LiL BLEACH #1 51 menit yang lalu
7million simps wazzupp
My life As lexii
My life As lexii 51 menit yang lalu
wait cause what we not gonna do is dedicate this to breonna taylor ??? like is the money going toward her family or sumn cause ion get it period ?
THICC VODKA Jam Yang lalu
*Clothes sponsored by Pewdiepie's Gaming Chair*
Aidan McNamara
Aidan McNamara Jam Yang lalu
Wow a female rapper that doesnt make me want to rip my ears off
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson 2 jam yang lalu
Damn GUCCI Killed IT !!!!!! 100%
Mia Klen
Mia Klen 2 jam yang lalu
This the same beat as lifted freestyle by young nation
Taylor Golson
Taylor Golson 2 jam yang lalu
ya"ll freaks hahahahahaha
Gbred_Aries 2 jam yang lalu
She went stupid with this one! This shit ride maddddd fucking hard!
Chelcea Jackson
Chelcea Jackson 2 jam yang lalu
I think you have become more than any could have done! Sometimes nothing really comes out of some reality shows. I could tell you loved it and we're really fucking good. I don't hear much bout foxxy! Loved her
Nina 13
Nina 13 2 jam yang lalu
Amy Gamis
Amy Gamis 2 jam yang lalu
Her music is fire but her stylist needs to be fried low key cuz all the other girls on point but her rn
Prince Leek
Prince Leek 3 jam yang lalu
i guess pops not managing her anymore 🀣🀣🀣
Anthony Hackman
Anthony Hackman 3 jam yang lalu
I_Aint_Noticed 3 jam yang lalu
Feminist im joking relax
Jahala Howard
Jahala Howard 3 jam yang lalu
macdabluepanther 3 jam yang lalu
She remind me of Trina & Meg..
Lolo S
Lolo S 3 jam yang lalu
Ah now I get it they have daddy issues....
issasadting 4 jam yang lalu
Someone pls tag the girls in this mv I need to know and follow them and praise them
issasadting 3 jam yang lalu
specifically the neon robe wearing girl PLEASE SOMEONE GOVE ME THEIR @s
YellaBeauty Co
YellaBeauty Co 4 jam yang lalu
Shawty Going hard ‼️ run it up baby girl πŸ’―πŸ’―
Soulflower 4 jam yang lalu
She’s bare πŸ”₯ respect for the Breonna Taylor reference at the end.
My Life In Turks and Caicos
My Life In Turks and Caicos 4 jam yang lalu
This beat never gets old, this had me crunk asf. πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯
Hey Lovely
Hey Lovely 5 jam yang lalu
She can rap better then cardi. Yes I said it
Fer G.C
Fer G.C 5 jam yang lalu
OMG i love it! #Wap #Wap #Wap
aalivah 5 jam yang lalu
1:01 who is that in the piinkk she’s soo pretty😍
qdogqueezy 5 jam yang lalu
Every time they kept cutting the camera to The chocolate chick i thought i was lookin at Kelly Rowland
doliio volay
doliio volay 4 jam yang lalu
Here after xxl list
Wayne Ratliff
Wayne Ratliff 6 jam yang lalu
Keep up the work
doliio volay
doliio volay 4 jam yang lalu
Stop don’t twerk
Yo Diggy
Yo Diggy 6 jam yang lalu
A big fan..she next in line as new and upcoming female artist.
AQuinn0630 6 jam yang lalu
So she a xxl freshman ok
Cee God
Cee God 6 jam yang lalu
This made me go to the Gucci Mane - Freaky Gurl remix ft. Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj
Ngozi okoemu
Ngozi okoemu 7 jam yang lalu
i love this song
Simon Tiburcio
Simon Tiburcio 8 jam yang lalu
Black lives matter ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
India Ward
India Ward 8 jam yang lalu
i think they can afford some better actors
MonaMarie's Life
MonaMarie's Life 8 jam yang lalu
This is fire πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ frfr & Catchy af " I'm a very freaky girl, get it from my mama... " 😜
Christopher Spence
Christopher Spence 9 jam yang lalu
Melisa G Guaman-Zuna Melisa
Melisa G Guaman-Zuna Melisa 10 jam yang lalu
Kids are seeing this stop don’t ever do that but touching kids seeing these and GOD
Vee Cooper
Vee Cooper 5 jam yang lalu
Watch your kids then
Melisa G Guaman-Zuna Melisa
Melisa G Guaman-Zuna Melisa 10 jam yang lalu
Where a braw
Melisa G Guaman-Zuna Melisa
Melisa G Guaman-Zuna Melisa 10 jam yang lalu
Gucci knows better than that twerking
Melisa G Guaman-Zuna Melisa
Melisa G Guaman-Zuna Melisa 10 jam yang lalu
Plz stop
Melisa G Guaman-Zuna Melisa
Melisa G Guaman-Zuna Melisa 10 jam yang lalu
Stop don’t twerk
DerekC22 10 jam yang lalu
Here after xxl list
Tyasia Williams
Tyasia Williams 10 jam yang lalu
Tyasia Williams
Tyasia Williams 10 jam yang lalu
Cause I'm a very freaky girl get it from my momma
The Boss
The Boss 11 jam yang lalu
shes fine af im almost 100 % right shes real almost not sure :)))))
The Boss
The Boss 4 jam yang lalu
@ExplorationOfBeauty i knew it lol
ExplorationOfBeauty 8 jam yang lalu
She is.
