ZombieYul 2 jam yang lalu
Drogba - Anelka - Lampard best ever attacking trio we've ever had.
Hungry For Meatloafs
Hungry For Meatloafs 2 jam yang lalu
that title gassing Batshuayi when they lost...
the mens design
the mens design 2 jam yang lalu
Specter_Dragon 2 jam yang lalu
can i ask guys, what is the name of the song ?
Harry Nanda
Harry Nanda 3 jam yang lalu
Essien persib legend.. 👍🏼💪
Erik Setiawan
Erik Setiawan 3 jam yang lalu
What is the name of the music?
Huzaifa Patel
Huzaifa Patel 4 jam yang lalu
lampard assisting everything
butti fdft
butti fdft 4 jam yang lalu
Our new Jersey is now trending on Man United pages as memes😥😥😥
MS GAMER 5 jam yang lalu
Hakim ziyech🇲🇦🇲🇦
catalina hernandez
catalina hernandez 5 jam yang lalu
LeADbiTTeR 5 jam yang lalu
Terry > Vidic
Karithi Mugwika
Karithi Mugwika 5 jam yang lalu
Muhammad Lutfi Alwi
Muhammad Lutfi Alwi 5 jam yang lalu
Awesome match ... Thanks
Karithi Mugwika
Karithi Mugwika 5 jam yang lalu
Karithi Mugwika
Karithi Mugwika 5 jam yang lalu
محمد الشمري
محمد الشمري 5 jam yang lalu
So much leaders in that team
Don Maglev
Don Maglev 6 jam yang lalu
Why would we need kai haverts when we have the best pulisic
Naofumi Shield
Naofumi Shield 6 jam yang lalu
Go Chelsea go .. Amazing power of youth
aron uddel
aron uddel 6 jam yang lalu
Forbes magazine published an article titled, “China Killing Prisoners To Harvest Organs For Transplant: BMC Report Accuses China Of ‘Falsifying’ Data” by Zak Doffman, on November 16, 2019. The article states that China's claim of using a voluntary donation system for its billion-dollar organ transplant industry had been refuted by a report published in BMC Medical Ethics. Researchers found that the Chinese government falsified and manipulated official organ transplant datasets. The article states, “In June, I reported on the China Tribunal in London, which found evidence of 'forced organ harvesting' from Chinese prisoners, including Falun Gong and Uighur Muslims. The Tribunal’s final judgment concluded that this 'forced organ harvesting has been committed for years...on a significant scale.' China has said that the practice has been outlawed, replaced with a system of voluntary donations. But a new report, published on November 14 in the BMC Medical Ethics journal, has refuted this, alleging that those claims of reform are being supported by the 'systematic falsification and manipulation of official organ transplant datasets in China. “The China Tribunal used first-hand testimony from former detainees and implausible transplant availability and short waiting times to shape its findings. The witness reports were horrific-including organ extractions on live victims, subsequently killed by the procedures. A 2015 documentary claimed China’s illegal organ transplant industry is worth $1 billion each year-but China insists that forced extractions have stopped, that its efforts to reform date back to 2010, with a system of voluntary donations replacing forced organ harvesting from prisoners. “Not so, says the BMC article, claiming that China is 'artificially manufacturing organ transplant donation data.' The report says its findings mean that any trust in China’s organ harvesting system 'has been violated,' that the reforms were 'a mask for the continued use of non-voluntary donors or donors who are coerced into giving organs.' In short, the allegation is that the new system of voluntary donations operates alongside and not instead of forced extractions. The giveaway, according to the report, is patterns in the state’s data which are too neat to be genuine-they must be falsified. “Sources behind the forensic data analysis deployed by the report’s authors included the China Organ Transplant Response System (COTRS) and the Red Cross Society of China. Data found mathematical patterns that defy expected statistical anomalies. In others words, the official China reports emanate from a PR spreadsheet and not from any kind of genuine on the ground analysis and genuine data. “Susie Hughes from the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China (ETAC), which initiated the China Tribunal, welcomed the findings, warning that the report 'exposes the lies and deception that mark China’s so-called transplant 'reforms.' The falsification of the China Organ Transplant Response System (COTRS) data appears to be part of an elaborate cover-up that disguises the state-run mass murder of innocent people for their organs in China.'...” Zak Doffman is the Founder/CEO of Digital Barriers-a company providing advanced surveillance tech to the defense, national security, counter-terrorism and critical infrastructure sectors.
