Isabella Playz
Isabella Playz 4 jam yang lalu
Bruh that girl is evil. And she’s doing all of it for a boy..
Lee ann Badenhorst
Lee ann Badenhorst 4 jam yang lalu
If the girl in fire why can't she stand on real fire so do you know its fake not real
faye trott
faye trott 4 jam yang lalu
Sruy Vouchyi
Sruy Vouchyi 4 jam yang lalu
if you have too much toilet paper you can share
TheyloveQueen 4 jam yang lalu
okay but like how would u have all those supplies and food in ur classroom to do that like who keeps a big knife in there classroom...
Gabriella acevedo
Gabriella acevedo 4 jam yang lalu
Demen Taha
Demen Taha 4 jam yang lalu
My hair always gets tangled when I sleep unless I tie it I wish I had wavy hair😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 I really want to cut it
Lily Greg
Lily Greg 4 jam yang lalu
Me and my mom buy snacks for the plane specifically for the plane
Ling Cheng
Ling Cheng 5 jam yang lalu
MAGDALENA SIDHARTA 5 jam yang lalu
Yay I love this! πŸ¦„
Yonaira Garcia
Yonaira Garcia 5 jam yang lalu
Jo Leigh
Jo Leigh 5 jam yang lalu
10:30 why would you want essential oils in your mouth?
Shauna Bailey
Shauna Bailey 5 jam yang lalu
Hi Today is my sixth birthday
Antoinette Sebelebele
Antoinette Sebelebele 5 jam yang lalu
Lily Greg
Lily Greg 5 jam yang lalu
Where are they getting all these pets?
Eftekhar HUSSAINI 5 jam yang lalu
N nlkcc.m. Luv mldfvdvcxvhvh
Little Studded Kisses
Little Studded Kisses 5 jam yang lalu
Bish you can bring food into the airplane Unless it’s a STRICTED airplane
Alexander de Jesus Rosario Santiago
Alexander de Jesus Rosario Santiago 5 jam yang lalu
Melanie Says hi
Melanie Says hi 5 jam yang lalu
9:37 that nail came off and she tried to hide it 🀣
Giovanni Lopez
Giovanni Lopez 5 jam yang lalu
Jose Contreras
Jose Contreras 5 jam yang lalu
David Martinez
David Martinez 5 jam yang lalu
yvette1030 5 jam yang lalu
Jamm _Y
Jamm _Y 5 jam yang lalu
I hate that voice
Jake Rivera
Jake Rivera 5 jam yang lalu
Both win
Dragoniter 2.0
Dragoniter 2.0 5 jam yang lalu
But why why would you do this?
Fouad K
Fouad K 5 jam yang lalu
How do you take a bath in a pot
DANA MOREL 5 jam yang lalu
That was so sad why hers does she love her stuff she’s been a lot of money
mcqueen mike Colis
mcqueen mike Colis 5 jam yang lalu
The richer is mean
Norma ArΓ©valo
Norma ArΓ©valo 5 jam yang lalu
Leilanni Casey
Leilanni Casey 5 jam yang lalu
One why the plane Towe why sneak pets and food Three I’ve never Ben on a plane For I’m a big fan
gianna gwen casas
gianna gwen casas 5 jam yang lalu
Zeraida Deysel
Zeraida Deysel 5 jam yang lalu
I like there glasses
Demon panda 27
Demon panda 27 5 jam yang lalu
Lol my favorite one is when she let da kitten but not human in
Jizella Butler
Jizella Butler 5 jam yang lalu
Can we please do a voice reveal
bibi hussain
bibi hussain 5 jam yang lalu
Who puts makeup on their baby?
Omolola Ajose
Omolola Ajose 5 jam yang lalu
I love the video and I love the video but I think it will get there till you closed on it to the left church and 6AM and the other
Sankar vijay
Sankar vijay 5 jam yang lalu
Im loosing my brain cells
Roedy Rush
Roedy Rush 5 jam yang lalu
Waw amezing
Jannat Kaur
Jannat Kaur 5 jam yang lalu
Last time I sister was holding our bird
Nathan Gregory
Nathan Gregory 5 jam yang lalu
6:17 interesting book
exe_mangle the ca-wolf
exe_mangle the ca-wolf 5 jam yang lalu
I wonder what the people outside of the video are thinking about the people and what they are doing in all of the videos that they made
Wonderland 5 jam yang lalu
Don’t do it I know you want to don’t hit it Don’t hit β€œread more”. Don’t do it ...... You did it.........
Labeeba Labeeba
Labeeba Labeeba 5 jam yang lalu
Esder Bark
Esder Bark 5 jam yang lalu
I love groom troom
Alejandra Parra
Alejandra Parra 5 jam yang lalu
Harley Quinn and Catwoman
KitsIceCream:P 5 jam yang lalu
The boys are like Oh nuh uh are we touching that book 🀣
Arvie Joy Cabaguing
Arvie Joy Cabaguing 5 jam yang lalu
Maira Galaxy
Maira Galaxy 5 jam yang lalu
7 jam
Shadow Cat
Shadow Cat 5 jam yang lalu
Why do you want to make these?
Anaisunicorn Escobar
Anaisunicorn Escobar 5 jam yang lalu
I have long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long hari ok
Jenny Egelhoff
Jenny Egelhoff 5 jam yang lalu
This lipstick really wants to be a pain but it doesn’t know how
Verlin D
Verlin D 5 jam yang lalu
luna enrands sister
luna enrands sister 5 jam yang lalu
Pls give me a shoutout I've been watching your channel since I was 3
CJC VRaalten
CJC VRaalten 5 jam yang lalu
They need to sow us how to make one giant lollipop! Not by mixing together chupa chips!
The unicorn world
The unicorn world 5 jam yang lalu
Troom Troom is so illegal the title should be how to get arrested
Leslie Cornejo
Leslie Cornejo 5 jam yang lalu
Can I have a pink phone case please But please do the pink one ok