nicole marshall
nicole marshall 11 jam yang lalu
Bernice Burgos and justice for Breonna Taylor for the win
EMILY KOONTZ 11 jam yang lalu
Uhm ynw Melly vibe from β€œ I’m a very freaky girl”
Jj Fox
Jj Fox 11 jam yang lalu
Snow the product❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ πŸπŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ‘
Jaquz Malachi
Jaquz Malachi 12 jam yang lalu
It'sThe way she was swinging that ponytail for me😍
Lyrical Context
Lyrical Context 12 jam yang lalu
Jul1us 13 jam yang lalu
Who's here after she made the freshman list
Annabell A
Annabell A 13 jam yang lalu
This little girl was 6 when Gucci was jail πŸ˜‚
A-Lyst 13 jam yang lalu
Its the sample for me 😩πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Kieaira Carroll
Kieaira Carroll 13 jam yang lalu
How are you thick and unshapely ctfuuuu smh. Booooooooooo πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Albert Bidjeke
Albert Bidjeke 14 jam yang lalu
0:42 name?
Yg Smoov
Yg Smoov 14 jam yang lalu
Gucci part went hard
tommyjj 14 jam yang lalu
Gucci pulling out the worst vehicle in history that came out over a decade ago. Song is about 14 years past its time. No self-respecting person would ever drive the monstrosity that is the bankrupted hummer.
Jahshona 14 jam yang lalu
Justice for Breonna TaylorπŸ™πŸΏ
iAMiCeMusic 14 jam yang lalu
The Gucci Mane sample for the hook is fire
Destiny Moreno
Destiny Moreno 16 jam yang lalu
Can we talk about how she more gansta than sexual
eviltwin 11
eviltwin 11 16 jam yang lalu
I love her voice man, she is πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ€žπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
adeline wurzer
adeline wurzer 16 jam yang lalu
wow the woman with the afro is gorgeous
adeline wurzer
adeline wurzer 16 jam yang lalu
latto & gucci mane are both so fine lol
adeline wurzer
adeline wurzer 16 jam yang lalu
so good & i love the ending. i'm glad to see people haven't forgotten
Alvin Jordan
Alvin Jordan 16 jam yang lalu
Lina Lafon
Lina Lafon 16 jam yang lalu
She is the rap version of Mariah Carey...I see you girl.
Shorna Aktar
Shorna Aktar 17 jam yang lalu
VinΓ­cius Venturine
VinΓ­cius Venturine 17 jam yang lalu
Here for Cardi B
Jones1990 &
Jones1990 & 17 jam yang lalu
She’s very beautiful and talented πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ’―πŸ’°
Stacy Leblanc
Stacy Leblanc 18 jam yang lalu
Call me crazy but 1:04 Natina Reed is that you babyπŸ’”
Marcel Perez
Marcel Perez 18 jam yang lalu
sock game on point
Marcel Perez
Marcel Perez 18 jam yang lalu
y'all killed this so harddddddd
Curlyhead Period
Curlyhead Period 21 jam yang lalu
She is so pretty πŸ’
Tyson Yocum
Tyson Yocum 21 jam yang lalu
So no one gonna address the black Ariana Grande? 1:01
Asia Coleman
Asia Coleman 21 jam yang lalu
Thank you for not putting a Kardashian in your video . I loved all the shades of BLACK women & the tribute at the end . Big ups !!! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’―
Andres Villarruel
Andres Villarruel 22 jam yang lalu
"My favorite rapper is Gucci but my Fabric is Loui"
John Simon
John Simon 22 jam yang lalu
Naw............ Waste of time......DUH!
Michelle Obie
Michelle Obie 23 jam yang lalu
She got bars and when you can get Gucci on a track you doing something. Okay boo I see ya do your thing
GERONIMO69 STERZER 23 jam yang lalu
Super fine
Priscilla Nava`
Priscilla Nava` 23 jam yang lalu
Mydebby Toohot
Mydebby Toohot Hari Yang lalu
Dis some Ricky James shit ok
Emma Holmes
Emma Holmes Hari Yang lalu
Are u friend with stupa peach