Gucci Mane - Snow [Official Audio]
Gucci Mane - M's On Ice
11 bulan yang lalu
Rivano morianner
Rivano morianner 3 jam yang lalu
Joshua Holland
Joshua Holland 3 jam yang lalu
Bad ass! All I can say. Killed it Gucci
Hello 3 jam yang lalu
“1017 bricksquad Gucci” “They finally freed the real”
Sindre Mathias Anker Gåserød
Sindre Mathias Anker Gåserød 3 jam yang lalu
Gucci always kept it real
Amari Banks
Amari Banks 3 jam yang lalu
This shit so cold nbs now he just need to sign me
Don Wong
Don Wong 3 jam yang lalu
When you feature Drake in your song, you become the feature...
Ahmet Eken
Ahmet Eken 3 jam yang lalu
I like
Aries Nicole
Aries Nicole 3 jam yang lalu
Shawty with the pink hair bodied the beat!
Lord Ot
Lord Ot 3 jam yang lalu
"Oo that kids vegetables, oo that kids edible, oo its incredible." - Gucci Mane
Daniel Stone
Daniel Stone 4 jam yang lalu
He still HATES JEEZY lol
Alleke Thompson
Alleke Thompson 4 jam yang lalu
I look up to you and cheif keef Gucci
Rohit Chakraborty
Rohit Chakraborty 4 jam yang lalu
Ladies love luxury Every bachelor boy felt it.....
Woke Bans
Woke Bans 4 jam yang lalu
kiddflo5 4 jam yang lalu
Gucci said "desert" island... lololol🤣 Gangsta af lmaooooo
STILLUMINATI 4 jam yang lalu
When he was on the couch with boosie and webbie he was scrared! I see now in this video he had no confidence
Portia Steward
Portia Steward 4 jam yang lalu
Foo for me💪
R-Mix Music - Bass Boosted
R-Mix Music - Bass Boosted 4 jam yang lalu
'' how many people are listening to this song right now!!!
shan rolz
shan rolz 4 jam yang lalu
Imari Miller
Imari Miller 5 jam yang lalu
Damn had no idea so many people had never heard this song. He been killing for a min.!
Nicolas castillo
Nicolas castillo 5 jam yang lalu
No entiendo ni mrd
Andrew Bake
Andrew Bake 5 jam yang lalu
I Bend ,Dont Break
Jr Jr
Jr Jr 5 jam yang lalu
Can't ban a killa man
Dontae Gillespie
Dontae Gillespie 5 jam yang lalu
That little nigga jumping
David Seymour
David Seymour 5 jam yang lalu
Gucci jus might be the goat!!
Redd Rooster
Redd Rooster 5 jam yang lalu
Joe Rafat
Joe Rafat 5 jam yang lalu
I tell you what I tell you what
Ty Official
Ty Official 5 jam yang lalu
This might be the most slept on verse of the year.
Brian Weston
Brian Weston 6 jam yang lalu
Still boomin...I think gucci mane won frfr tbh.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
James H
James H 6 jam yang lalu
Shiv Patel
Shiv Patel 6 jam yang lalu
He like a hybrid between Trill Sammy and Key Glock
Handell James
Handell James 6 jam yang lalu
SD Luciano
SD Luciano 6 jam yang lalu
Poo and fooo and scarr got this shot on lock. But u gotta push lil bruh a lil harder. I see his potential. He keep dropping heat. I can see him doin shit wit lil baby 🔥🔥
C7XULO 6 jam yang lalu
Code: Dare
Michael Welch
Michael Welch 6 jam yang lalu
1805 West blue heron Riviera Beach we love this shitt bucket list
M Blackwell
M Blackwell 6 jam yang lalu
Been listening to this for the last 8 years i like how it's popular now 😂
Good Trubble
Good Trubble 6 jam yang lalu
Happy Thanksgiving, Gucci!
