#30 HIGHLIGHT 06 - 요리 끝-!
Márcia Oliveira
Márcia Oliveira 22 menit yang lalu
Aaaaa❤️🇧🇷 que saudades que eu tava ❤️❤️❤️
Siti Aisyah Kamarulzaman
Siti Aisyah Kamarulzaman 24 menit yang lalu
I love u 140K people or account (。♡‿♡。) I still love u 567 people or account( ◜‿◝ )♡
Analyn Madelar
Analyn Madelar 26 menit yang lalu
Melody! install Mubeat and collect beats for BTOB!!!
ALL FOR PENTAGON 37 menit yang lalu
Congratulations for the 1st win btob4u~ omg im so happy~♡♡
단풍 38 menit yang lalu
아침에 기숙사에서 기상송으로 나오는데 너무 좋아서 찾아봤더니 4년전 노래ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
david trudler
david trudler 38 menit yang lalu
60k likes to 200k!
Lil things That matter
Lil things That matter 40 menit yang lalu
1st win today, congratulation Btob 4U!
Jan Jan
Jan Jan 44 menit yang lalu
I kept smiling throughout the entire video😄 EUNKWANG-NIM, you've already stolen my heart. I'm having a bias crisis rn😭💙
Ghautsi Hadaina Nashri
Ghautsi Hadaina Nashri 46 menit yang lalu
Aint fairytale
Aint fairytale 47 menit yang lalu
SUNGJEA IRUNNA looks your changsub hyung that u annoyed the most , his acting skill is really in another level!!!!!!!! p.s i miss these trio
Irah Manansala
Irah Manansala 47 menit yang lalu
In this times of Covid pandemic this song heals everything! Show your love, show kindness i really love btob I missed them
Mawar Maria
Mawar Maria 48 menit yang lalu
11/24/2020 BTOB4U 1st Win.. congratulations melody☺️ you all doing a great job..
Debby Agustina
Debby Agustina 51 menit yang lalu
congratulations on his first win
Miftahul Gilang
Miftahul Gilang 52 menit yang lalu
Congratulation for first win show your love in the show
yufani muhari
yufani muhari 53 menit yang lalu
Can't stop listening 😍😍😍😍😍😍
sona melody
sona melody 57 menit yang lalu
What happened to Melody?. It took like half an hour to gain 2k views
Alzack bisca
Alzack bisca 59 menit yang lalu
We're getting slower again fighting it's almost 16M
Hui Lee
Hui Lee Jam Yang lalu
Wow... this is the duet of the year
ស្រីណាត គង់
ស្រីណាត គង់ Jam Yang lalu
15M views for 1week. 😀
Maidel Wina
Maidel Wina Jam Yang lalu
Congratulations BTOB 4U 1st Win you guys really deserve it 최고야 비투비는 멜로디꺼 #BTOB4U1stWin #ShowYourLove1stWin
sona melody
sona melody Jam Yang lalu
Melody , we gave them a win by voting on starplay. Now let's give them 2nd win for them by voting in Mubeat. We have to try harder in this because we are competing against big groups this time. We are currently in 3rd position. Voting will close on 27th Nov. So let's try our best along with Streaming
HARY Ma Jam Yang lalu
Congrats for our first win, thank you for the hard work. Its It's not over we can show more love. Isn't it??
Raquel VS
Raquel VS Jam Yang lalu
Congrats :)
SchAyeJay Jam Yang lalu
come back again and again congratulations for our first win 🎉🎉🎉
차푸소푸 Jam Yang lalu
더쇼1위 축하해ㅠㅠ💙
water melon
water melon Jam Yang lalu
Melody!!! Let's stream this Mv untill 20M we can do it fighting!!!
E R Jam Yang lalu
I miss them so much, they’re back with another banger! :)))
Jennifer Yamamoto
Jennifer Yamamoto Jam Yang lalu
First win!!! Congratulations BTOB4U!!!
Chinarose Cagayan
Chinarose Cagayan Jam Yang lalu
Thank you so much born to beat for this new song... love you baby melo
Cassandra Carlos
Cassandra Carlos Jam Yang lalu
We got our 1st win melody!!!
