Regina Dumlao
Regina Dumlao 2 jam yang lalu
I saw you vented
mccnbinnie 2 jam yang lalu
Kim Seok Jin vocals 🤧😭🥺🥺🥺
Nurul Fajriati
Nurul Fajriati 2 jam yang lalu
Got chills cuz of jisoo
Ruth Cruz
Ruth Cruz 2 jam yang lalu
Namjoon is now singing and rap
Abhilasha Jain
Abhilasha Jain 2 jam yang lalu
Sometimes broken is beautiful l-
Laila Maulida
Laila Maulida 2 jam yang lalu
dear SM, where's winwin line? 😑
Khamchan Srithongkham
Khamchan Srithongkham 2 jam yang lalu
ໃຂູູ ຜືພຍຫສົ
Khamchan Srithongkham
Khamchan Srithongkham 2 jam yang lalu
I said not bad
Jessie Durango
Jessie Durango 2 jam yang lalu
K/DA more
Azhana Haziqah
Azhana Haziqah 2 jam yang lalu
Sm artist and their production really know how to add the adlibs to match with the last chorus. Because some group i just noticed that their adlibs are just too much or felt empty when we listen to it. 90's love is a bop **add haechan's voice** and with their adlibs the song is masterpiece👏🏼👏🏼
Felipe Soares Lj bggh
Felipe Soares Lj bggh 2 jam yang lalu
Blackpink Luas
Felipe Soares Lj bggh
Felipe Soares Lj bggh 2 jam yang lalu
Felipe Soares Lj bggh
Felipe Soares Lj bggh 2 jam yang lalu
Felipe Soares Lj bggh
Felipe Soares Lj bggh 2 jam yang lalu
뽕따BBONG_DDA 2 jam yang lalu
다영어로 나왔으면 좋았을텐뎅 까비
Heart Rapture
Heart Rapture 2 jam yang lalu
Love this!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
V's Veronica
V's Veronica 2 jam yang lalu
May Suga get completely well soon 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Golden SugaKookies
Golden SugaKookies 2 jam yang lalu
Did anyone notice that this whole song is fire?
Hosoek's Smile
Hosoek's Smile 2 jam yang lalu
so no ones is gonna talk about namjoon's and jungkook's harmony at 0:57 that was out of this world
KVO1996 2 jam yang lalu
Please watch my guitar cover of this song, thanks!
Ellie Williams
Ellie Williams 2 jam yang lalu
This is a beautiful song. The world may stop but we have to keep moving forward.
Coryx Samurai
Coryx Samurai 2 jam yang lalu
2:41 your welcome 🥰
bts_army Ortiz
bts_army Ortiz 2 jam yang lalu
Bts army forever
꧁Pelin Can FOREVER BLACKPINK ꧂ 2 jam yang lalu
All facts about momoland momoland didn't laugh when his voice was singled out at the stage performance of BTS's jimin at the awards ceremony. The girls were just laughing at JooE's joke but unfortunately they were misunderstood. And Momoland isn't blackpink's hater if they were blackpink's hater ahin wouldn't dance to the blackpink and selena gomez's ice cream song. But ahin danced to the ice cream song so it's a blink in girls. These are all facts please stop blaming the girls.
amilia zulfani
amilia zulfani 2 jam yang lalu
Regita Mutiara Putri
Regita Mutiara Putri 2 jam yang lalu
Why i think voice yangyang sounds the same with voice jeno hmmmm
Tavionna Marshall
Tavionna Marshall 2 jam yang lalu
Bro this group is fire
stanning 8 kpop groups is like a full time job
stanning 8 kpop groups is like a full time job 2 jam yang lalu
Jungkook: *still with you* Me: *still listening to this*
Sindhu Guntur
Sindhu Guntur 2 jam yang lalu
Mina didn’t do promotions with the group because of her anxiety issue and she’s talking about it in this song. I’m happy she got better 🥰
faiqaks0_0 2 jam yang lalu
I'm literally in love with their voices!!! Seriously, I started stanning them from last week and I love them so much. GOT7, sorry for sleeping on you all these years. But now I'm blessed. I stan another best band. ❤️ And Youngjae's part "You help me breathe, you make me fly high" is an earworm to me. 😂❤️
kim jisoo
kim jisoo 3 jam yang lalu
I had no idea they were saying "go up the sky"
Rossi Brekele
Rossi Brekele 3 jam yang lalu
Japan the best
Cristiane Moreira
Cristiane Moreira 3 jam yang lalu
Linda a musica
Abduwali jimyung
Abduwali jimyung 3 jam yang lalu
This inspiring artists you have been searching for keep them protect them 💜
iExoticCraft 3 jam yang lalu
1:52 "Cause the night is short" So are your lines
Anne 3 jam yang lalu
No one: Jisung: :D
yoonseok_ TK
yoonseok_ TK 3 jam yang lalu
now who is the rapper😂😭??
