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Erika Davila
Erika Davila 18 jam yang lalu
Omg love this look!!
Shelby Scrivnor
Shelby Scrivnor 18 jam yang lalu
The icing bag about to spill everywhere was giving me so much anxiety
Hannah H
Hannah H 18 jam yang lalu
kylie is the best mom out of all the sisters. look how well mannered and sweet stormi is🥺i need like 5 of her
Amira El Arabi
Amira El Arabi 18 jam yang lalu
That’s such the cutest video of my life
Zaza 31100
Zaza 31100 18 jam yang lalu
This kid is so polite and cute ♥️👏🏼
astrixism π
astrixism π 18 jam yang lalu
Awww she's so pretty and her voice
Holly Erika
Holly Erika 18 jam yang lalu
Kylie and stormi are so cute together, stormi is so polite and they said kylie is a bad mum she not at all she is so sweet to stormi and her child has such good manners so cute 😍😍
Marissa Boulay-Teves
Marissa Boulay-Teves 18 jam yang lalu
%u h 🪲🤍🖤🧡💙💔💚💛🧡❤️❤️💜💜💗💓💓🤍🤍🤍🖤🖤🖤💔💔👩🏻‍🎤👩🏻‍🎤💚💔🤎🤎🟡➿⚪️💛💓🤎💔🆚🈚️❌💕🧡☮️☮️🕣🇦🇱🕥🐌🐄🦭♋️✝️🛐💢. e
Teore Dent
Teore Dent 18 jam yang lalu
ahhhhh stormi is so cuteeeee!!!!!!!!
Harley1009 -
Harley1009 - 18 jam yang lalu
Her Lisp Is Just Everything 😄🥰
Magdalena Ruiz
Magdalena Ruiz 18 jam yang lalu
I hate how she treats her mom!!
Emily Orman
Emily Orman 18 jam yang lalu
Kylie is actually so funny, and she has one of the biggest hearts ever.
diaryofseresha 19 jam yang lalu
"I just hungup cuz got bored" 🤣🤣🤣 Kylie: Yeah whateverr😂😂🤣😂💯
Samantha Petersen
Samantha Petersen 19 jam yang lalu
Stormi is me. Doing almost zero work but just talking and eating the entire time while I watch someone else do all the labor 🤣🤣💕
Julia Bernard
Julia Bernard 19 jam yang lalu
"There's two thing you can't do in life, close your mouth when you put mascara and walk by a mirror without looking at it" -Kim Kardashian Lol i feel uuuuu
Kaye Sandra Galangga
Kaye Sandra Galangga 19 jam yang lalu
Pamela Gonzales
Pamela Gonzales 19 jam yang lalu
Maria in your area
Maria in your area 19 jam yang lalu
So so beautiful and amazing!!❤❤❤🌺💫🥰🔝
Light Az
Light Az 19 jam yang lalu
Owww! She's so cute, God bless her 💕
londonliftoff 19 jam yang lalu
She baked cupcakes so quick and no mess me:HOW
Deondray Kendrick
Deondray Kendrick 19 jam yang lalu
Kylie is so cute
Andrea Diaz
Andrea Diaz 19 jam yang lalu
Ya adoptame
Deondray Kendrick
Deondray Kendrick 19 jam yang lalu
Kylie ur the best mom ever i love you and stormi
Katie Heart
Katie Heart 19 jam yang lalu
Sarai I
Sarai I 19 jam yang lalu
Stormi is the best kid I've seen. Even if it's just on camera, that's not easy for a kid to do.
Mikaela Olsen
Mikaela Olsen 19 jam yang lalu
When the whole video look like a kids T.V show with that mom who is just the sweetest thing and the kid is cute as hell.
Alexis Perez
Alexis Perez 19 jam yang lalu
Ok but has anyone tried to make these cookies, they look so good
Flávia Alessandra Marçal da Silva
Flávia Alessandra Marçal da Silva 19 jam yang lalu
l love you
duuh duuh
duuh duuh 19 jam yang lalu
Stormi is so clever
Eli Liuxx
Eli Liuxx 19 jam yang lalu
Who else thinks Stormi is actually cute? 👇 Btw I couldn't find a job due covid😂😂 so I literally made a IDshow channel, would U like to check it out ?
kevin henao
kevin henao 19 jam yang lalu
my sister and stormi are so alike they have the same i pad the same shoes the same i pad case (i saw the video of getting ready with kylie) <3
Natasha Jones
Natasha Jones 19 jam yang lalu
Kylies cooking/baking skills tho
Kyndal Jones
Kyndal Jones 19 jam yang lalu
:0 what happened to the spilling vanilla tradition?
kevin henao
kevin henao 19 jam yang lalu
y is stormi so cute the way she says yay :) and also i want to buy my mom for Christmas your grinch make up <3
gamer xd
gamer xd 19 jam yang lalu
I love you Kylie jenner and stormi s Wow Mom and bebe 😍😍☺❤
Noha Joha :D
Noha Joha :D 19 jam yang lalu
NO inglish. :V
J Trujillo
J Trujillo 19 jam yang lalu
Storming is so adorable and polite. Comes from good parenting.
