14 hari yang lalu
she got sick again..
27 hari yang lalu
29 hari yang lalu
she wanted to do it...
Bulan Yang lalu
my ex and ricegum
Bulan Yang lalu
please listen
Bulan Yang lalu
My Ex Sent Us These..
Bulan Yang lalu
Bulan Yang lalu
she wouldn't kiss me
Bulan Yang lalu
my crush spent the night
Bulan Yang lalu
my new girl, explaining everything
its over
2 bulan yang lalu
Cheating on My Ex
3 bulan yang lalu
A Message To Gabrielle Moses
I’m Sorry
3 bulan yang lalu
Gabrielle Got Sick...
6 bulan yang lalu
7 bulan yang lalu
We Tried Having a Kid (Not Good)
7 bulan yang lalu
Calling Out Emma Chamberlain
this went too far..
7 bulan yang lalu
Confronting My Boyfriend's Dad..
Surprising My Future Husband...
8 bulan yang lalu
david D
david D 32 detik yang lalu
Jack and Jaycee y’all are amazing don’t listen to people who talk shit
Kayli Harris
Kayli Harris 6 menit yang lalu
Just wanted to say you guys are my favorite youtubers, and I am incredibly happy that Jack found Jaycee who makes him so happy. You guys deserve no hate; keep on going you guys are amazing and so much fun to watch. ( I would buy the merchandise but I am broke, I just wanted to say I support you guys so much and I am sorry I can't show it by buying the merch.) 🥰❤❤
david D
david D 6 menit yang lalu
All I’m saying is if your girl don’t show up with dinosaurs hole jeans, she ain’t the one.
Zack Shan
Zack Shan 9 menit yang lalu
This is one of the few couples on IDshow that I'm sure have real reactions to pranks - it isn't setup, played out or practiced. It's 100% natural. And Jaycee swearing is what every human being would do 😂
Savage BoiZZ
Savage BoiZZ 11 menit yang lalu
Love birds
Savage BoiZZ
Savage BoiZZ 12 menit yang lalu
I do
Tobias Brendel
Tobias Brendel 12 menit yang lalu
When he grabbed the camera it seemed that she instantly switched mood but I thing even if she laughed she had still a bitter taste and was kinda acting 😂 reasonably
Dillon Robinson
Dillon Robinson 12 menit yang lalu
her top looks like a white life jacket
Tobias Brendel
Tobias Brendel 17 menit yang lalu
She is trying to be mad, but she cant 😂👌
Grace Kitchen
Grace Kitchen 18 menit yang lalu
Thank you guys so much for cheering me up when I'm sad and always making me laugh. I am and will always be part of the crackalacking crackheads, JJ fam and the rubberducking army. Love you guys
Arris McCarthy
Arris McCarthy 19 menit yang lalu
I’m a month late, but I actually like how Jack liked all of the comments involving Gab. I think he’s grown as a person, and it’s really amazing. I think that both Jack and Gab weren’t meant to be, and I think Jaycee will prolly be the one for Jack.
Deborah Shelton
Deborah Shelton 22 menit yang lalu
When you started singing the double rainbow song I was so sad that Jaycee didn’t understand 🥺
lemuel_vas04 24 menit yang lalu
Jack trying to think bout something so he talks bout his leg hair 😂😂. I felt so bad for jaycee ❤
Allen Edwall
Allen Edwall 28 menit yang lalu
If we're so important to you, then please stop these stupid pranks that are hurtful and really childish. Yes, we know you, Jack, think it is all fun and a big joke, but it's really not. Well, maybe this is just a big scam and who cares? For me, it makes me uncomfortable. I'd rather watch Henry and Jeannie than go through the emotions that this video engenders. There, you have honest feedback.
Chloe G
Chloe G 29 menit yang lalu
Anyone else here after they broke up..😢💔
Alessia.Phillips 2026
Alessia.Phillips 2026 31 menit yang lalu
pretty pretty please please please please. PLEASE!!!!! do a boyfriend does my makeup challenge!!!!!! please.
Niska Joglekar
Niska Joglekar 33 menit yang lalu
Hii jack and Jacee I cant buy your merch rn but i just want you to know that I will always support you no matter what!!💚💚💚💚💚
alyssa roberson
alyssa roberson 34 menit yang lalu
1:07 cut to 3 months later. but i really love jaycee.
