The Crazy Story of Inter Miami
Premier League Under 23 Best XI
Best XI Retiring This Season
7 Most Injury Prone Footballers
7 Footballers Who Deserve Statues
Premier League Bottom Half Best XI
Best 40+ Year Old Footballers
Nils Bertaloth
Nils Bertaloth 9 jam yang lalu
gignac was always a goto for me in like fifa17 or 16 cant remember
Dick van Maanen
Dick van Maanen 9 jam yang lalu
Feyenoord new stadium will not be built, they have no money and a lak of fans. They are getter down every year and AJAX is getting bigger and better every year. The Johan Cruijff Arena is one of the most beautiful stadiums in Europe!
Henry Zuniga
Henry Zuniga 9 jam yang lalu
I would be able to play for US, Mexico, El Salvador, and Spain
Heisted 9 jam yang lalu
I disagree with Spain for 2010s. Coming from a Spaniard, Germany were way more consistent this last decade and won a World Cup and Confederations Cup
Raphael Mahgerefteh
Raphael Mahgerefteh 9 jam yang lalu
Ali Daei definitely deserves a top spot.
Rekha Sharma
Rekha Sharma 9 jam yang lalu
Where's van der sar.
Tombster 222
Tombster 222 9 jam yang lalu
Klaassen is already back at ajax
Henry Sensoy
Henry Sensoy 9 jam yang lalu
Turkey USA UK
random youtube guy
random youtube guy 9 jam yang lalu
Thiago gets "pre-assists" which is arguably more difficult because your looking at the game at least one step ahead,looking at the bigger picture
Ethan K
Ethan K 9 jam yang lalu
This video did Andrea Pirlo dirty
jyotsna luzar
jyotsna luzar 10 jam yang lalu
messi is great and the best player of universe
Moist Crab
Moist Crab 10 jam yang lalu
Best foreign elevens in the top 5 leagues would be cool
Bananunio 10 jam yang lalu
6:36 I was like, wait what?! Ferguson's Arsenal?!
BABA 10 jam yang lalu
His English accent is so annoying, i just watched the video muted with subtitles
zizuza zazuzi
zizuza zazuzi 10 jam yang lalu
2:30 😂 thats a crazy ass pic 😂
Beyond Room 313
Beyond Room 313 10 jam yang lalu
I can't understand a word the narrator is saying! The most strange diction and waffling on YT.
Kevin Sang
Kevin Sang 10 jam yang lalu
Imagine if Ronaldo, Suarez and Messi played in the same team 🤯
Robbie Warburton
Robbie Warburton 10 jam yang lalu
Can you do the 7 most irreplaceable players in the world
Giovanni Martian
Giovanni Martian 10 jam yang lalu
How is Son already top 2. Kinda bias. Nakata & Park Ji Sung should be higher, put some respect on their name. How is Nakamura not in your top? I get it, it's your selection.
Shmayd 10 jam yang lalu
7 goalkeepers with the most assists
Fabio Fernandes
Fabio Fernandes 10 jam yang lalu
I swear ronaldo has 262 assists
Omo 10 jam yang lalu
33 assists and 73 goals in 60 games is absolutely outrageous! It sounds ridiculous to even say out loud. Messi is so clear of anyone else to ever play the game.
TheHazdi 11 jam yang lalu
Are you serious bro, number one is some guy that played in the 20s that nobody else knows about today??? Bruh.
nunez0831 11 jam yang lalu
7 greatest Central American footballers of all time (not including Mexico)
StarGanstar 11 jam yang lalu
I’ll never forget Di Maria in a Benfica jersey. That kid was something else
Luis Miguel Pereira
Luis Miguel Pereira 11 jam yang lalu
If they created like a super league and then other divisions like a second and a third super league having relegation it would make sense Then have as it happens in the champions and europa league qualifications for this competitions
MJ C 11 jam yang lalu
Cha Bum-kun was quite simply the best footballer I have ever seen play, while at Leverkusen he was in a class of his own and I also had the chance to see Maradona turn out for Naples.
The American Ladcast
The American Ladcast 11 jam yang lalu
Hi everyone, Me and my mate made a football (soccer) podcast together and I was hoping for some support/feedback if anybody had the time to check it out. I'll post our channel link below. I think our newest videos are the best! Thank you for reading this far! Have a good day.
DabrowskiPlays 11 jam yang lalu
I agree.
Tobi Oduntan
Tobi Oduntan 11 jam yang lalu
As an Arsenal fan ngl, if Ozil didn't come here he prolly would've been first on this list.
