NCT MARK | Simon Says : MOVE
dongpingpong 53 menit yang lalu
chenle snatched his own hat
유월 Jam Yang lalu
입덕핡 것같아서 그만보겠읍니다.
Meyrell Kandili
Meyrell Kandili 2 jam yang lalu
sheba k
sheba k 2 jam yang lalu
Why hasn't this gotten to 1 mil yet?? Sunflowers need to do better
JungWoo's Tài lao
JungWoo's Tài lao 3 jam yang lalu
米儿M13R 3 jam yang lalu
me: oh its just baby shark nct: 1:18
米儿M13R 3 jam yang lalu
sing it with me: *what the literal fuck doo doo doo doo doo doo *
Allika Azzahra
Allika Azzahra 4 jam yang lalu
Love jeno so much!!!
Rezty Anggraeni
Rezty Anggraeni 4 jam yang lalu
jaemin's dancing skill perhaps isn't as sharp as the others yet he did it effortlessly and still damn cool.
Rosa Cempaka
Rosa Cempaka 5 jam yang lalu
yes taeyonggg
Rosa Cempaka
Rosa Cempaka 5 jam yang lalu
where is taeyonggg
Jymilia P
Jymilia P 5 jam yang lalu
Oh he came to France I am so happy 😭😌
DaKarria Flowers
DaKarria Flowers 5 jam yang lalu
2:29 look how in sync their feet shimmy move is ugh so satisfying
Priya Vishnoi
Priya Vishnoi 6 jam yang lalu
Jeno: Let´s wear a hat/cap and not tell Jaemin
_ Marti _
_ Marti _ 6 jam yang lalu
ou shet la ropa negra le queda hermosa a Jeno
sky 127
sky 127 8 jam yang lalu
I can't be the only one who religiously watches this everyday bc it's so beautiful and satisfying like damn look at how he hits every single syllable (also not @ how he vibrates so cutely at the beginning)🥺
JC Playz
JC Playz 8 jam yang lalu
god creating jisung like god : hmm hes aegyo I will pour 50 percent god : dancing skills maybe a 100 percent god : let me pour his age and cuteness and handsomeness, oh shit, my hand slipped and I poured a whole 500 liter cans of water-
Tiny Child
Tiny Child 8 jam yang lalu
You have two dreamies, two 127 members and a 127 dreamie (This is so stupid I'm sorry if you have to see this..)
CHIHUAHUA V LOG 8 jam yang lalu
People who doesn't like it is because they are really jealousy
❥Brave •.
❥Brave •. 9 jam yang lalu
Who’s the guy in the grey blouse and black pants? I can’t keep my eyes off of him, damn
horseman한 9 jam yang lalu
i come back here religiously to cleanse my sins.
shelby081893 10 jam yang lalu
nct THE love
nct THE love 10 jam yang lalu
The decrease in views from the first tutorial to the last just shows that nctzens just gave up learning halfway through
s h i e l a
s h i e l a 11 jam yang lalu
0:20 to 0:29 mark is me when i do ryujins shoulder dance repeatedly HAHAHAHAHA sorry mark still luv u tho
anara bagitovna
anara bagitovna 11 jam yang lalu
so awsome
Cyril Padronsolan
Cyril Padronsolan 12 jam yang lalu
So I'm here again for haechan's sliding feet
yuxdyrj 12 jam yang lalu
the way jeno dances is just so..crisp yet smooth😭
Adrita Maham
Adrita Maham 12 jam yang lalu
One of the most versatile kpop idol 💜
Reign 16
Reign 16 12 jam yang lalu
I personally love this song too much swag!! Mojiso 😍🥰 Jaehyun nomu Saranghae 💕
SIDNEY HELLO! 12 jam yang lalu
Hello!!!!! James jungwoo... doyoung janis... mark anderson... moon blah blah... that so funny and cute 😍
Dita Novianty
Dita Novianty 12 jam yang lalu
God.. jeno really represent taemin's dance.. it look so similiar
Fathma Eidiyah Cotanda
Fathma Eidiyah Cotanda 12 jam yang lalu
who’s here after watching Mina Myoung’s latest vid in her youtube acc with Koosung Jung?