Cali, westcoast H
Cali, westcoast H 6 jam yang lalu
Takeoff Murder this track. Mawd head 🤯🤯♨️♨️🚀
Coby Upandup
Coby Upandup 6 jam yang lalu
Fuck Gucci we smoking on guwop over here shit 🔥🔥🔥
ひSavo 6 jam yang lalu
The mfn don🆘 wop z6ne Veteran
Billy Clements
Billy Clements 6 jam yang lalu
He should of played this during the versus wit jeezy
Movie World
Movie World 7 jam yang lalu
Chief keef dropped the status video 🌞🔥
Mauntez Allison
Mauntez Allison 7 jam yang lalu
why shiesty kill it like that
503coke 7 jam yang lalu
Rico 7 jam yang lalu
Whoever believes that Gucci won that Verzuz Battle needs to put the crack pipe down. Jeezy was bombing on Gucci the whole night. He didn't even drop Go Getta w/ R. Kelly. Remember: a Verzuz battle is song for song
Edu Malle
Edu Malle 7 jam yang lalu
I Fucc with #1017 really hard but more Grace to @Foogiano & PoohShiesty da duo got the Gang Vibes. Big Shout Out to @Edu Mallexfficial & @Laflare theys the G.O.A.T
Dashun Bussey
Dashun Bussey 7 jam yang lalu
Go dig yo partner up nigga bet he can’t say shit
THE GOAT 7 jam yang lalu
Cece White
Cece White 7 jam yang lalu
Wave Infinite
Wave Infinite 7 jam yang lalu
Gucci before he got Cloned
Semi Dre
Semi Dre 7 jam yang lalu
You a goat
RealSkeeter Millz
RealSkeeter Millz 8 jam yang lalu
Dig ya patna up nigga bet he can’t say shit, and ya looking fa me I’m n zone 6 - GUCCI Jeezy was like oh shit I fucked up.
Karinka Gottlieberova
Karinka Gottlieberova 8 jam yang lalu
Every body now
Futebol Mania
Futebol Mania 8 jam yang lalu
BIGHOMIE HYDRO 8 jam yang lalu
obviously I'm back her bcuz of the versuz. Damn I'm growing I was bumpin this in 7th grade🥶
i1tap u
i1tap u 8 jam yang lalu
Seeing all these new 1017 fans !! If y’all just heard this y’all some goofs!!!!!!! 💥💪🏾🎁💪🏾😂😂😢😬😢😬
Rafael A.C da Silveira
Rafael A.C da Silveira 8 jam yang lalu
bruh this beat
king 2xcount
king 2xcount 8 jam yang lalu
Dis shit hard doe
Lori Mabee
Lori Mabee 8 jam yang lalu
I got them Columbia's
R Balboski
R Balboski 8 jam yang lalu
Free Movies
Free Movies 9 jam yang lalu
Only army whos still str3aming can like this comment.
stabbs VU
stabbs VU 9 jam yang lalu
I ain no rl rapper imma fkin grave digger Me: evil laffs.... keikiekie Man i miss this Gucci legend
YoDaddy Know
YoDaddy Know 9 jam yang lalu
Abel the coldest #HITMAKER!!!
niggaruni 10 jam yang lalu
Gucci getting better and better every year,fucking god ❤☠☠☠
BallnWeeb YT
BallnWeeb YT 10 jam yang lalu
Burb 😤😤
Chris Hall
Chris Hall 10 jam yang lalu
holy hell this go HARD 🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿
Louis George
Louis George 10 jam yang lalu
Gucci's release leading up to this verse is one of the best things to happen in hip hop history
Shanice & Zach 4 Life
Shanice & Zach 4 Life 10 jam yang lalu
Who’s here after the Gucci battle
BabyGurl Cole
BabyGurl Cole 10 jam yang lalu
Gucci gang wants all the paper, clout, zaza, n cake coming hard af I FUCKING LOVE IT!
NCS Magic Sound
NCS Magic Sound 10 jam yang lalu
I see what you did there Guwop..
SMRAD SQUAD 10 jam yang lalu
I can't stomach you niggas thinkin this really Gucci
SMRAD SQUAD 4 jam yang lalu
​@Eric Jones I know he had his phases, but there is something you cant change and that is genetics. You can't convince me he suddenly started growing beard in 36, when all his life this man had a baby face with 3 hairs on his mustache, i mean come on for real?
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 6 jam yang lalu
Bro Gucci didnt start of as the fat Gucci in 05 😀 when he came in he was small he started gaining weight like 07 08