Kendall Whalen
Kendall Whalen 5 menit yang lalu
The camera man was like:↗️➡️↘️⬅️↙️⬆️⬇️↖️↕️↔️🔀🔁🔄⤴️↩️⤵️↪️
amry galaxy
amry galaxy 14 menit yang lalu
I like the song, but not the video. It was super boring and was just filming her from different angles
Ella Questane
Ella Questane 17 menit yang lalu
I'm sorry but...When Nessa sings pain it sounds like she is saying Spain.
Kristen Riley
Kristen Riley 18 menit yang lalu
I’m not a fan of her or anything but this actually very good
Zada Zada
Zada Zada 18 menit yang lalu
Your so gorgeous I don’t get why people hate on you I’m am your biggest fan
natalieandrea15 Mendoza
natalieandrea15 Mendoza 20 menit yang lalu
I dont see why she copied madison beer when nessa song is so much better 👇
faria jahan
faria jahan 27 menit yang lalu
I liked her singing tbh
Ryan Ciani
Ryan Ciani 37 menit yang lalu
why is this girl all over famousbirthdays.com? i've never heard of her anywhere else. i like her now shes a great singer
Shivani Patel
Shivani Patel 38 menit yang lalu
Ais _GachaCat
Ais _GachaCat 39 menit yang lalu
Sabrina Gonzalez
Sabrina Gonzalez 39 menit yang lalu
What’s up with all the TikTokers making really fucking sad songs
emmy’s world
emmy’s world 42 menit yang lalu
no offense but this is the most basic music video ever, and no i can’t sing so don’t reply “lets see u sing” if u wanna rlly see me sing then gimme 30 bucks
Suzy Linn
Suzy Linn 49 menit yang lalu
Please just confess. Not only is it 90% similar to "Selfish" The music video. It's 90% similar to "Selfish" lyrics. Just OWN UP! Being inspired by Madison Beer isn't a bad thing. But you don't have to lie about it and look foolish. That just makes you look even more foolish! Just stop.
Kimberly Plays
Kimberly Plays 51 menit yang lalu
I love your voice it sounds like a angel and you are ☺️🙏🏻🥰
shweta shah
shweta shah 52 menit yang lalu
If u can forgive people who did worser things than her than why can’t u forgive her
Moneyz Heh
Moneyz Heh 53 menit yang lalu
The video was terrible the song was also ok pretty good
Arnaya Obrien
Arnaya Obrien 56 menit yang lalu
Yasss u did so good I’m new to ur channel but I heard what happen wish I u the best nessa🥺
Mansour Binjedie
Mansour Binjedie 56 menit yang lalu
I wanna fight the camera man
Ricardo Camberos
Ricardo Camberos Jam Yang lalu
Nessa sharted ✨🧚🏻‍♀️
Clairedonna Jam Yang lalu
k what the heck why is your voice so freaking good!!!
Shania Schaeche
Shania Schaeche Jam Yang lalu
uhmm sorry, i love this song but this mv is just cringe tbh
Jana Ibrahim
Jana Ibrahim Jam Yang lalu
aww good job bb you did good on this 🥰
Lucas O
Lucas O Jam Yang lalu
Who likes jack septic eye like my comment if you love him
axel neria
axel neria Jam Yang lalu
I love your voice
Izzy M
Izzy M Jam Yang lalu
Guys leave her alone it actual seems like she is messed up...
Avani Gregg
Avani Gregg Jam Yang lalu
I like it!!!
Gamer Girl E
Gamer Girl E Jam Yang lalu
Why did she delete all her other videos?
Gamer Girl E
Gamer Girl E Jam Yang lalu
The camera was okay but the video overall was really good. I wish I had money in my Apple account to buy the song in Apple Music.
Dionne Murry
Dionne Murry Jam Yang lalu
The song is okay. In not dating she copied her at all but the whole time my brain was on Madison beer. And then I couldn’t stop laughing bc of the camera angles . But it’s not a bad song it’s pretty good. I just couldn’t stop thinking abt Madison beet and the camera man
caralluz Jam Yang lalu
stream Selfish by Madison Beer
Kalyn Hayes
Kalyn Hayes Jam Yang lalu
100000% better than madison beers song
Tea scenes
Tea scenes Jam Yang lalu
Nessa sounds so good :o
THE Sunset
THE Sunset Jam Yang lalu
I love her voice😍
ItsPenda Jam Yang lalu
Is it just me or does she sounds exactly like Camila Cabello?!🤨😂
Magdalena Mojsa
Magdalena Mojsa Jam Yang lalu
No one: Cameraman: 💃🏽🕺🏻🏃🏼‍♀️⛷🏂🪂🏋🏼‍♀️
Madison Larese
Madison Larese Jam Yang lalu
you are doing amazing sweet girl. i hope you find your peace on the other side of the pointless negativity from people that don’t know your heart.
Everything Awesomer
Everything Awesomer Jam Yang lalu
Nessa the chance u are reading this is slim but u are very talented
Kaylee . .