Asty Kim
Asty Kim 12 jam yang lalu
So Russian nctzen~ have you take pictures at this place, yet?
Mark by Chanbaek
Mark by Chanbaek 13 jam yang lalu
2018: NCT TEN 2020: WayV TEN
joonscribbles 13 jam yang lalu
honestly the way TY moves is next level
lee haechanie's cute diya
lee haechanie's cute diya 13 jam yang lalu
i just blinked and the video ended
my name is mark, you can mark me in your heart
my name is mark, you can mark me in your heart 13 jam yang lalu
Im here again cuz felix danced to this song😶 chenle would be so proud🤧💚
Yesi Ana
Yesi Ana 13 jam yang lalu
The real giraffe (:
nique kun
nique kun 14 jam yang lalu
Jisung owns this era
Nandhini Singh
Nandhini Singh 14 jam yang lalu
What's the need to disrespect and appropriate a culture? SM I would say do better but you're a shit company.
Bellieca Martins
Bellieca Martins 14 jam yang lalu
who else is here because of the car accident in the background
Nicole Saturius
Nicole Saturius 15 jam yang lalu
Fernaz Emiri
Fernaz Emiri 15 jam yang lalu
Iiiiiiiittttttttsssssss ggggrrrrraaaaaaaattttteeee
jh 15 jam yang lalu
Although I've watched this before but omfg look at the number of vï3ws only our prince can do it
Danisa Ghifria
Danisa Ghifria 15 jam yang lalu
Her body propotion make me cry
Tsania Ishmah
Tsania Ishmah 15 jam yang lalu
Tersentuh bepp😭😭
Liiyya A
Liiyya A 15 jam yang lalu
Sofia Guzman
Sofia Guzman 16 jam yang lalu
Achilleus xs
Achilleus xs 16 jam yang lalu
คลั่งรักน้อยๆหน่อย รู้แล้วว่ารัก ชั้นมีความสุขจนจะสำลักตายแล้ว ขอร้อง จะตายเอา
Achilleus xs
Achilleus xs 16 jam yang lalu
นาแจมิน เธอจะเอาอย่างนี้ใช่มั้ย ไม่อยากมีแม่แล้วใช่มั้ย ได้
Achilleus xs
Achilleus xs 16 jam yang lalu
นาแจมิน ถ้าคลิปนี้ยอดวิวไม่ขึ้นให้รู้ไว้ว่าเป็นความผิดเธอที่มองเอนสิถิเส้นจนเขินพาลดูคลิปไม่จบ
jeno감자 16 jam yang lalu
I want to see Ridin dance practice (school uniform ver)
Icha Haaa
Icha Haaa 16 jam yang lalu
Icha Haaa
Icha Haaa 16 jam yang lalu
Jeno a good visual
Icha Haaa
Icha Haaa 16 jam yang lalu
Ommmoooo Jennoooo s
Kartika Alfaeny
Kartika Alfaeny 16 jam yang lalu
0:10 it's nana, right??? 1:16 what are doing na??
Nayla Fadil
Nayla Fadil 16 jam yang lalu
full sun
full sun 17 jam yang lalu
is haechan 🥊 spoiler for punch????
Nanda Aulia
Nanda Aulia 17 jam yang lalu
meewmlark 17 jam yang lalu
But like fr I want to be classmates *with them* Or just want classmates *like them* (same face feautures, personality, fashion sense)
Jaimie Li
Jaimie Li 17 jam yang lalu
Taeil in the front 😍😭
shaira syhr
shaira syhr 18 jam yang lalu
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb 18 jam yang lalu
Yuta kun💚💚💚
François Sleiman
François Sleiman 19 jam yang lalu
She Jade
She Jade 19 jam yang lalu
10 26
10 26 19 jam yang lalu
I can't stop watching Yuta, he's mesmerizing
정다운 19 jam yang lalu
인물 배경 음악 춤 카메라구도 모든 게 완벽하다 모든 감각을 충족시키는 영상 감사합니다
ar 20 jam yang lalu
I think Mark have a similar hat like Jaehyun, omg!!
