5 lies about Neymar | Oh My Goal
Irma Dennis
Irma Dennis 16 detik yang lalu
2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋
Nikola Bidžić
Nikola Bidžić Menit Yang lalu
im glad i had a strict French teacher for this momenf
Breandán Laverty
Breandán Laverty 4 menit yang lalu
It’s not Edin Azard it’s Eden Hazard 😂
Oof Cam
Oof Cam 6 menit yang lalu
_ leonmaximilian
_ leonmaximilian 7 menit yang lalu
Wtf this is bullshit bro
Kulmiye Moha
Kulmiye Moha 7 menit yang lalu
Language Policy?We cant understand French
STAR WARS BOYS 7 menit yang lalu
👈 full saport please 🔔🙏👍🙏🙏⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
JJ _
JJ _ 8 menit yang lalu
WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED to the language
Crap.Football.Opinions 9 menit yang lalu
Americans that think they know how to pronounce PSG.
Min etlaV
Min etlaV 9 menit yang lalu
Lets get the most dislike
Shak Maruf Billah
Shak Maruf Billah 11 menit yang lalu
Please make a video on your opinion of UCL draw 20/21
Muhammad Nakhuda
Muhammad Nakhuda 11 menit yang lalu
This is french for me I don't know about u
Isaac Udeagha
Isaac Udeagha 11 menit yang lalu
French 🙄
Betroos 11 menit yang lalu
Who else is seeing this video while you’re in your bedroom?
Erika Cummings
Erika Cummings 12 menit yang lalu
2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋
Fatuma Iftin
Fatuma Iftin 13 menit yang lalu
what is this french now .......we need English Master
random games
random games 13 menit yang lalu
i don't understand anything
Bhavya Shah
Bhavya Shah 13 menit yang lalu
Can oh my goal pls re-upload I can't understand a thing What's the problem in English? Eh?
Klemen Šuligoj
Klemen Šuligoj 14 menit yang lalu
Why is it in Spanish?
AKMOD07 PLAYZ 14 menit yang lalu
Can I watch the same video but in English please? Thank you,
Àłì xX
Àłì xX 15 menit yang lalu
Why french ??? Am glad i speak 3 languages i can understand it lol
Evelyn Okyere
Evelyn Okyere 15 menit yang lalu
Johan Sson
Johan Sson 16 menit yang lalu
Because of racism that’s why!!
Ifrah Ali
Ifrah Ali 17 menit yang lalu
No there’s one thing I know my country’s not playing this year. 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴 but I’m supporting 🇩🇯🇩🇯🇩🇯 or 🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪🇾🇪
#N17COYS angelo
#N17COYS angelo 18 menit yang lalu
Love their passion, always they bring the world cup alight, it would not be a world cup without the African nations teams otherwise... They are the winners, even if they never win it....
Future Juventus Legend 3000
Future Juventus Legend 3000 19 menit yang lalu
Why are there only four african countries in FIFA and 2 African teams Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs in FIFA that's the real question
Tina Paliwal
Tina Paliwal 19 menit yang lalu
Why should this be only in English? But Les Français- the step father of English is the chosen one. The person seeking answer can only get the answer in french- the language he chose for questioning so don't complain, this video is only for giving him the answer.
Mohamed Bouhtout
Mohamed Bouhtout 20 menit yang lalu
I thought I forgot English till I saw the comments saying it’s French😅
خالد ابن الوليد
خالد ابن الوليد 17 menit yang lalu
The Black Rap Gaming
The Black Rap Gaming 21 menit yang lalu
Why is it french
Isidore RDC
Isidore RDC 22 menit yang lalu
This is what happened when you don't wanna learn other languages to bad for the people that don't understand French go take a French class
TonyWellCool 22 menit yang lalu
To the person that is reading this: You’re very intelligent and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine ☁️ My dream is 1k. I been struggling to get there any help is appreciated😩
Ici Cest Rose Hill
Ici Cest Rose Hill 23 menit yang lalu
One of the best of all time in his Prime.