Gracie Miller
Gracie Miller 37 menit yang lalu
Oh my gosh. I’m dying at jacks face from the moment Jaycee says the boys are cute until after jack realized what she’s doing. He looks in shock
Stephen Scribbles
Stephen Scribbles 38 menit yang lalu
I got an ad break as soon as he said 'i told you to look good' are you serious
#cc_sings 39 menit yang lalu
I think Jack & Gab are the best IDshow couple ever and they never should have broke up in the first place 🥇 💭 🤔
Jazmine McMahon
Jazmine McMahon 41 menit yang lalu
I STAN Jaycee she didn’t cry run off and get changed every time he disapproved she was like what the fuck jack
Niyah Preacely
Niyah Preacely 42 menit yang lalu
For the love of christ stop comparing jaycee to gab. yes him and gab were together for a while. yes they broke up. yes he moved on. let them be happy. if she makes him happy which she obviously fucking does let them vibe. Like he’s extremely happy let him stay that way. She didn’t do anything to deserve hate. shes a human. shes not a downgrade. jaycee and jack are happy together let them be.
Depson Family Channel
Depson Family Channel 44 menit yang lalu
Love you guys- gonna cop some merch for sure!
Art Dodge
Art Dodge 44 menit yang lalu
Jack , what makes you think all of this pranking is good content? Try something else please. Art
Kathy A
Kathy A 46 menit yang lalu
I absolutely love the merch! I'd buy it if I could affordable it tbh. 😃
Jazmine McMahon
Jazmine McMahon 48 menit yang lalu
3:28 AsmRrrr 😂
Nic & Kay
Nic & Kay 51 menit yang lalu
Check out some of my videos!!
Nic & Kay
Nic & Kay 52 menit yang lalu
Cool vid! Keep it up!!
Nstone9 52 menit yang lalu
these vids are jus getting fake bruh. no real life relationship jus “ahaa yeah another day another prank, they’ll never kno it’s a prank.”
BearDown 4Ever
BearDown 4Ever 52 menit yang lalu
Jack is a different breed when it comes to pissing someone off🤣😈
KP 56 menit yang lalu
Bear in the big blue house lol 😂😂 it does give those vibes
Mika Delgado
Mika Delgado 56 menit yang lalu
Jaycee please do the passing out with the door locked
Hadley Koch
Hadley Koch 59 menit yang lalu
I have been following him since jack Brinkman to jack and gab to jack Brinkman and now jj fam
goldenplays_ YT
goldenplays_ YT Jam Yang lalu
Back to back pranks I feel good
Alyah Sperry
Alyah Sperry Jam Yang lalu
Ok but what kids sho was he talking about at 11:29 like I just want to know
Jack Gelfond
Jack Gelfond Jam Yang lalu
Hahahah bear that lives in a tree. Winnie the poo
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis Jam Yang lalu
Ps you will not see or hear me Criticizing Jack . Just know some people live to put people down ! Just know it will come back in them . I know you are trying and you are doing Great just don’t let these careless Ass wholes bring you down
Jocelyn Apolinar
Jocelyn Apolinar Jam Yang lalu
I genuinely get so excited when you guys upload!!! Yall are so cute ❣️
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis Jam Yang lalu
I have been with you Jack for 2yrs and I think you are making an awesome come back ! And also Jaycee is doing awesome glad to see you Happy Buddy !!! 😀😀😀
Anil Hettiarachchi
Anil Hettiarachchi Jam Yang lalu
This boy more handsome than Hollywood actors
Jpark Gaming
Jpark Gaming Jam Yang lalu
Damn, that girl knows how to argue
Alec Mills
Alec Mills Jam Yang lalu
Finally, an American who knows how to spell favourite
birdie b
birdie b Jam Yang lalu
"This is the best dressed I have been in four months" lol felt that
NB Baby
NB Baby Jam Yang lalu
Sadness🥺I can’t get any of the merch cuz I have no money
Rebecca Nelson
Rebecca Nelson Jam Yang lalu
Anyone els here the fact that he said for the rubber ducken army at 3:50 that made my day the rubber ducken army and the jj fam are on the same boat ⛵️ thank you jack do you still have the rubber ducks all over your kitchen in your apartment please say you do cause that would make my year I miss rubber ducks 🦆😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
Skyler and Kyle
Skyler and Kyle Jam Yang lalu
I just came across his page a few weeks ago and I’m crying... every single day I go back and re watch all these videos.. I still have yet to watch so much but this is heartbreaking for sure!! I’m glad he’s happy now and I wish them both the best of luck! Definitely my new fav page! What an inspiring person❤️
Different Bryan
Different Bryan Jam Yang lalu
11:35 "We Bare Bears?" "No... that's on Cartoon Network and is not for little kids" Uhhh... Sorry Jack... but I'm pretty sure it is... considering that is a kid's show... XD 😋