ar 20 jam yang lalu
The way Jaehyun walk to the wall, so aesthetic and wonderful :)
7DREAMFINITY 20 jam yang lalu
back here again to watch the group that matters to me the most dance to mfal
민채현 20 jam yang lalu
q u a i l
q u a i l 20 jam yang lalu
haechan why did you serve us such illegal dance like 😱😱
Stray Children
Stray Children 20 jam yang lalu
Wow finally a kid friendly vide- Haechan body rolling aggressively Bitch this I a kid friendly song KID FRIENDLY
Army Moa Stay Sunflower127
Army Moa Stay Sunflower127 20 jam yang lalu
1:03 Jeno lolll
Kj D
Kj D 20 jam yang lalu
don't tell me no one noticed johnny lowkey slipping and got back up smoothly
Lee Seo Jung
Lee Seo Jung 21 jam yang lalu
아 너무 귀여워 💚💚💚
Nyesha Wyatt
Nyesha Wyatt 21 jam yang lalu
Does he know what the song is saying in English and Spanish lmao 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣
Maja 22 jam yang lalu
mark said 🎂
Sabila 22 jam yang lalu
Hello,here i am a new fans.Kick it is a masterpiece
Diah Sagusanov
Diah Sagusanov 13 jam yang lalu
Thank you
sun flower
sun flower 14 jam yang lalu
stan the whole nct,you wont regret
lucas trash
lucas trash 22 jam yang lalu
Jungwoo going so hard on those body rolls STOP ITT SIR
lucas trash
lucas trash 22 jam yang lalu
I am just at awe that they literally have no weak dancer
Juanito Bato
Juanito Bato 22 jam yang lalu
woah why everyone talking about renjun😳😮😍
Alice Wang
Alice Wang 23 jam yang lalu
Why is it always masterpieces like this going unnoticed
sshhbbkk 23 jam yang lalu
이동혁 춤 진짜 잘춰ㅜㅜㅜ
NCT 127 punch
NCT 127 punch 23 jam yang lalu
Excuse me, sir why are yo smirk T.T it's baby shark song not Go. But, how can you still cute asdgfjksmjn shshshhs
NCT 127 punch
NCT 127 punch 23 jam yang lalu
How can they.. oh ok, i see haechan there
sshhbbkk 23 jam yang lalu
제노 백금발 진짜 사랑해.. 제노 머리는 눈치있게 백금발로 자라라
Ian Anisa
Ian Anisa 23 jam yang lalu
gwe kira bkl cool trnyata cute😀
jaehyun ensiti
jaehyun ensiti 23 jam yang lalu
haechan gada akhlak😭
M Rasya
M Rasya 23 jam yang lalu
1:06 my favorite part
Sinta Murti
Sinta Murti 23 jam yang lalu
Taeyong.. bisa kah kamu diam😄 aku malah bayangin kamu lagi nyanyi baby don't stop😄😄😄
FLY g 23 jam yang lalu
Yuta is sooo nimble!!! Aaaaah its so satisfying to watch him dance!
𝐻𝓎𝓊𝓃𝒿𝒾𝓃 𝒰𝓃𝒾𝓋𝑒𝓇𝓈𝑒
𝐻𝓎𝓊𝓃𝒿𝒾𝓃 𝒰𝓃𝒾𝓋𝑒𝓇𝓈𝑒 Hari Yang lalu
Why does mark and haechan look so tiny 🥺🥺 And the fact half of the comments r about haechan, he so cute/hot
Cassandra Cervantes
Cassandra Cervantes Hari Yang lalu
Ten dances perfectly I really admire Ten is a great dancer!! 😍❤️
Nakamoto Yuta
Nakamoto Yuta Hari Yang lalu
Kopuyoruz gençlikkkkk!!!
Scorpii Antares
Scorpii Antares Hari Yang lalu
I this tge reason why he was called Anderson Mark?
Maria Novena
Maria Novena Hari Yang lalu
I only see Huang Renjun
이마크일반인여친 Hari Yang lalu
이런 의상으로 럽미라잇같은 청량컨셉 함 가자..
HGY C Hari Yang lalu
If only music shows has this kind of filming style, not full of zoom outs and audience focus.
Celica Rizky
Celica Rizky Hari Yang lalu
J4 + H = Jaehyun Jungwoo Jeno Jaemin + Haechan