BET Awards 2020 Performances!
Victor Chico
Victor Chico 18 detik yang lalu
Hey Future... these were your parents in the past
Henry Flutenburg
Henry Flutenburg 32 detik yang lalu
U can tell she’s odeee nervous...but she still kilt this tho😌😌😌
Big Boy
Big Boy 48 detik yang lalu
Lizzo is one of the most untalented people I’ve ever seen, she’s just a bit above the tik tok stars
Ghandi Bonez
Ghandi Bonez Menit Yang lalu
Check out oklahoma rap artist and comedian Ghandi Bonez
straight2helll 5 menit yang lalu
Doesn't want to waste a single drop yet mixes with a bunch of bullshit ruing the whole thing.
jessena johnson
jessena johnson 6 menit yang lalu
she needs her own talk show
ciara knowes
ciara knowes 8 menit yang lalu
Nothing she does will top this song and performance
Angela K
Angela K 11 menit yang lalu
Favorite live performance
riri havana
riri havana 13 menit yang lalu
I don't like her
Khappo M
Khappo M 14 menit yang lalu
Right lung removed 😳
Requitta Smith
Requitta Smith 16 menit yang lalu
You're going to live:: make sure you plant your seed continue to live.. every other race wants to 2 you have the melanin; which is life under this sun don't give it away make sure your own race survives.. just my opinion😘 what do you think???
oldman swagga aka Scooba Steve
oldman swagga aka Scooba Steve 18 menit yang lalu
Lil yatchy,the game,Soulja boy and Drake all shared her smh. I love crystal Westbrook
sinamen516 21 menit yang lalu
One of my favorite girls running house music 🙌🏾✊🏾
Micro_Thunder12 FN
Micro_Thunder12 FN 22 menit yang lalu
what a legend
J Del81
J Del81 23 menit yang lalu
Probably less backstage fights than before, less not zero
Micro_Thunder12 FN
Micro_Thunder12 FN 25 menit yang lalu
police should be less violent
yves gabin
yves gabin 26 menit yang lalu
While my sister and I keep on breaking neighbors' ears 👏🏿
lol tic
lol tic 30 menit yang lalu
FINNALY, Nas and Thought on a record!!!! Hip hop forever baby!!!
Christopher Pflughoeft
Christopher Pflughoeft 30 menit yang lalu
According to BET she had it coming
celeste matthews
celeste matthews 34 menit yang lalu
Even though Mike did wrong Bobby stood up for him and that's a true friend.
Aimee Foster
Aimee Foster 36 menit yang lalu
Angela Bassett was looking like she remembered when she fucked somebody to that song🤣
June Watson
June Watson 37 menit yang lalu
A recent action an updating cliff of Simone could be hip?
Keithisready 37 menit yang lalu
The guy at the jewelry store is annoying asf man
Don 41 menit yang lalu
More evidence that people are going crazy.
Couseng Loco
Couseng Loco 45 menit yang lalu
Wow what a waste of time eminem is
onieshia napoleon
onieshia napoleon 57 menit yang lalu
🤣Steve J dancing hard
Matthew Angel
Matthew Angel Jam Yang lalu
MRS. HUDSON Jam Yang lalu
I need this song nooow...
Akheya Brown Pamphile
Akheya Brown Pamphile Jam Yang lalu
I’m just happy snoop got out of it an he’s alive today
latricethomas12 Jam Yang lalu
Wait...did he say Regina can keep the bonnett on?! That has got to be the realest line ever!!!!😃😃
Blake D
Blake D Jam Yang lalu
Cardi b is my favorites
Anthony Will
Anthony Will Jam Yang lalu
Ruthie MMLLC
Ruthie MMLLC Jam Yang lalu
Pushing that duality agenda I see
DariusGotDrip Jam Yang lalu
He grinded for hours and hours he deserved that
Jesse Jam Yang lalu
He's so cute
Agnelio Dilla
Agnelio Dilla Jam Yang lalu
So how come the BET Awards isn't inconclusive racist much?
LIFE IS A GIFT Jam Yang lalu
This young man is unique, and VERY TALENTED👏👏👏💝🙏!
Anthony Flores
Anthony Flores Jam Yang lalu
most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps!
