.
Nur Janah
Nur Janah 7 jam yang lalu
Jun aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙆❤
Dita Permatasari Gtg
Dita Permatasari Gtg 7 jam yang lalu
Gosh his charms melted me instantly. This is the reason why i am still single 😂
Amni Rachmawati
Amni Rachmawati 7 jam yang lalu
Tsundre bucin sun woo joon 🥺🤣
cute face
cute face 7 jam yang lalu
Jisoo is my bias uwu
nukman haziq
nukman haziq 7 jam yang lalu
k drama vibezzzzz🤤🤤
Ao Haru Ride
Ao Haru Ride 7 jam yang lalu
I wander why do you use their real name instead of their character name?
anami okram
anami okram 7 jam yang lalu
ROSÉ has exceeded all our expectations. she is an icon. she’s a legend. she’s a princess. she’s a role model. she never fails at anything she does. she’s one of most beautiful women to stand on this earth. She is flawless. she is the moment
anami okram
anami okram 7 jam yang lalu
Rosé, our talented and beautiful woman 💕 we're always proud of you. You are precious to us and we know you working so hard to make us happy and we're also trying to make you happier! you deserve the all best things in your life. No matter what happens we will always support u ❤️ also don't forget this you are the main vocalist and lead dancer of the most popular girl group. You always try to be strong and try to do your best, and ofc you doing it so great! we are always proud of you. We're increasing our motivation by listening to the songs you covered when we feel bad. You really means to us a lot , take care of yourself and enjoy your life ❤️
ayça 7 jam yang lalu
it is cringe because you are not ra-ra but if you were the ra-ra, it is the most cutest thing ever
ayça 7 jam yang lalu
@Yoko An djdjmd i always find this type of cuteness cringe but now sdkkdkd hell no 💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️
Yoko An
Yoko An 7 jam yang lalu
But even i'm not rara it's cute tho haha
yoonsuwu 7 jam yang lalu
tbh it took a weird turn when they revealed he was 19 lmao i hope theres a time skip or smt but anyways jaewook is just dropdead gorgeous and rara is just so wholesome <33
VRATIKA THAKUR 7 jam yang lalu
@Luo Luo I don't understand why it need to have a sad ending. He is of a legal age and she is just 24. The cap isn't that huge. plus it's not like she is forcing him or anything
yoonsuwu 7 jam yang lalu
@Luo Luo im all abt sad ending impacts lmaoo
Luo Luo
Luo Luo 7 jam yang lalu
agree, or else there's a big chance that this will have unhappy ending.
Rat the Paula Trujillo
Rat the Paula Trujillo 7 jam yang lalu
Hi swoonies
Adlia 7 jam yang lalu
Fav *hearts*
Adlia 7 jam yang lalu
winter garden's chocopie
winter garden's chocopie 7 jam yang lalu
waiting for the swoon to upload han jipyeong scene so that i can comment #SecondLeadTeam where u at?!!!
Adlia 7 jam yang lalu
Krystal Violet
Krystal Violet 7 jam yang lalu
Okay, so this proves that a kid's rhyming song could also make your heart flutter. ♡
Xy-za Cu
Xy-za Cu 7 jam yang lalu
Ralliee 7 jam yang lalu
Koichi Koichi
Koichi Koichi 7 jam yang lalu
Este drama es muy hermoso ya que cautiva con su trama y su interpretación actoral
Richard Molaba
Richard Molaba 7 jam yang lalu
Everyone in the comment section talking about jisooo Yesssssss
Koichi Koichi
Koichi Koichi 7 jam yang lalu
Lee Jae Wook and Go Ara are adorable
Joey Albert Almine
Joey Albert Almine 8 jam yang lalu
I'm afraid that rara will find out the real identity of Jun...what will be her expression?
Alyssa Kim
Alyssa Kim 8 jam yang lalu
Um not to judge but I would not have slept with that voice
highlightiKON 7 jam yang lalu
Hahaha you didn't have to burn him like that
Alyssa Kim
Alyssa Kim 8 jam yang lalu
Go Ara is very demanding in this drama lol
Belén Q.
Belén Q. 8 jam yang lalu
4 episodes in... Second lead syndrome hitting strong-
Alyssa Kim
Alyssa Kim 8 jam yang lalu
The ost just be on point
WARRIOR OF LIGHT 8 jam yang lalu
She is just so cute she is one of my favs actresses and he is fiiiinneee😍😍😍
Jenny Tam
Jenny Tam 8 jam yang lalu
I can't wait for the seventh episode to come out already!
Jheska PR
Jheska PR 8 jam yang lalu
No yg having more songs and give a full album with so litle songs
SOFIA MOLINA 8 jam yang lalu
Es muy tierno
Moonlight Mchio
Moonlight Mchio 8 jam yang lalu
Rose is so pretty and gorgeous
Ekroop Kour
Ekroop Kour 8 jam yang lalu
I am your fan
Nancy E. Clauss
Nancy E. Clauss 8 jam yang lalu
She was sleeping! Lol
Farah Diva
Farah Diva 8 jam yang lalu
Such a cutiiee !!
Sherlyn Teh Lay Lian
Sherlyn Teh Lay Lian 8 jam yang lalu
Sweet this Korea drama episode ❤
Mikhayla Cleghorn
Mikhayla Cleghorn 8 jam yang lalu
Ugh so cuteeee
Anne Hayrah
Anne Hayrah 8 jam yang lalu
First to comment 🥰 love this couple really