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Lapis Lazarus
Lapis Lazarus 32 menit yang lalu
I LOVE this house! Still very new looking, cuz it is, but I bet it'll be so comfy once it gets that lived in feeling 😁
GEORGE JOHNSON 34 menit yang lalu
outboard motors are not 20k a piece lol
Håkan Lindroos
Håkan Lindroos 37 menit yang lalu
I totally agree with the sterility of the white and black designs. The darker wood gives warmth, beauty and cosyness to a home. But I am baffled that vinyl still is allowed for cladding in so many countries.
KatimaGaming 47 menit yang lalu
I'd probably game all day in there and die of a heart attack. No one will find my body til months later XD XD XD . Amazing home! So jelly!
shiny Rhythm vlog
shiny Rhythm vlog 59 menit yang lalu
woww awesome place friend . full support dropping here . good luck
Graham X
Graham X Jam Yang lalu
That looks like a great bachelor pad kind of setup. Personally I wouldn't find the loft very useful though and would rather have the bed up there and have space below where I could actually have another person or 2 over to hang out. I can understand the desire to avoid the hot loft in the summer though.
Heidi Pryor
Heidi Pryor Jam Yang lalu
13:56 that lil tickle, bryce we see you
Anissa Vue
Anissa Vue Jam Yang lalu
Their so cute
KatimaGaming Jam Yang lalu
Still bigger than mine back in the day. I lived in a 6x12 ft apartment for 2 years in Kyoto, for almost 400$ a month. She is living in comfort if you ask me.
dollofvoodoo Jam Yang lalu
The space and design are not my cup of tea, but if she loves it that's all that matters.
Trilby Jeeves
Trilby Jeeves Jam Yang lalu
Today I needed some grounding inspiration as I face a building challenge without my family who courageously created so much. My Dad had M.S. and he and my Mum somehow built so much. My Dad is gone, my Mum is in a home with dementia and I'm trying to turn a tiny building of theirs into a comfortable corner in the world for me. I'm nervous and talking with lots of trades people but wishing I could just do it myself! This episode with Matt is so encouraging. So inspiring. I admire what he did, and he also reminded me to admire what my own family did. Now I just have to dig deep and go for it myself! And, usually I live in BC but because of Covid and looking after Mum, I'm caught on the Atlantic Coast. I'm really moved by this video so thank you from my heart.
Sh Sp
Sh Sp Jam Yang lalu
Love love love it
blueshoes915 Jam Yang lalu
I love this one. What he said about the skylight in the loft makes so much sense. Lofts with out it feel claustrophobic. Those stairs are beautiful. I am a sucker for cedar as well. Lovely home for a lovely couple.
Willem !
Willem ! Jam Yang lalu
She must be Dutch, judging by her accent. Lovely tiny house!
Geisala Gordon
Geisala Gordon 2 jam yang lalu
Yes! A downstairs master room! Love it
Anna G
Anna G 2 jam yang lalu
This is one of my favs, true to herself here, I would do something similar inside. Love the dogs and the birds in the art in her home!
Ashley 2 jam yang lalu
They’re adorable
SSG Live
SSG Live 2 jam yang lalu
Pusheeeeeeeen eating pizzaaaaaaa 🥰
lifeinjenneral 2 jam yang lalu
that's a really magical bathroom!
Maurice Gilmore
Maurice Gilmore 2 jam yang lalu
You can drink and do all your drugs in peace.
Ready Wongso
Ready Wongso 2 jam yang lalu
Kratos House
Romaine Jayne
Romaine Jayne 2 jam yang lalu
Although it's beautiful, it doesn't sound permanent....but, what a piece of heaven in the mean while.
zneb67 2 jam yang lalu
Beautiful looking house, well done. Would love to know how these houses get round council approval, something that is very rarely asked in any of these Tiny House shows. This one is on wheels but has permanent structures attached so is it approved as a small house or a mobile home as its on wheels?
Maurice Gilmore
Maurice Gilmore 2 jam yang lalu
She's homeless
kenichi 3 jam yang lalu
This house is beautiful
Mia Tarraf
Mia Tarraf 3 jam yang lalu
I just absolutely love this woman.
Yap Abbie
Yap Abbie 3 jam yang lalu
Lovely and warm feeling ❤️
XxELKS _ 3 jam yang lalu
Why does she have a 360 and not a Xbox one
jbowerdel 3 jam yang lalu
she and her dogs are delightful! love all the treasures and creativity in her house as well as it's a lovely livable space.
Gaby Palacios
Gaby Palacios 4 jam yang lalu
I love this family!!! And the way you made them feel, Bryce!!!
Camila Alves
Camila Alves 4 jam yang lalu
This one is perfect, for real
Judy Branton
Judy Branton 4 jam yang lalu
Love the tiny home, but I couldn’t sleep in the loft , way way to tiny
Kathryn Hall
Kathryn Hall 4 jam yang lalu
Keith Weber
Keith Weber 4 jam yang lalu
James 4 jam yang lalu
Ah, crap. This house was a victim of the wildfires in California. :(
Retep nhoj Malabarbas
Retep nhoj Malabarbas 4 jam yang lalu
Ang ganda .. Ganitu Ang gusto Kung bahay..
Carol Lockwood
Carol Lockwood 4 jam yang lalu
I want to see you on tv, with your own show! Your videos are so wonderful !! Thank you for sharing 💙
Fascinating Human Body
Fascinating Human Body 4 jam yang lalu
I donno.. We wanted it long 😂😂😂😂 Supermarket.. Salad bowl😂😂😂 They r very funny😂😂
nandos1111 5 jam yang lalu
That first outside compartment... A shower for sure
Noel Rodrigues
Noel Rodrigues 5 jam yang lalu
Love this!