Daryl Bubune Narh
Daryl Bubune Narh 11 jam yang lalu
6:33 Arsenal????
Duerphy Kat
Duerphy Kat 11 jam yang lalu
To think Özil had so much potential to be wasted by his hunger for money and lack of effort
jose mourinho
jose mourinho 11 jam yang lalu
Future video idea - Players doing a Scilacci or an opposite-Scilacci. Players who had the most spectacular rise and fall in terms of goals, assists, transfer value or overall performance. Club and/or country since 1980/90/00
McFatty 34
McFatty 34 11 jam yang lalu
U missed out Aiden Tillbrook
Cesar hernandez
Cesar hernandez 11 jam yang lalu
The first season was sold out. It will succeed.
Y T 11 jam yang lalu
It's really sad what happened to Mesut Ozil
Your Dad Has A Dog Filter
Your Dad Has A Dog Filter 12 jam yang lalu
Ozil retired 3 years ago and he's still way up there
michael morales
michael morales 12 jam yang lalu
Gran Colombia starting XI (Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Panama) even if it would honestly just be the current Colombia XI
jose mourinho
jose mourinho 12 jam yang lalu
What does HITC stand for?
Paul Hudson
Paul Hudson 12 jam yang lalu
Skydog 12 jam yang lalu
Aww heck no Alfie you don’t get to get away with a casual Bob Dylan reference like that without giving us more! This calls for a top 7 greatest bob Dylan songs of all time. Sure this is a football channel and most of your subscribers would be hopelessly confused, but no one knew anything about Tajikistan either. People must be educated!
Harvey Holmes
Harvey Holmes 12 jam yang lalu
The premier league would be much better if any of Wolves, Leicester, Villa, Leeds, West Ham, Southampton or anyone else who can put a good plan in place to assemble a top squad can compete for the title rather than their highest aspirations to be potentially braking into the top 6 before having their star players picked off
eden hawker
eden hawker 12 jam yang lalu
Whilst it has nothing to do with assists I'd love to a video on aguero just because I've been seeing so much disrespect on him recently and honestly he's been criminally underrated all his career despite being one of the most elite attackers in the 2010s and even contributed to a goal every game last season and maybe why he's not rated as high as he should be
Sam Barker
Sam Barker 12 jam yang lalu
6:47 that’s Werder Bremen
Mahd Arslan
Mahd Arslan 12 jam yang lalu
Pele, Messi and Stanley Mathewws would be in the top 3.
Joshua man
Joshua man 12 jam yang lalu
I love when people say serie a and its said same like Syria
VP 12 jam yang lalu
Leave -Britney- Football alone for fuck sake.
VP 12 jam yang lalu
Irish guy will strangle you for this video mate haha.
Finne Hüfthoch
Finne Hüfthoch 12 jam yang lalu
Özil didn't play for Wolfsburg. He played for Werder Bremen.
PETROS REAL 12 jam yang lalu
Guti no1
Shaheem Jackson
Shaheem Jackson 12 jam yang lalu
Muller's Raumdeuter role dosen't have an english translation. It's very cool actually...
MrKillers87 12 jam yang lalu
Day 7.. 7 signings from the championship that an immediate impact in the premier league
MrKillers87 12 jam yang lalu
Day 6. 7 transfers from the championship that made an immediate impact in the premier league!
Anson ikloiwvie
Anson ikloiwvie 13 jam yang lalu
Firstly, you mentioned that the Big 6 oligopoly already existed but failed to address that we, football fans, have been calling for a change in the oligopoly. You're pretending the European Premier League can alleviate the problem while in fact, the problem is going to be worsened and the disconnection would worsen. Secondly, you only talked about English football system but ignored the fate of the other smaller leagues. How are teams like Tirana from Albania and Kobenhavn from Denmark react to that? Thirdly, you said that fans can support other sports, which makes zero sense considering football is all about fans.
Eric Bunnvik
Eric Bunnvik 13 jam yang lalu
This man has posters of Sir Stanley Matthews over his bed
MRS 13 jam yang lalu
Simon Bloch Jørgensen at 6'11 is not German. He is Danish.