Saby 19 jam yang lalu
She’s a very good mum. Stormi is so adorable and polite
Nightcore Song
Nightcore Song 19 jam yang lalu
she is not used to cooking it show x)
Jim&Wilson's Adventures
Jim&Wilson's Adventures 19 jam yang lalu
The way she says "thank you mummy" and "your welcome" makes me get serious baby fever 😢
JaNet Williams
JaNet Williams 19 jam yang lalu
Lovely bond.
Juana x
Juana x 19 jam yang lalu
The cutest😩🙏🏾💕💗
Charlotte Bruce
Charlotte Bruce 19 jam yang lalu
Everyone is saying how well brought up and polite Stormi is, I'm shocked to think that people have such low expectations of how a child should behave. This should be the norm. Kylie is probably neither 'good' or a 'bad' mum. This behaviour should be standard as it was when I was raised and those around me too.
Penelope Vee
Penelope Vee 19 jam yang lalu
Vids like these scare me because I wonder if my kid will be this articulate and complete at that age. What if I don't raise them right?
Nena Diaz
Nena Diaz 19 jam yang lalu
Julia Balcerzak
Julia Balcerzak 19 jam yang lalu
Jasmine Kaur
Jasmine Kaur 19 jam yang lalu
“Cup cath” my heart
Shruti Arya
Shruti Arya 19 jam yang lalu
Stormi!!!!! Cutest💕
crazy mine
crazy mine 19 jam yang lalu
A Toró é muito fofa e esperta mds, é minha criança favorita do Clã ❤️❤️
Yessir 19 jam yang lalu
3:13 You're*
Faith 19 jam yang lalu
Halilí Roon
Halilí Roon 19 jam yang lalu
I love Stormi, she’s so sweet
Nadia Parker
Nadia Parker 19 jam yang lalu
You’re doing a great job you can just see her big heart
Ady s
Ady s 19 jam yang lalu
Kylie really let’s Stormi be a child
Codename Blazer
Codename Blazer 19 jam yang lalu
I love their bond. Easily 1 of my fav Mommy-Daughter duos. 💖💚
Mercy Mutuku
Mercy Mutuku 19 jam yang lalu
She speaks like a grown kid, She sat through all the time, most 2 yr olds can't don't that. And the connection between the two is amazing.
Tahir Mehmood vlogs
Tahir Mehmood vlogs 19 jam yang lalu
idshow.info/watch/3u7nWHohZGg/video.html Please watch my video
Sarah Burg
Sarah Burg 19 jam yang lalu
I kinda missed the vanilla spill.
ırmaK 19 jam yang lalu
Sometimes you just want to be a stormi.
Pumpkin ♡
Pumpkin ♡ 19 jam yang lalu
Stormi is so cute omg...
Sophia Hernandez
Sophia Hernandez 19 jam yang lalu
you are a great mom kylie
Ayu Agustina
Ayu Agustina 19 jam yang lalu
Stormi is cutes
LEGROS Baptiste
LEGROS Baptiste 19 jam yang lalu
omg my life
Ana Rivera
Ana Rivera 19 jam yang lalu
Kyle can be whatever you want but she is a really good mom. I do not like kids but stormi is just an angel so cute 🥺
Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse 20 jam yang lalu
That hair almost touching the bowl just makes me cringe put your hair up so gross she obviously never cooks
Huckle berry
Huckle berry 20 jam yang lalu
Whenever I see stormy videos, a smile automatically comes on my face
Mnoxy 20 jam yang lalu
They making themselves, get it, cuz they snacks too
Valerie Hanson
Valerie Hanson 20 jam yang lalu
Bye that camera🥰
Hassan Hussain
Hassan Hussain 20 jam yang lalu
I'm sorry but I don't like Kylie but her baby is gorgeous 🥰
Kate Mett
Kate Mett 20 jam yang lalu
People say Kylie Jenner is so selfish but she just a good mom looking and caring for her daughter you can just tell she loves stormi such a good mom so sweet she has raised her with such well manners good job Kylie
Huckle berry
Huckle berry 20 jam yang lalu
A cupcake is missing!
Juliana Merced
Juliana Merced 20 jam yang lalu
Awww, she's so cute and so well mannered. My heart melted when she said "you got this mommy!" How sweet was that?