Marisa Hart
Marisa Hart 5 jam yang lalu
This woman creeps me out. She loves things, not people.
Terry Breedlove
Terry Breedlove 5 jam yang lalu
I saw this animated movie when I was a kid
Efrain Mcshell
Efrain Mcshell 5 jam yang lalu
oh boy..... out of sight
Bridget Bowman
Bridget Bowman 5 jam yang lalu
Absolutely love this house ❤️❤️❤️
SB13X 5 jam yang lalu
BOY: "I've got two cats and they're my children" bahahahahaha
Shelly Thom
Shelly Thom 5 jam yang lalu
I’ve been binge watching these videos. Quarantine has me wanting to build a tiny home. LOL. Love the wood and copper of this home. The guy seems so shy in front of the camera -he did such a good job on his home. Love wood it is a shame the lighting didn’t show the wood as nice as It is.
Erin Lindsey
Erin Lindsey 6 jam yang lalu
I want to go be a witch and build a witch cabin in the forest.
Ysa Hammond
Ysa Hammond 6 jam yang lalu
So many people are afraid of color, but a Tiny is such a great place for it. Color makes cozy, and it's just pure joy here!
Syed Niyamathulla
Syed Niyamathulla 6 jam yang lalu
This is just amazing and stunning.
dolliemunn 6 jam yang lalu
This is my favorite one so far.
Erik Hamre
Erik Hamre 6 jam yang lalu
Very inspirational, she has such a great personality and outlook on life.
Maura Meade Sperry
Maura Meade Sperry 6 jam yang lalu
She’s living a great life 😀❤️
Singko VOVO
Singko VOVO 7 jam yang lalu
Best design ever. Maintaining each rooms privacy yet still roomy. Loving this.
Transhumanist Cult Awareness Network
Transhumanist Cult Awareness Network 7 jam yang lalu
what a heartfelt ending <3
Carlyon Blackman
Carlyon Blackman 7 jam yang lalu
The freedom
Galaxial 7 jam yang lalu
I feel like they’d make a great couple
Barbara Herrera
Barbara Herrera 8 jam yang lalu
I’m so happy for this lovely lady, she seems well content with her home 🏠. Just her and her pets, what a joy 💕🐶
Tom Kulik
Tom Kulik 8 jam yang lalu
Love it
Krystian Cybulski
Krystian Cybulski 8 jam yang lalu
Msg to youtube: 2ads during 13mins video?? Are you sick in the head?????!!!
Just Krelaxin'
Just Krelaxin' 8 jam yang lalu
Appreciate the Skyrim play 👌😎
Mary Bakalish
Mary Bakalish 8 jam yang lalu
I’ve been watching your videos for a while and I just told that to my husband last night. So he loves to watch with me. I’m inspired and someday we will have one. Thanks to you and Rasa for sharing all the tiny house ❤️ What a happy lady! She’s so charming.
Eve K
Eve K 8 jam yang lalu
People who have parents who help like this are so blessed. What a wonderful family legacy. Such a lovely home.
xx evolvingbutterfly xx
xx evolvingbutterfly xx 8 jam yang lalu
Omg I could only dream of doing something like this one day so pretty
owlislike 8 jam yang lalu
Seriously such a refreshing video. Its realistic, discusses the hard costs, and is a space built around being comfortable. I love it.
Western Alliance
Western Alliance 8 jam yang lalu
Why would you live like this just to be in Tokyo? I'll never understand. No city no earth is worthy enough to make me live in a cardbord box.
Liv Marshall
Liv Marshall 8 jam yang lalu
Wow she is beautiful! Love this hurt too 🖤
Ronald Mominee
Ronald Mominee 9 jam yang lalu
I could listen to her talk all day
mariano ramirez
mariano ramirez 9 jam yang lalu
2:29 don't dare to mess with our giant person.
Nathan K
Nathan K 9 jam yang lalu
Been looking for a place to live including finding an apartment in a bigger city, thought of getting a camper and traveling. After seeing a few yurt lifestyle videos this is what I want. I don't have the money. I am trying to build a couple art businesses. Any help appreciated. thanks.
Tina Odell
Tina Odell 9 jam yang lalu
munyaradzi sibanda
munyaradzi sibanda 9 jam yang lalu
The design of this house is excellent and I love how its spaced
Destination Addiction Samsara
Destination Addiction Samsara 9 jam yang lalu
Omg she's so adorable 😄
Danielle Wilson
Danielle Wilson 10 jam yang lalu
You have to be outside. Everybody maximizes their outdoor space to get away from each other. They can afford these things BC they were given the land by her parents. Ps ... He got lucky with a girl who is happy with very little.
Rhonnie O
Rhonnie O 10 jam yang lalu
I love treehouses, but I cry for this tree and if lighting strikes or a beaver gets real busy when you ain't home for a week... 😳🤭😉
Land of Happy
Land of Happy 10 jam yang lalu
Seems like so much trouble to set up and take down the bed every day. Not a very convenient house at all. A pain just to grab something from the frig/cooler. Missing soft cozy spots too, and no bathroom?!? Nice place to visit, but wouldn’t want to live there.
Ashbury 10 jam yang lalu
a swede living the dream in new zealand! truly inspiring
Tix 10 jam yang lalu
Loved the blow-up bath LOL
Danielle Wilson
Danielle Wilson 10 jam yang lalu
Or youve built tiny coffins for your children. 😩 I have claustrophobic issues.😬 400k to be spitting distance to your neighbors...WHAT??!?
Backcountry Enthusiast
Backcountry Enthusiast 10 jam yang lalu
How much did it cost?
Tania Pichierri
Tania Pichierri 10 jam yang lalu
Am I wrong or there's no railing on the part of the terrace behind the sofa??!!