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Bananus Bimbos
Bananus Bimbos 2 menit yang lalu
question!! Everything is as if you were, but when you tried them, the calls did work well, but suddenly they stayed on and did not go out with the button or closing the door. What advice can you give me?
alwaysyourzebra 5 menit yang lalu
Oh my gosh tears!! AWW!!!
Ivan Moreno
Ivan Moreno 6 menit yang lalu
Can an exhaust leak cause a po420 code?
Pax Robinson
Pax Robinson 8 menit yang lalu
My dream car is a Jeep. Wrangler or Cherokee Xj
Sahib Chahal
Sahib Chahal 9 menit yang lalu
Luxury cars depreciate so much because they go out of warranty and the parts/labor are more costly then the car themselves. You didn’t really beat the system by getting a used car.
narrily uyanguren
narrily uyanguren 11 menit yang lalu
did you do the same as to the other angle kit? comment me.
SavageWalnut230 16 menit yang lalu
face reveal
Babalou 212
Babalou 212 17 menit yang lalu
Does it dock at all??
Todd Novak
Todd Novak 21 menit yang lalu
I appreciate your confidence, BUT, in a lot of cases the inside temperature might not be where it ought to be. I would only suggest checking that BEFORE unhooking all your hoses, freon, etc. Very clear and informative!
Oliver R.
Oliver R. 22 menit yang lalu
Austin Thomas
Austin Thomas 23 menit yang lalu
Bar soap also works the same way as the bread and grease
Kuhia Naipo-Arsiga
Kuhia Naipo-Arsiga 24 menit yang lalu
I got turbo or a supercharger what you want
Mikey Netcher
Mikey Netcher 27 menit yang lalu
69 Corvette
Jicon Recker
Jicon Recker 30 menit yang lalu
I did as instructed then i realised, im too broke to afford parts lmao
tracey lapham
tracey lapham 32 menit yang lalu
A v8 ford
Aaron Shirk
Aaron Shirk 32 menit yang lalu
$700 for a mechanic to do the bearing hub?! Was that for one or both front bearings?
Batman93 e
Batman93 e 32 menit yang lalu
Can this be done on modern cars? I can't find anything about differential fluid in the owners manual. What are the intervals
Jeremy Brix
Jeremy Brix 36 menit yang lalu
This Chris Fix is a loose cannon. And the best thing on IDshow. 💚
Waqar Syed
Waqar Syed 36 menit yang lalu
AWESOME dude thank you for sharing
Ureem Thumeim
Ureem Thumeim 37 menit yang lalu
I never subscribe to anyone. But you. . . I did.
Niko Orion
Niko Orion 38 menit yang lalu
Can you use pain thinner instead of the stripper?
Th3 h3roin fath3r
Th3 h3roin fath3r 48 menit yang lalu
Everybody thought there was gonna be flying cars by 2020 but instead we building fart machines
John Edwards
John Edwards 50 menit yang lalu
Could you use this for a clutch too ?
PBWillyWonka 53 menit yang lalu
help people? and yes you did, i learned from you a lot and now i do my own maintenance to my vehicles. thank you Chris.
Ryan Gaming
Ryan Gaming 59 menit yang lalu
Ima wait for my Rc to come and drift with it..
Ureem Thumeim
Ureem Thumeim Jam Yang lalu
I love it. You are an intelligent man and you plan your video flawlessly. Congrats.
PBWillyWonka Jam Yang lalu
v6??? it sounds like a v8 lol
keegan obonyo
keegan obonyo Jam Yang lalu
Always helpful. Thank you for the good content.
Yashdeep Singh
Yashdeep Singh Jam Yang lalu
3:03 Yo....I almost had a stroke
Grissom Dunn
Grissom Dunn Jam Yang lalu
This is helpful. Now me and my girlfriend can see the road after messing around in the backseat
LT Afton
LT Afton Jam Yang lalu
Can someone tell me why the license play always change to Chris fix whenever he reviews someone’s car or buys one?
Jacob Unseld
Jacob Unseld Jam Yang lalu
I’ll give you respect for all of your hard work
Bg- Chuletta
Bg- Chuletta Jam Yang lalu
Not very wise to place wrench on top of battery.
ronamo111 wonders
ronamo111 wonders Jam Yang lalu
nice car. I'm not knocking your color choice but I love white cars, they always look ritzy. But it is a beautiful car.