Kaylee . . Jam Yang lalu
beep boop bop boop
beep boop bop boop Jam Yang lalu
is her camera man drunk
Ella P
Ella P Jam Yang lalu
it feels like she's trying to copy madison beer with the music video lol
Megan Hartley
Megan Hartley Jam Yang lalu
Well done Nessa the song is great and I love it x
Kendra Martin
Kendra Martin Jam Yang lalu
She needs to make a Christmas album
Johnny Durp Fergelmeister
Johnny Durp Fergelmeister Jam Yang lalu
Madison beer 0.5
Riley Delcour
Riley Delcour Jam Yang lalu
I never new that you can sing that that . Your voice is beautiful and congrats on your song.
Jasmine Rivera
Jasmine Rivera Jam Yang lalu
Madison vibes but I love this
Roxy Jam Yang lalu
she really tried to be madison beer
Alex Andy Zeme
Alex Andy Zeme Jam Yang lalu
Wow 😭
Perla Raposo
Perla Raposo 2 jam yang lalu
All she does is sit there and idk not trying to hate but I knew you were going to come out with a song to apologise for some shit, a lot of people said that you gave them madison beer vibes but tbh just cuz you put some rain doesn’t mean your copying people is ridiculous keep on doing what you do but child please think before you do things!!
Samantha Morales
Samantha Morales 2 jam yang lalu
Do you another one!!
Samantha Morales
Samantha Morales 2 jam yang lalu
I loved it it was so good you have a really great city was singing voice are you saying you’re so beautiful I see you you you should!!!
Vero Leon
Vero Leon 2 jam yang lalu
Your voice is amazing I can stop singing your song love you
Anna Gaudette-Reizes
Anna Gaudette-Reizes 2 jam yang lalu
Can someone pls give me the camera man number, i want to hire him just to fire him .
Ana Carolina de Macedo
Ana Carolina de Macedo 2 jam yang lalu
2:33 this part 🥺💕
Gacha_ x _lula
Gacha_ x _lula 2 jam yang lalu
This is so good 🥺 I listen to this song everyday
alianto Ribodi
alianto Ribodi 2 jam yang lalu
EVA MELANSON 2 jam yang lalu
Nessa Barrett and Madison beer should be related they look like cousins or twins or sisters and that camera man be drunk and hotel: Trivago
Joel Hernandez
Joel Hernandez 2 jam yang lalu
dang!! I dont like u I Love You Nessa!! I dont need you! I have u!! <3 :)
Liliana Steinmetz
Liliana Steinmetz 2 jam yang lalu
Me over here crying because i fell her pain.Thinking of all the pain iv been through .Missing people i love that left.
·venus· ·kid·
·venus· ·kid· 2 jam yang lalu
i can tell they had a low budget
AEILYN REYES 2 jam yang lalu
What kind of wanna be selfish(Maddison beers song) is this
Liliana Steinmetz
Liliana Steinmetz 2 jam yang lalu
If the camera is bothing you which it is and close your eyes and for me it got all my emotions out and it felt good.Love this song so relaxing.
Gaby Figueiredo
Gaby Figueiredo 2 jam yang lalu
I'm just in love with this song and I can't stop listening...
Elliot Wollmann
Elliot Wollmann 2 jam yang lalu
I was playing this song out loud, and it put my puppy to sleep 🥺 thank you Nessa ❤️ I love you so much!! (plus this song is great. Don’t let haters tell you other wise) ❤️❤️❤️
NAYELY HERNANDEZ 2 jam yang lalu
Uhhhj cool song hi
maryam osman
maryam osman 2 jam yang lalu
this video reminds me of Madison beer’s music video selfish. the water, black background....
lila pratt
lila pratt 2 jam yang lalu
it sounds like her nose is stuffed
Amberley Brooke
Amberley Brooke 2 jam yang lalu
Nessa:singing Camera man: wanna see some real speed Me: why we going so FaASsST
Tay and Ava
Tay and Ava 2 jam yang lalu
I dont like her but its good
daniella mojica
daniella mojica 2 jam yang lalu
Nessa, sweetie, who in gods world is recording this.. Josh?? he be doin some transitions..
Natalie George
Natalie George 2 jam yang lalu
Okay...she’s fluffing stunning and amazing...imagine if her and Madison beer made a song together. They have like similar voices so...just saying...
abisha bhandari
abisha bhandari 2 jam yang lalu
nessa isnt my favourite person. all the drama on tik tok made me sick but, this song is pretty good ngl
Ashley Lardizabal
Ashley Lardizabal 3 jam yang lalu
This is amazing! So proud of you nessa!
Raymond Kim Official
Raymond Kim Official 3 jam yang lalu
She is like a daughter of camila and shawn 😍
Stephanie Costa
Stephanie Costa 3 jam yang lalu
lil sharty
gahca life would XD
gahca life would XD 3 jam yang lalu
You have a beautiful voice nessa
Rainbow RaresAJ
Rainbow RaresAJ 3 jam yang lalu
Madison Beer's daughter be like:
oof oof
oof oof 3 jam yang lalu
All of you haters dont understand how freaking long it takes to make a song like srsly give her some credit for spending her time on this she has been through a lot just give these tik tokers a break dude Love you Nessa I wish you the best and i hope you feel better <3