Abdel António
Abdel António 13 jam yang lalu
I'm an Angolan and this is a well put video, this guy did is research 👌🏾
simon caton
simon caton 13 jam yang lalu
7 goalkeepers with the most clean sheets since 2000
Tyrone Francis
Tyrone Francis 13 jam yang lalu
Luis Suarez has plenty of bite 😂😂😂
John Belfini
John Belfini 13 jam yang lalu
Definitely enjoyed this. Very interesting
Youtube Youtube
Youtube Youtube 13 jam yang lalu
Should do most goal contributions by individuals in the last 15 years
Alex Novitsky
Alex Novitsky 13 jam yang lalu
Becouse i'm finnish: Aulis "Monsieur Magic" Rytkönen, he became the first finnish footballer to play professionally outside of Finland when he signed for Toulouse FC in 1952. In his first season in France he won promotion with Toulouse to the first division while scoring 9 goals in 14 games from midfield for the french club. He played a total of 8 seasons in France playing 120 games and scoring 33 goals from midfield. His total goal tally for club and country was 134 goals in 368 appearances from midfield.
Dan Hibbard
Dan Hibbard 13 jam yang lalu
Best premier league loan signings XI of all time
Berserk 1337
Berserk 1337 13 jam yang lalu
"If Müller is one of the best players of his generation is up for debate" Dude there's literally not a single player in the premier league who would come close to Müller since 2010 😂🥴
Aman Goel
Aman Goel 10 jam yang lalu
@Berserk 1337 Well said. His goal scoring may have dried up in last 4 seasons but he still has an amazing record for both bayern and germany having scored over 200 goals at just 31. Add that to two trebles with bayern, world cup golden boot at 21, 10 career world cup goals, becoming world champs in 2014, he surely is one of the best. As for premier league, hazard is already looking a shadow of his former shelf at real but even at his best at chelsea, he could not take them anywhere close to UCL. Same goes for de bruyne. For all his brilliance and assists, he hasn't yet taken city even to the semis of the UCL.
Berserk 1337
Berserk 1337 13 jam yang lalu
@Stev4e897 name me the Player that did better than Müller and please don't come along with De Bruyne or Mane or somebody like that Müller has been world class for a decade won everything there is 2 win and has some pretty amazing personal accomplishments on his name
Stev4e897 13 jam yang lalu
Nope you are wrong
Tfuji 001
Tfuji 001 13 jam yang lalu
No mention of Japan all time top scorer who although played only in Japan scored at a rate nearlly identical to that of Ferenc Puskas at international level.. He also has 200+ Goals at club level. Also no mention of Kazuyoshi Miyura arguably of japans greatest players and currently the oldest active professional footballer. Kind of dissapointed by this list not gonna lie
Ed Dixon
Ed Dixon 14 jam yang lalu
I feel like assists in football should be counted like Ice Hockey, wherein the last two players to pass to the goal are credited with assists
You are an Ambassador Of Christ, so Act like it
You are an Ambassador Of Christ, so Act like it 14 jam yang lalu
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ketrin de miau
ketrin de miau 14 jam yang lalu
well, transnister has an army that can defeat the moldovan army, so....
Constable Kennedy
Constable Kennedy 14 jam yang lalu
- Luis Suarez still has plenty of BITE .... I see you could not resist ......... 💀
E. Weaver
E. Weaver 14 jam yang lalu
6:49 Özil at Wolfsburg? He played for Werder Bremen, he was never playing for Wolfsburg as far as I know.
Arta 14 jam yang lalu
Best passers of the ball ever
VP 14 jam yang lalu
Do one on Top 7 bundesliga underrated young talents (No Haaland,Davies,Sancho)
Joel Sati
Joel Sati 14 jam yang lalu
7 underachieving golden generations
Nguyen Quang Huy
Nguyen Quang Huy 14 jam yang lalu
There is the reason why Özil is called ''Assist King'' though he is only in 4th place behind those strikers, I remember even when he had lot of space to shoot he passed to his teammate, no way Ronaldo and Messi would do that lol
VIS Mong
VIS Mong 14 jam yang lalu
Messi at the top of course and with goals as well but man Ozil could have had so much more if his form had stayed and now the stuff going on at Arsenal man it’s sad..
ryan smith
ryan smith 14 jam yang lalu
I thought Henry was the only player to get 20 epl assists before De Bruyne. I didn't think Fabregas did it.
ryan laird
ryan laird 14 jam yang lalu
Such a shame with ozil
Frosty1979 14 jam yang lalu
Wow, knew France would be weaker without their migrant players, but didn't expect the difference to be that big.
Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 14 jam yang lalu
Özil isn't going to be adding many assists this season...
Abhishek Baba
Abhishek Baba 14 jam yang lalu
Wtf ozil in wolfsburg its werden bremen my guy