قناة الانتيكات والتحف antique maroc
قناة الانتيكات والتحف antique maroc 6 jam yang lalu
شكون غادي يفرحني بابوني الله يفرح ميمتو فالدنيا والاخرة
قناة الانتيكات والتحف antique maroc
قناة الانتيكات والتحف antique maroc 6 jam yang lalu
شكون غادي يفرحني بابوني الله يفرح ميمتو فالدنيا والاخرة
Munyah OG
Munyah OG 6 jam yang lalu
His assistnt jkkk
stiven: smit
stiven: smit 7 jam yang lalu
Yesterday got my dream car all because of this site here, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
Gary Strachan
Gary Strachan 7 jam yang lalu
Giroud and Barkley have been outstanding
Angjelo Bosi
Angjelo Bosi 7 jam yang lalu
But this are the worst goals i thought it would be the best
toyota camry
toyota camry 7 jam yang lalu
who misses Sunderland?
ahmad malik
ahmad malik 7 jam yang lalu
What a beast he was
JADWAL BOLA 7 jam yang lalu
Hebat 👍👍
19_ilham Naufal
19_ilham Naufal 8 jam yang lalu
Pulisic on fire🔥🔥
Toddy 300
Toddy 300 8 jam yang lalu
We all knew they were actors
Dominic 1998
Dominic 1998 8 jam yang lalu
Chelsea fan since 2004/05 5x Premier League 5x FA Cup 3x League Cup 2x Community Shield 1x Champions League 2x Europa League 18 titles as Chelsea fan! Proud to be BLUE! KTBFFH!!
GumballMelon 8 jam yang lalu
anyone realize the cheers in the background even though no one there
Sad Love Story
Sad Love Story 8 jam yang lalu
I miss that days💙🥺
Sad Love Story
Sad Love Story 8 jam yang lalu
Chelsea Legend💙🥳
Nashon Stephen
Nashon Stephen 8 jam yang lalu
Captain America 🇺🇸 He's incredible 😍 he has speed he can dribble Wish he would retire at Chelsea
GoB Channel
GoB Channel 8 jam yang lalu
How badly I miss that Liverpool lineup... and Chelsea’s as well
issam Baci
issam Baci 8 jam yang lalu
We want see hakim zeyach in game
Sad Love Story
Sad Love Story 8 jam yang lalu
Gooooo Chelsea🥳💙🖖
Siyabonga Dube
Siyabonga Dube 9 jam yang lalu
Chelsea is suited to be sponsored by Adidas
ANIKET PRASAD 9 jam yang lalu
chelsea will qualify for champions league,might get 3rd or 2nd when ziyech and werner play. next season, the title is ours. hope both play soon.
Sad Love Story
Sad Love Story 9 jam yang lalu
Gooo Chelsea💙🥳
Rifaat Brown
Rifaat Brown 9 jam yang lalu
Willian - is quality Willian should stay at Chelsea Hazard is at a great club but is he playing great football , willian is always gonna quality at Chelsea , I dont say he wont be quality else where , but having him in Chelsea is the best thing at the moment I sometimes think he thinks of DROGBA coz he played with DROGBA he remembers DROGBA always attack never lays down same thinking so I think lampard should take willian as special ....all the way from south Africa.....
Isaac Ankoma Amankwaa
Isaac Ankoma Amankwaa 9 jam yang lalu
Great win
Keflyn Roland
Keflyn Roland 9 jam yang lalu
Yeah always trending on IDshow
My Name is Not
My Name is Not 9 jam yang lalu
I thought the clips would be failed counter attacks lol because of Torress thumbnail
justinofhudson 9 jam yang lalu
Another Willian goal scored because of Pulisic hustle
Atomic Gaming
Atomic Gaming 9 jam yang lalu
I hope willian stays
The infamous John Cheech
The infamous John Cheech 9 jam yang lalu
No one is as exciting to watch as pulisic.
The infamous John Cheech
The infamous John Cheech 9 jam yang lalu
Stop saying pulisic is a hazard replica because he moves totally different and has more of a Neymar type of movement but dare I say he may dribbling faster them him too.
Jacob A Mann
Jacob A Mann 10 jam yang lalu
Lets go Pulisic gives Chelsea so many Penalty Kicks and Willian always scores them
Mirian Jaspe
Mirian Jaspe 10 jam yang lalu
My children wont miss another meal ever again because of this method here, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*