Akhil Mathew
Akhil Mathew 23 menit yang lalu
Sorry. But why french?
Climsing Cloak
Climsing Cloak 23 menit yang lalu
Sooo no English huh
Richard The game boss YT
Richard The game boss YT 24 menit yang lalu
Yang San
Yang San 24 menit yang lalu
D'Haqim M.N
D'Haqim M.N 25 menit yang lalu
There is no subtitle and I just know nothing hahahah
Alvin Ngarambe
Alvin Ngarambe 25 menit yang lalu
What was oh my goal thinking when they changed the language to french? Who would even watch?
Temiloluwa OLUSOLA-FALEYE Clinton
Temiloluwa OLUSOLA-FALEYE Clinton 27 menit yang lalu
i think it it is french because most African countries are french
ADZE KING II -777 27 menit yang lalu
I cannot read 😞😞
Xhanz 28 menit yang lalu
Is it only me our is this in french
Mark Akoury
Mark Akoury 28 menit yang lalu
Oh my goal: let's do something new Change the language
Andrea Tejada
Andrea Tejada 29 menit yang lalu
Its French ;-;
Boty Boi
Boty Boi 30 menit yang lalu
Who is excited about Messi vs cr7 in ucl group stage
King TMG
King TMG 30 menit yang lalu
Why is it french
Danneboy 2020
Danneboy 2020 30 menit yang lalu
Keyshawn O'kasi
Keyshawn O'kasi 31 menit yang lalu
Why is it french
Sh1ft_HydroFN 32 menit yang lalu
This vid is french
Arun 10
Arun 10 33 menit yang lalu
Bruh why is this in french🙄😑
Alex George
Alex George 33 menit yang lalu
Are u [email protected]#ing kidding me? He dropped Zanetti? Maradona should be the one kicked out of Argentina
Alex Autushka
Alex Autushka 33 menit yang lalu
wrong vid this is in french
Anish Ranaut
Anish Ranaut 33 menit yang lalu
Why isn't it in English? Most people understand English. 😭😭😭. Please correct that
Nathaniel Sunil
Nathaniel Sunil 34 menit yang lalu
this is in french
DISCARDED GAMING 34 menit yang lalu
English plz find the attached file
MANpro 107
MANpro 107 34 menit yang lalu
100 subs with no video
100 subs with no video 35 menit yang lalu
CrIsTi LoCo
CrIsTi LoCo 35 menit yang lalu
Why is it in french?
Faiza Argaw
Faiza Argaw 35 menit yang lalu
? i mean i know little bit of spanish
Gritcu Bogdan
Gritcu Bogdan 29 menit yang lalu
Vedant Tripathi
Vedant Tripathi 35 menit yang lalu
Nighat Khan
Nighat Khan 35 menit yang lalu
I didn't got the answer this time
DADDY MCK 36 menit yang lalu
Oh my goals where is the translater
Q Renjou
Q Renjou 36 menit yang lalu
Go home..you're drunk
MennoFN 36 menit yang lalu
What the hell happened to english?
Adam Playz
Adam Playz 36 menit yang lalu
Amazing, oh my goal why the fack did u make the video french again.
rowland jnr blay
rowland jnr blay 36 menit yang lalu
It's a cheat
Harshiv Kapoor
Harshiv Kapoor 36 menit yang lalu
Bro English
Bradley ndlovu
Bradley ndlovu 36 menit yang lalu
Incase you ddnt know,there are pple from different backgrounds here,so why not atleast write English so we can understand ffs
Dofla mInGo
Dofla mInGo 36 menit yang lalu
What the fck is this ?
V jith
V jith 37 menit yang lalu
MennoFN 37 menit yang lalu
Nice man
ISEACBTW 37 menit yang lalu
Vlad Huidu
Vlad Huidu 37 menit yang lalu
All i understand is that i dont understand
Besťondes Stonks
Besťondes Stonks 37 menit yang lalu
French or Spanish I just wanna know why title is English. Why did I give u one veiw