Tine Palmejar
Tine Palmejar Jam Yang lalu
Show Your Love by voting on mubeat melos🎉
Tine Palmejar
Tine Palmejar Jam Yang lalu
Congratulations Melos🎉
리나 Jam Yang lalu
Pauline Joy
Pauline Joy Jam Yang lalu
Missing you SungJae 🥰
Hidayah Nazri
Hidayah Nazri Jam Yang lalu
"Your acting of throwing books was artistic" EK: "Thank you. I've thrown books many times" Eunkwang, are you becoming a representative for students also now?
John Barrios
John Barrios Jam Yang lalu
I'm really proud to say I stan the right group, they maybe crazy and goofy but they make great music. Been a melodude since 2013 and I'm so happy to see them sticking to what they are good at and not doing those trendy dance unlike other groups. I love them so much and I think they deserve more recognition internationally. Love from 🇵🇭
Shreeya Bajracharya
Shreeya Bajracharya Jam Yang lalu
I regret stanning them late :,). But at least we stan the right group who makes great music, writes great lyrics :,) hugs to all the melody and melodude out there.
SilverMoon18 BTOB
SilverMoon18 BTOB Jam Yang lalu
Cht cht
Erica Mendez
Erica Mendez Jam Yang lalu
Cht cht
Intan Nurfah
Intan Nurfah Jam Yang lalu
this song Made me fall for KPop 2gend , and got mie to BTOB.. read BTOB and this song played ....
SilverMoon18 BTOB
SilverMoon18 BTOB Jam Yang lalu
Congratulations for the first win
SilverMoon18 BTOB
SilverMoon18 BTOB 53 menit yang lalu
Yes here's the link idshow.info/watch/Ul5mt6gXquI/video.html
im swimming
im swimming Jam Yang lalu
@Alicia Valeria yeahh
Alicia Valeria
Alicia Valeria Jam Yang lalu
Hyun Lee
Hyun Lee Jam Yang lalu
I just want to say, It's worth the wait. Thank you BTOB for coming back! I love you so much!
Cloudboy17 Jam Yang lalu
Yook Sung Jae
Cloudboy17 Jam Yang lalu
Jung Il Hoon
Cloudboy17 Jam Yang lalu
Shin Dong Geun (Peniel)
Cloudboy17 Jam Yang lalu
Lim Hyun Sik
Cloudboy17 Jam Yang lalu
Lee Chang Sub
Cloudboy17 Jam Yang lalu
Lee Min Hyuk
Cloudboy17 Jam Yang lalu
Seo Eun Kwang
sona melody
sona melody Jam Yang lalu
Don't forget to stream
Multi stan A.C.E
Multi stan A.C.E Jam Yang lalu
Ps. Uhm . . If you dont mind, I hope you can also check A.C.E. They also have a good vocals like BTOB but they're underrated. So please please check them. Here is one of their latest ballad/fan song >> idshow.info/watch/MlxfyRRYc_c/video.html And if you like hard song you can check their 'Savage', 'Under Cover', 'Cactus' and their latest song 'Favorite Boys'. Thank you Melodies~
Multi stan A.C.E
Multi stan A.C.E 50 menit yang lalu
@to be or not to be like BTOB Im just a multi stan wondering around XD but I wanna promote A.C.E so hard cause they deserve it (〒﹏〒)
to be or not to be like BTOB
to be or not to be like BTOB 53 menit yang lalu
Are you freaking kidding me after btob ace is my favorite group I'm in love with them seriously they are a full package group my bias are dongjun I love them so much they are talented good looking with a great quality songs still waiting for the day that they will get what they deserve we just have to bo more patient seeing a choice here made me happy lol...melodies please check out a.c.e
Multi stan A.C.E
Multi stan A.C.E 58 menit yang lalu
Yey~ Thank you Melodies! I know you'll not regret checking them *^_^*
eric sencil
eric sencil Jam Yang lalu
Will definitely check them.thank you
Nap Queen
Nap Queen Jam Yang lalu
I'm in love with their covers, they are SO good. 👌🏼💙
Cloudboy17 Jam Yang lalu
Melody !! 20Millions Fighting
Multi stan A.C.E
Multi stan A.C.E Jam Yang lalu
I've been here many times and I just want to share that every cb song they have is always in my head ~ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ And congratulations for the win ~
Hyun Lee
Hyun Lee Jam Yang lalu
Congratulations to BTOB 4U First win!! We made it Melody!! They deserved all the love!!