Driver Jeff
Driver Jeff Jam Yang lalu
The way i learned to do it was just back all th bolts oit half way then just squirt a whole tube in ther being sure to leave large lumps and little un filled areas then tighted all the bolts back up til half of them are stripped out and then your done.
narrily uyanguren
narrily uyanguren Jam Yang lalu
if there's a traffic light red, you'll pull the e-brake. It's the best hydraulic e-brake ever. you'll ever love the comment.And all of these guys can do that?
Sal G
Sal G Jam Yang lalu
I think it’s VERY STRANGE you said wax on wax off while I’m watching the original karate kid
RedNeckGaming Jam Yang lalu
What's with the rubber gloves?
PinoyPapoy Jam Yang lalu
so I followed these steps, charged the low-pressure service port, but still no cold A/C... any tips?
Juan Manuel Ramallo
Juan Manuel Ramallo Jam Yang lalu
Yes i made my comment because your mom such a cool mom asked to do it. She is cool as my mom to, well don kid is , thanks for share some sharing God bless her and her family.
Yashdeep Singh
Yashdeep Singh Jam Yang lalu
Coolant Flush dewd
Shaheer Jam Yang lalu
I was expecting the HEY GUUUYYYYYYSSSS
bmexpert moore
bmexpert moore Jam Yang lalu
So its shiney poop
Wyatt Camacho
Wyatt Camacho Jam Yang lalu
"lightly tap it all the way in" *proceeds to wail on it with a hammer*
Arnold fabian
Arnold fabian Jam Yang lalu
He sounds so depressed
Juan Manuel Ramallo
Juan Manuel Ramallo Jam Yang lalu
Love your mom test
David De Jesus
David De Jesus Jam Yang lalu
Hey Chris! I have a flex pipe leak on my 2002 Camry 2.4L, any suggestions on how to seal it? Thanks! Appreciate it
generalE spoon
generalE spoon Jam Yang lalu
2016 dodge hellcat with super charger
Olivier Roy
Olivier Roy Jam Yang lalu
What should I use in a 2005 dodge ram 1500?
Lester Tassara
Lester Tassara Jam Yang lalu
What kind of car is that?
Alex C
Alex C Jam Yang lalu
Don’t the brakes adjust themselves?
Random Guy
Random Guy Jam Yang lalu
Great editing, Chris!
Jack Soroka
Jack Soroka Jam Yang lalu
The mustang needs Louvers and a costom Chris fox racing wrap
Jack Soroka
Jack Soroka Jam Yang lalu
And a light bar
Sadesh Persaud
Sadesh Persaud 2 jam yang lalu
We usally just change the bearing by removing it from the hub.. great video bro✔
Kaden Tomlin
Kaden Tomlin 2 jam yang lalu
You should do like an 06 trans am or a dodge daytona. Both are very ugly, but very aerodynamic and know for their performances on the track.
julie andrew
julie andrew 2 jam yang lalu
and it is so esay
Anthony Blankenship
Anthony Blankenship 2 jam yang lalu
I would have to say the top car on my list is a 1968 Shelby Mustang GT500KR in Acapulco blue with white striping
julie andrew
julie andrew 2 jam yang lalu
i can Drift in my mustang chrisfix
Jay Chowdree
Jay Chowdree 2 jam yang lalu
Why would you ever need to strip a car
julie andrew
julie andrew 2 jam yang lalu
sorry chris
Angel Delgado
Angel Delgado 2 jam yang lalu
Niklas Westfall
Niklas Westfall 2 jam yang lalu
My dream car is a 2017 dodge charger hellcat v8 I love the way it looks
julie andrew
julie andrew 2 jam yang lalu
i ca dreft i my mustang chris
Jay Chowdree
Jay Chowdree 2 jam yang lalu
I never keep a car for this many miles. 60 to 100k is optimal time to sell your vehicle.
Tauheed Ahmed
Tauheed Ahmed 2 jam yang lalu
RIP Driftbird
Jackie Speaks
Jackie Speaks 2 jam yang lalu
You are amazing!! You have been so helpful for my 2003 Ford Taurus. What CAMERA are you using to record while you work on cars?????
ncooty 2 jam yang lalu
To change the oil on a Trailblazer, start by cutting off the roof...
Rachael Evenson
Rachael Evenson 2 jam yang lalu
@ChrisFix I need help ASAP what can cause a 95' ram 2500 V10 non dually 2wd to not have reverse??! I am aware this truck has high mileage with over half a million miles but was a daily driver and still has all other gears, how can this be fixed is it easy or a major priced bill?? Also note it had regular maintenance, it was a little low on trans fluid but even when topped off it's still the same problem I've googled it but nothing on this specific truck
N1C0L4S TH3PR0 2 jam yang lalu
Legend says he still likes his comments...
