ShawolNathy 8 jam yang lalu
Shameema Banu
Shameema Banu 8 jam yang lalu
And this when I literally fell in love with her🔥
My Mail
My Mail 8 jam yang lalu
I quit my 9-5 thanks to., 𝐞 𝐳 𝐛 𝐢 𝐠 𝐩 𝐚 𝐲 .𝐜 𝐨 𝐦 .,type in address bar without spaces
dulce ilagan
dulce ilagan 8 jam yang lalu
I hated Daeoh for mistreating Aejeong. He went from Hero to zero, from persistent to negligent. It was the only thing that didn't make sense to me. But then I just remembered in one of his flashbacks, he thought that the reason Aejeong left him was because he was poor. Maybe he was going through his own insecurities about being poor, and did not realize he was already ignoring Aejeong. So guys, stop slandering the characters in the story for being an ass. They all have reasons for being so, even Joo Arin. I was prepared to hate her but that scene when she was so excited to meet DaeOh after 14 yrs but found out that he was still with Aejeong was heartbreaking. And stop saying that Aejeong is a bad mother because she hid the fact that DaeOh was the father, because she's obviously the sweetest mother to Hanee. Maybe she made a poor choice, but that's what the story is all about. If it wasn't for that choice, there wouldn't be four men vying for her love and the drama would be totally different. It would be about struggling poor dad DaeOh and the unsatisfied wife Aejeong. Then it'd be another adultery drama, with Ryujin and Arin trying to break them apart. 😂 Sorry, it's just that the comments are killing me.
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 8 jam yang lalu
I have no more stress because of,, *e z b i g p a y .c o m* ..enter in the address bar with no spaces
Marchie Ann Tacang
Marchie Ann Tacang 8 jam yang lalu
I so loved this scene haha i kennat 😍😍😍 and the yah know i'm sleepy 😂😂
sparksfs11 8 jam yang lalu
If anyone think this is their top chu in the drama... Try Again, with episode sexteen👀💥🥂
Siti Cholilah
Siti Cholilah 8 jam yang lalu
Song ji hyo's mom in here is ju ri's mom from IOTNBO, is it? 🤣
sparksfs11 9 jam yang lalu
Aww! I love this mirroring parallel! It just shows their mutual 💖 in the end! Munyeong’s iconic confession will still remain in my memories ( I’m sure in GT’s too) and GT’s confession is begging for desperation for her acceptance 💛💛 these two are going to be my favourite characters and pair in drama for a long-standing time🤧💥🏆📺
Master Piece
Master Piece 9 jam yang lalu
The way LeeMinho comes every 2 years or 4 and throw a bomb on us and leave us amazed. He's indeed a king
Dinny 9 jam yang lalu
Guys. Do I have to wath the season 1 to watch this?
Senali Peiris
Senali Peiris 9 jam yang lalu
Still can't believe it's finally here!😭💕
rizky ridho
rizky ridho 9 jam yang lalu
August Dragon
August Dragon 9 jam yang lalu
OMG yess ... Lee Soo Hyuk is Vampire who seems like a fashion model stomping down a runway which he's really is 😂😂❤
Neha Muley
Neha Muley 9 jam yang lalu
Why isnt the last scene of episode 1 here? Where Jeong Wan cries infront of his brother in the chicken shop... I have watched that scene 10 times.. Still funny!!
melany struik
melany struik 9 jam yang lalu
Yess finally season 2
Karen Gtz.
Karen Gtz. 9 jam yang lalu
Ahhh!!! Hope it's OH Dae oh. I love him with Ae Jeong
Govher Mirzemmedova
Govher Mirzemmedova 9 jam yang lalu
Who is want caming 2 sezon
Rakhal Das
Rakhal Das 9 jam yang lalu
😂😂😂😂its completely vise versa
Ana Lucrecia Girón
Ana Lucrecia Girón 9 jam yang lalu
Que actuación tierna y bella felicidades adelante.los amamos Dios les bendiga muchos exitos
Jane Johnson
Jane Johnson 9 jam yang lalu
Virgi Garrido
Virgi Garrido 9 jam yang lalu
No me canso de verlos!! Esta produccion acaparo mi total atencion!! Todo me encanto! Felicitaciones!!
Luongkimphiytre Phungkimkuongjut Group
Luongkimphiytre Phungkimkuongjut Group 9 jam yang lalu
Faridah Faizul
Faridah Faizul 9 jam yang lalu
1:12 déjà vu 🤣🤣🤣 but i will miss this dramam a lot 😭😭😭
Cris Pal
Cris Pal 9 jam yang lalu
Absolutely my #1 K-Drama ever! I need to buy it....Soo when I miss it I can watch it 😑😭
Clementine Che
Clementine Che 9 jam yang lalu
Regular Rom-coms kdrama couple can't survive in a long distance relationship. TKEM couple, kicking ass and surviving in a Parallel Universe Relationship. has there even been a Parallel relationship in Kdramalnad before?
Cris Pal
Cris Pal 9 jam yang lalu
He finally said it❣️❣️❣️I melted🥰🥰
queen atastic
queen atastic 9 jam yang lalu
I’ve been watching this drama and then listening to a song called ‘Half moon’ by Dean afterwards and I think they go so well together! The ambiance of the song, the delicacy of his voice and the lyrics reflect this drama!
vero liu
vero liu 9 jam yang lalu
Someone can tell me the background music that comes out every times they do something really funny
Sophia Judith Villamarín Andino
Sophia Judith Villamarín Andino 9 jam yang lalu
Wake up - Elaine
Meerab Zaidi
Meerab Zaidi 9 jam yang lalu
I love the drama 💕💕💕💕
seema channa
seema channa 9 jam yang lalu
I watched it! Hayee In love with this drama <3 love sang tae mang tae and gang tae hehe And ofcourse mun-yeong love you all
ᄅSuGaᄅ 10 jam yang lalu
how the turn tables
Palak Priya
Palak Priya 10 jam yang lalu
2:50 his cute smile 😍
LutzDeluxe2 10 jam yang lalu
I’ve been waiting for this one! I can’t wait.
