Mr. Fawwaz Radzi
Mr. Fawwaz Radzi 28 menit yang lalu
Imagine Mkhitaryan + Fernandes
Easter R Hmar
Easter R Hmar Jam Yang lalu
He's Still So Young In Here... Keep Shining #Mount10 (19)
Abdullah Ümit Efe
Abdullah Ümit Efe Jam Yang lalu
Zlatan 4 England 0 🤠
Mohammad zain gamer
Mohammad zain gamer 3 jam yang lalu
Marcus happy birthday man united fan also nice hat trick vs rb lepzing
Damaris Andrade
Damaris Andrade 3 jam yang lalu
Conor Coady goal and celebration gives me life
Don Master
Don Master 4 jam yang lalu
Poor Jose
Don Master
Don Master 4 jam yang lalu
Man you can feel the resentment Lingard has towards Rashford and how insecure he is that Rashford is seen as the man now when lingard was the boss of the little gang 😂
Don Master
Don Master 4 jam yang lalu
It’s funny Phil pretending he doesn’t know every little detail of Chris smalling!
Maître marabout Agboflê
Maître marabout Agboflê 4 jam yang lalu
consultation gratuite pour tous vos problèmes, de santé, financiers et amoureux, contactez-moi directement en privé whatsapp +229 91 945 974
James Read
James Read 5 jam yang lalu
That Scholes assist was insane
David Underwood
David Underwood 6 jam yang lalu
Such a change in the fortunes of these 2 now!! 1 became a club traitor (Ray Ray) and the other is considered by the UK gov of being a traitor (demanding money).
am mc
am mc 6 jam yang lalu
slap dees man on does the shoe fit
Alieu Ceesay
Alieu Ceesay 7 jam yang lalu
ney its sunny init
Jackisaboss1208 7 jam yang lalu
This England team has so much young attacking talent. Rashford, Sterling, Foden, Greenwood, Sancho and more. Could be scary
Alfie Cunningham
Alfie Cunningham 9 jam yang lalu
90 pace 😂😂😂😂😂
Mazza 10 jam yang lalu
Her mum lives in me street and she used to play footy in me street me mum told me
Steve Cooper
Steve Cooper 13 jam yang lalu
Yer ok now try play football
Oisin Murphy
Oisin Murphy 13 jam yang lalu
Declan rice said he was an honest man but he is from Ireland and plays for England
Playboi Clartii
Playboi Clartii 13 jam yang lalu
I have no idea why this is in my recommendations😭😭
Ian McIlhenny
Ian McIlhenny 14 jam yang lalu
the sound of the ball is so beautiful
Nell Shaw
Nell Shaw 14 jam yang lalu
Ruben, the classic school bully
J Batson
J Batson 14 jam yang lalu
Oh the comments are open, ah huelk! Here I come everyone, I got my gas mask and bik lighter. Pull my pants down. Trump 2020.
Hosseyni Hadi
Hosseyni Hadi 18 jam yang lalu
I really like Alex greenwood .
afif choirul
afif choirul 21 jam yang lalu
Harry redknapp be like: ponakan jembat 😂
David Whittaker
David Whittaker 22 jam yang lalu
Utd players not allowed to race eachother for fun incase they pull their hamstring
Steven Sterling
Steven Sterling 22 jam yang lalu
They did Jones dirty
Mert Erdogan
Mert Erdogan 22 jam yang lalu
Willams is so bad
A Sapoluu
A Sapoluu 23 jam yang lalu
The disrespect.
คฑาวุธ เรืองบุญรบ
คฑาวุธ เรืองบุญรบ 23 jam yang lalu
War world cup Changrai
Ivor 23 jam yang lalu
Footballers get paid too much