aptal aptallık kralı
aptal aptallık kralı 6 detik yang lalu
2:27 ryan:city get destroy dani: exe me:🤔
Aiden Romine
Aiden Romine 20 detik yang lalu
I will always respect Super Cell as the company that is always trying to innovate, never going with the “norm”. Although Boom beach was kind of just clash of clans with minor changes
Derpygolem Menit Yang lalu
Wow third star powers. Hm y do those names seem familiar
super_proboy110 2 menit yang lalu
0:22 Poco afk
Fox Gamer
Fox Gamer 7 menit yang lalu
Hey Supercell plz update To brawl stars To can get skin and from boxes
Narsingam Bandi
Narsingam Bandi 11 menit yang lalu
Rayn2.0l моренец
Rayn2.0l моренец 12 menit yang lalu
Plz brawl talk
Rayn2.0l моренец
Rayn2.0l моренец 13 menit yang lalu
Plz brawl talk
Balt BS
Balt BS 13 menit yang lalu
19:27 Álvaro inglés 😳😳😳😳👌👌👌
Tongtong Huang
Tongtong Huang 17 menit yang lalu
i feel a bit sad for Barley's shop.
Fire Folf 'The Bayonetta God'
Fire Folf 'The Bayonetta God' 18 menit yang lalu
It's like a bowl full of Princess Peach, Marry Poppins, and Bayonetta were mixed together than baked to make this character
Gustavo Starsinho
Gustavo Starsinho 19 menit yang lalu
Caraio eu pulei o video e veio logo pro brasileiro bruno ph muito bom
August First
August First 27 menit yang lalu
Yestin Huang 7A
Yestin Huang 7A 30 menit yang lalu
When Rosa skin come out?
Eddie Zarate
Eddie Zarate 33 menit yang lalu
Brawl stars I love you guys but I just hate the others team team on you before killing each other
RaSL NL5 50 menit yang lalu
Janekennsam Chan
Janekennsam Chan 53 menit yang lalu
Imagine you see piper baking grenades in game with ammonium nitrate
vuncor 112
vuncor 112 54 menit yang lalu
Когда будет brawl talk?
Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! 55 menit yang lalu
1:31 listen closely it's probably mortis coughing
Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! 56 menit yang lalu
The artists for this video are very talented shout-out for them.
loony dead
loony dead 59 menit yang lalu
woahhh that is awsome
BrawlR Pro
BrawlR Pro Jam Yang lalu
эрти Jam Yang lalu
Lands End guy gaming
Lands End guy gaming Jam Yang lalu
0:21 mortis just fainted and barley doesn’t care
Groove_Kid Jam Yang lalu
Rule34 Artists: its showtime...
Meteor Rush?Is 2 gadget for El Primo
Victoria the green cheek conure
Victoria the green cheek conure Jam Yang lalu
I think she thinks she is nice to people Maybe she has the same disorder as Pryor from tf2
Victoria the green cheek conure
Victoria the green cheek conure Jam Yang lalu
The ads are better than the game
Victoria the green cheek conure
Victoria the green cheek conure Jam Yang lalu
Actually the heat to cook muffins will cook the fuse of a Grenache detonating it incpside the oven likely killing her
lee ken
lee ken Jam Yang lalu
New update idea:free skin token,1 token 30 gem skin,5 tokens 80 gem skin,7 tokens 150 gem skin,9 tokens 300 gems skin,10 token silver skin,25 token gold skin,probability,by in shop,3000 coins,1 in 50 mega box,1 in 100 big box,1 in 200 small box,pls update this in brawl stars
tanksalot Jam Yang lalu
Can I buy the roster?
jocuri care îmi plac
jocuri care îmi plac Jam Yang lalu
Mortis_BS Jam Yang lalu
NinjaDuck Jam Yang lalu
29 frame sECRET i found it xD
RED FOX Jam Yang lalu
Hello my name is Vlad I'm 13 today is my birthday can chtonibut podarit in brawl stars this is my ID my nickname PR2PPU9JG diper goof give me something
ANDREW YT Jam Yang lalu
Tourette lewel 9999
Mighty Purplelicious
Mighty Purplelicious Jam Yang lalu
This ad made me wanna buy the game
Tomi YouTube
Tomi YouTube Jam Yang lalu
Разработчики сделайте русскую озвучку
William Crist
William Crist Jam Yang lalu
Mortis VS. Frank is cool.
PaNdA SpIeS Jam Yang lalu
0:30 Look at Carl
No One YT - Brawl Stars
No One YT - Brawl Stars Jam Yang lalu
Barley in Animation: So Powerful! Barley in game: snack for Mortis
Неймодианский стрелковый батальон
Неймодианский стрелковый батальон Jam Yang lalu
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Черные!!!
Mark Mendoza
Mark Mendoza Jam Yang lalu
0:22 look under
Curtis Tinsley
Curtis Tinsley 2 jam yang lalu
"14:13" If someone need something simply try *game-cheats.best/Brawl-Gems-(168)* Its cool for everyone! ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිa
Simão blindão
Simão blindão 2 jam yang lalu
Nossa como fui perceber só agora a emz fica olhando para o poco no início depois eu acho que quando ele olha da direção em que a emz tá a emz fica fingindo que tava tirando foto kkk