Dayan vega
Dayan vega Jam Yang lalu
Felicidades Melody 😍#showyourlove1stwin 👏🏼🎉
yuki giou
yuki giou Jam Yang lalu
Los amo tanto
Erica Mendez
Erica Mendez Jam Yang lalu
Melodies vote Btob 4U on mubeat app
Yasmin Tiara Qonita
Yasmin Tiara Qonita Jam Yang lalu
16 M please!!!
Khryztyn Joy Bedoria
Khryztyn Joy Bedoria Jam Yang lalu
Changsub Lee
Changsub Lee Jam Yang lalu
Dont forget stream, melody
Vamp Ire
Vamp Ire Jam Yang lalu
Congratulations, BTOB4U. You deserve so much more. #ShowYourLove1stWin
amrllh 17
amrllh 17 Jam Yang lalu
Let's be honest, This is not your first time here.
im swimming
im swimming 59 menit yang lalu
You're right!
Da Ratchada
Da Ratchada 2 jam yang lalu
Congratulations 👏👏 #BTOB4U 🥳 #BTOB4U1stWin #ShowYourLove1stWin @OFFICIALBTOB
Marcelo Trinidad Huillca
Marcelo Trinidad Huillca 2 jam yang lalu
Son los mejores, que buena música, apoyándolos desde toda latinoamerica
Jin Oh
Jin Oh 2 jam yang lalu
Congrats for the first win BTOB, fighting for another wins.
Gaya Sim
Gaya Sim 2 jam yang lalu
i wish Minhyuk will sleep well
RM F 2 jam yang lalu
congratulations, btob and melody \(^o^)/
Choi Zuey
Choi Zuey 2 jam yang lalu
Happy 1st Win BTOB 4U & Show your love 💙💙💙💙 Melodies, you've all worked so harddd!!! 🙏💙
Alzack bisca
Alzack bisca 2 jam yang lalu
15.7M road to 15.8M
Elvita Safitri
Elvita Safitri Jam Yang lalu
Go! Go! Go! Go!!! <3 <3 <3
im swimming
im swimming 2 jam yang lalu
If you have the Mubeat application, you can already vote BTOB there (11/24 - 11/27)
Yook Btob
Yook Btob 2 jam yang lalu
20 Million before eomma, Lee Minhyuk's bday?💙🥺
グリーンスムージー 2 jam yang lalu
Yook Btob
Yook Btob 2 jam yang lalu
Btob 4U just got their 1st win!! 😭💙
DPI Phone
DPI Phone 2 jam yang lalu
Download the Mubeat App and vote for BTOB 4U. We are currently number 4. <3
Farisha Mutiara
Farisha Mutiara 2 jam yang lalu
btob is perfect. king's of vocal here
Ching Loredo
Ching Loredo 2 jam yang lalu
Btob4u firstwin.. Congrats oppa
cme siph
cme siph 2 jam yang lalu
Thank you everyone for s3ming hard and showing your love for SYL tss I am usually good at words but now I feel so speechless 😭
pamelamelatan 2 jam yang lalu
Hi Melodies! Ahgase here! This song is real bop, love the vocals and the flow of the song! Congrats on your sub-unit comeback! (^_^)
eric sencil
eric sencil Jam Yang lalu
Thank you ahgase!! Much love!
mshiru bee
mshiru bee 2 jam yang lalu
Thank you so much ahgase :* <3
Maya 2 jam yang lalu
Thank you Aghase, spinning with you 💙💚
Irish Paciencia
Irish Paciencia 2 jam yang lalu
Thank you for showing your love. 💙
annoying fucker
annoying fucker 2 jam yang lalu
congratz btob and melody for your first win!!!
Aiyana Lee
Aiyana Lee 2 jam yang lalu
i miss you sungjaeya
모찌섭 2 jam yang lalu
오랜만에 완전체 뮤비 보고싶어서 봤는데 7명이 있으니까 기분이 완전 다르고 빨리 7명 음악하는거 보고싶다..
Joy Rainbow
Joy Rainbow 2 jam yang lalu
Show your love 1st win🎉🎉🎉🎉💙💙💙💙💙💙💙