Dottie Azura
Dottie Azura 10 jam yang lalu
I really need to know that song
Tres actores súper divinos. El dorama "Está bien no estar bien" espectacular. Amo los doramas por su trama y actores. Felicidades a todos. Un abrazo desde mi pais Colombia 🇨🇴
Emii Trejo
Emii Trejo 10 jam yang lalu
Porqué dice sub español si no lo puedo poner no sale
lauren 10 jam yang lalu
Sneha Srivastava
Sneha Srivastava 10 jam yang lalu
the troublemaker trio 😻💗
Agus tellez
Agus tellez 10 jam yang lalu
AAAAAAA Ya quiero saber con quien se quedará
مریم ناز
مریم ناز 10 jam yang lalu
من عاشق این سریالممم خیلی با هم خوب مچ شدن
byrel skin
byrel skin 10 jam yang lalu
season 2 .. pleaseee
Sarah Adiba Sam
Sarah Adiba Sam 10 jam yang lalu
Love from Malaysia 😘😍
Graciela Marrero
Graciela Marrero 10 jam yang lalu
Oh yung_se el actor que hizo el papel de autista excelente actor,genial su interpretación. Tuve la oportunidad de verlo en ensayos y es asombroso como cambiaba y se metía en ese personaje. Felicitaciones
sandy khowice
sandy khowice 10 jam yang lalu
Is that soobin
Zharicksa Rodríguez Castañeda
Zharicksa Rodríguez Castañeda 10 jam yang lalu
name dorama??
some body
some body 10 jam yang lalu
What goes around comes around 🤣🤣 Mun-young did a complete role reversal ... i love it
Narmin Rahimova
Narmin Rahimova 10 jam yang lalu
0:54 😂😂😂😂
Roxana Anay
Roxana Anay 10 jam yang lalu
me encantó 😍 me gustaría que sean pareja en la vida real ❤️
shawoLynn 10 jam yang lalu
Oh really like this scene..
Japhet Tan
Japhet Tan 10 jam yang lalu
I hope all of them will have chance to play jenga 😊💕💓💓💞👏🏻✨
shawoLynn 10 jam yang lalu
Really love this couple from the first time seeing their first scene together..
Luma Gabriela
Luma Gabriela 10 jam yang lalu
They are a real couple 💘
るんるんあやち 10 jam yang lalu
Ledy Taylor
Ledy Taylor 10 jam yang lalu
My favorite characters “Ko Mun Yeong” Seo Ye Ji 👏 I love her 💕💕💕
Karime Salas
Karime Salas 11 jam yang lalu
눈누랄라 11 jam yang lalu
한국댓 없나요?😢
GD Noona
GD Noona 11 jam yang lalu
Watching again, because they make my day 🥰 and of course Yoo Yeon Seok oppa is 😍😊
Hamna Kamran
Hamna Kamran 11 jam yang lalu
Now the tables have turned I really like this scene
Yo_Im_Pinoy -_-
Yo_Im_Pinoy -_- 11 jam yang lalu
“IM sLeEpY”
Luuu bna
Luuu bna 11 jam yang lalu
KSH ayaaa 💘💘💘💘💘💘
Joycy SK
Joycy SK 11 jam yang lalu
In a world filled with billions of people striving for perfection, this drama has shown us that it's okay to be weak,flawed, unwell or impaired.💌❣
D M 11 jam yang lalu
6:44 have you all seen Chuckie? 😂 Chuckie the killer doll
Kemi Bisi
Kemi Bisi 11 jam yang lalu
I just started watching this drama and this came up on my Yt let me not spoil it cause so far its so good and funny but I gave a feeling it's gonna make me cry
yuqicutie 11 jam yang lalu
i want to see them together in another drama
yuqicutie 11 jam yang lalu
best trio ever
Dasandbox 11 jam yang lalu
Lol, I’m back to get my fix from this upbeat tune. You go Seinfeld Gi and Jasper Lou.😊😊
Sabin4iks 11 jam yang lalu
This was soooo Epic! 😂😂😂 I just love how he copied her. It makes the scene look complete 🧡🧡🧡
gilly 11 jam yang lalu
Kim Soo Hyun knows what Netflix and chill means hahhahahahaha he's so funny!
La vie
La vie 11 jam yang lalu
I'm so thankful that netflix just decided put more effort attention in Korean dramas❤️
수목밤9:30우리사랑했을까 11 jam yang lalu
They've finished filming now. I'm not ready. Will feel empty without the eps and bts. Only have Running Man to feed on afterwards. At least Jihyos more active there these day.
T Moon
T Moon 11 jam yang lalu
Anyone else know what Kwang Beom's voice sounds like? Don't remember hearing him speak one single sentence in the entire series. He's good at nodding his head tho.🤣🤣🤣
La vie
La vie 11 jam yang lalu
gilly 11 jam yang lalu
Kim Soo Hyun is very different from what i imagined. I imagined him as the very serious one, then here's this video. Hahahhaha
Fam Cam Trio
Fam Cam Trio 11 jam yang lalu
Don't let this get you down, YEON WOO FIGHTING!
oxymoron 11 jam yang lalu
I am disappointed WHYYY Mr.Sunshine bromance isn't included???
Wire Dayan
Wire Dayan 11 jam yang lalu
This drama was amazing!
T Moon
T Moon 11 jam yang lalu
How to get over CLOY: SORRY CAN'T HELP YOU