Arthur PillzMusicProducer
Arthur PillzMusicProducer 2 jam yang lalu
O well I'm buying my gifts
Jason To
Jason To 2 jam yang lalu
that car has a scar
Faustin Joseph
Faustin Joseph 2 jam yang lalu
Yesssss! New ChrisFix videos
Isaac Gonzalez
Isaac Gonzalez 2 jam yang lalu
For long term parking, i disconnect the ecu, spark plugs, battery, and take the steering wheel out. Also take the wheel lug nuts
McVic226 2 jam yang lalu
PLOT TWIST: Chris actually bought the airbags to commit a crime. He just set some of them off here so that the FBI won’t think anything of it...
Alex Kennedy
Alex Kennedy 2 jam yang lalu
Good thing I ain't a dumbass idk if this is smart but good one nearly got me!
jake carpenter
jake carpenter 2 jam yang lalu
The guy who sold him the truck has got to be SO MAD. this guy couldve just watched this video and restored the car for the same amount of money he got out of it😂
Avery Gargis
Avery Gargis 2 jam yang lalu
By the way the shackles you put in were drop shackles.
Melisse Clark
Melisse Clark 2 jam yang lalu
Dac Ngo
Dac Ngo 2 jam yang lalu
Awesome hack. I went to Homedepot buy a $300 air compressor to save few dollars from air cans. I think I have to refill at least 120 cans to make up for it.
Nice Guy
Nice Guy 2 jam yang lalu
I like this guy. He should buy an H1 Hummer.
KidJunior 3 jam yang lalu
is there an update on how this aged
Akshay 3 jam yang lalu
The way he fixed this car was incredible. Almost unbelievable. This is actually inspirational
Jack Graham
Jack Graham 3 jam yang lalu
It’s a sign from god
Marc Morhardt
Marc Morhardt 3 jam yang lalu
2006 Ford Explorer, and I am having a lot of trouble getting my caliper bolts loose, the ones that hold the pads, not the actual caliper. Tried PB Blaster but still can't loosen them, can I use a breaker bar on those, or move right to an impact wrench?
Bosstoby305 3 jam yang lalu
🤣😂 dental floss
John Ferrara
John Ferrara 3 jam yang lalu
So, is that oval bushing the reason why Mustangs hurt people?
bill luzius
bill luzius 3 jam yang lalu
gm battery current sensor testing like to see that Regulated Voltage Control | PCM Controlled Charging System
MrElcacheton 3 jam yang lalu
Great videos! I just did my engine.Thanks CHris.
JoshL 3 jam yang lalu
Helpful tip when changing the oil filter: get a 1 gallon ziploc bag and place it around the filter when loosening. Allow to drain for a few seconds into the bag then remove the filter with the bag still around it and voila, clean filter removal.
JD Ciano
JD Ciano 3 jam yang lalu
Hey chris, does your mustang have a 4.6 in it?
jose99gsx 3 jam yang lalu
I saw this suggested and was like I bet it was an April video ...checked the date....yeah knew it
مشاكس الانمي
مشاكس الانمي 3 jam yang lalu
Go a head chris fix i see you from saudi arabia
hearthwave 3 jam yang lalu
I dont even have a car or interested in them but this video us entertaining as shit
L D 3 jam yang lalu
This is a very informative video. Most car videos on youtube assume you already know everything about cars and don't explain anything. But if I'm watching a video on how to do something, then obviously I don't know everything about cars. Thanks for taking the time to go through each step and explain what you are doing and why.
Thatguyinthathat. s
Thatguyinthathat. s 3 jam yang lalu
Just finished doing my struts. Thanks for the help. A few things were different but overall same shit.
Xander Stone
Xander Stone 3 jam yang lalu
Please make a new vid where you make them like new
SirBilliam 3 jam yang lalu
29:18 I also like to use hommon hand tools
Im SadFaceFun
Im SadFaceFun 3 jam yang lalu
Chrid is this rtv work for valve cover in my motorcycle
Top 5 dead or Alive
Top 5 dead or Alive 3 jam yang lalu
Very good explanation vid.
Jaughn the Monster
Jaughn the Monster 3 jam yang lalu
U should install a new spoiler