Anthony G
Anthony G 2 jam yang lalu
Tupac is now akin the Mac and biggie is now soup from Jurassic 5...the whole are “dead” rappers
Susan Bales
Susan Bales 2 jam yang lalu
ok, what's with the dislikes, seriously.
lambert lion
lambert lion 2 jam yang lalu
Yung Faness
Yung Faness 2 jam yang lalu
im Haveing B.E.T The CabLe TV ChanneL On CabLe TV Shut Down Aint Gone Be No More B.E.T FLorida
kelvin jefferson
kelvin jefferson 2 jam yang lalu
We all brown tho. frfr. Black is tar sort of like degrading
JSW Alpha JJ
JSW Alpha JJ 2 jam yang lalu
Lil Wayne is 🐐
JSW Alpha JJ
JSW Alpha JJ 2 jam yang lalu
2:11 there's Gucci Mane in the audiance
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde 2 jam yang lalu
It's a shame I never got to meet Tupac even though he was a rapper he was extremely intelligent which is rare to see in rappers nowadays
Zifnab 2 jam yang lalu
BLM = Bigots = a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions. Liberals Marxists spread the word
ENY Polyglot
ENY Polyglot 2 jam yang lalu
Anybody else wishes they could just have this dress in their closet...?
DeShawn Anderson-Henderson
DeShawn Anderson-Henderson 2 jam yang lalu
Loving you.....
Mo Smith
Mo Smith 2 jam yang lalu
Yolonda Adams @2:54 🗣COME ON FANTASIA🙌🏾🙌🏾
Karma Corey
Karma Corey 2 jam yang lalu
My 6 year old brother was crying 6 YEARS OLD 😡
Blessing Stanley
Blessing Stanley 2 jam yang lalu
This performance will forever be funny to me 😂😂😂😍💖
amona hujon
amona hujon 2 jam yang lalu
If Eminem was the president I would shift to America
Farid Flores
Farid Flores 2 jam yang lalu
I forgot about these guys
Daniel Viotto
Daniel Viotto 2 jam yang lalu
She was so shy! I love my baby! She never changed 🥺🥰♥️
Matthew Kaspar
Matthew Kaspar 2 jam yang lalu
Slow down next time when you are reading out would sound more genuine. 10 years from now you will realize you are part of the racist problem
chicken leg peace
chicken leg peace 2 jam yang lalu
They always drippy😂
chicken leg peace
chicken leg peace 2 jam yang lalu
Where Nle at?
chicken leg peace
chicken leg peace 2 jam yang lalu
Yessir cardi b
Tyeshia Miller
Tyeshia Miller 2 jam yang lalu
So proud of you Ezee You Are Always Doing positive Things And Moving Foward No Matter What You Keep Going And That’s Factz...And I Love How You Shouted Natalie Love You Both Keep Up The Phenomenal Work You Guys Are Doing😋😋😋😋😋
Nadia Williams
Nadia Williams 2 jam yang lalu
The Artist Eztaughtme
The Artist Eztaughtme 2 jam yang lalu
Jessie ✊🏾🏁
Army TaeTae
Army TaeTae 2 jam yang lalu
Listen all the ppl that's saying this performance was trash, y'all are really trash bc she wasn't feeling well that day so give the woman a break, stop being so immature cause a performance is a performance, no one could perform while being sick so stop with the hate comments.. at least she took that risk to do it for her fans and supporters.
Womens Whork
Womens Whork 2 jam yang lalu
They made this bad on purpose
Sipendulwe Mfenyana
Sipendulwe Mfenyana 3 jam yang lalu
A year later and this still gives me goosebumps 😭❤️
Do Que? Productions
Do Que? Productions 3 jam yang lalu
I love the energy they have with eachother. I aint gay but garry is a handsome white guy and his wife is a beautiful black girl. I can feel the love you guys are a gorgeous couple
e v i .
e v i . 3 jam yang lalu
The only bad thing you can say about this song is that it ends.
Broken Boy
Broken Boy 3 jam yang lalu
RIP Kobe
Anita PhiferRowe
Anita PhiferRowe 3 jam yang lalu
She's a beautiful woman!
IamNaudiaB 3 jam yang lalu
The truth is he is a clone N he is doing it for brainwash purposes
One2Envy 3 jam yang lalu
She’s not even black tho
Empire 717
Empire 717 3 jam yang lalu
I never heard of someone killing a police officer and getting away with it. Now and Jimmy did time for her for defending her honor and what she hated him for that and started messing with his brother that don't make no sense , , this show don't make no sense I'm out
Empire Vampire1
Empire Vampire1 3 jam yang lalu
Sheook like a giant jada pinkit
Ab Precious
Ab Precious 3 jam yang lalu
Fierce Nicole 👍❤️
TyetheRebel 3 jam yang lalu
Dang, even Em? Sad to see these celebrities just jump on a bandwagon instead of looking at actual movements. Smh. The left wants to burn America.
Joel •
Joel • 3 jam yang lalu
😂😂😂 sh** still crack me up. Kevin a fool
Claudio Lopez
Claudio Lopez 3 jam yang lalu
Que mierda mas mala
Beuz Fall
Beuz Fall 3 jam yang lalu