Myschief Kim
Myschief Kim 3 jam yang lalu
Okay so Jaeguchi, if you want to release a lyric vid please make sure the translation is accurate. You are giving wrong meaning or impression of the song. Like, I know we have to appreciate the effort but its like, the translation not even right and sometimes its more than that but the translation ruined it. I just find other colour coded vid no prob but other people would straightly goes to jaeguchi since its more famous😕hate it
Bluemonster 3 jam yang lalu
woah, yangyang really all rounder!! i love his part
Mariela Nevarez
Mariela Nevarez 3 jam yang lalu
i did not recognize JK voice
Flower rr
Flower rr 3 jam yang lalu
Miss him :(
Jazz Jazeemo
Jazz Jazeemo 3 jam yang lalu
can we get more of these KDA color coded lyrics? It helps knowing who is singing what!
HI Liu
HI Liu 3 jam yang lalu
I'm a Blink but Can we just take a second to appreciate huening Kai's MORE~
Blushing chick
Blushing chick 3 jam yang lalu
3:38 jungwoo's loop infinite
byuuin 3 jam yang lalu
this song is so satisfying and catchy
Aliveا اWadr
Aliveا اWadr 3 jam yang lalu
Queen Aubrey
Queen Aubrey 3 jam yang lalu
I don’t even speak Korean, and I still love this song🙃
아미 3 jam yang lalu
오타가 참~! 많네요.^^
Ana Laura Passos Leal
Ana Laura Passos Leal 3 jam yang lalu
Jisso being Jisso Jennie being Jennie Lisa being Lisa Rosé being Rosé :)
សុខ ថាវ
សុខ ថាវ 3 jam yang lalu
Jungkook cute nas 😘
emme loves wong kunhang
emme loves wong kunhang 3 jam yang lalu
what why does jisung sound like my dad
In PD 3 jam yang lalu
BP : Yes we some bitches you can't manage YG : is using airpods
Helaena Umpacan
Helaena Umpacan 3 jam yang lalu
no one : literally no one: what i hear: yeah i know your a wasted 👁️👄👁️
Hyunjins_ sAfEsHoW
Hyunjins_ sAfEsHoW 3 jam yang lalu
is ex like a continuation of on track?
Hyunjins_ sAfEsHoW
Hyunjins_ sAfEsHoW 3 jam yang lalu
everyone in between Jeongin and Chan have light colored hair. also why am I just realizing they are in age order? I am so stupid omg
Brenda C.
Brenda C. 3 jam yang lalu
I love this song a lot, but holy crap I keep repeating the intro it sounds so mesmerizing! It’s sounds like icicles- I don’t know how to explain it and is that a whale noise? Whalien 52 part 2? I’m kidding but wow I love it!
ziggy 3 jam yang lalu
This gotta be my fav song in the album. I get some daft punk vibes
Funny Heart
Funny Heart 3 jam yang lalu
This song really gives you the chills. Perfect song to calm down
ziba 3 jam yang lalu
The chorus part is like this : (suga jm - taehyung jin - suga jk ). This video has some mistakes .
andrea molina
andrea molina 3 jam yang lalu
Seo Yeon (Luna) Hong
Seo Yeon (Luna) Hong 3 jam yang lalu
Ha ha
احب كل الكيبوب
احب كل الكيبوب 3 jam yang lalu
Mazni Alyaa
Mazni Alyaa 3 jam yang lalu
Should be an ost
KALPANA SUNDI 3 jam yang lalu
I love this song
candy pop
candy pop 4 jam yang lalu
K3NMABOIけんま 4 jam yang lalu
I can't get over haechan's high note💖 It's so flawless
스마일 4 jam yang lalu
Where is BTS
pino pino
pino pino 3 jam yang lalu
This is not bts baby
Sanjay Thakur
Sanjay Thakur 4 jam yang lalu
Calm_B4TheStorm 4 jam yang lalu
My favorite song on the album 💜💜
Zoey Van Wyk
Zoey Van Wyk 4 jam yang lalu
Damn no matter how many time I listen to this song Namjoons part got me feeling like.....
ARM Y 4 jam yang lalu
ARM Y 4 jam yang lalu
Army Jk Army Jk
Army Jk Army Jk 4 jam yang lalu
I can't beliver
Marissa Rivas
Marissa Rivas 4 jam yang lalu
Life goes on like this again
Bernadeta Luna
Bernadeta Luna 4 jam yang lalu
Ehmmm... Winwin? Here we go again It's been 4 years but-????
Britnay Ashton
Britnay Ashton 4 jam yang lalu
Is Teayong supposed to be in NCT U?? Where is he in this video??
Angela 3 jam yang lalu
NCT U is basically collabs with any members in NCT. Each Nct U song can have different combinations of members. Taeyong is a fixed member of NCT 127.
Givanildo Dias
Givanildo Dias 4 jam yang lalu
I Loveyou treasure 😘😘😘😘
Lux Xerxes
Lux Xerxes 4 jam yang lalu
*clok, clok, clok* Is it only me or that sounds is in every part of the song?
Jongkook 4 jam yang lalu
عاشقة EXO
عاشقة EXO 4 jam yang lalu
Marissa Rivas
Marissa Rivas 4 jam yang lalu
When I play this song I cry 😭
16. มริษฎา
16. มริษฎา 4 jam yang lalu
My bias JB!