Kyle Lambert
Kyle Lambert Jam Yang lalu
Thank you for helping out jack, he loves you and your not a rebound your the whole deal and your not flat unless they blind.. u cute
Kyle Lambert
Kyle Lambert Jam Yang lalu
Sorry to compare
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger Jam Yang lalu
I wish I could get the merch I love y'all
Love Lee
Love Lee Jam Yang lalu
I admire Tracey a lot.... I don't remember being so mature at her age... Him having videos with Gab and holding the dog that Gab gave him... Oh no lol.... She is a very secure woman. I give her that 😊
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger Jam Yang lalu
Jaycee you are beautiful
Cole Bowers
Cole Bowers Jam Yang lalu
You need to change your channel name to Jack and Jaycee
Kyle Lambert
Kyle Lambert Jam Yang lalu
That’s crazy butttt you are sooo much cuter / better then gab
אלישע כרמי
אלישע כרמי Jam Yang lalu
:Jaycee be like ***********
Celaena Sardothien
Celaena Sardothien Jam Yang lalu
Lmao you could see the “wait............ F*CK” on Jaycee’s face when she realized it was a prank 😂😂😂😂😂 (You guys are amazing. The haters are just jealous of your amazing relationship. Keep up the amazing work guys we’re so proud of you 😊)
Brittney Bush
Brittney Bush Jam Yang lalu
I’m too poor to afford the merch so now I’m big sad :(
Alexander Villani
Alexander Villani Jam Yang lalu
I really wish I could buy one of these hoodies😞 they actually look so good! Love the content J&J! It really takes my mind off of daily stressors at school or at home. Thanks for all that you do for me. 😊
Shashank Jodge
Shashank Jodge Jam Yang lalu
I don't even care about the prank. It made me feel terrible when he says they're facing a lot of criticism, especially Jaycee.... To whoever hates these two - please don't throw it at them. Keep it to yourself. You wouldn't believe the positive impact they have on many people. And your hate is kinda taking that impact away from hundreds of thousands of people. And yes, I've been there when Gab was around, I honestly don't care she's not (she's pretty well off, uk if you follow her). I just love what these two have together and I'm requesting you, don't hate them publicly. Keep it to yourself. Unsubscribe if you can't tolerate it.
Rita Mesa
Rita Mesa Jam Yang lalu
Dear jack why did you do that to Gabrielle and I'm not trying to be a hateful fan because I love your videos and I love the relationship your in right now please make a video of what actually happened between you and Gabrielle if you can please 💓❤️❤️💓💖 I still love your videos ok ❤️❤️💗💗💖❣️💕
Makayla Frederick
Makayla Frederick Jam Yang lalu
When will they be officiall
dream boy
dream boy Jam Yang lalu
I might get ur merch for my birthday lol
Meghan Murphree
Meghan Murphree Jam Yang lalu
I don’t see how anyone can have bad things to say about Jaycee. She’s so sweet!
Gabrielle Scorsone
Gabrielle Scorsone Jam Yang lalu
There’s no way these videos aren’t staged
Skylar M.
Skylar M. Jam Yang lalu
Jack: *picks out outfit * Jaycee: I don't wanna wear that it's too cold Also Jaycee: *Wears crop top every single day *
Arun KN
Arun KN Jam Yang lalu
"I am not wearing 'a' hoodie, i am wearing 'the' hoodie"
John Doe
John Doe Jam Yang lalu
Funny that nowadays lot of bathrooms have a shower and toilet but no bath. 😎
AveryPlayz Yt
AveryPlayz Yt Jam Yang lalu
I just got merch and it's beautiful I have been here since day one and watching your videos still make me laugh like a idoit 😬..
Angel Anderson
Angel Anderson Jam Yang lalu
It’s the Berenstein bears ( the show he was talking about lol)
Felicity Tillery
Felicity Tillery Jam Yang lalu
She is a beautiful and genuine person
Arun KN
Arun KN 2 jam yang lalu
Jack is the best sales man......
Polercorn 2 jam yang lalu
No hate but why would you ever leave gabby you are missing out on the most amazing girl and she is way prettier no hate but why would you do that to her dumb but
Monica rodriguez
Monica rodriguez 2 jam yang lalu
Jc took that very well lol yeah she 🤬 a lot but she still lol
Ella Smith
Ella Smith 2 jam yang lalu
I just love everything jack says also I love ur jokes
emma brisbois
emma brisbois 2 jam yang lalu
people really waste their time just to dislike a video when they could've taken the same amount of time to change vids...pain
Abigail Celeste
Abigail Celeste 2 jam yang lalu
Jordyn_Who? 2 jam yang lalu
Okay, that merch is actually gorgeous. 😂👌
xXNyxVengfulXx t
xXNyxVengfulXx t 2 jam yang lalu
Did gab take the other dog?